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If you are looking for Maine Coon breeders in Europe, then you have come to the right place.

So make sure you keep reading to discover the most reliable and trustworthy breeders selling Maine Coon kittens in each European country.

Maine Coon breeders are located in every European country. Buyers should only adopt or purchase Maine Coons from registered Maine Coon breeders, or trusted Maine Coon rescue centers and shelters. Always ask seller for cats full vaccination and medical history, plus pedigree status documentation.

With so many countries falling under the ‘European’ banner, the task of finding a suitable Maine Coon breeder in Europe can seem a touch daunting.

This is especially true if you are negotiating with varying cultures, languages and breeder ethics.

This article aims to remove such issues and pave the way for potential owners to be paired with suitable and trustworthy European Maine Coon cat breeders.

So keep reading, to start your journey!

Disclaimer and Warning

Maine Coon Central makes no representations or warranties with respect to the breeding or business practices of any of the companies listed within this article. 

Maine Coon Central strongly recommends that an individual’s transactions with breeders be undertaken with the same caution and due diligence, as would be devoted to any important business matter.

Please be aware that there are many pet scams in operation. Therefore, if the breeder does any of the following we recommend you cancel the purchase immediately:
* Breeder does not disclose their full address.
* No contact name given.
* Breeder requests large payment upfront for kitten.
* Breeder asks you to send money outside your country of residence.
* Breeder will not speak to you on the phone.
* Creates a sense of urgency, making you feel that you have to hand over your money straight away.

If you are a registered Maine Coon cat breeder and would like to be added to the list email:

Best Maine Coon Breeders In Europe

If you are looking for European Maine Coon breeders, make sure you review my list below. To simplify matters, I have divided the list into the different European countries.

I have sourced these details from respected cat organisations, such as 

Details are correct as of 23rd March 2022.

To save yourself some time, just click on the European country of your choice below, to skip straight to your locally registered Maine Coon breeder list:

Maine Coon Breeders Denmark

The following breeder is listed on the TICA website (source 1).

It is important you read the notes underneath this breeder listing, before engaging with them:

Registration: TICA
Name: Yuliya Durbazheva
Location: Perm Krai, Russia
Telephone: +79 024 733927

Please note that the breeder listed above, after closer inspection of their website, actually lives in Russia.

They do not live in Denmark as advertised on TICA, which does raise a number of questions in my mind.

Proceed with caution, as this is the first breeder I have ever encountered whom is listed on TICA’s website, but stating a false country location.

On their website they state that they send Maine Coon kittens via an international delivery method.

They state they are a monobreed Maine Coon cattery that has been breeding since 2008. Their website says their “animals undergo genetic tests for HCM, SMA, Pkdef”.

Their kittens are mainly black smoke, red silver, and black silver.

Maine Coon Breeders France

A large number of Maine Coon cat breeders are listed on the French website: ‘Livre Officiel Des Origines Félines‘ which translates in English to ‘The Official Book Of Feline Origins’.

The short name for this company is ‘Loof’.

A number of French breeders refer to their Maine Coon kittens as being sold with a “pedigree by LOOF (Livre Officiel des Origines Félines).

This pedigree is recognised at international level” (source 1).

Please click on this link to view the full detailed version of Maine Coon cat breeders in France, as detailed by LOOF. ( ** ARTICLE COMING SOON ** )

French Breed Club MCCF

The following Maine Coon cat breeders are listed on the French breed club ‘MCCF” website. This acronym is short for ‘Maine Coon Club De France’ (click here to visit their website).

Please note that the MCCF website does not list all the website addresses for these breeders, so make sure to research your chosen breeder throughly:

Maine Coon Breeders Bretagne

Breeder: Chatterie De Fir Bolg
Registration: MCCF
Name: Mme DEBURGRAVE Nathalie
Location: 22150 PLEMY, 22 - Cotes d'Armor OR 7 Calvaire St-Sébastien (both addresses listed)
22 150 PLEMYEmail: 
Facebook Page:
Registration: MCCF
Name: Mme GARREAUD Véronique
Location: 15 rue de Guerlédan 56480 SAINT-AIGNAN
Telephone:  UNKNOWN
Website: UNKNOWN
Registration: MCCF
Name: Mme Goëttel Joëlle
Location: 2 route de Rumengol 29 460 HANUEC
Website: UNKNOWN
Registration: MCCF
Name: Mr MANCA Marcel
Lo cation: 4 rue François Villon22 000 SAINT-BRIEUC
Telephone: 06 11 69 71 25

