15 Maine Coon Traits And Characteristics

Most people imagine this cat breed is famous for its size, yet the Maine Coon personality is more distinctive than its enormous build. Read our top Maine Coon traits and characteristics!

If you are looking for a cat that is affectionate, playful, and fiercely loyal, then the Maine Coon is everything you are looking for, and more!

The Maine Coon is loyal, loving, and gentle as can be. While they can be quick as lightning while they are playing, they are patient and careful with children and other pets. These gentle giants may be playful and energetic, but they are also quietly devoted to their family members, often following their loved ones around the house.

Are you looking for an affectionate cat that is not clingy? Energetic, but not over the top?

Maine Coons are one of the most well-rounded cat breeds out there, and there is something to love about them for everyone.

Read on to discover whether this wonderful breed is a good fit for your home!

15 Maine Coon Traits And Characteristics

Over the past few decades, the Maine Coon cat has skyrocketed in popularity.

While the enormous Maine Coon size is one reason behind this, the personality of the Maine Coon stands out even more. 

They are incredibly gentle, patient, and affectionate creatures that will provide hours of entertainment with their silly antics.

Although the Maine Coon price is nothing to sneeze at, these gentle giants are worth every penny.

These are sturdy, muscular cats that are known for being healthier than the average purebred cat.

Before you go rushing out the door, though, it is good to learn as much Maine Coon cat breed information as you can before committing to one.

Below are 15 Maine Coon traits and characteristics that you must be aware of, before buying a Maine Coon of your own:

1. Affectionate

If you are wondering what kind of personality do Maine Coon cats have, then “affectionate” is probably the word that sums up their temperament best.

If you are someone who likes their personal space, then you might be asking, are Maine Coon cats clingy?

The wonderful thing about Maine Coons is that, while they are generally very loving and cuddly, they are rarely clingy.

They like to follow their owners around from room to room but usually stay at a distance if you are busy.

Your Maine Coon might nap on the couch next to you, or play on the floor while you work, but they do not usually get underfoot or demand your attention throughout the day.

Still, Maine Coons do best in a household where they can get plenty of attention.

Therefore, if you are away at work most of the time, then this breed probably isn’t a good fit for you.

They can become depressed and lonely if they are left on their own for too long, so make sure you know you have time to spare before bringing one of these cats home.

Learn how long you can leave a Maine Coon on its own, by reading this guide.

Have you ever wondered if female Maine Coon cats are as affectionate as male Maine Coon cats? If so, read this article to discover the truth!

2. Independent

While Maine Coons are loyal and loving, they also have an independent side.

They can keep themselves entertained for hours by racing around the house or even playing in the sink!

Unlike Ragdolls, Maine Coons do not want to be babied all the time.

While they will gladly tolerate playing dress up or being rolled around in the stroller for a little while, they have their own business to attend to, too!

It is important that your Maine Coon has enough space to find privacy now and then.

Maine Coons love to be up high and survey the rest of the households below.

Therefore, it is a good idea to install some shelves or cat trees, so your Maine Coon can watch the rest of its family from a distance.

These are my favorite extra-large cat trees for Maine Coons.

3. Intelligent

One of the most famous Maine Coon personality traits is intelligence.

These cats use their paws for just about everything!

They often use their paws to eat, and can even learn to turn on faucets or open doors!

While their intelligence does make them easier to train, it can also make them harder to satisfy.

Cat breeds that are not exactly known for their brains, like the Ragdoll or Persian, can usually keep themselves occupied with a mouse toy or a piece of plastic for hours on end.

By comparison, however, Maine Coons need something a bit more challenging to feel enriched.

Maine Coons benefit greatly from puzzle feeders and interactive or motorized toys.

Training your cat to do tricks is another way you can offer enrichment, especially if you practice every day.

4. Curious

Since Maine Coons are so playful and intelligent, they tend to be even more fascinated by the unknown than the average cat.

While most cats are known for hating water, Maine Coons usually adore it!

Some Maine Coons even like the water so much that they even enjoy swimming with their owners!

Maine Coons are also curious climbers, which can be a safety risk if you do not properly cat-proof your house.

They are experts at finding daring new ways to reach their favorite spot on top of the fridge or bookshelf.

