Should I Shave My Maine Coon In The Summer?

If you are living with a Maine Coon and the warmer weather is on the way there is a very good chance that you are wondering should I shave my Maine Coon in the summer?

It is a fair question. After all, they are very fluffy and the warmer summer days can be pretty unpleasant. For us at least. But how does your Maine Coon feel about it?

Maine Coons are well equipped to survive in hot or cold weather. They do not need to be shaved in the summer months and are more than capable of regulating their body temperature. There are some instances when shaving your Maine Coon is necessary, but because the weather is warm outside is not one of them.

While it is not often advised to shave your Maine Coon during the summer months, there are some instances when it might make sense.

There is even a subgroup of the Maine Coon community that are pro-summer-shavings (though that opinion is controversial).

Stick with us as we cover all the information, on both sides of the subject, so you can make an informed decision for yourself.

Should I Shave My Maine Coon In The Summer?

The Maine Coon is well known for being a hearty tough breed.

They have adapted to be large enough, fluffy enough, and smart enough to not only survive but thrive, in harsh environments.

We normally associate the Maine Coon with being developed for cold weather, but they are equally capable of dealing with harsh summers.

Maine Coon Coat

The Maine Coon has a dense multi-layered fur coat that not only keeps them warm due to its insulation but it also helps keep them cool.

Their furry coat is pretty special in that it is also slightly water-repellent which was crucial to their winter survival in near-freezing temperatures.

As you can tell, the Maine Coon coat is pretty clever.

It is well adapted to its environment and even adapts throughout the year depending on the weather.


Maine Coons have two main coats:

  • The Maine Coon winter coat is thicker and fluffier.
  • The Maine Coon summer coat is understandably not quite as thick.

Whilst these large regal cats have two heavy shedding periods, they tend to shed mildly year-round.

Even if a Maine Coon lives their entire life inside your home, it will still have these seasonal coats.


Mild shedding doesn’t mean there is no shedding.

You will need to groom your Maine Coon cat 2-3 times a week, to help your fur baby remove all its dead hairs.

If your Maine Coon cat is prone to tangles, you will need to brush them more regularly than this, particularly during the wet autumn/winter months.

So, can I shave my Maine Coon cat?

We do not recommend this course of action unless your vet has recommended you shave your Maine Coon for a medical reason.

While no one is going to stop you from shaving your Maine Coon, in the sense that you could technically do it, your Maine Coon will not appreciate it at all.

During the hotter months, some owners ask if it is it okay to shave a cat in the summer.

While this question is clearly coming from a good place it is based on misunderstandings of how cats work.

Cats, including Maine Coons, are excellent at regulating their own body temperature. Even in the middle of summer.

Cats are great at finding a cool place to lie down and sleep if they get too warm, or they can drink more water which is great for lowering their core body temperature.

By shaving your cat you are forcing it to completely relearn how to regulate its temperature.

The only time it is encouraged to shave your cat is when you are dealing with Maine Coon matted fur.

Matted fur can be a problem for long-haired cats if they are not groomed regularly, or suffer from fur prone to tangles.

Please keep in mind that matted fur is not a seasonal problem and therefore not something that will occur in summer specifically.

Ultimately, shaving your Maine Coon is stressful and harmful to your cat so it should only be used as a last resort (source 1).

Why Do People Shave Their Cats?

While shaving cats due to the outside temperature is not typically something that happens there are some reasons that people choose to, or need to, shave their cats.

Below are the main reasons to shave your cat (source 1):


An infestation of fleas is a good reason to shave your cat.

Sometimes you just will not be able to get them all out in any other way.

Shaving is pretty unpleasant for your cat but it is better than being eaten alive by fleas for the rest of their life!

Matted Fur

When Maine Coon fur begins to mat it is usually a good idea to shave it rather than try to unpick the matting.

Shaving the fur back to a suitable length is the best, and most pleasant option for your Maine Coon.

Matting typically occurs between the toes and the underbelly. Though it can appear on any part of your cat.


Different Maine Coon hairstyles are not overly common. But, they are seen now and again.

