Maine Coon Kittens For Sale In Michigan

If you’ve been searching for Maine Coon kittens for sale in Michigan, but drawn a blank, rest assured you have finally come to the right place!

In this article we list everything you need to know about finding your perfect Maine Coon kitten. We have also listed some breeders local to you, to help get you started on your search.

Maine Coon kittens can be purchased from Maine Coon cat breeders, via online social media groups, Maine Coon Rescue Centers, cat shelters, pet shops and backyard breeders. Each option has its pros and cons. Whilst expensive, the safest place to purchase a purebred Maine Coon kitten is via an approved breeder.

Maine Coons are some of the most easy-going cats you will ever have the pleasure to meet.

In fact, the Maine Coon cat breed has been ranked in the top 10 most popular cat breeds to own in the world!

So keep reading to start your journey of owning a Maine Coon kitten of you own.

Important Notice: Maine Coon Central makes no representations or warranties with respect to the breeding or business practices of any of the companies listed within this article. Maine Coon Central strongly recommends that an individual’s transactions with breeders be undertaken with the same caution and due diligence, as would be devoted to any important business matter.

Maine Coon Kittens For Sale In Michigan

Maine Coons are strong, beautiful, affectionate, and rather expensive to purchase.

Although their exact origins are not entirely known, many people suspect the breed has origins in the Turkish Angora cat breed.

There are definitely some competing myths to this idea though.

So, make sure you read this article so that you are well versed in all the Maine Coon cat myths.

Whilst purchasing a Maine Coon kitten through an adoption center is preferable, it is not necessarily going to be the easiest or quickest route for you.

Therefore, if you are looking for purebred Maine Coon kittens for sale, the safest and easiest way to buy your Maine Coon kitten is via a registered Maine Coon cat breeder.

Registered breeders are often linked to multiple cat governing bodies, which ensures the quality standards of the kittens they produce.

Here is a quick list of governing bodies associated with cat breeders:

  • CFA: Ensures equal participation without harassment or discrimination among breeders.
  • ACFA: 67+ years of experience known for the education, knowledge, and welfare of all domesticated felines. Purebreed and non-purebreds.
  • FIFe: FIFe is a cat federation that dictates the standard for cat breeds.
  • TICA: Founded in 1979, TICA is a genetic registry for pedigreed cats. It is the largest in the world.

The main purpose of these organizations is to ensure the physical health condition and mental well-being of the cats are up to the highest quality standards.

Below are the key places to consider when looking for Maine Coon kittens for sale (sources 1,2,3,4)

Here’s a quick list for them:

  • Breeder: A breeder is someone that specializes in breeding cats. We recommend pursuing one that is registered and is listed in some if not all cat associations.
  • Pet Shop: Pet shops or catteries offer a multitude of options however it is important that you check with cat associations like CFA if these pet shops are registered, or not. You basically need to establish if the Maine Coon has come from a responsible breeder.
  • Maine Coon Rescue Center: Whilst they do not house many Maine Coons, they are focused entirely on the Maine Coon cat breed, and Maine Coon mixes. They are passionate about rehoming Maine Coons.

How To Buy A Maine Coon Kitten

If you are wondering how to buy a Maine Coon kitten, consider all of the factors listed below to ensure you purchase a healthy and happy Maine Coon.

When it comes to having your own Maine Coon kitten, you can either adopt or purchase via a qualified breeder or cattery.

Let’s take a look at these purchasing routes in greater detail:

Adoption Process

A professional adoption center will show you a profile or information sheet, on the feline you are interested in.

The vast majority of adoption centers will request you complete a form, and might even interview you.

The purpose of these forms is to determine if you have children, pets, or had pets. In addition, they are keen to establish if anyone in your household smokes or has pet allergies, etc.

If the center deams you a potential suitor, a trial run will happen where you and the feline get to spend quality time together for a number of hours or days, even weeks.

Buying Process

The ideal age to buy a kitten is around 8-12 weeks old, not lower.

You can buy a Maine Coon kitten through the use of animal shelters, cat breeders, classified ads, family, friends, pet shops, or even Facebook ads.

Additional Fees

There are often additional expenses whether you are buying or adopting a feline.

