Maine Coon Cat Breeders in Colorado

It can be hard to find Maine Coon cat breeders in Colorado or even just Maine Coon kittens for sale in Colorado. So we have done that research so you don’t have to.

With the growing popularity of the breed, there are now tons of scammers out there trying to take your money. But with a little research, you can find the right cat for you or your family.

There are plenty of reputable Maine Coon breeders in Colorado. Some standouts are Colorado Maine Coons, Stordire Maine Coons, Rocky Mountain Maine Coons, Coonplay Maine Coons, Morningside Meow, and Star-Studded Coons. All of these catteries provide healthy, happy kittens to owners or families like you.

But what if you cannot afford to purchase from a cattery?

Well, read on to discover some information on how to find Maine Coon cats for a lower price, or even for free!

Maine Coon Cat Breeders In Colorado

Maine Coons are known for their huge size, love of water, and their happy disposition. It is no wonder so many people are in love with this gorgeous breed!

There is little known about the true origins of Maine Coons, but we do know they first appeared in Maine (primarily Wiscasset), thus giving them their name.

The breed has grown in popularity over the years, making acquiring one quite an expensive process since these pedigree cats cost a great deal of time and money to breed.

While adoption through a rescue or a pet store might be the less expensive option, it should be noted that this might not be the best decision for you or your new cat.

For starters, you have no way to tell if your Maine Coon will have any genetic diseases or disabilities, or even if they will be of the right temperament.

Therefore, the safest (and oftentimes the easiest) way to get a Maine Coon kitten would be to purchase from a purebred such as these (source 1).

Benefits Of Registered Breeders

There are a variety of benefits to purchasing your Maine Coon kitten from a registered breeder, including the following factors:

1. Breeder Screening

A reputable breeder will only breed a cat that has gone through several health and genetic screenings.

The goal of a breeder should always be to improve the breed of animals, not introduce more sick animals into the world.

2. Health Guarantees

Oftentimes, a reputable breeder will provide a health guarantee for the purchased kitten.

This means if it happens to pass away unexpectedly, you can receive a replacement kitten (instead of being out several hundred dollars along with a pet).

You are not really going to get this with a breeder that sells their cats at super cheap prices, otherwise known as backyard breeders (BYB).

3. Registered Breeders Have A Code Of Ethics

In order to remain a registered breeder of their specific type of cat, the breeder must follow a strict set of ethics while breeding and selling their cats.

Failure to abide by these rules means having their registration revoked.

Those codes of ethics include:

  • Not breeding cats that are sick
  • Not breeding cats with any physical deformities
  • Providing a safe home for the kittens to grow up healthy and strong
  • Making sure they go to a home that will keep them safe

4. Registered Breeders Answer To A Cat Council

Yes, it sounds a little silly, but cat councils are a big deal!

They set the code of ethics for registered cat breeders, maintain and update breed standards, and arrange cat shows.

Breeders have to register all kittens they breed in the purebred registry.

Even after a family adopts a kitten, there will still always be a record of the cat.

There are several different cat councils, the most famous being:

  • Cat Fanciers Association (CFA)

Founded in 1906, the CFA aims to put the welfare of its registered cats first and foremost.

When looking for a Maine Coon kitten in Colorado, this cat council’s high standard for breeders makes it an excellent certification to look for when getting a kitten.

  • The International Cat Association (TICA)

Holding the qualification of the world’s largest genetic and household registry of cats is TICA.

TICA aims to not only promote its current breeders but also expand the number of registered catteries around the world.

They maintain the same high standards for breeding as the other cat councils despite their aims for growth so breeders registered with them have a high chance of being reputable.

  • Federation Internationale Feline (FIFe)

The FIFe originally began in France but has expanded to 40 countries.

Just like the other cat councils, they aim to set high breeding standards for the registered catteries under them.

Any breeders registered with FIFe are most likely conducting an ethical cattery.

Where To Buy A Maine Coon Cat In Colorado

There are other ways to get Maine Coon cats for sale near me besides a breeder.

Here are some options:

Maine Coon Cat Rescue

A Maine Coon rescue will typically have cats that families could no longer take care of for a variety of reasons.

You will find mostly adult cats here since the kittens either get snatched up straight away or are less likely to be sent to a rescue in the first place.

Maine Coons released to rescue will sometimes come with papers, but this is not always guaranteed.

Maine Coon cats adopted through a rescue will typically be cheaper, but you are not going to receive the various benefits you would when purchasing a cat through a registered breeder.

It is unlikely that any genetic screenings will have been performed on the cat, therefore, you will not receive a health guarantee.

There is also the possibility that the cat’s temperament might not fit with your family.