A good example of this is the Maine Coon lion cut which some people like to give their cats.

Maine Coon haircut styles are purely for the owner’s enjoyment.

Medical Access

If your vet needs to perform some sort of medical procedure on your Maine Coon then it may be necessary to shave the area of interest.

This is not something you would likely perform yourself, as it is almost always the vet who would shave your Maine Coon.

Shaving Cats Pros And Cons

In this section, we will explain all of the pros and cons of shaving your cat.


  • Some owners feel their Maine Coon looks cool
  • Maine Coon is not as warm
  • Fleas need removing
  • Cat has matted fur


  • Cats do not need to be shaved
  • Maine Coons can regulate their own temperature
  • Shaving is stressful for your cat
  • You may injure them
  • Shaving will confuse your Maine Coon cat
  • They can no longer keep themselves warm when it is cold

Do Maine Coons Need Haircuts?

Maine Coons need to be groomed roughly 2-3 times a week.

They are pretty mild shedders so being brushed three or so times a week is enough to remove most of the dead hair and keep it from matting up their fur.

With this in mind, your Maine Coon does not need a haircut. Maybe a slight trim from time to time to keep them looking neat.

For example, this article shows you how to trim Maine Coon paw tufts.

In the case of a Maine Coon sanitary cut, this Maine Coon trim ensures that their fur is not matted and their rear end is free of problem spots.

Your groomer can do this for you if you are not confident doing it yourself (source 1).

Is It Ok To Shave A Cat In The Summer?

Is it healthy to shave a cat in summer?

These large cats are excellent at cooling themselves down if they get too hot. So, there is no real benefit to shaving a cat in the summer, and you can make your Maine Coon unhappy.

It is also a lot harder for a Maine Coon cat to warm itself up when they have no fur left!

Whenever you wonder should I cut my Maine Coons hair, you need to consider if it is for a medical reason or not. If yes, go for it, if not – then a light trim at most is probably all they need.

Maine Coon Haircut Styles

Just like with people, there are a ton of haircut styles you could go for with your Maine Coon.

These are the most popular Maine Coon haircut styles:

  • Lion Cut: This one is pretty easy to guess. The Maine Coon is shaved like a lion. It has short fur all over apart from its lion’s mane. See pictures here.
  • Teddy Bear Cut: The teddy bear cut is very similar to the lion cut except it is done all over (apart from the face).
  • Skinny Tail: Some people choose to leave their Maine Coon as is but shave their tail down.

How To Trim Maine Coon Hair

If you can afford it, the best idea is to simply Google “Maine Coon Cat Groomers Near Me”.

This will save you a whole lot of time and effort, and the experience will likely be much nicer for your Maine Coon too!

If you would prefer to trim your Maine Coons hair at home, here is a simple step-by-step guide:

1. Wash Your Cat

Many people like to start by washing their Maine Coon as it makes the trimming process a little easier.

If you are not sure which cat shampoo you need, these are the best Maine Coon cat shampoos.

2. Dry Your Cat

Before trimming, make sure you dry your Maine Coon thoroughly.

3. Brushing Fur

Using a metal comb work your way through the undercoat of their fur.

Remove any mattes, if you can, and then do the same for the overcoat.

Work your way down from the head towards the tail until you have unpicked any knots they may have and the fur is nice and soft.

4. Trimming Fur

Using a pair of hair scissors trim the knots or mattes that you could not brush out from around the Maine Coons tufts.

Knots and matting are also commonly found on the Maine Coon cat’s chest and underbelly.

Trim any wayward hairs that seem to have a mind of their own and pay close attention to their feet.

If they have matted tufts between their toes you will need to trim those too. But be careful! They have sensitive toes and they can be easily hurt.

Read more about Maine Coon cat grooming, here (source 1).


So, should I shave my Maine Coon in summer?

While there are some genuinely good reasons to shave your cat, summer is not one of them.

Maine Coons can regulate their body temperature just fine and you are only going to scare and confuse them.

There are better methods for keeping your Maine Coon cool than cutting off all its fur.

Read this article to learn more about keeping a Maine Coon cat cool.

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