Maine Coon Lion Cut Facts

The Maine Coon lion cut is an extremely severe cat grooming hairstyle, that has become fashionable over recent years.

Keep reading to discover more about this fascinating, yet highly emotive phenomenon.

Maine Coon lion cut is a term used by cat groomers to describe a shaved grooming style that removes the majority of a cat’s fur. Professional cat groomers use specialized clippers to shave fur very short across the Maine Coons body. The Maine Coons neck ruff is left untouched, thus resembling a lion. Groomers leave a small pom-pom fur-tipped tail.

Maine Coon cats are lovely for their friendly gentle nature and luscious long thick fur.

They are considered an extremely hardy cat breed, able to exist in severely cold climates that many other cat breeds cannot.

Their robust characteristic is primarily thanks to their impressively thick dense coat of fur, which keeps them warm even in the coldest of temperatures.

Whilst advantageous during the winter months, many Maine Coons visibly struggle when the temperature hots up, leading owners to dabble with the idea of the Maine Coon Lion Cut.

If you’ve never heard of this before, keep reading to find out more about this highly emotive subject.

What Is A Lion Cut?

The Maine Coon lion cut is a very drastic cat grooming hairstyle, which sparks great emotions amongst lovers of the Maine Coon cat breed.

In fact, it would not be an exaggeration to state that extreme cat grooming hairstyles such as the lion cut often spark hotly debated conversations amongst Maine Coon owners and lovers across the world.

Whilst many owners are proud to share photographs of their Maine Coon lion cut, others chastise them for shaving their cats.

Critics claim the practice is cruel, not natural, and physically disgusting.

The lion cut involves shaving large parts of the Maine Coons fur, in specific places.

Groomers often leave a large ruff of fur around the Maine Coons neckline, which is meant to resemble a lion’s mane.

Some owners also leave fur around the cat’s paws, which is thought to look like fur boots.

The tail can either be shaved, or not shaved, but is often trimmed short with a tuft of hair left at the tip, which looks like a bobble of hair.

The objective of the lion cut is basically to make the cat look more like a lion.

If you still aren’t too sure what the Maine Coon lion cut looks like in reality, the easiest way to imagine it is by picturing a lion!

Lion cuts for cats will vary depending on owner’s preference.

However, in general, a cat’s entire body is shaved so that there is a clear distinctive line between its ‘mane’ and the rest of its body:

BodyHair Length
BodyAll of the cat’s thick fur is
shaved off, revealing their
skin underneath
NeckFur is not shaved from
around the Maine Coons
neckline. Fur in this the
the region remains long
and looks like a lion’s
mane of hair
PawsNo fur is shaved from
this area
LegsFur is shaved off the
Maine Coons entire legs,
apart from their ankles
which is left furry
TailThe tail is either fully
shaved, leaving only a
small tuft at the end
OR the majority of the
tail fur is left
Maine Coon Lion Cut Hairstyle Requirements

Maine Coon Lion Cut Pictures

It is often thought that an image says 1000 words.

Well, in the case of the Maine Coon lion cut, this phrase might be right, since this Maine Coon lion cut picture clearly show what this Maine Coon hairstyle is all about.

In the image below you can see that the fur on the Maine Coons body has been shaved close to the skin.

The ruff of fur has not been kept around this cat’s neckline as is common with many Maine Coon lion cuts.

The following picture shows how the owner has opted to shave the Maine Coons back hind legs, leaving just fluffy paw boots.

Here is an example of a different type of lion cut:

Cat Lion Cut
Cat Lion Cut

What Does A Normal Maine Coon Coat Look Like?

Maine Coon cats are known for their beautiful, thick luscious long hair.

If you look at an Adult Maine Coon cats fur, you will discover that it is made up of three distinct layers:


Maine Coon cats have 2 short undercoats of fur.

These are very thick and dense, and keep Maine Coons warm in the coldest of climates.

Lose hair often becomes tangled within the undercoats, and owners should groom their cat regularly to ensure the ‘dead’ hair does not tangle with the ‘live’ hair, causing matting.

Outer Guard Coat

The outer guard coat is partially water-repellent and covers the two fur undercoats. This hair is long and will be either silky or coarse, depending upon each cat’s unique genetics.

Here is a picture of me with my Maine Coon cat named ‘Pippin’ (aka ‘Pipsteroo’, and ‘Pippy Long Stockings!’). Our cat has natural Maine Coon hair that has never been trimmed.

This picture shows you what a Maine Coon, without the Maine Coon lion cut, looks like.

We did consider cutting Pippin’s fur because his fur is prone to matting, but not as severely as the Maine Coon lion cut.

However, we decided not to since I love his long thick hair which he manages to make look messy within just a few minutes of grooming!

