Why Does My Maine Coon Sleep On My Head?

If you’ve ever had a difficult night’s sleep due to your cat, you might be wondering why does my Maine Coon sleep on my head?

There are several reasons why your cat might sleep on your head. Cats are communal sleepers, and sleeping together is a social behavior. Since many people move their legs at night, cats might prefer to sleep near your head to avoid lots of movement. Cats might also choose to sleep on their owner’s head because they like the scent of their hair.

While many cat owners joke that their cat is trying to suffocate them while they sleep, the true reason is often more endearing.

Have you ever wondered about your cat’s odd sleeping behaviors? Read on to find out all of the reasons behind your cat’s sleeping quirks!

Why Does My Maine Coon Sleep On My Head?

The Maine Coon is an incredibly popular cat breed that developed naturally in the state of Maine.

This cat is particularly famous for being the largest domestic cat breed in the world. They’re known for being affectionate and loving towards their owners.

However, you may have noticed that sometimes, your cat has a tendency to sleep on or near your head. This can be uncomfortable, particularly with a large breed like the Maine Coon.

Here are some of the most common reasons why your cat might be sleeping on your head (sources 1,2):

  • It’s a Common Social Behavior: The domestic cat we know today evolved from communal groups in the desert. In the wild, cats would engage in the same behaviors at the same time together. By sleeping near you at the same time, your cat is simply fulfilling an ancient social routine. This also means that your cat views you as part of its “pack.”
  • You Move Around A Lot: If you tend to toss and turn in your sleep, it might not be comfortable for your cat to sleep near your legs. Instead, your cat might opt to sleep by your head, which you typically don’t move as much.
  • Your Head Is Warm: It’s no secret that cats are heat-seeking creatures! Most of our warmth escapes from our heads, making it one of the warmest parts of our bodies. This is why some cats might choose to curl up on your head rather than a different part of your body.
  • You Make Your Cat Feel Safe: If you and your cat are closely bonded, you likely offer your cat a sense of security. Cats are most vulnerable while they are asleep, so by sleeping near you, your cat feels like it has an extra form of protection.
  • Your Cat Likes the Smell of Your Hair: Another interesting reason why your cat might choose to sleep on your head is that it likes the way you smell!

How To Stop Cat From Sleeping On My Head

Even though cats often sleep near their owner’s head for safety and comfort, it might not be comfortable as the recipient.

If you want your cat to stop sleeping on your head, here are some possible solutions:

  • Keep Your Cat Out of the Bedroom: The simplest solution is to keep your cat shut out of your bedroom at night. However, if you still want your cat to sleep near you, this may not be the most ideal option.
  • Provide a Comfortable Bed: If you don’t want your cat to turn you into their bed, make sure your cat has a comfortable bed all their own. Don’t force your cat into their cat bed, but be sure to provide plenty of treats when they use it to encourage that behavior in the future.
  • Make Your Cat Feel Safe: If your cat is sleeping near you to feel safer, you can provide that same sense of safety by providing something that smells like you, like an article of clothing. Place it in your cat’s bed so that your cat still feels close to you!

What Does It Mean If A Cat Sleeps On You?

If your cat is sleeping on or near you, it means that you make your cat feel safe and comfortable! Cats are social creatures and like to engage in the same behaviors as their “pack” members.

When your cat sleeps by you, that’s your cat’s way of saying “You’re part of my family!”

Why Does My Cat Lay On My Neck At Night?

You might also be wondering why do cats sleep on your neck?

If your cat is sleeping on your neck, it is likely for the same reasons that it sleeps on your head:

  • Comfort
  • Affection
  • Safety
  • Heat

Your cat might choose to sleep on your neck rather than your head if it finds that part of your body warmer or more comfortable.

Why Does My Cat Sleep On My Pillow Above My Head?

Your cat might opt to sleep on your pillow rather than your head, which many owners find more comfortable.

However, sleeping on your pillow provides the same amount of heat, comfort, and protection that many cats feel while sleeping on their owner’s head.

Should I Let My Cat Sleep On My Pillow?

It’s up to you whether or not you let your cat sleep on your pillow.

It might be tempting to allow your cat (especially a kitten) to sleep on your pillow, but it could cause problems in the future.

Your kitten will inevitably grow into a larger cat, which means your sleeping routine might become less comfortable over time.

The most important part is to decide early on if you want your cat to sleep on your pillow or not.

If the answer is no, then begin discouraging the behavior right away, so you don’t send your cat mixed messages.

Why Do Cats Walk On You While You Sleep?

Unfortunately, cats aren’t always the best at respecting your personal space. However, cats don’t walk on humans just to be mean.

To a cat, the human body is one big, squishy, comfortable pillow.

Cats like to walk around and choose the most comfortable spot before settling down for a good night’s sleep, so they often walk all over their owners first before choosing their sleeping place (source 1).

Why Do Cats Sleep On Your Chest?

Instead of sleeping on their owner’s head, some cats choose to sleep on their owner’s chest.

This might be because some cats prefer to listen to the steady rhythm of an owner’s heartbeat as they fall asleep.

How To Train Your Cat To Sleep In Its Own Bed

Convincing your cat to sleep in its own bed is a great way to get it to stop sleeping on you at night. Here are some ways you can encourage your cat to use its own bed.

  • Don’t Force It: Cats are often wary of new objects and prefer to explore their environment on their own. Allow your cat to sleep in the bed without you forcing it, even if it takes a long time!
  • Put the Bed in a Comfortable Place: Place the cat’s bed in a warm, private area where your cat will feel safe and comfortable.
  • Provide Lots of Treats: The first few times you notice your cat using its bed, be sure to give your cat treats. Your cat will associate using its bed with positive stimuli, and will therefore be more likely to use it again in the future.
  • Add a Piece of You: You might even want to put a piece of your own clothing on your cat’s bed, so your cat will still be able to smell you while it sleeps.

Maine Coon Sleeping Habits And Positions

Cats have very different sleeping schedules from us humans.

On average, a cat will sleep between 12 and 16 hours every day!

While many people assume that cats are nocturnal, they are actually crepuscular, which means they are most active during dusk and dawn.

Cats are most likely to sleep for a few hours at night with their owners, as well as during the afternoon when the day is hottest.

Maine Coons can also sleep in a variety of positions. They can sleep curled up, stretched out with their belly up, or in a “loaf” position with their paws curled under them.

Cats will often sleep in different positions based on temperature, and what will keep them warmest or coolest at the time.

Why Do Cats Sleep With Their Head Up?

To us humans, a cat sleeping with its head up usually looks quite uncomfortable. However, cats have the unique ability to keep their muscles stiff even while they’re relaxed.

A cat can stiffen its neck muscles to support its head, making that sleeping position nice and comfortable! (source 1).


A lot of owners wonder “Why does my Maine Coon sleep on my head?”

Overall, cats like to sleep on or near their owner’s head because it feels safe, warm, and comfortable.

However, this behavior isn’t always ideal, especially when it interferes with sleep, so you might want to encourage your cat to use its own bed while you’re trying to get some shut-eye.

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To get your cat to fall asleep quickly, you should play with it for ten to fifteen minutes. This will tire your cat out and make them more likely to fall asleep (source 1).

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