Best Maine Coon Cat Flaps

Adding a cat flap to your home is a great way to provide freedom and independence to your cat, but finding Maine Coon cat flaps can be a difficult process.

Since these cats are so large, many owners struggle to find a cat flap that is suited to their Maine Coon.

The best Maine Coon cat flaps are large enough to accommodate this breed’s unusual size. They typically measure between 6 and 13 inches wide and between 6.5 and 17.5 inches tall, but the exact dimensions will depend on your cat’s size. It is best to install a microchip cat door, to prevent any unwanted visitors from entering.

Providing your cat safe access to the outside world can be a wonderfully enriching experience, and cat flaps are usually the best way to do that.

Read on to find out what cat flap is best for your Maine Coon cat.

Maine Coon Cat Flaps

The Maine Coon is one of the most famous cat breeds in the world, and they are widely renowned for being the largest domesticated cat breed in existence.

A Maine Coon can weigh between 8 and 25 pounds, and some record-breaking Maine Coons have even reached up to 35 pounds!

See our article Biggest Maine Coon Cats In The World to discover if you might also own a record-breaking cat!

While their large size makes them highly desirable among many cat owners, this can also pose some unique challenges.

Since most cats average between 7 – 10 pounds, most litter boxes, cat trees, scratching posts, and other cat supplies only come in one size. Unfortunately, this is also true for cat flaps.

If you want to provide your Maine Coon with access to the outside world, you will need an extra-large cat flap.

So, why would you want to install a cat flap in the first place?

Here are some reasons why cat flaps can be beneficial to both you and your Maine Coon:


Allowing your cat to roam freely outside comes with lots of dangers, such as:

  • Cars
  • Wild Animals
  • Injury
  • Diseases

For a full list of the threats, read this article.

However, if you have a secure garden that your Maine Coon is unable to escape from, allowing your cat to explore the outdoors is a great way to provide them with enrichment.

These intelligent cats can become bored and destructive without enough stimulation, so the many sights, sounds, and scents of the outdoors are a feast for your cat’s senses!


If you already allow your Maine Coon outdoors, or if you regularly find yourself opening and closing interior doors at your cat’s demands, then a cat flap might be one of the most convenient purchases you can ever make.

Even the mild-mannered Maine Coon can be demanding, especially when it comes to going outside or entering different rooms!

Cat flaps provide a safe, convenient way for your cat to navigate through your home or the outdoor world without requiring human intervention.


If you work from home, or simply enjoy having peace and quiet away from roommates or other family members, keeping the door closed is an important way to get some privacy.

Unfortunately, it can be a real pain to let your fickle feline in and out of the same room every few minutes.

Installing a cat flap or cat door allows you to still have the privacy of a closed door, while also giving your cat more freedom and independence.

If you are interested in getting a cat flap, though, you might be wondering, do Maine Coons fit through cat flaps?

Unfortunately, the enormous Maine Coon size means that regular cat flaps rarely work for this breed. This means that the best type of cat flap for a Maine Coon is larger than the average cat flap.

Of course, finding the right cat flap for your situation also depends on:

  • The size of your cat
  • Where do you wish to install it?

It is also important to consider whether or not you want the cat flap to respond to your cat’s microchip (we will cover this subject later on in the article) (source 1).

What Size Cat Flap For A Maine Coon

Maine Coons can vary greatly in size, which means that a Maine Coon cat door size varies from cat to cat.

In fact, the ideal size of a cat flap can range from 6 x 6.5 inches to 13 x 17.5 inches!

If you are wondering, what size should a cat door be you might be surprised to learn that it will take some research on your part.

As a general rule, your cat flap should be two inches wider than your cat’s maximum width, and two inches taller than its height.

However, the most precise way to determine the ideal cat flap size is to test it out!

Take a piece of cardboard and cut a small square in it, starting at about 6 x 6 inches. If the square looks small at first, don’t worry!

Cats are famous for their flexibility, and you might be surprised by how easily your Maine Coon can fit through a small space.

Encourage your Maine Coon to enter the hole by placing your cat on one side of the cardboard, and a treat on the other.

This step usually works best in a hallway or doorway, so your cat cannot escape via the side!

If your cat is unable to walk through the hole, gradually cut larger and larger pieces of cardboard until the Maine Coon is able to walk through.

Then, when it looks like your cat can easily and comfortably walk through, measure the square.

If you are lucky, you might be able to find a catflap of this size, although some Maine Coon owners have to purchase dog doors, instead.

Cat Flap Vs Cat Door

Cat flaps and cat doors are often used interchangeably, but these phrases can also indicate two very different things.

Specifically, cat flaps always contain a flap that closes behind your cat whenever it enters or exits through it.

More specialized cat flaps can be locked on either side or might only respond to your cat’s microchip.

