How Much Is A Black Maine Coon Cat?

Many first-time owners hoping to buy a large black cat often ask, how much is a black Maine Coon cat? This is a very important question to ask, since solid-colored cats, particularly black and white, tend to come with premium price tags because this coloring is more difficult to breed.

Black Maine Coon cats cost anywhere between $1,000 and $2,500. The exact price will depend on availability, breeder, cat’s age, certification, health, and desired quality of the animal. Black Maine Coons are not as common as the other Maine Coon colorings, so it might take you longer to find one.

The coal-black American Longhair cats are fascinating creatures that anyone would love to own.

If you are in the market for buying or adopting a black Maine Coon cat, then this post will help you learn everything you need to know about these captivating and sought-after cats.

How Much Is A Black Maine Coon Cat?

The Maine Coon, popularly known as American Longhair in the US, is amongst the most iconic cats in the world.

Their luscious, long, shaggy coats, pointed ears, oval-shaped eyes, loyalty, non-aggressive temperament, and ever-loving personality are responsible for their ever-increasing popularity.

If you are new to the world of felines, you can quickly identify a Maine Coon cat from other cat breeds, since they are the largest domesticated cat breed in the world!

Besides having a distinctive physical appearance, these cats come in plenty of fur colors and patterns.

To be precise, there are 75 different colors and color combinations, categorized within various color classes, including:

  • Solid
  • Tabbies
  • Tabbies with white
  • Bi-color
  • Parti-color
  • Shaded
  • Smoke
  • Tortoiseshell

For a complete guide to the 75 different Maine Coon colors and patterns available, make sure you check out my fact-filled article ‘Maine Coon Colors And Patterns‘.

Solid-colored American Longhair cats are easily recognizable thanks to their striking appearance with one single coloring across their entire body.

Maine Coon cats are bread in the following solid colorings:

  • White
  • Black
  • Red
  • Cream
  • Blue

Of these, black is one of the most common colors.

The majestic black Maine Coon cat has a dominant black-fur gene. As such, they appear to be black, despite the fact that some have a combination of black and white.

If you are a first-time owner considering buying a black American Longhair cat then you might be wondering how expensive a black Maine Coon cat is.

Before we jump into the price details though, it is worth noting that there are many factors that affect the cost of these beloved cats.

So, what is the average price of a black Maine Coon cat?

The table below shows how the cost of black Maine Coons varies wildly from one seller to the next:

Maine Coon CatCost ($)
Registered Breeder:
Certified Kittens
$400 to upwards of $2,000
Adopted$50 to $200
Rescue$75 to $100
How Much Is A Black Maine Coon Cat?

As you will see, there is a very big difference in cost between buying your cat from a registered Maine Coon breeder and adopting one of these cats from a rescue organization.

Typically, this is because when buying from a breeder you are able to obtain detailed information relating to the history of the cat’s lineage.

Registered breeders also screen their breeding cats for genetic disorders before allowing them to breed. This is important since it reduces the likelihood that the kittens have any genetic defects.

Thankfully, whilst this exquisite-looking black cat can be more challenging to source from an approved breeder, they are not likely to be more expensive to purchase than other Maine Coon colorings.

What Is A Black Maine Coon Cat?

The beautiful black Maine Coon is simply a Maine Coon cat with a black fur coat.

The black coloring is one of the rarest fur colors you will see for this beloved cat breed.

For any black American Longhair cat you come across, the coat color has to do with the dominant black color gene, which can only be inherited from parents.

Black Maine Coon cats are classified into four color classes, including:

  • Solid
  • Bi-color
  • Shaded
  • Smoke

Let’s take a look at these color classifications in greater detail:

Solid Black

These are cats with a coal-black colored coat.

They usually inherit the black gene from both parent cats.

Solid black Maine Coon cats also inherit the recessive “non-agouti” gene, meaning they cannot be tabbies or have their coal-black fur diluted.

Oddly enough, they have black noses and paws.

Smoke Black

These Maine Coon cats have one parent who carries the smoke gene.

The smoke-black Maine Coon cat looks black when stationary and more silvery when moving, due to its undercoat which is often white.


Bi-colored means that the cats have black coats mixed with white.

The white coloring goes far higher up their black legs, face, chest, and tummy.


With or without white on the facial area, these cats have a black mantle, white on all paws, and white on their belly.

Black Maine Coon Personality

As for the black Maine Coon cat personality, these large cats are known for being:

  • Sociable Creatures
  • Energetic
  • Affectionate
  • Very Comfortable Around Humans
  • Get On Well With Other Animals

Some of the traits that help describe the Maine Coon breed’s ever-loving personality include:

1. Affectionate

Black Maine Coons are very affectionate, and bond well with their humans.

2. Loyal

Black American Longhair cats appreciate the love they get from their humans.

They are extremely loyal and unlikely to leave the family, as long as they are well cared for.

3. Intelligent

Maine Coon cats are a very special cat breed.

