73 Popular Maine Coon Cat Names

When it comes to Maine Coon cat names, the world is your oyster! There is literally no right or wrong name, as naming a cat is completely down to personal choice. So make sure you take a look at these amazing Maine Coon cat names.

If you have just Googled ‘popular Maine Coon Cat Names’ you are likely feeling overwhelmed by the number of Maine Coon kitten names listed. Don’t be put off though, instead make sure you use our user-friendly guide to select the perfect Maine Coon name for your feline friend.

There are ample Maine Coon cat names to pick from when scrolling through the internet. Make sure you select the most appropriate Maine Coon name by using this super simple guide.

If you can’t wait to discover the perfect Maine Coon cat name, click here to jump straight over to our Maine Coon name lists.

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  4. Best Male Maine Coon names
  5. Best Female Coon names
  6. Russian Maine Coon names

For those keen to learn the best way of choosing a cat name, keep reading.

Cute Maine Coon Kitten Names
Cute Maine Coon Kitten Names

Maine Coon Cat Names

With so many Maine Coon cat names to pick from, it’s easy for owners to feel bamboozled and panicked, as they welcome their unnamed Maine Coon kitten into their home for the first time. This is completely understandable because naming a Maine Coon cat is a big thing!

In fact, I would go as far as saying that selecting a Maine Coon kitten’s name is as challenging as naming your own children!

For starters, you wouldn’t just select ANY name for your baby, now, would you? So why would you for your cat?!

The important thing to remember when naming a Maine Coon kitten is to take into consideration their personality and characteristics.

When it comes to the Maine Coon cat breed, things are slightly easier since Maine Coons tend to have very similar personality and character traits e.g. gentle, affectionate, playful.

For a full guide to the Maine Coon personality and character, which will help you get a better understanding of what the Maine Coon cat breed is like, take a look at this article I wrote on the Maine Coon personality.

Male Maine Coon Cat Names
Maine Coon Cat Names

How To Name A Cat

Naming a Maine Coon cat is a serious decision. Whether you’ve ever considered it before, or not, there’s definitely a process to follow, when it comes to naming a cat.

So if you take nothing else away from this article, make sure you follow these initial tips:

a. Whose Involved

The first step in naming a Maine Coon cat is deciding who should be involved in the process.

Whilst everyone you ask might have an opinion on what you should call your precious Maine Coon kitten, it doesn’t mean that their views should carry a great deal of weight!

If you are welcoming a Maine Coon cat into your family though, it’s only fair that the entire family gets to help with naming the cat.

Whilst you might not want to let a child choose a cat name, it is vital that they feel included within the process since this will help build a bond between them, and the Maine Coon cat they will be living with.

This is a great book about naming cats that you could give them, from Amazon, which helps introduce your young children to the idea of naming a cat. You never know, your young children might find the perfect name for you!

b. Decide What Sort Of Name You Want

The next step in your journey is to agree with the decision-makers on what sort of Maine Coon cat name you are looking for.

This is an important stage of the process that should not be ignored since it will substantially reduce the number of names for your family to pick from.

Ask yourself if you want your Maine Coon cats names to be:

  • Funny
  • Unusual
  • Regal
  • Gentle
  • Boyish
  • Girlish
  • Cute
  • Mystical
  • Meaningful
  • Short or long

As you can see, there are a lot of factors to consider when naming a cat!

c. Make A List

Now you’ve got an idea of what you are looking for, take a look at my extensive list of popular Maine Coon cat names below.

Write down any name that catches your eye.

By the end, you will likely have a shortlist of awesome cat names for your new bundle of fluff, who will no doubt be laying right next to you.

The other decision-makers will need to make a separate list too.

d. Discuss The Shortlist

Now comes the difficult part, where you’ve picked some great names but need to run those names past the decision-makers.

Be prepared for those involved to disagree with the Maine Coon names you’ve picked. It’s not easy to discard a name you love, but you will likely have to.

Once your list has been reviewed, now you should review the other decision-makers’ name lists. Follow the same process, and only keep the names, you ALL love.

At the end of this session (it might take a few days mind!), you should have a consolidated list of possible Maine Coon cat names to pick.

e. Do The ‘Shout Out’ Test

This is the stage in the naming process that everyone forgets to do. Do they forget it when naming their new baby? Nope! … So why do people always forget to do the ‘Shout Out’ test for their new pets?!

If you are wondering what the ‘Shout Out’ test actually is, well it’s very simple. Are you prepared to go out into your garden, and shout the cat names stated on your list? If you are too embarrassed to shout the cat’s name, then remove this from the list immediately!

I love this stage of the process because it is so simple, and helps new owners quickly decide if the names they have chosen are appropriate, or not.

f. Will The Cat Name Last?

In the final stage of the process, you should review your shortlist of Maine Coon cat names.

