Should Maine Coons Wear Collars?

Maine Coons are large muscular felines with a reputation for being great mousers, and climbers.

Having survived even the coldest winters of Maine, hunting prey and living wild for many years, it’s not surprising people ask should Maine Coons wear collars, to keep them safe?

There are no laws stating Maine Coon cats must wear collars. Some owners put collars on their cats for peace of mind, should they escape or get lost, others do not. Cat collars carry identification details, but are optional. Collars can restrict cats and do pose a danger if a cat becomes caught on something that it cannot break away from.

Keep reading to gain a better understanding of the pros and cons of cat collars, so that you can make an informed decision as to what’s best for your Maine Coon.

Should Maine Coons Wear Collars?

Maine Coons are of the oldest natural cat breeds in North America.

These large muscular cats are famous for being the largest domesticated cat breed in the world and are well-known for being family-friendly felines that adore human companionship.

As one of the more popular cat breeds in the United States, you probably aren’t too surprised to hear that the subject of Maine Coon cat collars is a very emotive one in the cat-lover world!

Whether or not any cat breed should wear a collar, or not, is a highly charged subject.

So, to make your life easier we have summarized the differing viewpoints to help you make an informed decision.

First and foremost though, we want to emphasize that there are no legal laws stating that owners must put a collar on their Maine Coon cat, or any cat breed. This is because cats have ‘freedom to roam’ (source 1).

The decision to collar a cat is optional and made by each individual owner.

Why Do Cats Wear Collars?

Below are the main reasons why owners put a collar on their cats:

  1. For identification purposes
  2. Easier to identify kitten amongst a litter
  3. Collared cats are easier to spot e.g. reflective cat collars
  4. Owners like to accessorize their felines
  5. Collars with bells protect the local bird population
  6. Strangers less likely to think lost cat is a stray

Pros And Cons Of Cat Collars

There are a variety of reasons why owners put a collar on their cats.

But, before you jump to the decision to put a collar on your Maine Coon cat, make sure you read the pros and cons of Maine Coon cat collars:


Have you ever wondered why some owners put a collar on their Maine Coon cat?

If so, take a look at the list below to find out why:

1. Identification Purposes

One of the main reasons why owners put collars on their Maine Coon cat is so that the cat’s owner can be quickly identified if the cat is lost.

Owners with indoor Maine Coon cats may feel more comfortable putting a collar on their cat’s neck to increase the chance that their cat is safely returned to them, should they escape.

2. Protecting The Birds

Whilst putting a collar on your Maine Coon cat might initially seem cruel, some owners are doing this to protect the local wildlife.

Maine Coons are notoriously good hunters, with the power and speed to devastate the local bird and wildlife community.

Cat collars with bells are advantageous for bird lovers since they pre-warn the bird community that the Maine Coon cat is nearby.

3. Accessorize

We all love our pets, and if truth be told many owners like accessorizing their Maine Coon cat to look cool!

To some owners, a cat collar is simply a fashion statement.

If this sounds like you, then take a look at these cool cat collars!

4. Easy To Spot

If your cat likes to hide in the garden bushes, it is advantageous if they are wearing a colorful cat collar so that the owner can find them!

These reflective Maine Coon cat collars are a must-buy for owners that let their cats outside.

5. Stranger Danger!

Cats wearing a collar are immediately identified as having a family that loves them, rather than a stray.

Unfortunately, if a cat does not wear a collar then a good-hearted stranger might incorrectly assume your Maine Coon cat is a stray.

6. Easily Identifiable

If your cat has just had a litter of matching kittens, it’s not hard to see why owners put different colored collars on their kittens – it helps them identify each kitten!


Whilst there are many benefits to cat collars, there are also downsides that need to be considered.

Below are the main reasons why the cat-lover community does not like cat collars:

1. Danger Of Getting Stuck

Cats love to explore, jump, hunt, and run around playing.

Cat collars pose a risk to a cat’s natural behavior since they can become caught on things e.g. a hedge whilst they are crawling through it.

Whilst your Maine Coon might be able to release itself eventually, your cat could quickly become distressed and potentially cause themselves harm as they try to release themselves.