Whilst Maine Coons are considered to be hardy cat breed, they are still prone to the following health issues:

  • Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy
  • Stomatitis
  • Polycystic Kidney Disease
  • Hip Dysplasia

How To Determine If The Breeder / Cattery Is Credible

Below are some tips on how to determine if the breeder or cattery is trustworthy, and credible:

1. Kitten Registration Paperwork

Kitten registry paperwork is essentially a birth certificate that informs you whether the kitten came from a non-active feline.

This means a feline originally designated as a “pet only”, versus an active feline that is specifically chosen for breeding purposes.

Included in that paperwork is information regarding the kittens health, and the environment the feline grew up in.

It should also list any genetic diseases, and tests that have been carried out on the kitten.

2. Breeder Credentials

A breeder/cattery that is qualified will often be registered with CFA, ACFA, or FIFe. These organizations are essentially licensors and the breeder/cattery is the licensee.

Being licensed or registered with any or all of these governing agencies helps to ensure that the kitten you are about to take home has been given the utmost care, and came from a qualified source.

Some questions you should ask your breeder are:

  • Does the feline have a health guarantee?
  • Does the Maine Coon have a vaccination certificate?
  • What is included in the price? i.e vaccinations, microchipping, de-sexing.
  • Does the breeder offer aftercare support?
  • Does the breeder disinfect the cages or pens?
  • What medical tests have been done? e.g. flea treatments.
  • Has the kitten been well-socialized? Is the cat confident and/or friendly with other cats?
  • Has the kitten been kept in a cage?
  • What is the cat’s personality i.e. affectionate, quiet, or aggressive?
  • More information about the cat’s parents.
  • Do they offer a guarantee and refund?

3. Neutering / Spaying

A factor to consider is if you want more cats, or just want one.

A cat that is neutered (male) or spayed (female) will not be able to reproduce.

Neutering or spaying your feline often prolongs their life, making them healthier, with fewer unwanted behaviors.

Along with this decision, be sure to physically check the cat for any obvious health issues such as (sources 1,2,3,4,5,6):

  • Eyes: Should be clean. Bright and clear. No discharge.
  • Nose: Should be clean. No small ticks. No discharge.
  • Coat: Looks clean and feels healthy. No fleas, ticks, or any other parasites.
  • Belly: Should be plump, not round or too thin. If the cat has a potbelly, it could be worms.

Maine Coon Breeders In Michigan

It is important to note that when you are looking for purebred Maine Coon cat breeders in Michigan, always use due diligence and caution. Additionally, be aware that scams do exist.

The following are signs that you may be dealing with a scammer:

  • They refuse to give you their full address so you can collect the kitten.
  • No contact person.
  • Breeder demands a large upfront payment.
  • Breeder demands that you send money internationally.
  • Breeder refuses to speak with you, especially on the phone or even on messaging app like Whatsapp or Messenger.
  • Breeder creates a false sense of urgency, pressuring you that you will “miss out” if you do not purchase the kitten right away.

Below is a list of Maine Coon breeders in Michigan:

1. Koontucky Maine Coons

Breeder: Koontucky Maine Coons
City: Grand Blanc
Registered: CFF, TICA, ACA, CFA, ACFA
  • Specializes in silver Maine Coon cats.
  • Produces kittens of all colors, except solid white.
  • MCBFA Breeder Member, CFA Cattery of Excellence. Cat Kingpin Certified.
  • Maine Coons holds the certificate of excellence from The Cat Fanciers’ Association Cattery for 2021.

2. FluffyGiants Maine Coon Cattery

Breeder: FluffyGiants Maine Coon Cattery
Registered: ACFA, TICA, CFA
Telephone: 517 662 0200
Address: Adrian, MI 49221, US

3. Fancy Lynx Maine Coons

Breeder: Fancy Lynx Maine Coons
Registration: CFA and TICA
City: Ann Arbor
Registered: TICA, CFA

4. MaineGate Maine Coon Cattery

Breeder: MaineGate Maine Coon Cattery
Registered: CFA
Address: Kalamazoo Ave SE, Grand Rapids, MI, US
Telephone: 269 6574007

5. Cat Knapp Maine Coons

Breeder: Cat Knapp Maine Coons
Registration: TICA
Address: 6650 E Fulton St, Ada, MI 49301, US
Telephone: 616 3507775

