Maine Coon Cat Birthday Presents

We all want to spoil our cats, but it can be hard to find Maine Coon cat birthday presents that fit their big size and even bigger personality!

So, what makes a good gift for a Maine Coon cat?

Motorized or interactive toys make great gifts for Maine Coons. Maine Coons are large cats, so they need stable, extra-large furniture and durable toys. Since Maine Coons are incredibly intelligent and playful, puzzle feeders and lick mats also make great gifts that provide a mental challenge and more enrichment.

If you are struggling to find a gift for your Maine Coon, then do not worry!

Read on to find the perfect gift for your cat in our long list of toys, furniture, and supplies.

Maine Coon Cat Birthday Presents

The Maine Coon is famous for being enormous, but they have become even more popular over the last few years thanks to their gentle personalities.

Maine Coons are patient and get along well with children and other pets, making them one of the most family-friendly cat breeds out there!

However, these cats are known for playing hard and being incredibly active.

As a result, they end up easily destroying cheap or poorly made toys and are not fully satisfied by boring toys or cat trees.

If you have a Maine Coon of your own, you might be wondering, what can I make my cat for their birthday?

These are the 13 bests gift ideas you can buy for your fur baby:

  1. Extra Large Pet Bed (Shop on Amazon)
  2. Running Water Fountain (View on Amazon)
  3. Moving Kick Toy (Buy on Amazon)
  4. Motorized Mouse Toy (Shop on Amazon)
  5. Large Luxury Cat Tree (Buy on Amazon)
  6. Extra Large Tent Bed (View on Amazon)
  7. Extra Tall Scratching Post (Amazon Link)
  8. Hanging Hammock (Shop On Amazon)
  9. Handy Lick Mat (Amazon Link)
  10. Raised Food Dish (View on Amazon)
  11. Puzzle Feeder (Amazon Link)
  12. Hanging Cat Toys (Shop on Amazon)
  13. Extra Large Wall Shelves (Buy on Amazon)

Keep reading to find out why we think the cat birthday presents are the best for your Maine Coon cat:

1. Extra Large Pet Bed

Buy On Amazon

This huge, orthopedic bed may be designed for dogs, but it is the perfect size for Maine Coons too!

This is an especially great choice if you have more than one cat in your house.

Now, your cats will not have to fight over space, and they can all snuggle together in one big, comfy bed.

This is still a good option even if you only have one Maine Coon, as this bed is large enough for even the biggest Maine Coon to stretch out to full size!

2. Running Water Fountain

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Most cats are known to prefer drinking running water, rather than still water.

This elevated fountain provides a comfortable way for your Maine Coon cat to drink fresh water.

If your Maine Coon likes to splash or play in the sink, you might want to keep a towel or two nearby!

Since Maine Coons are also famous for their love of swimming and playing in the water, this pet water fountain could also double as a toy!

3. Moving Kick Toy

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Many cats enjoy kicking at toys with their back legs, but the strong, active Maine Coon can easily destroy most kick toys.

This flopping lobster toy is not only durable but also interactive!

We love this cat toy because it responds to touch, so it will begin moving once your cat tries to play with it!

This mimics real prey, so it is sure to excite your Maine Coon’s natural hunting instincts.

4. Motorized Mouse Toy

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This robotic mouse toy can sense movement and will begin to run around when it senses your cat is near!

Maine Coons are extremely active cats that need lots of exercises.

Just having a few balls or mice toys on the floor will not provide enough enrichment for your Maine Coon to play independently.

This motorized mouse toy will satisfy your cat’s urge for stalking and running, even when you are not around.

5. Large Luxury Cat Tree

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One of the best luxury gifts for cats is this large, beautiful cat tree!

It comes in natural browns, grey or white and looks like a tree straight out of a fairy tale.

Not only will this cat tree keep your house in style, but its large size is perfect for a Maine Coon up to 23 lbs in weight.

This cat tree is 46 inches, so your Maine Coon can stretch to its full length while it scratches the sisal rope on the wooden poles.

6. Extra Large Tent Bed

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If your Maine Coon likes to snuggle under the blankets or hide beneath the couch, then this tent bed is the perfect cozy hideaway for your pet!.

