Are Maine Coons Popular?

If you have heard of the enormous breed that has captured the hearts of cat owners around the world, you might wonder, are Maine Coons popular?

In 2022, the Maine Coon was the second most popular cat breed in the world. Maine Coons have become increasingly popular in the last few decades as social media allows owners to share the loving personality of their cats with people around the world. Maine Coons are also famous for being the largest domesticated cat breed in the world.

The Maine Coon has been steadily climbing in popularity, and in 2022, it finally made its way up to second place out of all the popular cat breeds in the world.

However, this breed has not always been so popular.

Read on to find out why the Maine Coon has become one of the most beloved cat breeds in the world!

Are Maine Coons Popular?

The Maine Coon is a large cat breed with a thick triple coat of luxurious fur and a noble, serious expression.

Today, they are popular for being the biggest domesticated cat breed in the world, as well as for their loving and gentle personality.

There are at least 600,000 Maine Coons in the world, but there could be over a million!

So, how popular are Maine Coon cats?

According to the Cat Fanciers’ Association, they are the 2nd most popular breed in the world!

Even though they are skyrocketing in popularity today, though, this was not always the case.

The ancient Maine Coon relatives lived in the American state of Maine, a cold and snowy place near the coast.

While we do not know the precise origins of this breed, it is suspected that some other cat breed was brought by ship, where they mingled with local Maine cats. Read more about it, here.

Over time, these cats developed a few unique traits to survive in the harsh climate.

Their paws became wide, sometimes with extra toes, so they could walk more easily on the snow.

They developed a dense triple coat of fur, with a semi-water-repellent outer layer to keep from getting soaked.

Then, farmers and sailors began to notice just how adept these cats were as hunters.

The Maine Coon origin purpose was to catch mice, rats, and other vermin that posed a threat to farmers and sailors.

Their extra-wide paws made it easier for them to catch and grasp prey.

Before long, people in Maine were going crazy for this large, easy-to-train cat!

This is how to train a Maine Coon cat.

However, things changed during World Wars I and II.

As resources and effort were directed to the war, cat fanciers were not able to devote as much time or money towards breeding cats.

A lot of cat breeds dipped in population or went extinct entirely.

While the Maine Coon did suffer due to these World Wars, the later introduction of the Persian cat breed nearly sealed their fate for good.

Persian cats were so fashionable and so popular that they nearly drove the Maine Coon to extinction.

It was not until the 1960s that cat fanciers’ efforts towards preserving the breed finally came to fruition.

The Maine Coon was named the official state cat of Maine, and the breed was finally brought back into the limelight.

Today, however, cats are more commonly kept as household companions than ratters, so what are Maine Coons known for now?

In modern times, the Maine Coon’s popularity has only grown because people have been able to share this breed’s wonderful traits (like these) over social media.

Now, people all over the world can hear about how gentle, loyal, friendly, and easy to train the Maine Coon is.

They are also popular for their enormous size, which is much larger than the average cat. Here’s a great comparison of the Maine Coon Vs Normal Cat.

The Maine Coon price is an obvious testament to this breed’s popularity.

Maine Coon kittens start around $1,000 but can cost $5,000 or more if they are of show cat lineage or have rare colors or patterns.

Despite this price, cat fanciers are not deterred from getting a Maine Coon of their very own, and the price of these cats is increasing as demand increases, as well (source 1).

Why Are Maine Coons So Popular?

If you are thinking about adopting a cat, but you cannot yet decide which kind of cat you would like, then you might be wondering, what is so special about Maine Coon cats?

There is no one reason for Maine Coon popularity, so here is a list of potential reasons why Maine Coons are as popular as they are:

1. Size

Perhaps one of the most obvious reasons for the Maine Coon’s popularity is its enormous size.

Maine Coons are the largest domesticated cat breed in the world.

While most cats weigh less than 10 pounds, the average Maine Coon weighs between 8 – 25 pounds!

This, combined with the fluffy mane around their necks and their serious expressions, makes most Maine Coons look like a miniature wildcats!

Despite their appearance, though, Maine Coons are incredibly loving and devoted family members.

Some owners worry that the Maine Coon’s size might pose a risk to their other family members.

While the Maine Coon’s high prey drive means they are unlikely to get along well with small pets like birds or rodents, they are very gentle towards humans and animals like dogs and cats.