No matter their coat coloring, they all have above-average intelligence and are considered highly trainable.

Learn more about how intelligent these big cats are, in my article.

4. Playful

From kittenhood through to adulthood, the black Maine Coon cat will remain very playful.

It is not unusual to see a senior Maine Coon cat playing happily.

5. Get On With Other Pets

Many people love these large breed cats because they are very sociable and have a gentle temperament.

This makes them super easy to own because they are great around young children, and other household pets (except small rodents, e.g. mice!)

6. Laid-Back

This is one of the most laid-back cat breeds you could ever buy!

Their sweet temperament has earned them the title “gentle giants”.

7. Family-Friendly

Black Maine Coon cats bond well with their owners and are patient with kids.

These cats are calm, and won’t be phased by loud noises.

If you haven’t seen a Maine Coon cat interact with a child before, make sure you watch Maine Coon Central’s Youtube video below.

In the video, you will see our daughter cuddling our large Maine Coon cat named ‘Pippin’. These two have always gotten on well. They often play together, and cuddle each other:


Family Friendly Maine Coon Cat

Black Maine Coon Size

Maine Coons are famous for their large size and are known to be the largest domesticated cat breed in the world.

Female Maine Coon cats tend to weigh between 8-12 lbs, while their male counterparts weigh anywhere between 15 to 25 lbs.

In terms of length, these big cats can reach up to 40 inches long.

The average height of a female Maine Coon is roughly 8 – 14 inches, while their male counterparts are usually 10 – 16 inches tall.

For those of you looking to learn more about the size of these large cats, make sure you read my article ‘Male Vs Female Maine Coon‘. You will discover these large cats’ true sizes, and also whether your family is best suited to a male or female Maine Coon cat.

Are Black Maine Coon Cats Rare?

One of the most common questions first-time owners ask breeders, is, ‘are black Maine Coon cats rare?’.

Well, relative to the other Maine Coon coat colors and patterns, the black Maine Coon is definitely rarer, though not impossible to find.

This is mainly because breeding solid-colored cats are relatively difficult, and, again, there is the long-standing superstition that black cats are a symbol of bad luck.

What Color Eyes Do Black Maine Coon Cats Have?

All American Longhair cats are born with blue eyes, but the color of their iris changes as the cat ages.

That said, adult cats of this breed have amber/green-gold eyes.

In rare cases, those with patches of white fur can have blue eyes.

It is also worth noting that they have long vibrissae hairs above their eyes but do not have eyebrows.

Black Maine Coon Breeders

When it comes to buying American longhair cats, while you can buy from rescue centers or shelters, it is always a good idea to buy from registered Maine Coon breeders, such as these.

Below are some registered Maine Coon breeders.

Please note that Maine Coon Central does not endorse any of the breeders listed, their products, or their services:


It is desirable to purchase your black Maine Coon cat from a registered breeder since they usually screen their cats before breeding. This helps to ensure kittens are free of genetic medical issues.

Whether buying a rescued cat or kitten, please make sure you are buying from a reputable breeder.

If you live in the United States, make sure you take a look at my complete guide to Registered Maine Coon Breeders In The United States, By State.

What Is A Black Maine Coon Mix?

If black Maine Coons are bred with another breed of cat, and the resulting kitten(s) have predominant Maine Coon characteristics, then it is called a black Maine Coon mix.

Many black Maine Coon mix hybrid cats have predominant traits of their black American Longhaired parent.

What Is A Black Cat A Sign Of?

For many years, human beings have formulated different horrific tales about black cats. For example, by looking at their hue, many people believed that they could cause a bad omen.

After lots of civilization across the world, modern people no longer despise black cats.

In one camp, black cats are a symbol of wealth and fortune and are considered to have high self-esteem. Additionally, they hint at:

  • Awaiting Prosperity
  • Good Luck
  • Fortune

On the contrary, in some cultures, black cats are an emblem of witchcraft!

Some people still consider black cats a sign of bad omens and are greatly suspected to be owned by witches.

Other people believe that if a black cat walks across their path, they will face misfortune or, worse, death.

One of the most fascinating beliefs is that when a black cat crosses your path from right to left, it is a bad omen, but if it crosses from the left to right, it symbolizes fortune.


American Longhair cats are among the impressive creatures that have seen massive popularity recently. The good news is that the increasing demand has not affected the black Maine Coon cat price.

If you’re planning to buy a black cat, hopefully, this post answers how much is a black Maine Coon cat and provides additional insight into other aspects related to black Maine Coons.

1. Can Maine Coon Cats Be Black?

Although considered rare, the black Maine Coon shade is one of the common options you can choose from.

2. Can A Maine Coon Be Black And White?

American Longhair cats can have coats with a combination of black and white colorings. Usually, cats with this color combination are said to be bi-colored.

3. How Much Is A Black Smoke Maine Coon?

The average cost is around $1,000, but, depending on the breeder, they can cost anywhere between $750 and $2,000.

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