Top 5 Escape-Proof Maine Coon Harnesses

Maine Coons are sturdy, muscular felines weighing up to a staggering 25 lbs. Known for its dog-like traits, this former wild cat is now domesticated and loves going for walks with its owners!

Many cat harnesses are not suited to this large cat breed though, so you may be wondering what is the best escape-proof Maine Coon harnesses? Let me show you.

The best Maine Coon cat harnesses have adjustable straps that can be adjusted to ensure the harness fits securely around your Maine Coon cat’s muscular body. Keep a Maine Coon safe by only using an escape-proof harness. Padded harnesses are more comfortable for Maine Coons sensitive skin. Always measure your cat first before fitting a cat harness.

With such a wild and mysterious heritage, you might be surprised to hear that these now domesticated cats love going for a walk with their owners.

Before rushing out to purchase an extra-large cat harness, make sure you have followed the important tips below.

What Is The Best Harness For A Maine Coon Cat?

The Maine Coon cat breed is famous for being the largest domesticated cat breed in the world.

Originating from Northern America, these big cats evolved to survive the frigid cold climate of Maine, in the United States.

Their thick three-layered semi-water-repellent fur kept these previously wild cats warm, in conditions that most other domesticated cat breeds could never have survived.

These strong, muscular cats now live alongside humans and are often labeled the ‘dog of the cat world’ due to their extra-large personalities, loyalty towards their family, and dog-like traits.

Whilst the idea of walking a Maine Coon cat on a leash seems foreign in some countries (like the United Kingdom) it is a relatively common and accepted sight in the United States.

Before I delve into all the different types of cat harnesses, and what makes each a great purchase choice, I’ve listed my 5 favorite Maine Coon cat harnesses below:

  1. Tactical Cat Harness (View on Amazon)
  2. Reflective Cat And Kitten Harness (View on Amazon)
  3. All Weather Breathable Cat Harness (View on Amazon)
  4. Escape Proof Harness (View on Amazon)
  5. Award Winning Cat Walking Vest (View on Amazon)

Keep reading to find out more about each of these incredible Maine Coon cat harnesses, and what makes them so special.

5 Best Harnesses For Maine Coon Cats

If you are looking for a harness for your Maine Coon cat, look no further as we are about to show you the top 5 Maine Coon cat harnesses!

1. Tactical Cat Harness

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This escape-proof cat harness is ideal for your Maine Coon cat.

The soft mesh vest is comfortable for your long-haired cat and has been designed not to rub against their sensitive skin.

The vest is also effective as it distributes the least pressure across a cat’s shoulder and chest to reduce the chances of choking your cat or causing neck strain whilst walking them.

Owners can use the adjustable straps on this harness to ensure it fits correctly to their ever-growing Maine Coon kitten.

This adjustable large cat harness will fit a Maine Coon cat with a neck girth of 9.7″ – 12.6″, and a chest girth of 13.7″ – 16″.

One of the amazing features of this cat harness is the rubber handle on the back of the cat’s harness which enables an owner to quickly grab their Maine Coon if they are in danger.

The quick-release buckles also help an owner quickly release their Maine Coon cat, which is ideal if the cat harness is causing the cat to feel stressed.

These are the signs of a stressed Maine Coon cat and what you need to do to treat them.

2. Reflective Cat And Kitten Harness

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This is a fantastic harness for your Maine Coon cat because it can be adjusted to perfectly fit your cat’s body shape.

The reflective strip is a great idea too, as it helps owners spot their cats, even in the dark, thereby helping to keep your cat safe at all times.

We love that it is lightweight and breathable. These features are important as they make this Maine Coon accessory comfortable for your Maine Coon cat to wear.

Finally, the leash is made of durable material and extends to 3.9ft, which is ideal if you want to let your cat explore the outside world more freely.

3. All Weather Breathable Cat Harness

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This range of pet harnesses has been around for some time and continues to be both a great cat and dog harness option.

Available in a variety of different colors, this cat harness is ideal because it has an all-weather mesh that means it can be used all year round, whatever the weather conditions.

The breathable nature of the mesh also makes this cat harness more comfortable for your cat to wear.

The reflective bands on the side of the harness help to enhance your Maine Coon’s visibility, to both you and other people.

We love the simplicity of the step-in and clip functionality of this cat harness design, as it makes putting the cat harness on really easy.

You can purchase this item in a wide range of sizes, so make sure you use our guide below to ensure you purchase the correct-sized harness for your Maine Coon.

4. Escape Proof Cat Harness

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If popularity was a sign that this is a great cat harness, this cat harness with a leash would win a gold medal!

This escape-proof cat harness is a great choice for your precious Maine Coon cat because it has four adjustable straps that can be tightened or loosened to perfectly fit your Maine Coons body.

Made of soft material, this budget-friendly harness caters to cats with a neck girth between 8.5″ – 13.7″, and a chest girth of 13.5″ – 20″ inches.