2. Intelligence

Another reason why Maine Coons are so popular today is their intelligence.

But are Maine Coons the smartest cats? Find out here.

Maine Coons are often described as having a doglike personality because they can be trained to do all sorts of tricks, and you can even teach them to walk on a leash and harness.

A lot of Maine Coons also teach themselves to play fetch! If you fancy training your Maine Coon to play fetch, read this guide.

There are many intelligent cat breeds out there, like the Siamese or the Abyssinian.

However, many intelligent cats are prone to mischief, and their stubborn nature makes them difficult to train.

Maine Coons, though, are eager to please and so easygoing that they are one of the most trainable cat breeds out there.

If you are worried about getting a cat because you do not want your plants destroyed or your furniture clawed, consider getting a Maine Coon!

If you start training them from a young age, you can teach a Maine Coon to follow just about any rule.

3. Family Friendly

Perhaps one of the most convincing reasons to get a Maine Coon is their loving personality.

Maine Coons are devoted family members that often form a close bond with one person, but their hearts are so big that they fit in well with large families, too.

These sociable cats are also wonderful with children.

The Maine Coon cat is very gentle and patient, so they are tolerant of:

  • Being Picked Up
  • Cuddled
  • Treated Like A Baby

Maine Coon cats do not mind setting boundaries with young kids, by gently patting them with their paws (claws sheathed).

If they are particularly annoyed they may hiss or grow when they are being treated disrespectfully. Thankfully though, Maine Coons are very slow to anger or bite.

Furthermore, Maine Coons are famous for getting along well with other pets, too!

While they do not make great companions for prey animals like parrots, guinea pigs, or other small animals, they often form close bonds with cats and even dogs.

The Maine Coon is a mellow animal that desires companionship and love, so they will try to make friends with just about anyone!

4. Love of Water

A unique part of the Maine Coon personality is this breed’s bizarre love of water.

While this can be a hassle to some owners, most find it quite charming.

A lot of Maine Coons like to play in their water bowl, and some even learn to turn on the faucet so they can play in the sink!

Some Maine Coons even learn to swim or try to take baths with their owners.

The Maine Coon’s love of water opens up a whole new world of possibilities when it comes to playtime.

These intelligent cats can be difficult to keep up with if you do not provide enough playtime and enrichment.

However, you can provide your Maine Coon with hours of fun with a mini pool outside or even a robot fish toy submerged in a container of water.

5. Unique Voice

Since Maine Coons look so big and serious, a lot of people expect them to sound closer to a lion than a housecat.

However, the Maine Coon’s voice is so gentle that they sound more like birds than cats!

Maine Coons rarely meow, and instead communicate with little warbles and chirps.

Maine Coons are rarely demanding or noisy, but they do not mind asking for food or attention with quiet trills.

Some Maine Coons even like to have conversations with their owners, “chatting” with their humans whenever they talk.

What Color Maine Coon Is Most Popular?

There are over 75 different Maine Coon colors and coat patterns, so you can find a Maine Coon in virtually any color you would like!

The most popular Maine Coon color is likely the gold or silver smoke.

These are the two rarest colorations found in Maine Coons, but they are also highly sought after.

Black and blue smokes are also quite popular and are cheaper and easier to find than gold or silver smokes.

So, what is the most common Maine Coon color?

The color found most often in Maine Coons is black.

The traditional Maine Coon appearance is a black tabby, which has black stripes and a gray or brown color on the rest of its fur.

Popular Names For Maine Coon Cats

When you finally bring home the Maine Coon kitten of your dreams, you might freeze up when you realize you have to come up with a name that is just as special for your kitten!

If you are feeling stuck, here are some popular Maine Coon names to get you started.

  • Luna
  • Lily
  • Zelda
  • Zeus
  • Felix
  • Jupiter
  • Aurora
  • Hercules
  • Everest
  • Apollo

Famous Maine Coon Cats

If you want a famous Maine Coon, Instagram, TikTok, and other social media sites are the fastest way to launch your cat into stardom!

While some Maine Coons are famous for their record-breaking size, others have become popular for their unique appearance or loving personality.

Here are the most famous Maine Coon cats known today:


Stewie still holds the record for longest domesticated cat ever recorded.

