10 Awesome Cat Breeds That Act Like Dogs

If you have always been a dog lover, but are now interested in getting a cat too, then you may want to consider getting cat breeds that act like dogs.

Take a look at our list below to see which cat breeds are known for being just as loyal, intelligent, and playful as dogs are!

Some cat breeds, such as the Maine Coon, Japanese Bobtail, and Balinese are considered to be doglike because they are incredibly loyal and follow their owners around the house. Many other breeds, including the Somali and Abyssinian, have doglike intelligence and can be trained to learn commands, play fetch, or walk on a leash.

If you have always been a dog person, then you may be anxious about bringing home a cat.

However, many cat breeds are known for being similar in temperament to dogs, and many are incredibly loyal and easy to train too.

Read on to find out if any of these doglike cat breeds is a good fit for you.

10 Awesome Cat Breeds That Act Like Dogs

Dogs and cats have always been viewed as polar opposites.

While dogs are social, loyal, and loving, cats are considered aloof, independent, or bossy. However, this could not be further from the truth!

Most cats are just as loving as dogs, but they tend to have subtler ways of showing their affection.

However, there are also a few cat breeds that are more doglike than the rest and are known for being:

  • Incredibly Intelligent
  • Easy To Train
  • Fiercely Loyal

If you are interested in getting a cat but do not want to miss out on all the personality traits that make you love dogs so much, then check out these 10 cat breeds that act like dogs:

1. Abyssinian

15 Cat Breeds Similar To The Maine Coon - Abyssinian
Cat Breeds That Act Like Dogs

If you are wondering what cat breed acts most like a dog, then look no further than the Abyssinian!

This gorgeous breed may look just as graceful and mysterious as any cat, but their personality is much closer to most dogs.

Abyssinians are incredibly active, athletic, and energetic cats.

They are always on the go and love to race around the house and climb to any high spot they can find.

This cat breed loves to play constantly, and many Abyssinians will play fetch without even being taught!

Their intelligence also makes them great at learning tricks and commands (source 1).

2. Maine Coon

Maine Coon Copper Gold Eyes
Cat Breeds That Act Like Dogs

The Maine Coon is a large cat breed that acts like a dog, especially because this breed is famous for its devotion to its owners.

Like the Abyssinians, they are incredibly playful and energetic, and they can easily learn to play fetch or learn tricks and commands.

Here’s a useful guide on training your Maine Coon cat.

What makes the Maine Coon most similar to dogs is this breed’s steadfast loyalty.

While they are not known to be clingy or demanding, they quietly follow their owners from room to room, and hate to be parted from their people.

Furthermore, the Maine Coon has an uncanny love of water, and they can even learn to swim!

This, coupled with their athletic nature and ability to learn how to walk on a leash and harness (training guide), means that Maine Coons can make great outdoor companions for hikes and even camping trips!

3. Cornish Rex

Kid Friendly Cat Breeds - Cornish Rex
Cat Breeds That Act Like Dogs

The Cornish Rex has often been compared to Border Collies and other working dogs.

These cats are incredibly energetic and always need some job to do.

They thrive best if they can be trained to do tricks and commands, and they need lots of puzzles and interactive toys to keep from getting bored.

Another doglike trait of the Cornish Rex is their incredibly loyal and social nature.

They often follow their owners around from room to room and will curl up under the covers with their owners each night (source 1).

4. Somali

15 Cat Breeds Similar To The Maine Coon: Somali
Cat Breeds That Act Like Dogs

The Somali is closely related to the Abyssinian, and they share many of this breed’s doglike personality traits, as well.

Like the Abyssinian, Somalis are incredibly energetic and playful.

They love to:

  • Climb
  • Run
  • Chase
  • Hunt

They also love to play fetch, and their intelligent nature means they are more satisfied by puzzles and complicated games than the usual cat toys (source 1).

5. Japanese Bobtail

Kurilian Bobtail Cat
Kurilian Bobtail Cat (Similar to the Japanese Bobtail)

One of the best cat breeds that act like dogs is the Japanese Bobtail.

This rare, unique breed is most often recognized by its short tail, but they also have a distinct, doglike temperament.

These cats are perfect for family life because they are gentle with children and love being around their favorite people.

They often demand to be around their people as often as possible, so they can be a bit clingy to those who prefer more independent pets.

However, they are usually a favorite among dog owners because they are just as social and loyal as just about any dog (source 1).

6. Siamese

15 Cat Breeds Similar To The Maine Coon - Siamese
Cat Breeds That Act Like Dogs

Siamese cats are like the Huskies of the cat world.

They are probably the most vocal breed out there, making all sorts of bizarre yowls to communicate with their owners.

These cats can seem a bit bossy at times, especially since they never hesitate to tell you what they are thinking!

However, Siamese cats are also jokesters, who love to “perform” all sorts of silly stunts for their owners.

While they do have a stubborn and independent side, they can also be trained to do tricks or play fetch.

7. Turkish Van

10 Rarest Cat Breeds In The World - Turkish Van Cat
Cat Breeds That Act Like Dogs

The Turkish Van is an ancient cat breed with a bold personality.

These cats are very loyal to their owners, and while they do not enjoy being held or restrained, they do like to spend lots of time with their people.

This doglike cat breed is very intelligent, often learning how to get into all sorts of mischief such as opening doors or turning on the faucet.

Turkish Vans also have a unique love of water. They adore playing with water or swimming in it, and they can often be found making a mess in the bathroom or around their water bowl (source 1).

8. Sphynx

Top 10 Most Popular Cat Breeds In The US - Sphynx
Cat Breeds That Act Like Dogs

If you are looking for cats that act like dogs and do not shed, then the Sphynx is a great option.

These hairless cats are:

  • Extremely Playful
  • Outgoing
  • Social Like Dogs

They also love to learn tricks, go on walks, and play fetch!

Contrary to popular belief however, if you are looking for hypoallergenic cats that act like dogs, then the Sphynx actually is not the best choice.

Many people assume that, because they are hairless, Sphynx cats are hypoallergenic.

However, cat allergens are primarily found in natural oils that keep a cat’s skin hydrated and healthy.

Since Sphynx cats have no fur to trap these oils, they tend to aggravate cat allergies even more than other breeds.

9. Ocicat

15 Cat Breeds Similar To The Maine Coon - Ocicat
Cat Breeds That Act Like Dogs

Ocicats may look wild, but they are completely domesticated.

Ocicats are one of the most loyal cat breeds out there, although they tend to form a stronger bond with just one person.

They tend to follow their chosen human around the house, demanding to participate in whatever activity they are doing.

This cat breed is also great at traveling.

While many cats become nervous in cars, the Ocicat loves following their owners along on just about any trip, which means they are great for owners who like to hike or go camping (source 1).

10. Balinese

Cat Breeds That Act Like Dogs
Cat Breeds That Act Like Dogs

The Balinese is a sweet, even-tempered breed that is more similar to lap dogs like pugs or the maltese.

They want to spend as much time cuddling with their owners as possible, and will sleep with you every single night.

They also have a tendency to get under foot, excitedly following you from room to room.

This cat breed likes to “help” their owners with whatever they are doing, but since some people find this a bit clingy, they work best with owners who like having a cat to keep them company throughout the entire day (source 1).


While many people imagine cats to be aloof or independent, there are also many cat breeds that act like dogs.

The most doglike cats are incredibly loyal and social, forming strong bonds with their owners and following them around the house.

These doglike cat breeds are also very intelligent, and can usually learn to play fetch or perform tricks.  

If you are usually a dog person, once you meet the most doglike cats ever, you are certain to realize why cats are so popular!

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