Why Richie The Maine Coon Cat Went Viral!

If you want your Maine Coon to become a celebrity, then you will probably want to know why Richie the Maine Coon cat went viral!

This Internet superstar dazzled thousands of fans with his incredible appearance and personality – does your Maine Coon have what it takes to go viral, too?

Richie the Maine Coon went viral for his unusual fur. He is a black smoke Maine Coon, which is a rare and highly sought after coloration. However, Richie’s black fur is covered in an extra thick coat of white fur, which makes him look like a completely different creature.

Richie the Maine Coon may have become famous for his unique coat, but his stunning appearance is not the only reason he has so many fans.

Richie is also incredibly loving and gentle, just like a true Maine Coon.

Read on to find out all about Richie, and where you can buy a Maine Coon with a similar coat.

Please note that all pictures within this article are of various Maine Coon cats and kittens, rather than Richie the Maine Coon cat specifically. Post will be updated when owner grants permission to use photographs of Richie. We do have some great videos of him though that you will LOVE!

Make sure you keep reading though, as we have a video of Richie the Maine Coon cat in the flesh, straight from Youtube, that will truly mesmerize you for sure!

Meet Richie The Maine Coon Cat

The Maine Coon is a famous cat breed that was launched into popularity for their enormous size and long, luxurious fur.

These cats originated in Maine, a cold state in America. There, they developed long, thick fur to protect themselves from the snow.

Despite their rugged origins, however, they are now a luxury breed, and they are popular across the globe!

Maine Coons seem to be all over the internet these days, and it does not take much for people to turn one person’s pet into a huge celebrity.

A massive Maine Coon cat, or a Maine Coon with an unusual appearance or personality, can quickly go viral.

So, why did the black smoke Maine Coon named Richie become so famous?

Richie, whose full name is Richie du Mont d’Even, looked just like any other black smoke Maine Coon when he was a kitten. As he grew, however, his stunning coat grew in fully, and his owner is thought to have been shocked at his appearance!

The black smoke coloration is a relatively rare and highly valued coloration found in a variety of cat breeds, including the Maine Coon.

Black smoke cats have a base coat of white fur, but each hair is tipped with black fur. This means that their fur can appear black from one angle, but when their undercoat is revealed, their fur looks silvery and smokey.

Richie, however, is no ordinary black smoke Maine Coon!

While his face, paws, and ears look like a true black smoke cat, he has an extra layer of fluffy, greyish white fur, which almost looks like he is wearing a coat!

In fact, many people describe him as looking like a lemur or even a yeti!

This majestic Maine Coon cat has such a unique coloration that, once his owner posted a photo of him on Instagram, people all over the Internet went crazy over him (source 1)

Here is a short video of Richie the Maine Coon cat:

Credit for video goes to Youtube channel Animales Queridos

Richie The Maine Coon Vital Statistics

Richie is truly a celebrity all over social media, and it seems like his fans just can’t get enough of him.

If you are a new or dedicated fan who wants to learn more about this stunning Maine Coon, then here are some key facts about Richie du Mont d’Even:

Maine Coon Ear Tufts


Richie was born on November 7th, 2021, so even though he may look enormous, he is actually still quite young!

Richie the Maine Coon cat facts


While many Maine Coons go viral for their size, for Richie the Maine Coon, weight is not the reason behind his fame.

However, he is still a rather enormous cat, and he hasn’t even reached his full size yet!

Richie weighed just under 20 pounds when he was barely over a year old, and he measures a total length of just under a meter. Who knows how big he will be once he is fully grown?

Richie the Maine Coon cat facts

Coat Color

Richie is a black smoke Maine Coon with an unusual fluffy white coat that covers most of his body.

Richie the Maine Coon cat facts


Richie lives with his loving owner, Adriana Piraino, who spends most of her free time playing, cuddling, and caring for Richie.

Richie the Maine Coon cat facts


Richie and his owner live in France, which is also the same country his owner bought him from.

Do Maine Coons Have Skin Problems?


Sadly, Richie does not have any other companions at the moment.

However, his owner, Adrian, noticed how fond he was of other cats, and would like to get him another sibling someday.

Richie the Maine Coon cat facts


Richie’s owner purchased him from a French cattery called Chatterie du Mont d’Even, which is where his full name comes from.

This cattery produces all sorts of Maine Coons, including black smoke, black tabby, red tabby, and so much more.