At his peak, he measured a total of 4 feet and 0.5 inches long, a record that no Maine Coon has beaten since.

For a time, he also held the record for the longest cat tail, but this has since been surpassed.

While Stewie became a star on the Internet for his huge size, he became famous in his home town for his loving personality.

Stewie was so gentle and loving that he became an official therapy cat, and he regularly visited a senior center in his hometown of Reno, Nevada.

Before long, he became a favorite amongst all the residents.

Sadly, in 2013, he lost a long battle with cancer and passed away.

He is still remembered fondly in his community, though, and his record has yet to be broken.


Barivel was born in 2016, three years after Stewie passed.

When his owners first brought him home, though, they had no idea just how famous he would become.

Today, Barivel is known for being the longest domesticated cat alive!

At 47.2 inches long, he does not quite surpass Stewie’s incredible record, but he is still quite popular. He has over 6,338 followers on Instagram! (Fact checked May 2023).

Even though he has a serious-looking face, he is actually incredibly loving and cuddly, and as you will see in photos of him across the Internet, he has no problem being held by any of his family members.

If you want to learn more about Barivel, you can follow him on his Instagram account, where his owners post all sorts of adorable pictures and videos!


Perhaps one of the most popular Maine Coon cats is Richie, an incredible cat who made headlines for his bizarre appearance.

Often called a yeti cat today, Richie’s owners originally thought he was a black smoke Maine Coon.

As rare and beautiful as this coloration is, Richie’s fur transformed over time into something even more stunning.

As he grew, most of Richie’s fur grew paler, while the fur on his face and paws grew darker.

Now, he has shorter black fur on his paws and face, with a shaggy whitish-silver coat all over the rest of his body.

He almost looks like a cartoon character, and at first, a lot of people assumed he was photoshopped!

However, you can see for yourself on his social media accounts that Riche’s rare coloration is quite real!

Richie the Maine Coon cat. All images approved for use by owner. Sourced from Richie's Instagram account: richie_the_mainecoon_.jpg
Richie the Maine Coon cat. Source: Richie’s Instagram account: richie_the_mainecoon_.jpg

Learn more about Richie the Maine Coon cat, in this article.


If you are looking for a famous Maine Coon Instagram account, check out the amazing Kefir’s account here!

In 2020, Yulia Minina and her two daughters decided to get a kitten to ease the difficulty of the pandemic.

They chose a white kitten from a Maine Coon breeder and fell in love immediately.

As he grew, Yulia decided to post a couple of pictures of him on Instagram where, much to her surprise, he went viral!

Now, her Instagram account has over 69,000 followers! (Fact checked May 2023).

While Kefir was tiny when they first got him, he weighed an incredibly 26.5 pounds before he was even two years old!

Most male Maine Coons average between 15 – 25 pounds once they reach their full size between three and five years, so we can probably expect Kefir to grow even more!

Yulia is proud to tell everyone she can about her cat, who she says behaves much like a human.

He even has his chair at the table, where he likes to sit while the rest of his family eats meals!

Learn more about Kefir, in this article.


Cygnus was a handsome silver Maine Coon who lived in Michigan with his loving owners, Lauren and Will Powers.

Lauren and Will brought home Cygnus and another cat, Arcturus, in the same year.

Arcturus was a Savannah cat, and the two became so close that they were like brothers.

Lauren and Will Powers were shocked to find out that not only did Cygnus break the record for longest cat tail, but Arcturus also broke the record for tallest cat!

Cygnus’ tail measured a total length of 17.58 inches, and Arcturus stood 19.05 inches tall.

These two enormous brothers were incredibly devoted to their owners, but they were even more devoted to each other.

Tragically, in 2017, the Powers’ family home caught on fire. They tried to go back inside to find their beloved pets but had to leave for their own safety.

They left many doors open hoping their cats could escape.

After the fire died down, however, they discovered that the two brothers died together from smoke inhalation (source 1,2,3).


If you are wondering are Maine Coons popular, the answer is undoubtedly yes!

Maine Coons are the second most popular cat breed in the world, and they only seem to be getting more popular as knowledge of this breed circulates on social media.

Not only are Maine Coons enormous, but they are also loving, intelligent, and patient creatures that make wonderful companions for just about any cat lover!

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