Best Maine Coon Cat Beds

Best Maine Coon Cat Beds

When you own a cat as large as the Maine Coon, you quickly discover that size really does matter!

Therefore, if you’ve never owned a big cat breed before, you might be shocked to discover that many standard-size cat products are simply too small for your gentle giant. In their place, you now need more industrial-sized cat gear, that often doesn’t come with a cheap price tag to match.

Recommended Maine Coon Cat Beds

My favorite Maine Coon cat beds this year have to be as follows:

  1. The Original Calming Donut Cat Bed (click to read Amazon reviews)
  2. Orthopedic Memory Foam Cat Couch (more details on Amazon)
  3. Furhaven Pet Bed Frame (link to Amazon)

How do I know this? … Because I’ve been where you are now, wishing there was a recommended list of best Maine Coon cat beds to buy, rather than wasting so much time and money on my initial trial and error purchases.

Having tried most products on the market, I now feel best placed to guide newcomers through the minefield of what to buy a Maine Coon kitten or cat.

1. The Original Calming Donut Cat Bed

I love this cat bed sold by Best Friends Of Sheri on Amazon, as it has everything your cat needs.


If the size of your cat’s bed is important to you, this extra-large calming donut cat bed is the one for you, since it is available to buy in a whopping 45″ x 45″ which is sure to fit even the biggest Maine Coon cat.


The key reason this cat bed has been so successful though is because the self-warming vegan shag fabric has been designed to help calm your feline friend, by reminding them of their mother’s safe, warm fur.

Therapeutic Design

The creators of this donut cat bed have literally thought of everything your Maine Coon will ever need.

Your cat’s comfort is of utmost priority whilst sleeping in this bed, which is evident from the raised rim and super-soft filling the cat bed has been made with.

The bed has also been designed to provide orthopedic joint, muscle, neck, and head support.


It’s hard not to rate this cat bed highly. So, when I heard this cat bed lasts 3x longer than any other cat bed on the market, I decided to buy this cat bed from Amazon straight away!

2. Orthopedic Memory Foam Cat Couch

If you want a luxurious cat bed for your gigantic Maine Coon cat, then you need to buy the Laifug Large Orthopedic Memory Foam Cat Couch from Amazon.


This bed has been designed for both dogs and cats, so you can sleep easy knowing that size definitely won’t be an issue for your Maine Coon stretching out to its full length if you purchase this large cat couch.

The dimensions measure 38 x 30 x 9 inches, so even if you live with a larger 25lb male Maine Coon, your feline companion will have plenty of luxurious space to rest.

Orthopedic Memory Foam

The creators of this cat couch definitely haven’t scrimped on quality. This is evident because they only used super high-quality memory foam to create this cat bed, making this one of the best Maine Coon cat beds available in the marketplace.

Try finding another cat bed that retains at least 90% of its shape support for 3 years, for such great value!


We all know that Maine Coons can be found sleeping in the most bizarre of positions. The three bolster design is therefore ideal for offering cozy support and the flexibility for your large cat to sleep in a variety of bizarre positions!

Ease Of Cleaning

In my experience, many cat beds just aren’t easy to clean.

Whilst cats might be well known for being clean creatures, they still produce oil on their fur which ultimately rubs off onto the cat bed fabric, leaving it looking dirty.

I like to keep my cat’s bed looking pristine, so love that this large cat couch incorporates double protective covers with a waterproof liner. Furthermore, the ability to remove the cover and clean it in the washing machine is a real plus!

3. Furhaven Pet Bed Frame

For one of the most classy cat beds in town, the elevated Furhaven Pet Bed Frame sold on Amazon has got to be the best Maine Coon cat bed you will ever own. In fact, I’m pretty sure many humans would love to sleep on a bed as spectacular as this!


It would be difficult not to adore this elevated cat bed.

This Maine Coon cat bed is anything but shabby and ugly. Instead, it is so modern and stylish, with a contemporary mid-century modern design, clean lines, and wooden finish, that this cat bed is a real eye turner and conversation point.


Measuring an impressively large 37″ x 28.3″ x 9.8″, you will never worry again that your Maine Coon kitten might outgrow this super cat bed!