6. Celebrity Maine Coons

Breeder: Celebrity Maine Coons
Registration: TICA
Address: Eaton Rapids, MI 48827, USA
Telephone: 517 441 6044

7. Wildchild Maine Coons

Breeder: Wildchild Maine Coons
Registered: TICA and CFA
Address: W Union City Road, Union, MI 49094, US
Telephone: 269 986 3369

8. Kinneycoons Maine Coons

Breeder: Kinneycoons Maine Coons
Registration: CFA

9. Exotic Purz

Breeder: Exotic Purz
Registration: CFA

10. Meyer Maine Coons

Breeder: Meyer Maine Coons
Registration: TICA, CFA
City: Battle Creek

Maine Coon Breeders in Grand Rapids, Michigan

Below is a Maine Coon breeder in Grand Rapids, Michigan:

1. Art City Claws Maine Coon Cattery

Breeder: Artcityclaws' Maine Coon Cattery
Registration: TICA, CFA
Telephone: 616 453 3487

Maine Coon Breeders In Ohio

Below are some Maine Coon cat breeders in Ohio:

1. Erebor

Breeder: Erebor
Contact Name: Laurie Taft Woods
Address: Ohio
Telephone: 219 9897

2. Angtini Cattery

Breeder: Angtini Cattery
Address: Painesville, Ohio
  • Their Maine Coons have been Gran Premier winners, as well as GFA Grand Champions

3. Highlander Maine Coons

Breeder: Highlander Maine Coons
Address: Columbus, Ohio

4. Muse Coons Cattery

Breeder: Muse Coons Cattery
Address: Beavercreek, Ohio

5. Maine Villa Cattery

Breeder: Maine Villa Cattery
Address: Wadsworth, Ohio

How Expensive Is A Maine Coon Kitten?

The increased popularity of Maine Coons in recent years has resulted in many people asking me how much to buy a Maine Coon kitten, from a registered breeder?

In short, the average price of a Maine Coon kitten in the US is between $450-$2,000. Of course, Maine Coons with higher pedigrees will be priced on the higher end of this range, if not more.

If you are not resident to USA, below is a list of how much a Maine Coon kitten could potentially cost you, in your own country (sources 1,2,3,4):

Average Maine Coon Price By Country

  • United States: $400 – $2,000 USD
  • United Kingdom: £450 – £2,500 GBP
  • New Zealand: $400 – $1,500 NZD
  • Australia: $1,000 – $3,000 AUD
  • India: R15,000 – R45,000 INR
  • Africa: R7,500 – R35,000

The main factors that determine the price of a Maine Coon kitten, are:

  • Setup Costs
  • Veterinary Bills
  • Cat Products
  • Standards of care given

Additional factors that might affect the price of a Maine Coon kitten:

  • Vaccination History: Maine Coon kittens with vaccination records indicate that time and money have been invested in their health.
  • Health Status: Healthier Maine Coon kittens cost more.
  • Registered Breeder: The more qualified the breeder is, the higher the price of the Maine Coon kitten. Breeders give their cats a high quality diet, suitable socialization, follow best practices, etc.
  • Color: Solid-colored Maine Coon kittens are often priced at a premium, whilst tabbies are more popular and priced at standard rates.
  • Purebred Certification: Certification guarantees purchaser that they are getting the most common physical characteristics and personality types associated with Maine Coons.

If price is an issue, look in your local pet shelter to see if a Maine Coon has been put up for adoption.

Where Can I Find Maine Coon Kittens For Free?

There are plenty of places where you can find Maine Coon kittens that are free, or more cheaply, e.g animal shelters, animal rescue centers and online social media groups.

Before you adopt from a backyard breeder though, please remember that most of these “breeders” are purely driven by money, and do not provide the cats with the care, attention, and love that all felines and all animals deserve.

Now, can you actually find free Maine Coon kittens? The answer is yes!

The biggest challenge with finding a Maine Coon is not the feline itself but rather a purebred version as Maine Coons are some of the most popular.

Finding a purebred is near impossible but finding an actual Maine Coon that is mixed is relatively common. You can find mixed Maine Coons at rescue centers or cat shelters.

