What Size Cat Flap Does A Maine Coon Need?

If you realized that your regular cat flap is not big enough for your extra-large cat, then you are probably wondering, what size cat flap does a Maine Coon need?

Most Maine Coons will require a cat flap that is between 6 and 13 inches wide and 6.5 to 17.5 inches tall. Measure your Maine Coon’s width and height before purchasing a cat flap, to ensure it is large enough to accommodate your cat’s size. Many owners choose to purchase a microchip cat door to prevent unwanted visitors from entering the house.

Many cat flaps are not large enough for this breed, so you’ll have to be sure to choose the right brand and size.

Simply purchasing the first cat flap you find may work for most cat owners, but it can prove troublesome if you have a large Maine Coon.

That is why it is important to measure your cat and purchase a flap that fits your cat’s dimensions.

If you are having trouble deciding between a locking cat door, a microchip cat door, or any other kind of cat flap, read on to find out which type of cat flap is best suited to you and your kitty!

What Size Cat Flap For A Maine Coon?

Maine Coons are a unique cat breed, prized for their gentle temperament and gorgeous, thick coat.

These cats are also famous for their enormous size, which is often much larger than the average cat.

Maine Coons  are the largest cat breed in the entire world, and while the average cat only weighs about 7 to 11 pounds, Maine Coons typically average between 8 and 25 pounds!

As incredible as these large cats are, their size can prove troublesome for some owners.

This is because unfortunately, many pet brands do not carry cat supplies with the Maine Coon’s size in mind.

Thus, if you are wondering, can a Maine Coon fit through a cat flap, there is a real chance your cat might not fit properly if you purchase the wrong-sized cat flap!

So, how big does a cat flap need to be for this extra-large cat breed?

Maine Coon Cat Door Size

A Maine Coon cat door size can vary a lot since this breed comes in such a wide size range.

The average cat door is just 5 to 10 inches wide and high, which is perfect for most cats under about 12 pounds.

If your Maine Coon is larger than the average cat, though, then you will need to find a bigger cat flap.

While it might be harder to find a cat flap that is the right size at a pet store, there are still many options available online.

Once you have measured your Maine Coon, then you can choose a cat door that fits your cat’s size and personal needs.

If your Maine Coon is extra-large, you can even search for a microchip pet door medium dog size, which may be better suited to your cat (source 1).

Recommended Maine Coon Cat Flaps

If you are struggling to find a cat flap big enough for your Maine Coon, do not stress as there are quite a few options for sale across the internet!

Here are the top three best cat flaps for Maine Coon owners:

1. SureFlap

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If you are looking for large microchip cat flaps, then SureFlap is the best option available.

The SureFlap cat flap may be pricey, but it is the most popular choice for microchip cat doors.

You can program up to 15 different microchip codes into the door so that only your pets can enter and exit the house.

It also comes with four different locking modes, and you can program the door to lock at certain times of the day.

You can even program it to close for certain cats and remain open for others!

The SureFlap microchip pet door hole size is about 7 inches by 7 inches. This is larger than the average cat door, but it may still be too small for the biggest Maine Coons.


  • Program up to 15 different microchip codes.
  • Four different locking features.
  • Program different schedules for different pets.

2. PetSafe

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The PetSafe cat flap is a cheaper alternative to the SureFlap, but you can still program it to read your pets’ microchips.

Like SureFlap, this microchip timer cat flap has different locking options, and it can program up to 40 different pets.

If you want a large cat flap with a tunnel, you can also purchase a tunnel extension pack, as well!

This is one of the top-rated microchip cat flaps out there. 

However, if you are anxious about potential injury to your Maine Coon, then it is best to go with a regular cat flap that does not automatically open or close.


  • Program up to 40 different microchip codes.
  • Four different locking features.
  • Weatherproof


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CEESC Extra-Large Cat Door is a great budget option.

It does not read pet microchips like PetSafe or SureFlap, but it can still be programmed to different settings.

These four settings keep the cat door open, closed, or only allow your pet to go in or out.


  • Four different locking options.
  • Simple to install.
  • Can use with a tunnel extension


  • Not microchip programmable

How Do You Measure A Maine Coon?

There are lots of different cat flap sizes out there, but can a Maine Coon fit through a cat flap designed for normal cats?

Unfortunately, Maine Coon vs normal cat size is often so different that many cat doors are not large enough.

Take a look at the graphic I designed below. This image very clearly highlights how Maine Coon cats often grow significantly bigger than ‘normal cats’:

Read my article for extra details on this.

To make sure that your cat flap is sized properly, you will need to measure a size that is big enough for your cat.

Overall, cat flaps should be about two inches wider than your cat’s width, and two inches taller than your cat’s height.

So, how do you measure a Maine Coon cat for this?

While you could take your cat’s height and width, the more precise method is to test out a cat door of your own.

Step By Step Guide To Measuring A Maine Coon Cat:

To begin, take a piece of cardboard and cut a small square in it. It is a good idea to start with a square that’s 6  by 6 inches.

Do not worry if the square looks a bit small- cats are incredibly flexible, and you may be surprised by your Maine Coon’s ability to fit through a small space.

Place the sheet of cardboard against a hallway or doorway, and sit on one side of the sheet while your cat is on the opposite side.

Use treats to encourage your cat to enter the hole.