This is a soft and lightweight harness, weighing approximately 100g.

This hassle-free over-the-head cat harness can be quickly fitted to your Maine Coon, and easily released using the two snap side buckles.

5. Kitty Holster Cat Vest

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Last, but not least is this AWARD-WINNING cat vest!

Available in a range of different patterns, this stylish cat harness is the perfect addition to your Maine Coon accessories box.

Whether you fancy a red bandana print, a tiger print, or simply a plain cat walking vest, this cat harness is guaranteed to look awesome on your Maine Coon cat!

This cat harness is designed to fit cats with a neck girth of 11″ – 15″ inches, and a chest girth of 19″ – 23″.

The soft, non-abrasive 100% undyed cotton lining is an excellent choice and should not cause issues when fitted closely to your Maine Coon cat’s delicate skin.

We particularly love the ethos of this seller, who donates 10% of their profits to Crazy K Farm Poultry and Livestock Animal Rescue and Sanctuary.

How To Choose A Cat Harness

If you are keen on walking your Maine Coon on a harness, make sure that the harness has the following attributes:

  • Escape Proof
  • Adjustable Straps
  • Durable material
  • Lightweight
  • Breathable

Read on to discover why these Maine Coon harness tips are advisable.

Escape Proof

If you are wondering what harness is best for my cat, then the first thing you need to do is purchase an escape proof Maine Coon harness.

The outdoor world is full of surprises that you cannot account for.

For example, you cannot predict whether a dog will suddenly come charging around the corner without its lead on, thereby terrifying your Maine Coon cat.

An escape-proof Maine Coon cat harness is a vital addition to your Maine Coon cat products as you can keep your cat safe and away from harm, without them escaping.

Adjustable Straps

Your Maine Coon cat will escape their harness if it is not fitted correctly i.e. too loosely.

Look for a cat harness that has adjustable straps on both sides so that you can fit the harness securely around the body.

Please do not fit the straps too tightly though, as this can hurt your Maine Coon cat and damage their delicate skin.

Durable Material

The best cat harness for Maine Coons are ones that are made of durable material that sits comfortably against your cat’s body.

Maine Coons are extremely powerful and strong, therefore they should only be put in high-quality durable cat harnesses that are built to withstand their strength.


When buying a cat harness, make sure you check how much it weighs.

Whilst you, as a human might not think the harness is heavy, your cat might have a different opinion!

If your cat continually resists wearing its harness, this might be because the cat harness feels too heavy on them.


Look for breathable harnesses that allow your Maine Coon cat to remain cool and happy whilst walking, rather than overheating.

What Size Harness Should I Get For My Cat?

Whilst many Maine Coon accessories can be purchased based on your cat’s weight, this is not the case with cat harnesses.

Instead, owners must measure their cat rather than assuming any Maine Coon harness will be suitable.

Here are the steps on how to measure your cat for a harness:

1. Get A Tape Measure

Use a soft tape measure, to measure your Maine Coon cat.

Alternatively, find a piece of string that isn’t going to stretch as you wrap it around your cat’s muscular body. Then measure the string against a ruler, afterward.

2. Ensure Your Cat Is Standing Up

Before taking cat harness measurements, ensure your Maine Coon is standing up so that the harness fits them correctly.

3. Front Measurement

You need to take two measurements of your Maine Coons large muscular body.

Firstly, measure the full length between your cat’s shoulder blades to their breastbone, and back up again, so that your tape measure forms a circle.

4. Back Measurement

Secondly, take your tape measure and place it on your Maine Coon cat’s shoulder blades, then wrap it around from their shoulder blades to behind your cat’s front legs and back again.

Ensure the tape measure fits securely against the cat’s body and does not chafe your cat’s elbow area.

Remember to compress the tape measure against your cat’s body so that the harness fits snuggly, and is not loose.

Pros And Cons Of Walking Your Cat

If you have been considering walking your Maine Coon cat on a leash, look no further to better understand the subject.

Let’s delve into the benefits of walking your cat:


One of the biggest benefits to walking a Maine Coon cat outside, is the opportunity it gives your cat to exercise.

Maine Coon cats are prone to obesity. Therefore, taking your Maine Coon for a walk is a great way for your gentle giant to work off any surplus energy and keep fit and healthy.

These agile felines are very talented climbers so will love having the opportunity to physically exert themselves in the outside world.

Mental Stimulation

The outside world is packed full of exciting intriguing scents, and fun for a Maine Coon cat.

Whether they are simply chasing a leaf that has blown across their path or are engaging in bird-watching, the outside world stimulates your Maine Coon cat’s mind.

Mental stimulation is vital for this cat breed as they are highly intelligent felines prone to boredom and Maine Coon cat depression, both of which are harmful to your cat.

Learn more about Maine Coon depression here.

Walking your cat on a leash outside is a great way for indoor Maine Coons to have safe exposure to the outside world.


Maine Coon cats are extremely sociable felines that thrive off human companionship. The more time your cat can spend with you, the better!