This bed was designed for larger dogs, so your Maine Coon is sure to fit, no matter how big it is!

While most Maine Coons are incredibly social, they still need some time to themselves every so often.

If you have lots of children or other pets, providing a safe space for your cat to hide can help your cat feel more secure and loved.

This bed comes with a blanket that you can prop up into a tent shape, so your cat can have some privacy while it naps.

7. Extra Tall Scratching Post

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Many scratching posts are not tall enough for Maine Coons to stretch to their full size.

Some cat owners solve this problem with wall-mounted scratching posts, but this extra tall scratching post is even better!

This scratching post is 32 inches tall and made with high-quality sisal rope so your cat can stretch to its heart’s content.

We’ve tried and tested this large cat scratching post and found it to be exceptionally study, hardwearing, and a great hit with our three large Maine Coon cats!

8. Hanging Hammock

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If you are looking for cute cat birthday present ideas, then you should try out this hanging hammock!

It comes in several sizes, including large, and can be mounted at any height.

Maine Coons love to climb, and they especially love to watch their owners from high places.

With this hanging hammock, your Maine Coon can lounge from high above whenever it wants a break.

If you like, you can also combine this hanging hammock with some wall shelves, so your Maine Coon can climb or jump up to get into its favorite bed.

Please note, however, that this hanging hammock is only suitable for Maine Coons weighing up to 22 lbs.

Therefore, if your Maine Coon is larger than this weight limit, this Maine Coon gift will not be suitable for them.

9. Lick Mat

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Lick mats are a great gift idea for Maine Coons who love to eat!

Many Maine Coons can become bored and destructive if they are not given enough enrichment, and some Maine Coons try to eat their way out of boredom.

These lick mats are covered in all sorts of shapes and textures. This way, you can cover the mat in wet food, then freeze it.

Your Maine Coon will have a much harder time eating too quickly, and the lick mat will also provide an enriching challenge for them!

10. Raised Food Dish

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If you are running out of time to find your cat’s birthday present ideas, then consider getting this raised food dish.

It is taller than most dishes, and your Maine Coon will be able to eat in a more relaxed, comfortable position that does not put any strain on its neck or spine.

The wide, tilted bowl is also much better for your cat’s whiskers than deep food bowls with tall edges.

11. Puzzle Feeder

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If you are wondering what to do for a cat birthday, then try out this puzzle feeder!

Maine Coons are much more active and intelligent than the average cat, so they often become bored and frustrated with the usual toys.

If your Maine Coon tends to eat a lot, then this puzzle feeder will keep them interested while also providing some great mental stimulation.

This toy is made from cardboard, which many cats enjoy scratching or chewing.

Inside the box is a cleverly constructed maze, where you can hide toys and treats to keep your cat entertained for hours.

12. Hanging Cat Toys

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While all Maine Coons need at least thirty minutes of playtime with their owners each day, they also need toys that they can play with independently.

Some cats are perfectly fine playing with a few toy mice or balls, whereas Maine Coons need more of a challenge.

These hanging cat toys are made with elastic rope, and each mouse contains a ball of sand that rustles and makes the toy feel more realistic.

Even though this toy is not motorized, the elastic will make the mouse shiver and wiggle every time your cat touches it, mimicking real prey!

13. Extra Large Wall Shelves

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Maine Coons love to climb, run, and jump.

If your Maine Coon seems bored, but you do not have much space in your house, then consider purchasing these wall shelves!

Make use of the vertical space in your home by installing these bridges, shelves, and wall-mounted beds in whatever way you would like.

You can turn your walls into an obstacle course by spacing these shelves at odd distances and angles.

That way, your Maine Coon can be enriched by coming up with new ways to climb to its favorite spot!


Finding Maine Coon cat birthday presents can be tricky since most furniture and toys designed for cats are not durable or big enough.

To give your Maine Coon the perfect birthday gift, you should seek out large, stable cat furniture made from high-quality materials.

You can also give your Maine Coon durable, interactive toys to keep it entertained while you are away.

Finally, puzzle feeders, lick mats, and other challenges can tease your Maine Coon’s brain and provide extra enrichment.

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