In addition, when purchasing a Maine Coon from a Maine Coon rescue center, you are not guaranteed to be receiving a purebred Maine Coon. Oftentimes, cats released to the rescue are some kind of mix.

While you will still get a cat that looks pretty much like a Maine Coon, Maine Coon mixes are typically smaller and often do not have the other physical characteristics that make Maine Coons, Maine Coons (source 1).

Here is a definitive list of all the Maine Coon Rescue Centers in the United States.

It should be mentioned that adopting through a rescue is better than purchasing a cat through a backyard breeder. Read on to discover why.

Backyard Breeder

Backyard breeders have no one to answer to but themselves, and potentially angry buyers.

They are:

  • Not registered anywhere.
  • Do not have to abide by certain breeding practices e.g. genetically screening their cats.
  • Do not have to provide a safe environment for the kittens.

Oftentimes a backyard breeder will sell their cats for a lot cheaper than a registered breeder, which is why people are lured to them.

But these cheaper prices come with a lot of risks.

For example, if your kitten has a physical deformity or gets sick, a backyard breeder is unlikely to offer you a replacement kitten or give you a refund.

And if your kitten dies? Then you are simply out of luck.

Another reason to avoid backyard breeders is that there is no guarantee that the kitten will have been properly socialized.

This is because these unethical breeders operate like a kitten mill, trying to birth as many kittens as possible.

The Maine Coon kittens are often kept in cages and not given the proper love and attention they need to become well-socialized kittens. Your kitten might therefore act:

  • Anxious
  • Aggressive
  • Distrustful
  • Shy
  • Like they do not want to be handled or touched

This is the complete opposite of how a Maine Coon should act and just goes to show how poor breeding practices can make even the sweetest cat breeds scared or mean.

If you have been experiencing a mean Maine Coon cat, read this guide to help improve things for you.

Now, is there a chance that your backyard kitten will be fine?

Sure, it is possible that you adopt a happy, healthy kitten, but not only are you gambling that this will be the case, but you are also allowing these unethical ‘breeders’ to keep making money off of their unethical breeding practices.

If people stopped supporting backyard breeders, they would not be able to take advantage of cats.

Think of it this way …

It is difficult to become a registered cat breeder, but, isn’t that kind of the point?

There should be super high standards when you are bringing life into this world. It’s not fair to the kittens or the adult cats when some breeders decide that they are above the rules.

So if you see that alluring “Maine Coon kittens for sale $450” adverts, please do not fall for them. At this price, there is absolutely no way that the breeder is breeding those kittens ethically.

Registered Maine Coon Breeders In Colorado

Let’s now take a look at some reputable Maine Coon breeders in Colorado, that you can trust:

Colorado Maine Coons

Based in Conifer, Colorado Maine Coons is a husband and wife duo breeding CFA and TICA-registered Maine Coons.

They take special care in breeding, raising, and grooming their kittens.

They socialize all their Maine Coon kittens with other pets and children and house them in a safe, healthy environment until they can be sent to their forever homes.

This breeder has received accolades for having one of the healthiest breeding lines out there.

Colorado Maine Coons breed all different colors ranging from tortie to gray, to classic tabby markings. If there is a color you are in the market for, they probably have it!

Here’s how to contact them:

Telephone: 813-389-3788
Contact: Katerina Evers

Stordire Maine Coons

Based in Aurora, Stordire Maine Coons has over 20 years of breeding CFA and TICA-certified cats.

This is an excellent choice for someone who has searched online for Maine Coon kittens in Boulder.

Stordire Maine Coons are show-quality, having won numerous awards over the years.

The cattery only has a few litters every year, meaning they sell very few kittens at a given time.

There is a strict application process that can make acquiring a kitten from Stordire a bit challenging.

Each kitten is socialized early and typically ready to go at 11 weeks.

All kittens from Stordire are vaccinated and given a health guarantee. They are disease-free and typically have to be fixed by the time they are 6 months old.

The cattery appears to breed mostly tabby-marked cats of varying colors (mostly brown and red). They do not currently have any white or gray sires or dames.

Here’s how to contact them:

Telephone: 757-232-7656
Contact: Romana Valentine

Coonplay Maine Coons

Operating out of Castle Rock, Coonplay Maine Coons has been breeding healthy CFA and TICA-certified cats for over 25 years.

They specialize in show-quality Polydactyl Maine Coons. These cats typically have extra toes, making their feet appear bigger.

Coonplay kittens have received:

  • A vet check
  • Vaccine
  • Come with some pet food
  • A care guide
  • A month of free insurance

They are a closed cattery meaning you will not be able to visit the kitten before it is adopted to protect the cats from potential disease. You will be supplied with photos.