Maine Coon Thick Fluffy Coat

Pros And Cons Of Maine Coon Lion Cut

The Maine Coon lion cut for cats’ hairstyle is a thing!

The subject itself divides many cat lovers across the world though, since some owners love the varying Maine Coon hairstyles that exist, whilst others simply don’t.

Whatever your viewpoint, there are many factors to consider before asking a groomer to trim your Maine Coons thick luscious fur.

The table below briefly summarises the ‘for’ and ‘against’ arguments for trimming your Maine Coons fur:

MattingThick fur can
become matted
Owners should
groom Maine Coon
regularly to
prevent matting
Trimming fur keeps
cats cool during the
hot summer months.
It also prevents fur
from becoming
matted during damp
Winter months
Trimming fur is
unnatural. Instead,
owners should
provide cats with a
shaded area to lay,
and a freshwater
supply to keep cool.
During Winter, the
cat may struggle
to stay warm
Hairstyle looks
Not a natural
GroomingReduces time
spent grooming
If you buy a
long-haired cat,
grooming should
be expected
Cats become
stressed if they
cannot keep their
thick dense fur
clean, and
Regular grooming
from the owner
will ensure the cat
does not become
HairballsReducing fur
reduces cat
All cats get
hairballs. Brushing
cat with
de-shedding tool
reduces hair
SunburnOwners can apply
sunscreen to the
cat, and also make
the shaded area
available for the
cat to sit
Cats with no fur
are more prone to
Maine Coons with
a lion cut shed
less hair
Owners should use
a de-shedding tool
to reduce hair
shedding by up to
HypoallergenicA reduction in hair
makes a cat more
No cat, even the
hairless sphynx
are hypoallergenic
Beneficial For
Older Cats
Health issues occur
as the cat ages. The
lion cut is ideal for
keeping a Maine
Coons coat looking
immaculate in old
Older Maine Coons
should be groomed
just as frequently as
younger Coons
Of Fur
Keeps fur under
control. Less fur
coat for Maine
Coon to maintain
Removing fur
may have
consequences for
the cat
Maine Coons kept
indoors will not
encounter the
impact of the
Maine Coons
need their fur,
to protect their
Your Cats
Cats adjust to
haircuts within
a few days
Shaving cats will
bother them
Advantages and Disadvantages of the Maine Coon Lion Cut

Why Do Owners Give Their Maine Coon A Lion Cut?

The Maine Coon cat is one of the largest domesticated cat breeds in the world, thought to have originated in Wiscasset, Maine (United States).

They are known as the American Longhair due to their impressively long thick flowing hair. Despite this title though, many owners like to shave their Maine Coons fur.

So why do many owners shave their majestic-looking Maine Coons fur into a lion cut?

1. Matting

Cats are known for being extremely clean animals, so matted fur understandably causes them a degree of stress which no owner wants.

The Maine Coon cat is known for having an impressively thick coat of hair.

So, they are particularly prone to the risks of matted and tangled fur, especially if they live in damp wet climates that aid matted fur to occur.

In cases such as this many Maine Coon owners, therefore, give their cat a Maine Coon lion cut, in order to keep matted fur at bay.

Learn more about Maine Coon Matted Fur in this article, and how you can help prevent it without trimming your cat’s long fur off.

2. Weather Conditions

The climate varies dramatically across the world, and Maine Coon cats are certainly not naturally suited to living anywhere.

For instance, this particular cat breed struggles to keep cool in hot weather conditions, due to their thick dense coat of fur.

They do however thrive in cold weather conditions, where their thick coat provides warmth. 

If you live in a warm climate but are desperate to own a fabulous Maine Coon cat, then you should consider the Maine Coon lion cut, to keep your Coon fit and healthy.

3. Visual Appeal

It is entirely down to personal preference as to whether you like, or dislike, the Maine Coon lion cut hairstyle.

4. Grooming

Maine Coon cats require a high level of regular grooming to prevent their fur from becoming matted or tangled.

This is particularly the case for cats that are permitted to roam freely outside since they often return with what looks like half the garden attached to their long fur (well, our cat does!)

Owners who are unable to dedicate enough time to brushing their feline friend each week may decide to give their cat a Maine Coon lion cut.

This Maine Coon hairstyle will significantly decrease the need to groom their cat since the majority of hair is removed.

Here are some Maine Coon Grooming Tips that will help you keep your cat’s fur in great condition.

5. Hairballs

All cats groom themselves regularly, to keep themselves clean.

Unfortunately, the downside of this grooming process is that most cats will, at some point, develop hairballs.

In the case of the Maine Coon, your cat is more likely to develop hairballs (even if brushed regularly) simply because their long hair sheds regularly and often gets caught up in its thick dense fur.

Owners that are concerned about hairballs often have their Maine Coons hair trimmed shorter.