Cat doors, on the other hand, can sometimes refer to simple holes cut through interior walls and doors. These doors do not require cat flaps, because they are simply for your cat to get around inside the house.

This is a convenient way to allow your cat to enter and exit any room at will, without needing to constantly open and close doors.

How To Choose A Cat Door

Purchasing a cat flap can be a lot harder than you would originally think, and if you own a Maine Coon, that only makes it all the more complicated.

Therefore, if you are feeling overwhelmed, here is a handy cat door buying guide so you can find the perfect fitting cat door for you and your cat.

1. Size

If you look at a cat door size chart but cannot find your cat’s dimensions, you are probably wondering, can a Maine Coon fit through a cat flap?

After measuring your Maine Coon and testing how large the door should be, research cat flaps that meet your cat’s measurements.

If you cannot find any cat flaps that are large enough, you will likely have to purchase a dog flap, instead.

2. Door Location

The location of your cat’s door will determine the thickness of the cat door.

If you want to place the cat door in a thick wall, you will need a much thicker cat door, and you might even need to purchase a tunnel extender to make it long enough.

3. Type Of Door

Finally, you will need to determine the kind of door you want.

If you are looking for an interior cat door, you may not need a flap at all.

For exterior cat doors, however, you might want a cat flap that responds to either your cat’s microchip or a magnet on your cat’s collar.

Next, you need to determine if you want a cat flap that can be locked or not.

Thankfully, there are tons of options online, so you are guaranteed to find something that will work for you.

Best Microchip Cat Flap For Large Cat

If you would like to get a cat flap for your Maine Coon, you have probably heard a lot about microchip cat flaps. These cat flaps will only open if your cat’s microchip triggers them to.

Here are some reasons why most owners find microchip cat flaps to be best for their cats:

Eliminates Unwelcome Guests

Regular cat flaps, unfortunately, open your home to any neighboring or stray cat.

The most popular reason for microchip cat flaps, therefore, is that they prevent any unwanted visitors from entering your house.

In extreme cases, skunks, raccoons, and other wild animals can figure out how to use cat flaps, as well!

Microchip cat flaps will only allow the microchipped pets you registered to go in and out as they, please.

You Can Register As Many Pets As You Like

If you have multiple pets, you have no need to worry.

This is because most microchip cat flaps allow you to register up to thirty different microchips, so your entire animal menagerie can use the door.

Customize Your Cat’s Access

Microchip cat flaps are a lot more sophisticated than regular cat flaps:

  • You can customize when these flaps lock and unlock
  • You can even change the setting based on different microchips

For example, if you want to allow one of your cats outside, but not the other, you can easily modify the cat flap to selectively allow only one cat to pass through.

This is also perfect for establishing a routine, so your cat cannot leave during the night or during other unexpected times.

If you are searching for a cat flap for a large cat, one of the most popular options is this one sold via Amazon.

This door can be installed in a variety of materials, and you can also separately purchase additional accessories for specialized materials such as brick.

Click the link above to read the amble positive reviews.

Another great option is this cat door (link to Amazon) which includes three different locking options:

  • Locked
  • Unlocked
  • Automatic

How To Fit A Cat Flap

After you have determined the size, location, and type of cat flap you are using, you will need to actually fit and install it.

Here are the steps you should take to fit your cat flap:

Purchase The Flap

The kind of door you purchase will depend on the material you will be installing it into.

Make sure you buy a cat flap that can be installed into whatever material are working with.

Determine location

Choose the spot you want to install your cat door.

Most cat flaps are about 4 to 6 inches from the ground, although you may need to move it an inch or so higher for your extra-large Maine Coon.

Then, you can use the template provided by your cat flap to mark out where to drill and cut.

Making Space

Most cat flaps require you to drill in each corner, then cut through the material with a saw.

Of course, you should always double-check your measurements before making any cuts, since there is no way to undo them.

Final Installation

Install the cat flap according to the instructions, making sure it is completely secure to avoid damage or even injury.

Now, all you have to do is let your cat get used to the door and begin using it.


It can be difficult at first to find Maine Coon cat flaps that fit your cat’s extra-large size, but there are plenty of options out there.

Most owners opt for a microchip cat flap, to prevent any unwanted guests, but even a simple magnetic cat flap can do the trick in a pinch.

Overall, providing your Maine Coon with a cat flap is a great way to give your cat more independence and enrichment.

Large Cat Flap With Tunnel

If you are installing a cat flap through a wall or thick door, you might need to purchase a cat flap tunnel extender. This will make the flap long enough to reach through any space!

DIY Cat Door

If you prefer keeping your doors closed, but do not like letting your cat in and out of your rooms all day, you can cut a simple hole in your door that is large enough for your cat to fit through.

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