How Do You Spell Maine Coon Cat?

Even if you have been a fan of this breed for a long time, you may still be wondering, how do you spell Maine Coon cat?

This breed has such a mysterious origin that many people interpret its name differently.

The Maine Coon cat breed is spelled Maine Coon. The word Maine refers to the state of Maine, where this breed originally developed. The word Coon likely comes from the word raccoon, as these cats typically have a striped tail that resembles raccoons.

As popular as Maine Coons are, their mysterious origins have caused a lot of myths and misinformation to surround the breed.

Read on to learn all about how to spell and pronounce Maine Coon, as well as some fun history about this fascinating breed.

How Do You Spell Maine Coon Cat?

The Maine Coon is a majestic, mysterious breed that developed naturally in the cold state of Maine.

These cats became popular for their incredible hunting abilities, as well as for their enormous size.

While most cats weigh between 7 and 11 pounds on average, Maine Coons typically weigh between 8 and 25 pounds, and can even weigh as much as 34 pounds!

Read more about how big a Maine Coon cat can get in this article.

While we do know these cats originated in Maine, nobody knows exactly how they got there in the first place, leading to many wild myths to explain this breed’s history.

This breed’s mysterious history means there are many interpretations of the breed, and how it got its name.

But what is clear if you spend even a short amount of time on the internet, is that even people who adore this breed often have a difficult time determining how to spell Maine Coon!

So let’s set the record straight …

The proper way to spell this breed’s name is Maine Coon.

Maine refers to the American state where this breed originated, and Coon comes from the word raccoon.

While it is impossible for cats to mate with raccoons, many people long ago falsely believed that these cats were the result of a cross between domestic cats and raccoons.

Many Maine Coons also have bold stripes around their tails, which resemble raccoons. This only helped to strengthen the incorrect belief that Maine Coons were born out of a mating between a cat and a raccoon.

Learn more about the raccoon theory here, or click on the picture below to be transported to my article directly!

So what misspellings of the word ‘Maine Coon’ might you have noticed on the internet?

Here are a few I’ve seen, and why I think people have made this particular spelling mistake:


Most cat breed names are simply one word, so it is not that surprising that some people condense the phrase Maine Coon into a single word, rather than two separate words.

They may also spell the breed as Mancooon or Maincoon.

Main Coon

People who do not know that this breed originated in the state of Maine may forget to place an e at the end of the word, referring to this breed as a Main Coon instead.

They may also spell phrases like:

  • Main Coon cat
  • Main Coon kitten
  • Main Coon mix

Maine Cat

Some people forget the ending part of this cat breed, simply referring to them as Maine cats instead of Maine Coons.

Mane Coon

Perhaps the most common misspelling of this breed is the phrase Mane Coon.

Since not everybody knows that these cats developed in the state of Maine, they mistakenly assume that the word refers instead to the ruff of fur around their necks.

This longhair breed has extra-long fur around its shoulders and neck, making them resemble lions.

Maine Coon Cat Definition

The name Maine Coon, meaning a specific breed of cat, is an English name.

The most common definition of a Maine Coon cat is any cat whose DNA can be traced back to the specific cat breed that originated in Maine.

These cats are typically very large, with long, thick fur, and a social, intelligent personality.

This cat breed is not just popular in English-speaking countries, though!

The Maine Coon meaning in Urdu, or even the Maine Coon Tamil meaning are both the same.

Many people who speak different languages will still refer to this breed as a Maine Coon, though they may use slightly different phonetics.

For example, in Urdu, Maine Coons are often pronounced mini koon, to better fit the language.

How Is Maine Coon Pronounced?

While spelling Maine Coon can be tricky enough, there are also many people who wonder how to pronounce the word Maine Coon.

In English, this name is pronounced “mane koon,” or, in the IPA standard, “men kun”.

So, how do you say Maine Coon in other languages?

In French, Spanish, and Italian, this breed is simply called the Maine Coon.

In German, however, the Maine Coon is called Amerikanische Waldstakze, which means American Forest Cat.

It is also sometimes called Maine-Coon-Katze, with katze being the German word for cat.

Most languages, though, do not have their own special name for Maine Coon cats, and instead translate the name Maine Coon phonetically into their own languages (sources 1,2,3,4).