Taking a Maine Coon for a walk on a harness is therefore a fantastic way to spend quality time with your cat, in the outside world, further strengthening your bond with them.

The more time, attention and love you give a Maine Coon cat, the more it will give in return.

Supporting A Nervous Cat

Every cat is unique, just like human beings.

Whilst the majority of Maine Coons have gregarious personalities and a love of life, some cats (for whatever reason) feel a little more nervous and anxious.

If you live with a nervous Maine Coon cat, introducing your cat to the outside world in a safe manner may help increase your Maine Coons confidence.

The array of fascinating scents and smells may also help stimulate their senses.

Whilst walking a Maine Coon on a harness has many tangible benefits, it is important that you consider all sides of the debate, by reading the downsides of taking your cat for a walk.

Below are the cons of walking a cat:

Potential Dangers

Walking a cat on a harness is far safer than letting them roam freely in the outside world.

However, owners need to be alert to their Maine Coon cat’s body language whilst walking outside.

This is because a Maine Coon (particularly an indoor Maine Coon) might find the sounds, noises, and outdoor world stressful, especially if they are not used to seeing cars, traffic, and dogs.

If you are not sure how to spot a stressed Maine Coon, read this guide.

Should your Maine Coon display any signs of fear whilst walking outside, remove them from the situation asap to avoid the possibility of stressing them out further.

Be aware that Maine Coon cats are strong and fast, so may harm themselves if their fight or flight instinct is activated, and they try to race away in fear.

Fleas And Diseases

Allowing a cat in the outside world increases it’s chances of catching fleas, or diseases from other animals that they may encounter.

To keep your Maine Coon cat safe, make sure your cat is fully vaccinated and their flea treatment is up-to-date, to reduce their risk of catching unwanted infections.

Territory Battles

Maine Coon cats are not naturally territorial felines like many other cat breeds tend to be, so long as they have their own space within a home.

However, whilst your Maine Coon is unlikely to be bothered by walking past the scent of other animals, owners need to be alert to other local cats being territorial towards their Maine Coon.

Emotive Subject

Not everyone is going to support your decision to walk a Maine Coon cat outdoors, and you will likely get several funny looks from passers-by.

Whilst walking a Maine Coon outside in the United States is becoming increasingly common, particularly for owners of indoor Maine Coon cats, there will always be people that just do not ‘get it’.

Is walking a cat on a leash cruel?

This is an emotive subject for many cat lovers, as is the decision of whether a Maine Coon cat should be allowed to roam freely in the outside world.

However, it is fair to say that for owners living in apartments or keeping an indoor Maine Coon, walking their cat outside is a great opportunity for the cat to get some:

  • Physical Exercise
  • Mental Stimulation
  • Happiness

How Often Should You Walk Your Cat?

If you are introducing the concept of walking to your Maine Coon cat, please ensure you do not rush or force the activity.

Always go at your Maine Coons speed, and remember that they walk far slower than dogs, so you will need to stop regularly to enable them to smell the exciting outdoor world.

In the beginning, owners should aim to walk their cat for 15 – 20 minute sessions (source 1).

Whilst this can be done daily, the regularity of walking a cat will ultimately be down to the decision of each owner, and how much your Maine Coon likes being walked on a harness!

Maine Coon Collar Vs Maine Coon Harness

A Maine Coon collar goes around your cat’s neck and is a quick way for your cat to be identified if they become lost.

Unlike a microchip, a cat’s collar is instantly visible to strangers and reduces the chances that strangers consider the cat to be a stray.

Whether or not your cat should wear a collar, or not, is an emotive subject matter.

These are the pros and cons of a Maine Coon wearing a collar.

If you are a fan of this Maine Coon accessory, please ensure that you never attach a leash to the Maine Coon cat collar.

This is because Maine Coons are extremely powerful and strong felines, and a frightened Maine Coon may try to run away at great speed if they see something that scares them i.e. a dog.

Your Maine Coon cat might seriously injure itself in their bid to escape what they instinctively consider to be a danger.

By comparison, Maine Coon harnesses are a far safer way to enjoy the outside world with your cat.

A Maine Coon harness wraps around your cat’s body, chest, and back, and should be fitted snugly so that your cat cannot escape if suddenly frightened.

Loose cat harnesses are dangerous for Maine Coons as your cat can get caught on things whilst wearing the harness, for instance, a low-hanging tree branch, or even their own paws!


Many Maine Coons love going for a walk with their family, but what is the best harness for a Maine Coon cat?

If you are thinking of taking your Maine Coon outside, the best cat harness for Maine Coons are escape-proof, securely fitted, and do not rub on your cat’s delicate skin.

Older cats can be stubborn, particularly the male Maine Coon, therefore owners must introduce the idea of wearing a cat harness whilst their cat is still a kitten.

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Can You Leash Train A Maine Coon Cat?

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Do Maine Coons Like Walks?

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