2. Risk Cat Gets Caught On Collar

If your Maine Coon cat’s collar is not fitted correctly or becomes loose over time, your cat may get caught in the collar itself.

For example, your cat might catch their paw in the collar whilst grooming itself.

This would be highly distressing for your Maine Coon, and may result in the cat hurting itself in a bid to escape.

3. Cat Collars Can Hurt Cats Skin

Cats wearing a cat collar all the time, especially an incorrectly fitted one, are at risk of the collar rubbing against the Maine Coon cat’s delicate skin.

Continual rubbing may cause the skin on a Maine Coon cat’s neck to become sore and uncomfortable.

You might also notice that the collar rubs away some of your cat’s long fur.

Best Collars For Maine Coon Cats

With so many cat collars for sale, it’s hard to know which are the best collars for Maine Coon cats.

These are my 5 favorite Maine Coon cat collars online, right now!

As the largest domesticated cat breed in the world reaching up to 25 lbs in weight, it is vital that owners select wisely to ensure the cat collar is not harming their Maine Coon.

The best cat collars for Maine Coons include the following attributes:

  • Adjustable Neck Size
  • Large cat collar
  • Breakaway function
  • Quick release cat collar
  • Bell
  • Reflective

Each of the factors above plays an important role in keeping your Maine Coon kitten or cat safe.

Let’s take a closer look at why these cat collar criteria are beneficial:

Adjustable Neck Size

Maine Coon kittens do the majority of their growing up until 9-10 months of age.

Selecting a cat collar with an adjustable neck size is therefore advisable, as you can expand the collar size to match your Maine Coon kitten’s rate of growth.

Large Cat Collar

The majority of regular cat collars fit Maine Coon cats under 15 lbs in weight.

However, owners should pay particular attention to the maximum neck size of the cat collar they are purchasing if their Maine Coon weighs more than 15 lbs.

This is because larger cats have larger necks!

Don’t worry though, as there are plenty of extra-large cat collars available for sale online if needed.

Breakaway Function

Cats are curious creatures that love to explore the world, wherever they go.

Whilst this is a very endearing trait, it can also be an issue too as your Maine Coon cat might become caught on something i.e. in a hedge, on a drawer handle, etc.

To ensure you are keeping your Maine Coon safe, look for a cat breakaway collars.

The breakaway function enables your treasured feline to escape from whatever they are caught on, without causing themselves harm or serious injury.

Quick Release Cat Collar

Cat collars with quick-release functionalities are a great way to keep your Maine Coon safe whilst wearing a cat collar.


Buying a cat collar with a bell on is beneficial for the local wildlife in your garden, since Maine Coon cats are superb hunters, with the ability to devastate the local bird population.

Whilst the bell will not limit your Maine Coons ability to attack and kill its prey, the noise of the bell will give birds a few seconds of extra warning to escape.


Attaching a reflective cat collar to your Maine Coon is a great idea!

The reflective function is simple, yet very effective at helping a Maine Coon cat owner find their cat in the bushes!

Reflective collars also show up when car lights shine on them, helping drivers see a cat that is allowed to roam freely.

What Size Cat Collar Do I Need?

It’s all very well knowing that you need a larger cat collar, but what size Maine Coon collar do these gentle giants need?

In the table below we’ve summarised the cat collar size you need, dependent on your Maine Coon cat size and weight (source 1):

Collar Size
5.5 – 107 – 8.6
5.5 – 107 – 8.6
10 – 15.58.2 – 10.2
15.510.2 – 12.2
What size cat collar does my Maine Coon need?

Please keep in mind that all sizes listed above are approximate.

Maine Coon owners should pay special attention to how loose or tight their cat’s collar is.

Loose cat collars can catch on things, or your Maine Coon might get their paw or mouth stuck in the collar.

Tight collars by contrast can rub and hurt your Maine Coons sensitive skin.


Throughout this article, we have looked at the different sides of the argument relating to Maine Coon cat collars.

Should Maine Coons wear collars is a question that each owner needs to ask themselves when they bring a Maine Coon kitten into their lives.

Review the pros and cons of cat collars listed above before deciding what your viewpoint on the matter is.

Ultimately, there is no definitive right or wrong to this question.

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