How Do Maine Coons Show Affection?

If you’ve heard of this cat breed’s loving nature, you may wonder, how do Maine Coons show affection?

Cats tend to show their love in subtler ways than dogs, so you may assume your cat hates you if you do not know much about their body language.

Maine Coons show affection by following their owners from room to room, mimicking their behavior, and staring at them. They may also lick or bite you gently, or sleep next to you at night. They can also show their affection with their tail; when they are feeling friendly or excited to see you, they usually stick their tails straight up.

If you are worried that your Maine Coon is not showing you affection, then read on!

There are many surprising ways that these cats show their love for their owners, and your Maine Coon might be showing you affection without you even knowing it!

How Do Maine Coons Show Affection?

The Maine Coon is an enormous cat breed that has become famous for its gentle, loving nature.

These cats make a great addition to just about any family because they get along well with children and other pets.

They are also very patient and attuned to their owner’s emotions, often cuddling when they sense their family members are sad or upset.

As loving as Maine Coons are, some people can have a difficult time picking up on their emotions.

Since cat body language can be subtle, you may even be wondering, are Maine Coon cats affectionate?

To help you understand your Maine Coon cat better, here is a list of ways your cat might be showing you love (source 1,2):

Following You Around

Maine Coons like to follow their favorite family members around the house.

They are generally unobtrusive, preferring to observe you rather than get in the way.

Many Maine Coons will lay nearby and nap or watch you work, but will not demand your attention if you seem busy.

Learn more about this fascinating Maine Coon cat behavior, in my article specifically dedicated to the reasons why this cat breed likes to follow its owners around.


It is pretty common knowledge that cats purr when they are feeling happy. Some cats will also purr when they are stressed or upset, but this all depends on context.

A cat that is purring but wriggles away from you, crouches stiffly, or hides are likely purring from stress instead.

In most cases, though, purring means your cat feels safe and content.

Purring can sometimes be accompanied by kneading, where your cat massages its paws on a soft blanket or even its owner!

Mirroring Your Behavior

Has your Maine Coon ever sat on your keyboard while you were working, or tried to sit at the table during dinnertime?

While these behaviors can be annoying, they are actually a way your cat shows its affection!

Cats like to copy their owners, so they feel involved in what you are doing.

Many owners compromise by giving their cats their mini laptops to sit by or providing an extra seat at the table for them!

Staring At You

Some people find it creepy when a cat stares at them, and assume it means the cat is angry. However, cats actually stare at their owners when they like them!

It is a sign that they are looking to you for reassurance, especially if they are confused or scared.

Licking And Biting

If you are wondering, why do Maine Coons lick so much, then it probably means your Maine Coon loves you a lot!

Cats groom their close friends and family members when they are feeling loving or snuggly.

Your Maine Coon might lick your hand when you are near.

Sometimes, they may show their affection by gently biting or nibbling at your fingers, too!

Slow Blinking

One famous way that cats show their love is by blinking or winking slowly at their owners.

It is the ultimate show of trust because it means your cat feels safe enough around you to lower its defenses.

The best part is, you can tell your cat that you love them too by slowly blinking back!

Talking With Their Tail

Cats can communicate a lot with just their tails.

For example, cats tend to flick their tail or lash it quickly when they are annoyed or upset.

When cats are happy, they usually stick their tails straight up.

Cats that are feeling friendly might stick their tails up and curl them over just at the tip, so they look like a question mark.

If your cat is really happy or excited, then it may even vibrate its tail!


A unique way that cats show affection is by butting their head against you. This is usually accompanied by purring, licking, or asking for snuggles.

Cats do this to other cats they love, or to their owners.

It is an odd but adorable way that they show affection, and it is also a way they can rub their scent glands on you.

Exposing Their Belly

Cat’s tummies are very soft and vulnerable. Their skin is thinner, their fur is less thick, and it is the easiest way for predators to access their vital organs.

So, when your cat stretches out to show you its tummy, it is saying that it loves and trusts you. It is also a sign that your cat feels relaxed and safe in your home.

While some cats do enjoy having their bellies petted, other cats may become upset.

This isn’t always the case, but many male cats like to have their bellies rubbed, while female cats prefer to simply be admired when they stretch out like that.

Greeting You

If your Maine Coon runs to meet you at the door when you come home, it means your cat missed you and is excited you are back!

Cats usually lift their tails all the way up in greeting, as well.

An excited Maine Coon likes to sniff your hands once you get back, so it can smell where you have been. After that, they usually like lots of cuddles!

Why Are Maine Coons So Affectionate?

Maine Coons have been bred for a long time, and their gentle temperaments probably have something to do with genetics.

This, combined with being well-socialized from a young age can make Maine Coon cats one of the most affectionate breeds in the world!

If you are asking yourself, are Maine Coons needy, then your Maine Coon may not be getting enough attention.

Maine Coons are incredibly loving cats, but they are also somewhat independent.

They do not usually get underfoot or constantly demand cuddles.

However, if you are away most of the time, and do not spend much time with your Maine Coon, then it may become clingy and needy.

Maine Coons do best in a household where they have at least one person around to hang out with from time to time.

If you are not able to spend much time with your Maine Coon, then you may want to consider getting another cat to prevent loneliness.

Are Maine Coons More Affectionate Than Other Cats?

Maine Coons are thought to be one of the most affectionate cat breeds out there.

They are generally more patient towards children and other cats, and they can even become friends with dogs!

When it comes to Maine Coon personality, female cats are thought to be slightly less affectionate than males.

While they can form close bonds just like male cats, their strong protective instincts make them a bit more cautious at first.

If you are looking for an affectionate Maine Coon personality, then a male Maine Coon might be a better option.

Still, this breed is known to be loving regardless of gender, so do not stress about it too much!

Do Maine Coons Get Jealous?

Believe it or not, even cats can get jealous!

Even though Maine Coons are generally loving towards children and other pets, they can become depressed and upset if they feel like they have been spurned for someone else.

If you are wondering, do Maine Coons have a favorite person, then perhaps your Maine Coon has become jealous that you are spending so much time with someone else.

Like all cats, Maine Coons thrive on routine.

If the addition of a new family member means you play with your Maine Coon less or feed them at a different time, then your cat is likely feeling unstable and insecure.

To prevent jealousy, make sure you give your Maine Coon just as much one on one time as you used to, and make sure you do not move your Maine Coon’s favorite toys or napping places in favor of your new family member.

Do Maine Coons Like To Be Held?

Most Maine Coons love to be held.

This breed’s gentle and patient temperament means that they are more likely to enjoy being held and snuggled than other cats.

However, this also depends on the cat’s individual personality.

Purebred Maine Coons are generally raised by breeders who spend lots of time socializing each litter of kittens to humans and other pets.

Still, even the most well-socialized Maine Coon will have boundaries.

Therefore, if your cat flattens its ears, begins growling, or tries to roll out of your grip, then gently set it down.

It will be more likely to tolerate being held in the future if you respect its boundaries.


If you have heard of the Maine Coon’s loving nature, but have a hard time reading your cat, then you may wonder, how do Maine Coons show affection?

These cuddly cats follow their people around from room to room, and they like to copy their owners so they can feel involved.

Maine Coons can also communicate their love by blinking slowly or by raising their tail so it is fully upright.

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