However, one downside to adopting a Maine Coon kitten for free is that you do not know the feline’s history. Therefore, you will never entirely know what the cat’s medical history is.

If you are looking for more information on where to find Maine Coons for free, read my article: ‘10 Places To Find Maine Coon Kittens For Free‘.

Maine Coon Adoption Michigan

Most shelters charge an adoption fee of between $100 to $250.

This expense includes:

  • Vaccinations
  • Microchip
  • Cost to rehabilitate the cat

It might not be all easy though, so make sure you read below to discover some disadvantages of adopting a Maine Coon cat:

  • Lack Of Genetic Information: Adopting a cat from a shelter means you will not know its genetic history, and whether you are adopting a purebred or a Maine Coon Mix.
  • History Of Ownership: An adopted cat may have experienced trauma with its owners. You need to be patient while your cat warms up to you.
  • Hard To Find: It will be hard to find a purebred Maine Coon at a shelter. Most Maine Coons that end up in shelters are adopted quickly, since they are a popular cat breed.
  • Harder To Train: Unlike kittens, the cats personality will take time to grow or show trust and love.

Where to Adopt a Maine Coon Cat?

1. Cat Shelters

About 3.2 million cats end up in US shelters each year. 530,000 of these are euthanized.

They end up in shelters because they are either lost, stray, have behavioral issues, or there are too many cats in the owner’s house.

Cat adoption fees range between $15 to $200 for cats ages 1 to 7 years, and $100 – $200 when adopting a kitten between 2 – 11 months.

This, however, is still a bargain compared to buying a Maine Coon kitten from a breeder.

Disadvantages Of Cat Shelters:

  • It is rare to find a purebred Maine Coon in a cat shelter.
  • Steep competition because many people are looking for more affordable Maine Coons.
  • No proof of lineage without pedigree paperwork.
  • No medical records mean that costly health problems may crop up, without insurance cover.
  • Shelter staff are not trained to identify cat breeds, such as Maine Coon cats.

2. Maine Coon Rescue Centers

Maine Coon rescue centers only deal with cats with a Maine Coon lineage.

These organizations are few and far between.

There are fewer Maine Coon cats here, compared to the number of cats in a cat shelter.

The adoption cost of a Maine Coon cat from a rescue center is between $400 – $700.

Added benefits:

  • Cat is microchipped
  • Maine Coon is dewormed
  • Maine Coons are spayed or neutered
  • Veterinary costs are covered
  • Vaccinated

3. Registered Breeders of Maine Coon Cats

Some breeders sell their older pedigree breeding cats to loving homes, at a reduced price.

So, why not ask Maine Coon breeders in your locality if they are selling any. If there are none, they can put you on a waiting list for when they place older Maine Coons up for adoption.

The adoption price of a retired pedigree breeding Maine Coon varies, depending on the breeder.

Price may be higher than in a cat shelter, due to a higher level of care by a breeder.


  • Proven pedigree genetics
  • A high-quality diet
  • Regular vaccinations

4. Online Facebook Groups

Many breeders set up online Facebook pages to advertise their available kittens or sell their retired breeding cats.

These are groups where owners and breeders share their love and knowledge of the Maine Coon cat breed.

5. Backyard Breeders

This is not recommended route for adopting a Maine Coon cat. So be wary if you see a reduced bargain price designed to lure a purchaser in.

These breeders are unscrupulous in breeding Maine Coons. Their only aim is profit.

Be vigilant of backyard breeders and criminals who prey on buyers willing to pay large sums for a Maine Coon cat.

Reasons given by scammers trying to sell their cats include:

  • The owner died
  • House Move
  • Cat does not fit in the multi-cat household

Buyers should not adopt from backyard breeders, because:

  • Breeding cats are not screened for health problems or genetic disorders
  • Incorrect socialization of the kittens
  • Cat is often not even be a Maine Coon!
  • No aftercare services
  • Breeder has limited knowledge of the breed

Maine Coon Mix Kittens Michigan

Mixed Maine Coons are often cheaper than their purebred counterparts.

To know whether your Maine Coon kitten is a purebred or mixed-breed coon, you want to analyze the cat’s physical features:

  • Eyes
  • Tail
  • Paws
  • Fur
  • Ear Tuffs
  • Body Frame
  • Personality

Take a genetic DNA test of your cat to determine if they are a Maine Coon mix. Whilst the finding is not 100% guaranteed you will have a better, analytical understanding of the properties of your Maine Coon feline.

