Best Maine Coon Cat Trees

Cat Tower

When it comes to choosing a new cat tree for your Maine Coon cat, there’s more to consider than you would first think.

Not only does the cat tower/condo have to be fun for your cat to play on, extra-large in proportions, and look pretty cool in your home, it also needs to be:

  • Sturdy
  • High quality
  • Large enough to exercise Maine Coon
  • Offer large enough hammock/bases that a Maine Coon can fit on
  • Ability to support multiple cats
  • Use cat-safe materials
  • Hiding places big enough for a Maine Coon
  • Multiple perches
  • Scratching posts of varying heights

I was interested in replacing our existing Maine Coon cat tower, so have spent many hours researching the varying types of large cat towers available.

Although this has been a somewhat time-consuming process, I am now fully confident as to which are the best cat trees to spend my hard-earned cash on.

Recommended Maine Coon Cat Trees

Here are my three favorite cat towers which offer great value for money, are all high quality, and fit all budgets:

1. Feandrea Cat Tree

My favorite cat tree by far is this superb 67-inch tall cat tower, sold by Feandrea (click here for the latest price on Amazon).

Not only does it offer ample entertainment for a highly intelligent and active Maine Coon cat, but it also includes multiple scratching posts at varying heights.

The tall posts are also ideal for the Maine Coon cat breed since they can grow anywhere up to 40 inches in length … just imagine how far these huge gentle giants can stretch out!

I also love this cat tree because:

  • Multiple levels: For cat to jump on and off, and play on
  • 2 hideout condos: Various places for Maine Coon to hide, and rest
  • Stable and sturdy: Well constructed product
  • Made to a high quality
  • Sisal covered scratching posts
  • Three comfortable bed bases: Offers a variety of resting places
  • Available in two colors: Light and dark beige
  • CARB-certified natural particle boards: The product meets these standards

2. Hey Brother Big Cat Trees

This company came to my attention because they sell a large range of extra big cat trees, specifically designed with the Maine Coon cat breed in mind.

I love this extra-large cat tower (link to check price on Amazon). It is one of this companies best selling models, and is ideal because it is:

  • Sturdy: Designed with stability in mind. Includes anti-toppling fittings.
  • Heavy: Will support heavy cats jumping on and off it.
  • Multiple cat perches – Provides a variety of resting places for cats.
  • Neutral colors: Tower looks less imposing within the home, and its dark grey coloring hides the dirt!

3. Cat Tree For Large Cats Chartreux Beige Cream

My third favourite cat tree is actually less of a tree.

Instead, the Cat Tree For Large Cats Chartreux Beige Cream (click to view prices on Amazon) is more of a large perch and scratching post, with possibly the most rugged of ropes for your cat to play with that I have ever seen!

I included this cat tower within my favourite list as it is just too impressive a cat tower to not be given any recognition.

I love the following aspects of this cat tower:

  • Sturdy: Of solid construction
  • Massive: Look at the size of the lady, compared to the cat tree!
  • High-quality cat tower
  • Extra Large: Caters for even the largest of Maine Coon cats
  • Large rugged play rope: No chance of falling apart anytime soon.
  • Sisal Rope: Pole covered with sisal rope
  • Foam around the walls of the bed: Creates extra soft bed for cat

BONUS Cat Tree (Available In UK Only)

4. RHR Quality Cat Tree

The final cat tree supplier that I would like to draw your attention to, is RHR Quality (link to their Amazon page here).

Although this supplier only currently sells it’s XXL cat trees to the UK marketplace, it is definitely worth a look if you are a UK resident.

I seriously rate this product, and cannot wait for this supplier to start shipping their high quality products to the United States, the home of the Maine Coon cat breed.

This cat tree not only looks great, but is also a good buy for the following reasons:

  • Super large: Fits even the largest Maine Coon cat
  • Comfortable: Hammocks and perches ideal for large cats
  • Various Designs: Sold by the supplier in various shapes and designs
  • High-quality product
  • Sisal Rope: Posts covered in sisal rope
  • Sturdy product: Made using mega strong ABS
  • Replacement Products: Many parts can be replaced if worn out.


Decent cat towers and trees definitely don’t come cheap, so please don’t rush out and purchase the cheapest multi-level cat tree that you find online.

If you cannot immediately afford one of these towers, it is definitely best to wait, save up your pennies and then purchase one of these superb cat towers once you can afford it.

I advocate only buying high quality products since they basically save you money in the long run, because you then do not end up having to buy a decent replacement product within six months.

If you take away nothing else from this article, please just understand that it is important to stay clear of the cheaper standard sized cat towers. These tend not to fit an adult sized Maine Coon cat (well, not our 22 lb Maine Coon, anyhow!). They also tend to be of lower quality, and will inevitably need replacing far sooner than cat towers designed with extra large cats specifically in mind.

Finally, I want to stress more than anything that I am not trying to convince you to spend more money than you need to. Instead, I am actually keen to SAVE you money because if you get a decent product from the beginning, you’ll be happy with it for many years to come.

I personally speak from experience since I’ve gone through the pain and expense of testing some cheaper cat towers out on our Maine Coon, in the hope of saving some cash. As you’ve probably already guessed, the cheaper products proved to be false economy because they not only fell apart very quickly, but also didn’t cater to my huge 22 lb Maine Coon cats weight, and size. He literally outgrew the standard cat towers within under a year! Save yourself some cash by not making the same mistake as I did!