Why Maine Coons Are The Best Cats?

Ever since this breed has skyrocketed in popularity, many people have been wondering why Maine Coons are the best cats?

While some may argue this is subjective, Maine Coon owners all over the world agree that this breed is the best of the best!

Maine Coons make the best pets because they are the perfect blend of cuddly and playful. Maine Coons are highly intelligent, which makes them easy to train. They are also loving and social, so they fit well into households with children and other pets. Even though they are loyal, they are also not clingy or demanding.

The Maine Coon has only become more popular with each passing year.

People all over the internet are raving about this cat’s enormous size as well as its unique disposition that makes it perfectly suited for just about any household.

Read on to find out why you, too, should get a Maine Coon cat!

Why Maine Coons Are The Best Cats?

The Maine Coon is a popular cat breed that originated in America, but can now be found throughout the world.

This breed originally made headlines for its enormous size, but today, people are desperate for a Maine Coon of their own because they are so social and affectionate.

If you do not believe us, then read on to find out exactly why Maine Coons are the best cats in the world:


A lot of people see just how big a Maine Coon can get and wonder, are Maine Coons dangerous?

Even though these cats are huge and their serious expressions often resemble tigers, lions, and other dangerous predators, they are very safe to own.

Maine Coons are among the most sociable and gentle breeds.

This cat breed is also especially good with children because Maine Coons are more patient with kids, and do not mind sitting through tea parties or being pushed around the house in a stroller!

Since these large cats crave companionship and social interaction, they like to hang out with anyone they can!

Even though they tend to form close bonds with a single person, these cats have such big hearts that they are loving and friendly to everyone in the family.


Another reason Maine Coons are so wonderful is that they are drop-dead gorgeous!

While personality is of course more important than appearances, who can say no to such a beautiful cat?

Maine Coons have long, thick fur that is even longer on the tips of their ears, around their neck, and on their paws.

This makes them look like some kind of majestic wildcat, especially when combined with their powerful muzzles and serious-looking eyes.

While brown tabby Maine Coons are probably the most common, you can get a Maine Coon in almost any color and pattern possible.

Take a look here for more information.

If you are looking for the rarest, most beautiful cat imaginable, you cannot go wrong with a gold or silver smoke Maine Coon!

The smoke pattern results in a white undercoat with gold or silver tipping on the edges of the fur, which results in a dazzling coat that looks different from every angle!


While all cats are smart to some degree, the Maine Coon is one of the most intelligent cat breeds in the world.

But, are they the smartest? Click here to find out!

Owners can easily teach their Maine Coon to do tricks, including:

While a lot of intelligent cat breeds tend to be stubborn, the Maine Coon is easygoing and eager to please. As a result, they are especially easy to train.

Teaching your Maine Coon kitten to use the litter box, stay off counters, and follow commands is a breeze provided you train your cat whilst they are still a kitten.

The Maine Coon’s intelligence also means they get into all sorts of adorable mischief.

More intelligent cats are more aware of their paws and can use them to eat food, open doors, or turn on the sink.

While this can be troublesome at times, especially during kittenhood, clicker training, gentle redirection, and positive reinforcement can all prevent your cat from getting into too much trouble.


One of the most winning traits of Maine Coons is their unwavering loyalty.

Even though they are sociable and friendly towards just about anyone, they form much closer bonds with their owners.

They tend to choose one person that they are most closely bonded to, but that does not stop them from loving and cuddling their other family members!

An especially adorable trait is their tendency to follow their owners around.

A lot of Maine Coons will stop whatever they are doing just to follow their owner into the next room!

They have a rather dog-like instinct to be by your side no matter what, which makes them steadfast and reliable companions.

This is why they follow you…


Even though Maine Coons like to follow their owners around, they are rarely ever clingy.

Maine Coons have an independent side, and do not mind napping from afar or watching you from atop their favorite climbing spot while you work.

Even though they like to be in the same room as their owners, they do not usually get underfoot or try to insert themselves into every task you are trying to accomplish.

Instead, they simply like being near you while also keeping their distance.

The Maine Coon’s independence means you do not have to worry about your cat suddenly demanding your attention or bothering you while you work.

While they do need lots of cuddle time and playtime, they are perfectly fine with waiting until you are ready to hang out rather than interrupting you while you are busy.

Good With Pets

A lot of people love the idea of getting a Maine Coon, but if they already have a pet of their own they may wonder, are Maine Coons friendly with other cats?

What truly makes Maine Coons one of the most family-friendly breeds is their ability to get along with other cats and even dogs!

These cats crave companionship and social interaction, so they are unlikely to become jealous or hostile towards a new pet.

Maine Coons often end up becoming close friends with any dog or cat in the family.

While many cats and dogs can be anxious or even aggressive towards a new pet, Maine Coons make the introduction process a lot easier.

Their confident and friendly nature means they are unlikely to scare a new pet or become scared of pets that already live in your home when you first adopt your Maine Coon.


A lot of smart, energetic cats tend to be more independent and aloof, but the Maine Coon truly is the best of both worlds.

Not only are they incredibly playful and silly, but they also love being cuddled and held!

Maine Coons are so social and loving that they like spending quality time with all of their family members.

Their patient, gentle nature also means they do not mind getting extra snuggles from visitors or children.

While it is important to keep an eye on your cat’s body language to ensure it is not getting overwhelmed or annoyed, most Maine Coons are total teddy bears that love being the center of attention!

Good House Cats

Since Maine Coons are known for their high energy and need for stimulation, a lot of owners wonder, are Maine Coons good house cats?

Even though they can become bored and even destructive if they do not receive enough enrichment, Maine Coons do not need to be indoor-outdoor cats to be happy!

They can live just as happily completely indoors, provided they have enough space and furniture to climb.

Since Maine Coons can be trained to walk on a leash and harness, you can even allow your cat to experience the outdoors safely without worrying about them getting lost or injured.

If your Maine Coon seems bored or restless, however, then you may want to consider installing shelves on your walls, getting a bigger cat tree, or finding durable, challenging toys to keep your Maine Coon satisfied inside.


Some cats develop very close bonds with their owners, but become aggressive or shy when others are around.

Maine Coons, however, are social, confident cats that usually get along very well with strangers.

This is great if you travel a lot or have lots of visitors, so any cat sitters or friends stopping by will not have to worry about getting bitten.

The Maine Coon’s sociable nature also means they tend to fit in well with new families once they are adopted.

Expert breeders also socialize kittens from a young age to ensure they feel curious rather than wary when meeting new people.


Maine Coons may seem perfect when it comes to personality, but since many breeds are prone to health problems, you might be wondering, are Maine Coons healthy cats?

Thankfully, the answer is yes!

A lot of cat breeds are the result of rare genetic mutations, which breeders preserve through inbreeding.

Inbreeding, unfortunately, also leads to an increased likelihood of inherited conditions.

The Maine Coon, however, is a naturally occurring breed, which means they are much healthier than most cat breeds.

While they can still be prone to the following conditions, responsible breeders perform genetic screening on all of their cats before allowing them to breed:

How Many Maine Coons Are There In The World?

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If you are thinking of getting a Maine Coon but you are not quite convinced yet, just ask any Maine Coon owner and you will soon find out exactly why Maine Coons are the best cats.

This cat breed is incredibly affectionate and patient, but they are also smart and very playful.

These large cats love being loved, and they form fast friendships with any family member!

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Even though Maine Coons are incredible pets, they are not perfect! Maine Coons are so athletic and intelligent that they can become destructive if their owners do not give them enough playtime.

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