(Sources 1,2,3):

Richie The Maine Coon’s Social Media Accounts

If you look up Richie the Maine Coon, video after video will come up from all of his popular social media accounts.

While Richie first became famous on Instagram, this little celebrity has since branched out into other social media sites, as well!

Richie’s owner regularly updates all of his social media accounts, posting all sorts of adorable photos and videos so his fans can stay updated on his day to day life.


For Richie the Maine Coon, Instagram was the beginning of his career.

His owner runs the account @richie_the_mainecoon_, where he has over 140,000 followers!


The official Richie the Maine Coon TikTok account is @richiethemainecoon, where he has almost 5,000 followers.


Finally, he also has a personal blog on Facebook, under the handle @richiethemainecoon.


Richie the Maine Coon cat does not have his own Youtube account, just yet, anyhow!

Don’t let you worry though as there are still some amazing videos of this giant Maine Coon cat in action.

Watch the video below of this famous Maine Coon cat:

Credit for video goes to Youtube channel Lions of India.

Richie’s Maine Coon Personality

As beautiful as this cat breed is, the personality of a Maine Coon cat is often the most incredible part of them, and Richie is no different.

He is just as loving and sociable as the breed is famous for.

“He is a cat-dog,” said Adrian, in an interview with Cattitude Daily. “He follows his mom everywhere and cuddles a lot in the morning when he wakes up”.

When asked what his favorite hobbies are, she responded that he likes to, “watch the animals at the window (we live in the country close to nature) and watch us cook.”

However, Adrian has also noticed that he has a cautious and even fearful side.

Even though he is curious, he can be a bit nervous around strangers at first, and he was the shyest of his littermates growing up.

Once he has warmed up to someone, though, he is one of the most loyal and loving Maine Coons out there (source 1).

Click the picture below to discover more about the Maine Coon personality:

Richie The Maine Coon Breeder

Richie was purchased from Chatterie du Mont d’Even, a French cattery that specializes in Maine Coons.

Their Maine Coons come in all sorts of colors and patterns, including:

  • Red
  • Black
  • Blue
  • Tabby
  • Smoke
  • Bicolor

Their prize stud cat, however, is a black smoke Maine Coon named Obama (source 1).

Click here to discover more Maine Coon cat breeders in Europe.

Richie The Maine Coon As A Kitten

As a kitten, Richie’s breeders and owner had no idea just how unique he was.

When he was little, he had a short, black smoke coat, which became longer as he grew up.

It was not until he was about four months old that his stunning white overcoat came in.

Black Smoke Maine Coon Price

While the black smoke may not be the most expensive Maine Coon cat out there, it is a relatively rare coloration, and it can be very expensive!

If you are looking for black smoke Maine Coon kittens for sale, you will likely find cats priced between $750 to $2,500.

Before purchasing one of these cats, though, it is important to learn where to buy Maine Coon cats, as there are many scammers and unsafe breeders out there.

You should purchase from a breeder that has been registered with a governing cat body, such as CFA or TICA, as they have rigid rules to ensure their breeders properly care for all of their cats.

Click the picture below to discover your nearest Maine Coon cat breeder in America:

Other Famous Maine Coon Cats

Richie the Maine Coon is just one of the many Maine Coon celebrities out there.

All sorts of Maine Coons have become famous for their beautiful coats, their massive size, or their unique personality traits.

Here are some other Maine Coon celebrities (source 1):

  • Stewie: Stewie became famous for being the longest cat ever recorded. Although he sadly passed away in 2013, his legacy lives on, as no cat has ever surpassed his record-breaking length.
  • Barivel: Barivel is a black tabby who became famous for being the longest living cat in the world. You can check out his Instagram @barivel_maine_coon.
  • Tiara, Luna, and Lizzie: This gorgeous Maine Coon trio lives in Norway, where they love to play in the snow and go on all sorts of adventures outside. You can find them on Instagram @mainecoonqueens.


When one lucky woman was searching for Maine Coon kittens for sale, she purchased an adorable black smoke kitten who later became known as Richie the Maine Coon cat.

While he looked just like any other black smoke Maine Coon while he was younger, he eventually grew a fluffy white coat of fur that makes him look like some bizarre fantasy creature!

Richie went viral for his unique appearance, and today, he has nearly 150,000 followers on Instagram.

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