6. Hair Shedding

Every Maine Coon is different, so some will shed hair far more than others.

If you are lucky, you may just see tumbleweeds of hair rolling around your home, rather than all over your clothing.

All Maine Coons, however, significantly shed fur as Spring approaches, since this is nature’s way of them shedding their thick Winter coat.

If you are not a fan of their hair-shedding tendencies, you may have considered the Maine Coon lion cut?

Alternatively, I would recommend you groom them with a de-shedding tool that can reduce their hair shedding by up to 90%! These are my favorite Maine Coon brushes.

If you are keen to limit the amount of fur your long-haired cat sheds these foods are Best For Reducing Maine Coon Shedding.

However, for owners that are concerned their Maine Coon is shedding TOO much, click here to learn the possible causes of excessive shedding in cats.

7. Hypoallergenic

I often hear people asking if there is any such thing as a hypoallergenic cat?

The truth of the matter is that there isn’t! All cat breeds, whether they have hair, or not, may cause your allergies to flare up.

The primary reason for this is that people are actually allergic to a cat’s dander (dead skin cells), not the cat’s fur.

They simply suspect fur to be the culprit because dander often gets caught in thick fur, which owners then stroke.

For owners suffering from allergies, the Maine Coon lion cut might limit their reactions significantly, since this hairstyle removes much of the cat’s long thick hair. 

If you are interested in learning more about this subject, check out my article Are Maine Coon cats hypoallergenic?

8. Older Maine Coons

Most of our feline friends like to groom themselves continuously, to ensure their fur remains clean and tidy.

As cats age though, health issues such as stiff joints are likely to develop, which may make self-grooming harder for a cat to complete.

In order to assist the older cat, a Maine Coon lion cut is therefore ideal and helps a cat keep their fur looking healthy, and well kept.

Why Owners Shouldn’t Give Their Maine Coon A Lion Cut

1. Cat Stress

Most cats love being groomed, but there will always be exceptions to the rule.

In cases such as this, or when the cat’s hair is prone to matting, it may be kinder to give your Coon a Maine Coon lion cut.

This would help prevent your Maine Coon from suffering the psychological stress of tangled knotted fur.

These are the signs that your Maine Coon cat is feeling stressed.

2. Sunburn

Although this is not an actual reason why owners trim their Maine Coons fur short, it is an important factor to consider for owners thinking of giving their Coon a Maine Coon lion cut.

This is because cats that have had their fur shaved off are more prone to getting sunburnt, than cats with fur.

Owners opting for this particular hairstyle will need to apply cat formulated sunscreen, to keep their Maine Coon safe during the hot weather.

Alternatively, they will need to ensure the cat is kept indoors, in shaded areas.

3. Function Of Fur

The fur of a Maine Coon cat actually provides a function i.e. it keeps a cat warm during cold Winter climates, but also protects their delicate skin from sunburn during the hot Summer months.

Is it, therefore, advisable to remove large portions of their fur with a Maine Coon lion cut?

One of the disadvantages of this Maine Coon hairstyle is that your cat may develop hypothermia if too much fur is removed, or even sunburn.

An additional disadvantage of removing most of the Maine Coons fur is that nature has not designed your cat to be able to control their body temperature, without their fur coat.

Nature has also designed your cat’s fur as a sensory source that warns a cat if danger is close i.e. when their tips touch an exterior object, it tells them how close they are to it.

4. Delicate Skin

One of the key disadvantages of giving your cat a Maine Coon lion cut is that their delicate skin underneath is exposed.

This is problematic for many cats since their skin is more likely to get scraped if allowed to roam outside in their natural environment i.e. their skin will get scratched by bushes etc. 

The Maine Coons thick fur also offers a level of protection to this large cat.

This is because it reduces the impact that another cat scratching them can cause since the thick fur offers an extra layer of protection for other animals’ claws, or teeth to penetrate.

5. Cats Feelings

It’s difficult to truly determine if your Maine Coon will be happy about having a lion-cut hairstyle, or not.

However, if they start hissing and spitting at you whilst being trimmed, then act aloof afterward, this indicates your cat’s displeasure with the trim.

Many groomers claim cats adjust to their new hairstyle within a couple of days.

However, can you really trust the opinion of a person who financially benefits from the procedure taking place?

How To Give A Maine Coon A Lion Cut

The best way to give your Maine Coon a lion cut is to take them to a professional groomer who is qualified to give your Coon this specific hairstyle.

Never try to give your cat a lion cut yourself since you will likely catch their delicate skin underneath their thick fur.

Although the loud-sounding clippers may not phase you, please be mindful that your Maine Coon might be frightened by the close proximity of the noise, like they are when a hoover is operated nearby.

It is quite possible that giving your cat a Maine Coon lion cut might actually stress them out considerably, which is damaging to their mental health.

