Maine Coon Zoomies

The phrase ‘zoomies’ is a fun way of describing cats who suddenly start to zoom or run around the house in an almost frantic-like way. To learn more about Maine Coon zoomies, read on! 

For the most part, Maine Coons zoom to release pent-up energy. But some also just like to zoom because it is fun! Other reasons might include bathroom habits, possible health concerns like hearing and vision loss, fleas, or itchy skin all of which might make a Maine Coon zoom. 

The sudden burst of activity associated with zoomies can come as quite a surprise for Maine Coon parents, especially when they happen in the middle of the night!

Read on to learn more about zoomies and how you can ensure that you still get plenty of sleep at night. 

Maine Coon Zoomies

The Maine Coon is a large and extraordinarily beautiful breed of cat that is well-known for its sociable, laid-back, and playful personality.

While many Maine Coons are often content to snuggle up next to their humans all day, most also enjoy a good play session. 

One of the ways that Maine Coons like to play is by zooming around the house at incredibly fast speeds.

These bursts of energy are known as cat zoomies.

In most cases, Maine Coons get the zoomies because they have a bit of pent-up energy that they need to get out of their system before they can really settle down. 

Why Do Maine Coons Get The Zoomies? 

The cause of cat zoomies varies from one cat to the next, and from day to day.

There are several possible reasons that help to explain why Maine Coons get the zoomies.

Here are a few known causes of Maine Coon zoomies:

1. Pent-Up Energy

One of the most likely or common reasons that Maine Coons get the zoomies is simply because they have excess energy that they need to get rid of.

Have you ever had a lazy day and noticed that suddenly in the evening, you feel like you have all this excess energy?

Maybe this extra energy prompts you to start a new project or decide to do a deep clean of the kitchen.

Well, for Maine Coons, the best way for them to get rid of some extra energy after snoozing the day away, is to run! 

2. To Have Fun 

Another reason Maine Coons might get the zoomies is simply that they want to have fun!

And for a cat, there is nothing that is more fun than running laps around the house and zooming back and forth across the carpet. 

3. Pre And Post Poop 

Some cats might also get the zoomies because they are feeling restless before or after they go to the bathroom.

For example, if they feel like they really need to go, they might start to get a little fidgety and do a few zooms before heading to the bathroom.

Similarly, after a successful trip to the bathroom, some cats may feel the need to do a victory lap around the house. 

4. Pain Or Discomfort

While certainly not as common as some of the other possible reasons for zoomies, some cats may start to run frantically because they are in pain or discomfort.

This could be caused by things like biting fleas or itchy skin.

By racing around, the cats are trying to get away from the uncomfortableness. 

5. Surprise 

Another instance in which zoomies might occur is when a cat gets surprised!

For example, if a cat is not paying attention or has a hearing or vision impairment, it might get spooked and take off and run around the living room if the family dog runs up behind them!

It can be a way for them to get rid of some of that built-up nervous energy. 

How Long Do Cat Zoomies Last? 

Usually, zoomies are short and fast sprints, with sudden breaks in between movements.

For example, a cat might zoom all around the kitchen for a good thirty seconds and then suddenly stop to catch their breath.

A few seconds later, they’ll go back to zooming again!

For most cats, zoomies do not last much longer than one to two minutes since they are running at such a high intensity.

But how long do kitten zoomies last?

Well, much like adult cats, this can vary from kitten to kitten.

Two to three minutes is likely the maximum zoomie time for a kitten before they start getting tired. 

What To Do When Your Cat Has The Zoomies

In most cases, nothing needs to be done when cats have the zoomies.

You can just sit back and be entertained by their antics!

But if Maine Coon cat zoomies happen a lot, especially during night-time hours, you may want to find ways to get your cat to exercise more during the day.

Here are some great cat toys, ideally suited to the playful and powerful Maine Coon cat.

How To Stop Cat Zoomies 

Excessive cat zoomies, though entertaining at first, can easily become quite annoying, especially when trying to work from home or trying to get a good night’s rest.

When considering how to prevent cat zoomies, there are a few different tactics you can try. 

1. Encourage Cat To Exercise

First, try to get your cat to play and exercise more during the day.

Many cats like to snooze while we are away or busy during the day, but this can lead to pent-up energy at night.

This will likely result in you asking your other pet owner friends how to stop cat zoomies at night.

2. Interactive Toys

Consider purchasing some interactive toys for your cat to play with.

These should keep your Maine Coon cat entertained for a fair few hours, particularly during the nighttime whilst you are asleep.

Sometimes though, Maine Coons get the zoomies in the early morning hours.

If you find yourself asking how to stop cat zoomies in the morning or should you ignore cat zoomies, you may just need to shut your door to get a few extra minutes of sleep!

How To Calm A Cat Down With Zoomies 

When considering how to calm a crazy cat, there are a few things you can try.

First, create a relaxing environment free from distractions and anything that might be upsetting to your cat.

You could even try adding some white noise or relaxing music.

There are also various types of cat-calming sprays and diffusers available online, that have scents known to help calm cats down.


You have likely heard all about how Maine Coons are the gentle giants of the cat world. But make no mistake, these gentle giants know how to move fast when they want to!

Maine Coon zoomies often occur when your cat has pent-up energy, or simply if they want to have fun.

In some cases, zoomies can be because of bathroom habits, pain, discomfort, or surprise.

If the zoomies become excessive, try encouraging your cat to play more during the day, and try to create a calming environment at night.

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