Coonplay has several different coat colors with different varieties of tabby coats along with black and white cats (source 1).

Here’s how you can contact them:


Rocky Mountain Maine Coons

Rocky Mountain Maine Coons is a cattery located in Idaho Springs.

Specializing in CFA-certified, American, and European Champion bloodlines, their cats show quality and occasionally have polydactyl toes.

Rocky Mountain Maine Coons aims to share their love of the Maine Coon breed with as many people as possible.

They are one of the newer breeders, having only been in business for a few years now. But that does not mean their cats are less beautiful than the other breeders on this list.

The Maine Coon kittens are raised in a safe, loving environment, and the buyer is asked to share a little bit about themselves so the cattery has an idea of where their kittens are going.

Here is how you can contact them:


Morningside Meow

Previously called Maine Coon Co., Morningside Meow is located in Colorado Springs, and sells CFA and TICA-certified cats.

Morningside Meow has been breeding Maine Coons since 2019.

This cattery has a variety of colors including:

They are a closed cattery, meaning they do not allow visits with the kittens due to the risk of disease.

They do, however, send weekly photo and video updates once the purchaser places a deposit on a kitten.

Their kittens are socialized with children and dogs, so you can expect to receive a happy, friendly pet.

The Maine Coon kitten is given their first shot at 8 weeks and is tested for several illnesses before they are sold to a buyer.

To contact them, fill out the contact form on their website:

Star-Studded Coons

Based in Peyton, Star-Studded Coons is a family-run cattery.

They are TICA registered and come with a health guarantee.

Their adult cats are given DNA testing before breeding, along with a heart echo test and hip x-rays.

All their kittens are:

  • Well-Socialized
  • Microchipped
  • De-wormed
  • Vaccinated

This breeder will wait until the kitten is at least 14-16 weeks old, before handing them over to their forever home.

The buyer is required to have their kitten fixed before they are 8 months old.

Below are their contact details:


How Much Does A Maine Coon Cat Cost To Buy?

The cost to buy a Maine Coon cat can vary from anywhere between $450 to over $2500.

A show quality cat with a champion bloodline will be on the upper range of the price scale while a purebred Maine Coon that might not be show quality will be less (but still pretty expensive).

Thinking Of Breeding Maine Coons?

If you are purchasing Maine Coons for breeding, that often adds several thousand dollars to the cost.

Most catteries have a sort of ‘copyright’ on their cats that you are not allowed to break.

It will most likely be stipulated in your contract that you have to get your kitten fixed at a certain point in time.

Some breeders have their Maine Coon kittens fixed before they are ever given to their owners.

This is partly to prevent the prevalence of the backyard breeding situation mentioned previously.

If they charge a fee for breeding rights, you should see if the seller is registered with the CFA or TICA.

You should also check out their potential breeding operation to make sure you are not supporting a kitten mill.

Registered breeders, especially, are passionate about their breed of cat.

Oftentimes they get into the business because they were absolutely enchanted by the cat breed and just could not get enough of them.

If they are that passionate about their cats, they are not going to hand them over to someone who they think is going to mistreat them.

Not Planning To Breed Maine Coon Kittens

Even if you are not planning on breeding your kitten, registered breeders will oftentimes ask about what kind of home their kittens are going to.

If you purchase a Maine Coon kitten, be prepared for the following personal queries:

  • Pets and Children: They will ask about your existing pets or if you have any children.
  • Home Inspection: Some breeders might even ask to inspect your home if they are incredibly exclusive.

Cat Shipping Cost

Shipping costs might also factor into the cost of a Maine Coon kitten.

If, for instance, you were looking for the Maine Coon kitten cost Denver, and the cattery was on the other side of Colorado or even in a different state, you would probably consider having your kitten shipped to you.

The shipping price will vary by cattery, with some breeders not even offering the service at all.

However, keep in mind that the baseline cost of shipping a cat is usually several hundred dollars. You are shipping a living being, after all.

Check the breeder’s website for more information if you’re interested in this service.

Preparing Your home

Are you wondering how much do Maine Coon cats cost once purchased? Here’s a quick rough guide that you might be interested in:

1. Essentials

You are obviously going to need the following for your cat:

Keep in mind that all of these will cost roughly $100 dollars, at the least. And, that’s just to begin with.

2. Vet Fees

Do not forget about the ongoing vet fees too. Whilst a breeder might cover the first few shots for your kitten, after a while, you will be on your own.

3. Spaying/Neutering

There is also the cost of spaying or neutering your cat to factor in since most breeders will stipulate that your cat must be fixed at a certain age.

Depending on where you go the cost of spaying/neutering will vary from $50 to several hundred.