As adorable as their curiosity is, it is best to keep your Maine Coon satisfied with lots of playtime and puzzles, so their curiosity does not lead them into danger.

Ever wondered how high a Maine Coon cat can jump? If so, read this!

5. Loyal

Even though most Maine Coons are quite friendly and open toward strangers, they are most loyal to their family members.

These cats often bond most closely to one owner, but their hearts are big enough for any size household!

If your Maine Coon has started following you from room to room, then you will know you have been chosen as a favorite.

They love to know what you are doing, and while they do not exactly replace a true guard dog, their habit of watching their owners can feel like they are keeping you protected!

Maine Coons are especially loyal to children.

While they may bat with their claws sheathed to establish boundaries, they are known to be gentle with young children.

Many Maine Coons will lay next to a napping baby or toddler, and it almost looks like they are watching over them while they rest!

If you are planning on buying a Maine Coon kitten, read this guide to ensure you know how to introduce your kitten to your baby.

6. Playful

If you are wondering what to expect from a Maine Coon kitten, chances are you will never quite be prepared for the burst of energy heading your way!

Maine Coons originally rose to fame for their incredible hunting instincts, which are still visible today in their playful nature.

These cats love to pounce, chase, and bat around just about anything!

During the day, they can keep themselves occupied with floor toys, but they need at least thirty minutes of interactive playtime with their owners each day.

If you are dealing with Maine Coon behavior problems such as furniture destruction, then playtime is likely the solution.

These cats are generally well-behaved, but if they do not have a way to let out their hunting energy, then their boredom can lead to destruction.

7. Energetic

Even though Maine Coons are easygoing, they are still athletic and energetic.

These cats have a powerful, muscular build, and they need plenty of space to stretch their long legs and run to their heart’s content.

Maine Coons love to climb, so keeping large cat trees and wall-mounted shelves around the house is a great way to give them space to exercise.

If your cat frequently gets the “zoomies” racing around the house in great bursts of energy, then you may want to consider finding other ways to provide exercise, too.

Maine Coons can be trained to walk on a harness and leash, so you can take your Maine Coon out for a stroll or even a hike if you feel like it!

8. Cuddly

Maine Coons may look big and fierce, but these beautiful creatures are quite snuggly.

Most Maine Coons do not like to be picked up and held for too long, but they adore cuddling together on the couch or sleeping next to you at night.

Maine Coons do not usually demand attention, but if your cat has been staring at you across the room for several minutes, it might quietly be asking for some cuddle time!

Since Maine Coons are so big and fluffy, it can be hard to resist rubbing their belly every time you see them.

Even though Maine Coons are gentle, they will still set boundaries if they do not want to be touched.

These gentle cats will usually give their owners plenty of warning, moving away from your hand, flattening their ears, and then gently biting you before using more forceful communication to let you know they are done with cuddles for the time being.

As we will discuss later, though, not all Maine Coons are cuddly.

The environment the cat was raised in, as well as their genetics and personality, will all affect how cuddly your Maine Coon is.

9. Patient

Maine Coons are very patient with all of their family members, particularly children.

They tolerate a lot of nonsense and do not mind playing silly games with the kids or being dressed up for Halloween.

Even when they want attention or food, Maine Coons are gentle.

If you are busy cooking or working, they will rarely interrupt your task.

These cats do not mind waiting a little while until you are ready to join them on the couch.

If you are looking for an intelligent, energetic cat that is not demanding or clingy like a Siamese, then the Maine Coon is the perfect cat breed!

10. Quiet

Just like their gentle temperament, Maine Coons have sweet little voices.

They may be quiet, but they certainly are not silent!

They can be quite vocal, “chatting” with you throughout the day, or sweetly asking to be fed.

What makes the Maine Coon’s voice so unique, however, is the fact that they do not meow. Instead, Maine Coons use adorable little chirps and trills to communicate with their owners.

The sounds they make are so sweet and quiet that it can often be hard to believe that such a giant cat is making those sounds in the first place.

11. Family Friendly

Maine Coons are the ultimate family cat.

Their patient nature, combined with their friendly attitude and desire for companionship means that they fit right in with just about any family.

If you have kids or plan on having them, then the Maine Coon is the best cat breed you can get.