There are, of course, telltale signs of what a typical mixed Maine Coon cat looks like.

Typical features, include:

  • A mixed-breed Maine Coon is not as long as a purebred, whose regular length is up to 40 inches.
  • Most mixed breeds have 3 or 4 of these traits:
    • Muscular body
    • Long fur
    • Outgoing personality
    • Smaller tuff on their ears
    • Less fluffy
    • Smaller ruff of fur around their neck
    • Shorter tail
  • Age: A mixed-breed Maine Coon will mature between 2 to 3 years, whilst a purebred reaches maturity in 3-5 years.

One particular example of a Maine Coon mix kitten, is a Maine Coon Tabby Mix which shares a purebred Maine Coons features, such as the mane.

Giant Maine Coon Kittens For Sale Near Me

In the world of cats, the Maine Coon cat is considered the largest cat breed and one of the oldest purebreds in Northern America.

A Maine Coon kitten, popularly known as a ‘gentle giant’, measures up to 40 inches long, with a height of 10 – 16 inches.

However, some Maine Coons have grown bigger than the cat breeds normal dimensions.

So much so, that they have won records for the largest and longest domestic cats in the world, in the Guinness Book of World Record achievements.

Among the giant Maine Coon kittens that gained the world crown and popularity among their fans, are:


Stewie holds the title in the Guinness Book of World Records as the longest cat of all time. He measures 48.5 inches long from his nose to his tail, which was verified in 2020.

His full name was Mymains Stewart Gilligan. He lived in Reno, Nevada, and was owned by Robin Hendrickson and Erik Brandsness.

He was known for his sociable curiosity, but sadly died of cancer at the age of eight years on February 4, 2018.

He also held the record for having the longest tail at 16.34 inches.


Barivel is the current living holder of the title of the longest cat in the world, being 47.2 inches long (3 ft. 11 inches).

The title was awarded on May 22, 2018, in the Guinness Book of World Records; the title was taken from Ludo.

His name means joker or clown in Italian.

He is a Maine Coon living in Vigevano, Italy.

He is a pampered cat and is taken out for walks. He has his own Instagram page, yet he remains shy.


Ludo is a Maine Coon from the U.K. He held the title of being the longest Maine Coon cat in the world in 2017, before Barivel took over.

Ludo is 46.6 inches long (3 ft, 10.59 inches ) and is shorter than Barivel by a fraction of an inch. He weighs 34 pounds.


Omar at 4 ft, 11 inches, and awaits evaluation by Guinness Book of World Records judges.

He has an Instagram account with 160,000 followers

Cygnus Regulus Powers

Cygnus Regulus Powers, a silver Maine Coon cat, held the Guinness World Record, 2018 edition, for having the longest tail at 17.58 inches.

Cygnus was trapped and killed in a house fire in late 2017


Missi, a Maine Coon cat who lives in Ireland and is owned by Karina Kyllonen, has the longest cat whiskers, about 7.5 inches or 19 cm, verified by 2005 records.

Missi is the only recorded Maine Coon cat with this feature.

Where Can You Buy A Giant Maine Coon Kitten?

Some breeders aim to breed extra large Maine Coon cats, however, no breeder can guarantee their Maine Coon kittens will grow larger than the average Maine Coon sizes.

Here is a list of the large Maine Coon breeders:

In the United States:


In Europe:



Are you looking for Maine Coon Kittens for sale in Michigan, if so, we hope you found this guide helpful?

As explained, it is possible to find a Maine Coon feline for free, not through the use of Craiglist or Meta’s marketplace, but instead by going through reliable Facebook Groups or direct to a Maine Coon cat breeder.

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Maine Coon Kittens For Sale $450

The average price of the Maine Coon kitten is from $400 to $2000.

Silver Maine Coon Kittens Near Me

Silver Maine Coons are the rarest color variation of the Maine Coon cat. Ask registered breeders in your area if they are breeding silver Maine Coon kittens, or can recommend local breeder that are.

How Much is a Silver Maine Coon?

The average price of a silver Maine Coon kitten is US$1200 – US$2000.

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