4. Flea Prevention

You will also want your cat on a flea preventative which is usually about $50 for a 3-month supply.

As you can see, not only will you need the money to purchase the Maine Coon kitten itself, but potentially several hundred extra dollars to meet their other needs (food, healthcare, and shelter) (source 1).

Maine Coon Rescue Colorado

If you do not want to pay the high price of a Maine Coon breeder there is the option to search for a rescue (as we have mentioned previously).

The key benefit to adopting a cat from a Maine Coon Rescue center is that not only will you enjoy the benefit of a lower purchase price, but you are also giving a foster pet a home.

Maine Coon Rescues appear to be scarce in Colorado though, but you can still search for your new pet at Maine Coon Rescue.

Most Maine Coon rescue center cats are mixed-breed Maine Coons, but they still tend to have the breeds:

  • Long Hair
  • Large Size
  • Friendly Features

The Maine Coon Rescue Center in Virginia takes in Maine Coons from all around the country, and because this is a rescue organization, there is not really going to be an option for shipping your cat to you.

Instead, you will most likely have to pick up the cat you are interested in (source 1).

Where To Find Maine Coon Kittens For Free

While it sounds too good to be true, it is possible to find free Maine Coon kittens for adoption.

As previously stated, it can cost up to several thousand dollars to adopt one of these kittens, so if price really is an issue, there are some places to find free or low-cost Maine Coon kittens (that are not from kitten mills).

This process can take a long time, so you will need to be patient if this is the route you choose.

For more information, check out our article “10 Places To Find Free Maine Coon Kittens“. We have more information there.

How To Find Out If Your Maine Coon Is A Maine Coon

There are several specific characteristics you can look for if you are trying to figure out if your cat is a Maine Coon.

Some quick characteristics would be their long, waterproof hair and large size. But let’s look into some other characteristics you might notice:

Physical Characteristics

Below are the key physical Maine Coon traits to look for:

Large Body And Paws

This is probably the Maine Coons most well-known feature.

Maine Coons are known for their average height of 10-16 inches and an average length of about 40 inches.

They typically weigh anywhere from 8-22 pounds (TICA Breed Standard) with the biggest Maine Coon weighing 30 pounds. That is quite a substantial cat!

Some Maine Coons have extra toes on their feet (called polydactyly Maine Coons). This makes their feet even bigger.

If you are trying to tell if your cat’s a Maine Coon, their size is one of the biggest indicators.

Muscular Build

Their large build leads them to be quite muscular.

Maine Coons are known to love swimming so that contributes to their athletic build.

Overall, a Maine Coon is a big, strong, and broad-chested cat breed.

Long, Semi-Water-Proof Fur

Maine Coons come in a variety of fur colors, all of them long and semi-resistant to water.

This allows them to stay dry and warm while in the water.

Their coat is smooth and soft, making them a great cuddle buddy.

Pointed Tufted Ears And Oval Eyes

Maine Coons are super friendly-looking cats.

They have gorgeous oval eyes, round faces, and cute little tufts of fur on the tops of their pointed ears.

Long, Bushy Tail

Finally, a Maine Coon often has a big, bushy tail.

Their tails will usually be even fluffier than typical long-haired cats which add to their beauty, and adorability.

Learn more about their infamous bushy tail here.

Personality Traits

Below are the common Maine Coon personality traits:

Laid-Back Personality

While super friendly, Maine Coons are also really chilled.

They are just living their best life, lounging around with their families, and getting their daily petting.

Maine Coons are an excellent choice for most families looking for a new pet since Maine Coons do not typically get snippy with children.

They also tolerate being picked up and hugged fairly well.


Maine Coons just want to be loved.

While not necessarily a lap cat breed, they love being around their owners, opting to sit next to them or follow them around the house.

Do not get this cat breed if you are not ready for some serious lovin’!


The typical Maine Coon can be trained to learn simple commands and even play fetch.

Maine Coon cats learn pretty quickly how to communicate with their owners either through vocal cues or actions like pawing at you.

They also have a natural curiosity that keeps them exploring their surroundings all day.


The Maine Coon’s active history leads them to be very playful.

Oftentimes, they will keep that kitten-like need to play even when they have gotten older.

This contributes to their friendly, affectionate nature.


If you are looking for Maine Coon kittens for sale in Colorado, there are plenty of options.

Should you be absolutely set on getting a purebred Maine Coon kitten, there are several registered catteries in your area.

Otherwise, there are alternative options such as Maine Coon Rescue centers that may have what you have been looking for.

Overall, Maine Coons are an excellent cat breed to own, since they are friendly, active, and incredibly beautiful. They are an excellent choice for just about any cat owner.

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