How Much Does A Lion Cut Cost?

The Maine Coon lion cut is not a cheap grooming option to maintain, so think carefully before you ask a groomer to get out their clippers, and shave all of your Coons beautiful fur coat off.

To get an idea of the costs involved, I reviewed seven groomers in the United States, and the United Kingdom, to find out how much a lion cut would cost me.

For the purposes of the tables below, I used costings defined for a ‘large cat’ only, though I did notice that prices were also given for ‘extra large’ cats:

a) Cost Of Maine Coon Lion Cut In The UK

In the table below you can see that the average cost of giving a UK Maine Coon a lion cut, ranges from £70-79.

Before racing out to get your cat trimmed though, check your local groomer’s websites for details, since some professional groomers only provide lion cuts to cats will severely matted fur.

Another groomer did not provide generic quotes but required in-depth details of the cat in question.

GroomerLion Cut:
UK Cost (£)
Cat Grooming
(large cat)
Pet Universe£70
(large cat)
Purrs and Furr
Cat Grooming
at £75
Abbey Road
Soos Mobile
Cat Grooming
Maine Coon Lion Cut UK Pricing

Mobile groomers often cost slightly more, since they have to cover the additional costs of driving to your place of residence.

b) Cost of Maine Coon Lion Cut In The United States

I was not able to obtain specific groomer names, due to the enormity of the United States.

I ascertain, however, that the average cost of giving your Maine Coon a lion cut, in the United States, ranged from $30-70.

Groomer EstimateLion Cut:
Thumbtack: This
consolidation the website
helps you locate a local
Home Guide: This
consolidation a website
helps you locate a local
Maine Coon Lion Cut US Pricing

If you live in the United States, I recommend you contact ‘The Professional Cat Groomers Association of America‘ to find an approved cat groomer nearby.

Lion Cut Cat Grooming Timescales

Think carefully before shaving your Maine Coon cat’s coat of fur, because once cut, your Maine Coon will look dramatically different.

It might also take years to regrow their fur back to its former long, shaggy, thick fur this breed is recognized for.

If you have shaved your cat’s hair to the skin, most professional groomers advise that a cat’s long coat should grow back within 4-6 months though.

Although the coat will grow back significantly during this time, it is doubtful that the Maine Coons thick dense fur coat will have returned to its former glory, due to its unique three-layered thick dense hair.

Maine Coon Comb Cut

The Maine Coon comb cut is where the cat’s hair is trimmed to between 1/2 inch, to 1 inch in length.

This is often considered a good halfway house, between not trimming a cat’s fur at all, and the Maine Coon lion cut.

This cut is beneficial for Maine Coon cats with fur prone to tangles and matting since shorter hair is less likely to become tangled.

It is also a good compromise since it does not look as harsh as the shaved Maine Coon lion cut, but does help owners keep on top of their cat’s grooming requirements.

For more detailed information on Maine Coon grooming, check out my article on how do you groom a Maine Coon cat?

Orange Maine Coon Lion Cut

Owners of stunning orange Maine Coon cats are often tempted to give their Maine Coon a lion cut since this colored cat looks more like mini lions than the other breed colorings do.

Here is an example of an Orange Maine Coon Lion Cut. Credit for the image goes to Maria Michelle (link to the image).

In the image, you can see that the majority of the ruff around the cat’s neckline has been removed.

Orange Maine Coon Lion Cut
Orange Maine Coon Lion Cut

How Common Is The Maine Coon Lion Cut?

I have not found any available statistics detailing how common the Maine Coon lion cut is.

However, I did notice very quickly when analyzing multiple groomer websites for pricing, that the lion cut was often listed near the top of the price list.

The fact this specific hairstyle was mentioned on most groomer websites would indicate that it is a relatively popular Maine Coon hairstyle to purchase.

Video Of Maine Coon With Lion Cut

There is a short video of a Maine Coon cat named ‘Craig’, on Flickr. This cat has a Maine Coon lion cut! Why not Google this cat and see that his Maine Coon hairstyle helps to make him look like a mini lion as he walks!


Maine Coons are renowned for having fabulous long shaggy hair. In fact, their thick fur is one of the key attributes that make the Maine Coon cat breed so attractive.

Whatever your opinion, the Maine Coon lion cut is here to stay and will always be an emotive subject because owners are very passionate about their special feline friends.

Ultimately, the decision to trim a cat’s fur in this manner will always be down to an individual’s personal preference, alongside the Maine Coons grooming needs and requirements.

If you are considering shaving your Maine Coons fur, make sure you have fully considered the pros and cons of this grooming procedure before shaving your treasured feline friend’s fur off.

All grooming trims should be conducted by a trained professional groomer and should be in the best interests of the cat involved.

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