5 Best Maine Coon Stuffed Toys

If you cannot afford a Maine Coon of your own, then a Maine Coon plush toy is the next best thing!

This cat breed is famous for being extra snuggly and cuddly, so a realistic plush Maine Coon might be just the thing for you or your kids to enjoy.

Brands like Douglas Oscar, DEMDACO, and Carl Dick all make large, soft plush toys inspired by the beautiful Maine Coon. Chongker also makes realistic Maine Coon toys that are weighted to feel just like a real cat. You can find Maine Coon plush toys in just about every color and pattern, just like real Maine Coons.

Do you wish you had a Maine Coon, but cannot afford to buy this luxury cat breed? You’re not alone!

Thankfully, the best toymakers have designed dozens of different Maine Coon plush toys, so you can now choose a cuddly toy cat in any color.

Read on to see five different amazing Maine Coon plush toys!

5 Maine Coon Stuffed Toys

The Maine Coon is a gorgeous cat breed with long, soft fur and a gentle personality.

These cats are known for being exceptionally cuddly and loving toward their owners.

Since they are so expensive, though, not everybody can afford a real Maine Coon kitten or cat.

This led us to compile a list of 5 adorable plush Maine Coons, so you can still snuggle with the cat of your dreams!

In my daughter’s experience, the following five awesome Maine Coon cat plush toys are the best!

1. Douglas Brown Tabby Plush Maine Coon

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Douglas Cuddle Toys is a well-established toy company that has been around for over 60 years.

I love this Maine Coon plush toy brand since they are known for making all sorts of stuffed animals that are true to life.

Now, Maine Coon owners can celebrate Oscar the Maine Coon, a soft plush toy made with high-quality, durable materials.

True to the Maine Coon’s elegant appearance, this toy has extra long faux fur around the cat’s shoulders and on the tips of its ears.

This toy is also life-sized, measuring a total of 20 inches, not including the tail!

The body is filled with soft polyester, but still floppy enough that it is wonderful to cuddle and easy to pose.

There are lots of little details, such as a pink, flocked nose and realistic glass eyes.

The soft faux fabric is also made with alternating brown colors, so it resembles a real cat!

From my perspective and experience, if you are looking for a brown Maine Coon stuffed animal, Douglas Plush Toys’ Maine Coon is the perfect option.

2. Carl Dick Gray Maine Coon Plush

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If you are looking for a grey Maine Coon stuffed animal, check out this adorable plush made by the Carl Dick Collection, an expert toy-making company based in Germany.

This company also makes a variety of other cat breeds, such as Ragdolls and Persians, so you can collect as many cats as you would like!

This toy is made from durable materials that are easy to hand wash, but it is also just as soft as a real Maine Coon.

In my view, this toy has a sweet expression and large, brown eyes. The fur is also realistically thick and soft.

Most of the cat’s body is gray, with a white underbelly, white patches on the face, and little white mittens on each paw.

The grey fur looks especially realistic because it is lighter at the roots, and also has dark stripes that make the cat look like a real tabby.

Just like a real Maine Coon, this toy has longer fur around the neck that almost makes it look like a lion!

3. DEMDACO Large Maine Coon Plush

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Why is this a great Maine Coon plush toy?

Well, we think the DEMDACO’s large Maine Coon cat plush toy is perfectly sized for owners of all ages!

This ginger cat is incredibly detailed and designed to look as realistic as possible.

The soft ginger and white fur is airbrushed with darker accents to add texture that makes it look like a tabby cat.

The tabby markings on the face are especially detailed and realistic.

The cat has a white muzzle made with shorter, soft fur that has been airbrushed to have a sweet expression.

This Maine Coon plush also has extra-large, realistic paws.

The paws are expertly sculpted to have individual toes just like a real cat. They are also just a little bit more fluffy than the rest of the body, which is accurate to real Maine Coon paws.

This toy has two bright green eyes made of glass, which add to the realism.

DEMDACO’s Maine Coon plush is soft yet firm, with posable limbs and a shape designed for hugging, cuddling, and squeezing!

4. DEMDACO Momma Maine Coon With Baby

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If you are looking for a Maine Coon cuddly toy, look no further than DEMDACO’s adorable pair of Maine Coons!

This set comes with one momma Maine Coon and an adorable baby!

We think this is an amazing plush Maine Coon cat toy because it is true to life, since the mother Maine Coon has longer fur, while the baby’s fur is still short.

The mother Maine Coon is tortoiseshell and white. Most of her fur is white with ginger patches, but she has three dark stripes on her head, as well.

She has green glass eyes surrounded by shorter fur to make her look more realistic.

The baby Maine Coon has the same facial markings as her momma, and even her green glass eyes match, too!

She is extra floppy, making her perfect for cuddling.

Even better still, both toys can be machine washed, which makes them much easier to clean than most stuffed animals!

5. Chongker Realistic Weighted Maine Coon Plush

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Chongker makes the ultimate realistic Maine Coon stuffed animal, a weighted plush that feels just like the real thing!

You can get a black cat, a white and black cat, or you can even get it customized to your liking!

This plush toy has extra-long fur that is even longer around the neck and ears. Unlike many other plush toys, this one also includes realistic whiskers.

Its muzzle is soft and sculpted to look just like a real Maine Coon. Another incredible detail is the realistic paw pads on each foot!

Perhaps the best part about Chongker’s Maine Coon plush is the fact that it is weighted.

While most of the toy is stuffed with soft cotton, it also includes stainless steel beads that make the toy have the same weight and feel as a real cat!

If you have recently lost a cat or are unable to buy or adopt one of your own, cuddling with Chongker’s realistic Maine Coon plush will make you feel like you are cuddling a real-life cat.


If you are not able to buy or adopt a Maine Coon of your own, you can still experience the joy of one with a Maine Coon plush toy!

There are lots of toy companies that design realistic, soft cats that look just like this beautiful cat breed.

You can even find plush toys that are weighted to feel like a real cat, and some toy companies will even let you customize your toy to look just like your dream cat!

Here are some other fantastic Maine Coon cat gifts, that your friend or family are bound to love!

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