Then, think seriously about whether the name will actually last all the way from kittenhood, into adulthood.

Whilst some names sound adorable and cute for a kitten, they don’t tend to make sense for an adult cat.

This is another stage of the process that everyone forgets to do, and helps explain why some adult cats have very kitten-like names, which just don’t seem to suit their large build and regal looks!

Popular Maine Coon Cat Names
Popular Maine Coon Cat Names

Maine Coon Cat Names By Type

One of the best ways to select a name for your Maine Coon cat is to consider what sort of name you are looking for.

Do you want the cat’s name to have a:

  • Significant meaning
  • Religious link
  • Mythical name
  • Unusual name
  • Powerful name

This is a useful stage in the cat naming process, as it helps you determine the type of name you are ultimately looking for.

Breaking the cat naming process into sections will significantly reduce the time you spend on selecting the ideal name for your little ball of fluff! Therefore, why not take a look at the headings below to discover your ideal cat name.

Famous Maine Coon Cat Names

So you want to name your Maine Coon cat after an already famous cat. Well, here are the top 10 Maine Coon cat famous cat names in 2020, to get you started.

These are some really amazing Maine Coon cats:

Maine Coon NameClaim to Fame
ApolloAn Instagram Cat
ArtemisAn Instagram Cat
BarivelRecord for longest cat still living, 2018
Creme PuffThe oldest cat on record (source)
DidgaAustralian moggy performed multiple tricks
in one minute – (source)
LudoGuinness World Records for longest cat, 2017
MerlinKitty with the loudest purr on record! (source)
Mrs. NorrisA Maine Coon starred in Harry Potter!
PippinMaine Coon Central’s much loved own
Maine Coon cat!
StewieIn the Guinness Book of Records for being
the longest cat!
Table showing famous Maine Coon cat names
Famous Maine Coon Cat Names
Famous Maine Coon Cat Names

Best Cute Maine Coon Names

It’s hard to resist some of the cute Maine Coon cat names when naming your treasured Maine Coon kitten.

Let’s face it, some cute cat names are just too cute and irresistible!! So keep reading to discover some of the best names for male Maine Coon cats, plus adorable must-have Maine Coon cat names for girl’s.

Here are the top 10 Maine Coon cat cute names in 2020:

Cute Maine Coon Names
Cute Maine Coon Cat Names
Cute Maine Coon Names
Cute Maine Coon Names

Astronomical Names For Maine Coon Cats

Considering the Maine Coon cat breed has such a mysterious heritage, it’s not the least bit surprising that many people wish to honor these regal cats’ lineage, by naming their kitten with an astronomical cat name.

In the following table I list the 12 most popular astronomical names for Maine Coon cats, in 2020:

Astronomical Cat NameMeaning
AltairOf Arabic origin, meaning ‘flying eagle’
AriesA Latin name, meaning ‘the ram’
AtlasA name of Greek origin, meaning ‘support’. A Greek
mythological character thought to hold up the world!
CometMeans ‘a celestial being that shines brightly’
LunaA stunning Latin name, meaning ‘the moon’.
Ideal name for female Maine Coon cat
LyraA girls name, meaning ‘brave’ in Nordic, and ‘lyre’
in Greek. Lyra is a constellation name.
OrbitA name most suited to self-assurance, stability,
and independence
OpheliaThis name stands for ‘helper’, and is of Greek origin,
but is more commonly known as the female love interest
in Shakespeare’s play ‘Hamlet’
PhoebeIn Greek mythology, Phoebe was goddess of the moon.
The name means ‘radiant, bright and prophetic’ (source)
PhoenixThis name derives from Ancient Greek folklore.
A magical bird associated with the worship of
the sun. In mythology, the Phoenix sets fire to itself,
then rises again from its ashes
SarosNamed after the ‘Saros Cycle’ which is the period
between eclipses. This roughly occurs every 18 years
StardustLovely name, meaning ‘stars’
Astronomical Names For Maine Coon Cats
Astronomical Maine Coon Cat Names
Astronomical Maine Coon Cat Names

Best Male Maine Coon Names

So you’ve set your sights on owning a male Maine Coon kitten, but have no idea what to call your precious ball of fluff.

If this sounds like a familiar story, skip some of the naming a cat stress by scrolling through our table below.