They are incredibly loving and gentle to kids and will tolerate a lot more from them than they will from adults.

If you have a large family, though, it is important that your Maine Coon has plenty of space.

Even though they are patient creatures, they can get overwhelmed if they feel crowded, or like they do not have any private place to retreat.

12. Good With Pets

If your cat has seemed depressed lately, you might be asking, do Maine Coons get lonely?

These cats are rarely clingy, but if their owners are away at work all the time, then they can easily become bored and lonesome.

If your Maine Coon seems lonely, then introducing another cat or dog can be a great way to give your Maine Coon the companionship it deserves.

But, do Maine Coons get on with dogs? Click here to find out!

You might be worried at first, and wonder, do Maine Coons get jealous?

Fear not! While these cats can become jealous if their owners suddenly divert all of their time and attention to a new family, they are open-hearted toward new pets provided their schedule remains relatively unchanged.

The Maine Coon temperament with other cats is warm and friendly, but did you know they are also great with dogs, too?

Since Maine Coons thrive on companionship, they love making new friends, and they are often happier in a household with another cat or dog.

Since Maine Coons have a high prey drive, however, they can pose a threat to small animals like:

  • Birds
  • Guinea Pigs
  • Mice

It is generally recommended that Maine Coons live with other cats or dogs, rather than small prey animals.

13. Strong Hunters

Maine Coons are incredibly talented hunters.

In fact, that is how this breed rose to popularity in the first place!

During the 1800s, Maine Coons were prized among farmers and sailors for their dedication to hunting mice, rats, and other pests.

Many Maine Coons at the time were also polydactyl, and their extra toes made it even easier to catch and grip prey.

Today, the Maine Coon’s strong hunting instincts remain intact. They love the thrill of the chase and quickly get bored with regular floor toys.

Maine Coons prefer motorized toys or interactive playtime with their humans. They need to feel challenged while they practice hunting.

14. Easy To Train

Many intelligent cats are also quite stubborn, which can make them difficult to train.

Thanks to a combination of the Maine Coon’s intelligence and easygoing nature, though, these cats are one of the easiest breeds to train.

Many Maine Coons end up training themselves, in a way; some of them even begin to play fetch without being taught!

You can use positive reinforcement to teach your Maine Coon household rules, like staying off the counters, but you can also teach them tricks!

This is a great way to keep your Maine Coon occupied, too, since they can become bored if they do not get enough playtime.

Maine Coons are also very food motivated, so training them with treats and a clicker is a breeze!

Simply begin by providing positive associations with the clicker sound, giving your cat a treat each time it hears the clicking sound.

Then, you can begin using the clicker when your cat does something good, like staying on the floor while you cook, or sitting when asked.

15. Female Vs Male

If you have lots of questions like are Maine Coons cuddly cats, then you might be surprised to know that gender has a pretty big impact!

Looking at female vs male Maine Coon personalities, there are a few distinctive differences.

Female Maine Coons tend to be more reserved than males, but they are also more playful.

In the wild, female cats have a lot more work to do!

They have to keep their territory free from predators and invaders, keep all of their children fed, and teach their children how to hunt and protect themselves.

As a result, even spayed female cats are a bit more wary of strangers and tend to be more particular about their space.

Female Maine Coons can take longer to warm up to their owners, and they tend to be more independent.

They can still be cuddly, but they tend to like things on their terms.

Due to their high prey drive, they make better hunters, and their affection can feel more rewarding since they are not as friendly to strangers.

Male Maine Coons, on the other hand, tend to be more relaxed and easygoing.

They are less likely to be territorial toward a new pet, and more accepting of being picked up or petted.

Male Maine Coons are more likely to be clingy than females, but they are also less reserved.

Of course, gender is only part of the equation when it comes to your Maine Coon personality.

A cat that is well socialized to a lot of different people and animals from a young age is likely to become loving and friendly, no matter its gender.


The Maine Coon personality is complex and wondrous.

These gentle giants are affectionate but independent, energetic yet mellow.

These cats play hard and love even harder!

Maine Coons need a household that can give them lots of time, space, love, and playtime.

While they are a big commitment, they are a wonderful choice if you are willing to put in the time and effort to keep them happy.

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