Maine Coon Spiritual Meaning

Some people may just think of their cats as pets, but to others, when it comes to the Maine Coon cat, spiritual meaning is very important to them.

Cats as a whole have often held a sacred meaning; even people today can look into their cat’s eyes and see deep emotion and intelligence.

Maine Coons only developed in the early 18th century, and as such, there is not much religious mythology surrounding them.

However, they were considered quite lucky.

Sailors And Farmers

Sailors and farmers were also keen to keep these cats nearby because they were useful for hunting:

  • Mice
  • Rats
  • Other Vermin

Before long, though, sailors and farmers realized that the large and intelligent Maine Coon cat had superior hunting abilities, and they began to prize this breed among others.

Polydactyl Maine Coon Cats

Back in the day, polydactyl Maine Coons were especially common, which meant they were more likely to be born with extra toes.

Not sure what a polydactyl Maine Coon cat is? This article explains it really well.

Polydactyl Maine Coon cat’s paws are even larger and wider, making it easier for them to catch prey.

Sailors especially viewed polydactyl Maine Coons as lucky.


Even though the individual Maine Coon breed might not have religious significance among varying cultures, cats, in general, have historically been associated with spirituality.

Something about cats has always captivated (and sometimes scared) people.

Even though they may be animals, there is something almost human about their intelligent gaze and distinct mannerisms.

Ancient Egypt

In Ancient Egypt, cats were viewed as sacred, and many people had their cats buried alongside them, so they could accompany them to the afterlife.

Cats were revered by Ancient Egyptians for their usefulness as pest hunters, as well as for their companionship.

Pharaohs and wealthy members of society dressed their cats in precious metals and ate alongside their companions.

Cats were valued not just for their friendly nature and hunting abilities, but for their skill, speed, and other virtues that were viewed as admirable.


Cats were not just held in high esteem in Ancient Egypt, though.

Beginning around 3,000 B.C., people in China also saw the value of cats as hunters and began to domesticate them.

By around 1,000 B.C., cats had become beloved pets and were thought to bring good luck.

Gaelic-Speaking Countries

Before the British colonization of Wales, Ireland, and Scotland, these Gaelic-speaking countries viewed cats as powerful, magical creatures.

They were viewed with both awe and fear, as some believed they had terrifying power.

Early Christianity

During early Christianity, however, colonizers viewed the pagan religion of these Gaelic-speaking countries as Satanic.

While older Celtic religions viewed cats as kinds of spirits, Christians believed they symbolized witchcraft and devil worship.

Sadly, it became common practice to torture and kill cats, out of the belief that they were:

  • Demons
  • Witches
  • Servants of Satan

The Plague, however, brought many people to their senses as they realized cats were essential for eradicating rats and other pests that spread disease.

Finally, cats were once again cherished for their usefulness, and over time, once-fearful Europeans began to accept them as beloved pets.

Intelligent Powerful Creatures

While cats have been associated with both good and bad luck, people have always believed them to be intelligent, powerful creatures.

Even today, in an age of science and reason, there is something undeniably magical about cats.

While many humans tend to view themselves as above other animals, Maine Coon owners tend to believe otherwise.

Even though cats may not be able to talk or build great tools and machinery like us, the Maine Coon’s extreme intelligence means these cats are much more than just pets.

Humans form deep bonds with their Maine Coons, and these sensitive cats are even known to sense and respond to their owner’s emotions!

Whether your Maine Coon is simply a beloved companion or carries deep spiritual significance to you, all Maine Coon owners can agree that these soulful, gentle creatures are incredibly special (sources 1,2).


Since this cat breed has such mysterious origins, many people wonder, how do you spell Maine Coon cat?

This breed’s name is spelled Maine Coon, with the word Maine referring to the state where these cats originated.

The name Coon refers to the once common belief that this cat breed originated as a cross between domestic cats and raccoons.

Even though it is impossible for cats and raccoons to produce offspring, Maine Coons do often resemble raccoons, and the name remains over two centuries later.

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Maine Coon Lifespan

Maine Coons are considered a healthy and robust breed, so they typically live between 12 and 15 years.

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