If your Maine Coon is not able to get through the hole entirely, gradually cut bigger and bigger pieces from the cardboard until your cat is comfortably able to enter and exit.

Then, measure the final square; this is the minimum size requirement for your Maine Coon’s cat flap.

In most cases, you will be able to find a cat flap with these measurements, but if your cat is especially large, you may need to invest in a microchip dog door, instead (source 1).

How To Get My Cat To Use Cat Door

In most cases, the hardest part of getting a Maine Coon cat flap is finding one that is the right size.

However, in some cases, you may also have difficulty getting your cat to actually use the door!

Your cat may not understand how the cat flap works at first, or it may be frightened by the new contraption.

Regardless of the reason why the best way to get your cat to use the cat door is through lots of positive encouragement.

You should get your cat acquainted with the cat flap before you even install it. Allow your cat to sniff the door, and demonstrate how it opens and closes.

If you can, try to encourage your cat to go through the cat flap before it’s installed.

Once you have installed the cat flap, then it is time to get your cat to start using it.

Stand on one side of the door and place your cat on the other side.

Encourage your cat to enter by calling its name, talking kindly, and offering treats. You can also put your hand through the door so your cat can see how it works.

Try this on both sides of the door so your cat becomes confident with both entering and exiting.

You can also prop the door open at first.

Your cat might be confused if the door is closed all the time, so keeping it open will help your cat understand that it can enter and exit through the flap.

How Long Does It Take For Cat To Use Cat Flap?

If your Maine Coon still is not using the door you just installed, you are probably wondering, how do I get my cat to use a microchip cat flap?

Most cats learn how to use a cat flap within a few days, but it can take weeks if your cat does not understand how it works or is too scared to use it.

Never try to rush it, though!

Even though Maine Coons are especially confident and intelligent, they can still have difficulties at first, so be patient and encourage your cat to use the flap through regular training and treats.

Even regular cat flaps can be tricky for Maine Coons at first, but this is especially true of microchip cat flaps.

Microchip doors make a clicking noise as the cat enters and exits, which can make your cat nervous and unsure at first.

Even the smartest of Maine Coons can feel nervous about a new contraption.

It is, therefore, a good idea to let your cat explore the new cat door before you install it and demonstrate to your cat that it is safe to use.

Cat Will Only Use Cat Flap One Way

Is your cat only going through the cat flap in one direction?

If so, it is not always out of stubbornness!

Some cats simply do not understand that the cat flap works both ways, but it could be due to the location and position of the cat flap, as well.

If the door opens into a wide, vulnerable space, then your cat may feel unsafe going through the door. 

Furthermore, while the cat flap may be the perfect height from one direction, it may be too low on the other side.

You may need to place a step to raise the surface, so your cat can use the door confidently on either side.

If you are still having trouble, make sure to train your cat to use the flap from both sides. Practice from the side your cat is more confident with at first, then switch spots.

Use lots of treats and tasty food, or tempt your cat with toys or games.

Stubborn Cat Won’t Use Cat Flap

Maine Coons are very intelligent, so they usually do not have a problem understanding how the cat flap works.

However, if your cat still will not use the flap, they are not doing it to spite you!

If your cat refuses to use the cat door, then there are a few different possible reasons why:

Your Cat Is Scared

Your Maine Coon might feel nervous about the cat flap at first.

Make sure you let your cat see and smell the new contraption before installing it.

You can also put your cat’s scent on it by rubbing your cat’s favorite toys around the cat flap. That way, the new object will seem less foreign and scary.

Incorrect Installation

Before you install the cat door, make sure you are placing it at the right height.

If the door is too low or too high, your cat may have difficulty using the door, or it may simply feel uncomfortable.

You should measure the distance between your cat’s stomach and the floor, as this is typically the ideal height for the cat door.

Poor Position

Since your cat cannot see the space it is walking into as it enters the cat flap, it may become scared if the flap opens into a large, open space.

Your cat may feel vulnerable and exposed, especially if the cat flap opens into a wide backyard.

Try to find a spot that is more secluded, so your cat can enter and exit confidently.

Cat Flap Keeps Clicking

Many of the leading microchip cat flaps are great for allowing cats in and out, without worrying about letting in unwanted guests.

However, as cats are allowed in or out of the cat flap, the mechanism of the cat flap makes a clicking sound as it is opened or closed.

This can be quite annoying if the cat flap is in a high-traffic location, or if you have lots of cats that use the flap frequently.

Cat Microchip Not Working

Unfortunately, even the top leading brands for microchip cat flaps have some troubles.

Microchip cat flaps sold by the leading cat flap brands may work for most users, but other users have reported trouble.

Sometimes, the flaps fail to register a cat’s microchip and may remain closed as the cat tries to exit, or they might open for cats whose microchips are not registered.


If you have an extra-large cat, you are probably asking yourself, what size cat flap does a Maine Coon need? 

Sadly, many pet stores do not think to offer supplies that fit this extra-large breed, but do not lose hope! There are still lots of cat flaps online that are sized up for Maine Coons.

If these cat flaps are still too small, you can even purchase a dog door instead.

Thankfully, there are also many different styles and options for cat flaps; you can find regular cat doors quite easily.

But there are also cat doors that respond to your cat’s microchip, or that can be programmed to open or close at certain times.

Overall, you should measure your Maine Coon and choose a cat flap that fits both your cat’s size and personal needs.

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