5 Best Collars For Maine Coon Cats

Best Collars For Maine Coon Cats

The Maine Coon cat is a majestic feline full of love and affection for its owner.

These sociable felines quickly build a deep unbreakable bond with their family members, so it’s only natural that owners want to find the best collars for Maine Coon cats, to help keep their precious cats safe.

The 5 best collars for Maine Coon cats in my experience, are:

With so many cat collars to choose from, it’s easy to see why some Maine Coon owners feel puzzled and confused as to which cat collar is best for a large cat breed.

The list below takes away all such confusion, enabling you to purchase the most suitable cat collar for your Maine Coon without any stress.

Whilst living in a busy village, we opted to use the following cat collars on our Maine Coon cats. In our experience, these cat collars were the most effective at keeping our cats safe outside.

1. Reflective Cat Collar With Bell

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We love this high-quality cat collar collection because it helps to keep your Maine Coon safe.

Not only does the bell help you locate your precious feline quickly, inside or outside of the home, but the reflective collar also helps to make a cat more visible in the garden.

These colorful nylon cat collars can be adjusted between 7″ – 11″ in circumference, to meet your ever-growing Maine Coon kitten size, so is an ideal first collar for your Maine Coon.

Please note that you may need to purchase a larger cat collar once your Maine Coon grows bigger than 15 lbs, to ensure the cat’s neck collar is not restricting them in any way.

2. Diamante Cat Collar (Various Colors)

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This gorgeous large cat collar brings a little bit of bling to your already stunningly beautiful Maine Coon cat. So why not treat your cat to some extra glamour?

We love this cat collar because it’s so versatile and can be purchased in a wide range of sizes, from 7.8″ – 18.1″.

With so many collar colors to choose from, including blue, black, red, purple, rose red, and pink, you literally cannot get bored!

This high-quality, sturdy and durable cat collar is made of PU (faux) leather and is the ideal Maine Coon cat collar for fashion-conscious owners.

3. Rolled Leather Cat Collar

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As one of the most popular cat collars sold on Amazon, you certainly aren’t alone if you purchase one of these amazing feline collars for your Maine Coon cat!

We love this colorful range of cat collars as they have been designed to fit even the largest Maine Coon cat’s neck.

This collar is suitable for cats with a neck size of 6″ – 18″, so you will never be stuck trying to find your ideal Maine Coon cat collar ever again.

It’s impossible not to love this high-quality soft-touch cat collar, as it’s made from genuine soft leather which offers your Maine Coon maximum comfort.

The design makes this a must-buy Maine Coon product too because the collar is rounded to not cause skin tags on your Maine Coons sensitive skin.

These shaped collars are also better suited to long-haired cat breeds.

4. Cat Safety Collar With Bell

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Another great choice of large cat collar for your Maine Coon, is this cat safety collar.

Designed with the safety of your Maine Coon cat in mind, this colorful selection of feline collars is ideal since it has a bell to help owners locate their cat more quickly.

This elegant collar is made from soft leather and has been carefully designed to incorporate an elasticated elastic strap that easily releases if the pet collar snags onto something.

Why not have a look at these high-quality cat collars today? We are certain you will be impressed with their hand-stitched quality.

5. Novelty Bow Tie Cat Collar (With Breakaway Function)

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This is possibly the most adorable cat collar I have ever seen!

What makes this cat collar even better, is that it includes a breakaway buckle that releases your Maine Coon immediately, should they get caught on something.

The bows are super fashionable and come in a variety of different colors and patterns, so it will be easy for you to match your cat’s collar to the outfit you are wearing!

This Maine Coon collar is made from cotton, so soft and gentle on your cat’s delicate neck.

Available in neck sizes 7″ – 11″, this Maine Coon cat collar is ideal for all Maine Coon kittens up until they reach 15 lbs in weight.

BONUS Maine Coon Collar Product

Whilst this isn’t a cat collar, it is a definite MUST-BUY Maine Coon product since it will help keep your amazing Maine Coon safe and sound.

Airtag Cat Collar With GPS Tracking

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If you allow your treasured Maine Coon cat outside, in any manner, whether it be roaming freely or out on walks with a leash, this GPS-tracking airtag holder is a real MUST-BUY item.

Why risk losing your much-loved and very expensive Maine Coon cat outdoors, when all you need to do is attach one of these clever little holders to your cat’s collar?

Available in a wide range of different colors, this is truly one of the best Maine Coon cat items on the market!

We love the design of this product, and how it is not only compatible with any sized Maine Coon cat collar, but, also waterproof.


With so many large cat collars to choose from, owners can quickly feel stressed and worried that they haven’t selected the best collars for Maine Coon cats.

This useful Maine Coon cat guide, therefore, solves your concern straight away because we’ve listed the 5 best cat collars online, at the moment.

Do you want to treat your treasured Maine Coon to a little bit of bling? Or maybe you want to coordinate your Maine Coon’s color with your outfit?

Whatever you fancy, the choices are endless.

Before you go, why not take a look at what is the best harness for a Maine Coon cat!