Here are the 20 best male Maine Coon names in 2020, so you are bound to discover a name that you love:

Male Maine Coon NameMeaning
AslanMeans ‘lion’, which is apt considering Maine
Coon cats mane of fur around their neck
BageeraThis name comes from a famous book called
‘The Jungle Book’, written by Rudyard Kipling.
It means tigerlike and of Indian origin
BiscuitOften relates to the color of the Maine Coon
BlazeA name of English origin, meaning ‘flame’
ChesterComes from the words ‘camp’ and ‘fortress’
FelixA Latin name, meaning ‘happy’ and ‘lucky’
GarfieldAn old English surname, meaning ‘field of spears’
GibsonComes from the English surname ‘Gibson’
GoliathThis biblical name relates to passage and revolution
HunterThe name is of English origin and describes
‘one who hunts’
KhanA Muslim name, meaning ‘ruler’ and ‘nobleman’
MerlinA Welsh name, meaning ‘sea fortress’
OmarAn Arabic name, meaning ‘long-lived’ and
RoccoAn Italian name, of Germanic origins, meaning ‘rest’
RomeoThis romantic name comes from Italy, and
means ‘Pilgrim to Rome, Roman’
SkipperMeaning ‘high-spirited’ and ‘to jump or spring’
SamsonA Hebrew name meaning ‘of the sun’
TazMeaning ‘king’
WolfgangName is popular in Germany, Switzerland, and
Austria. The name means ‘wolf’, ‘travel’ and ‘journey’
ZeusMeaning the Greek God, and supreme God
of the Olympians
Table showing Maine Coon cat names for boys
Best Male Maine Coon Cat Names
Best Male Maine Coon Cat Names

Best Female Maine Coon Names

If you are the proud owner of a stunning female Maine Coon kitten, make sure you scroll through the list below right away.

This list includes the best female Maine Coon names in existence, and it will be hard for you to now love EVERY SINGLE ONE of them! If you don’t believe me, take a look straight away!

So here are the 21 best female Maine Coon names of 2020: 

Best Female Maine Coon NamesMeaning
AuroraThe name comes from the Roman goddess of dawn,
meaning ‘dawn’. This name also stars in a Disney
adaptation of Sleeping Beauty
BeatriceThis name derives from the French name ‘Beatrice’
and has the meaning ‘she who makes happy’
BernadetteA French name, meaning ‘brave bear’
BubblesA name that signifies being ‘happy’ and ‘bubbly’
CarlitaThis name means ‘free man’
CleopatraRelates to an Egyptian queen, immortalized by
Shakespeare. Meaning ‘glory of the father’
DaenerysA name made famous from the TV series ‘Games
of Thrones’, meaning ‘lady of light’ and ‘lady of hope’
EmmaMeaning ‘whole’ or ‘universal’
GoldieLiterally meaning ‘made of gold’
GraceA Latin name, meaning ‘charm’ and ‘grace of God’
GypsyA bohemian traveler
IrisThe meaning of this name is ‘rainbow’ and the
name is often considered to mean ‘colorful rainbow’
JasmineA Persian name, meaning ‘God’s gift’
LilyThis beautiful name comes from the Lily flower,
meaning ‘rebirth’, ‘passion’, and ‘pure’
MaddieA name of Greek origin, which means
‘woman of Magdala’
MeekoMeaning ‘beauty’, ‘grace’ and ‘majesty’
NovaA Latin name, meaning ‘new’
PandoraA girls name of Greek origin, meaning ‘all gifted’
SapphireThis is the jewel and birthstone for September
TabithaThis biblical name means ‘gazelle’
TheodoraMeaning the ‘gift of God’
Popular Female Maine Coon Cat Names
Best Female Maine Coon Cat Names
Best Female Maine Coon Cat Names

Russian Maine Coon Cat Names

Here are 10 popular Russian Maine Coon cat names, and their associated meanings (source):

Maine Coon Cat NameMeaning
Dasha‘Possesses well’, ‘Kingly’
Maxim‘The greatest’
Mikhail‘Like God’
Oksana‘Praise to God’
Valentin‘Strength’ and ‘Health’
Vlad‘To rule’
Yaroslav‘Glory of the sun’
Table to show Russian Maine Coon Cat Names
Russian Maine Coon Cat Names
Popular Russian Maine Coon Cat Names

Amazing Maine Coon Cats

Whilst all Maine Coon cats are amazing, there are some special felines of this breed that rose to fame and are now recognized as famous Maine Coons across the world.

One such Maine Coon is called Stewie, a red Maine Coon that reached a staggering 48.6 inches in length!

When we look at a Maine Coon cat’s length, it is widely accepted that cats of this breed are among the longest cats in the world. However, the reason Stewie is so impressive is that an average Maine Coon usually only grows between 19 -40 inches in length.


You’ve done it! … You’ve reached the end of this article and have likely now decided upon the best Maine Coon cat name ever!

With so many names to choose from and not just any names, the most popular Maine Coon cat names, choosing your Maine Coon kitten’s name must have been easy!

Now the next step in the process is making sure that you purchase the Best Maine Coon Cat Toys for your new Maine Coon kitten. Make sure you read this article, as it will save you a lot of time and money.

If you hadn’t already guessed, you will be spending a great deal of time grooming your Maine Coon cat. Therefore, make sure you are kitted out with the best Maine Coon brushes by reading my fact-filled article. 

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