Maine Coon Breeders: Les Eleveurs de la region NORMANDIE

Registration: MCCF
Name: Mme BOUGEY Marine
Location: 86 rue de la Saussaye 76 500 ELBEUF
Telephone: 06 14 71 34 95
Website: UNKNOWN
Registration: MCCF
Name: Mme DE VALADY Caroline
Location: Les Montys 14 500 CAMPAGNOLLES
Email: chatteriekingleocoons@mainecooncentralgmail-com
Telephone: +33 7 60 49 29 70
Registration: MCCF
Name: Mme LOISEL Elodie
Location: 76110 Érainville 76 - Seine Maritime - France
Telephone: 06 77 39 29 34
Registration: MCCF
Name: Mme YAHIAT Sophie
Location: 122 rue du Mont Gargan 76 000 ROUEN
Telephone: 06 13 74 02 08

Maine Coon Breeders: Les Eleveurs de la region CENTRE AND NORD PAS DE CALAIS

Registration: MCCF
Name: Mme FRAISSE Bernadette
Location: 14 chemin Noir, La Rouchouze 37 130 LANGEAIS
Telephone: 09 52 50 56 06
Registration: MCCF
Name: Mr FRETAULT Philippe
Location: 12 rue de la Chaimbauderie 41 400 CHISSAY EN TOURAINE
Telephone: 07 69 24 97 89
Website: UNKNOWN
Registration: MCCF
Name: Mr PARENT Thierry
Location: 3 chemin des Grenades18 500 MARMAGNE
Telephone: 06 78 35 14 60
Website: UNKNOWN

Maine Coon Breeders Piccardy Region

Registration: MCCF
Name: Mrs BOULONGNE Coralie
Location: 1 rue Laugée 02 420 NAUROY
Telephone: 06 71 77 65 63
Website: UNKNOWN
Registration: MCCF
Location: 15 Birch Alley 89 690 CHEROY
Telephone: 06 08 12 27 53
Registration: MCCF
Name: Mrs MILLAN Nathalie
Location: 64 station street BAILLET IN FRANCE
Telephone: 07 82 92 61 07

Maine Coon Breeders: Region ALSACE LORAINNE

Registration: MCCF
Name: Mme ROSSIGNOL Anne
Location: 23, rue Moissons 67610 LA WANTZENAU
Email: annerossignol
Telephone: 06 77 04 92 73 
Registration: MCCF
Name: Mr BOCK GALL Stephan
Location: 19 rue Marechal Foch 67 650 DAMBACH THE CITY
Telephone: 07 62 64 15 24
Website: UNKNOWN
Registration: MCCF
Name: Mrs Jansch Danielle
Location: 50 Church Street 57,700 HAYANGE
Telephone: 06 33 02 39 05
Registration: MCCF
Name: Ms LAFORGE Nadia
Location: 24 rue de l'Yron 54,800 JARNY
Registration: MCCF
Name: Ms MASTER Pascale
Location: 28 rue Richard Auvray 88,000 EPINAL
Telephone: 06 60 80 96 03
Website: UNKNOWN

For the full guide to Maine Coon breeders in France, make sure you take a look at this article I wrote.


Maine Coon Breeders Germany

The following breeder is listed on the TICA website (source 1):

1. Chafervalley

Registration: TICA
Name: Alena Zivkov
Location: Waldstrasse 25b, 64668 Rimbach, Germany
Telephone:  +49 6253 806840 

The Maine Coon cattery listed above is located in Germany and has been breeding Maine Coon cats since 1997.

Their website provides very limited information though, so you will need to contact the seller directly.

2. Aristopearls

The following breeder states that they are registered with TICA, however, I have not been able to verify this information with TICA, therefore proceed with caution (checks made March 2022):

Breeder: Aristopearls
Registration: TICA
Name: Raphaela & Nicola Kik
Location: 73230 Kirchheim unter Teck
Telephone:  0151 - 17 220 222

Maine Coon Breeders Serbia

The following breeder is listed on the TICA website (source 1):

Breeder: Mazza
Registration: TICA
Name: Dejan Radonjic
Location: Belgrade, 11000
Telephone: +381 638221685

Please note this Maine Coon breeders website is listed as “coming soon”. Therefore, no data was available regarding this breeder on 24th March 2022.

Proceed with caution.

Maine Coon Breeders Spain

The following breeders are listed on the TICA website (source 1):

Registration: TICA
Name: Kim
Location: Montserrat, 08691, Barcelona, Spain
Telephone: 00 34 691 978310

The owner of Kimzkoonz runs a small cattery and produces approximately 3-4 litters each year.

Her love of Maine Coon cats is clear and she openly displays her TICA certificate, plus certificates for feline nutrition and feline first aid, and finally advanced pet grooming diploma on her website.

From time to time this breeder will list their older Maine Coon females and males for adoption.

Registration: TICA
Name: Viviana Sanchez
Location: Mexico, Peru, Spain, UAE, Uruguay
Telephone: +52 221 166 6332

Please be aware that the Kunzargo website is listed entirely in Spanish, therefore I have been unable to back check this companies details as I only speak English.

TICA’s website does, however, list that this breeders existing membership expires in May 2022.

Maine Coon Breeders United Kingdom

The following breeders are listed on the TICA website (source 1):


Breeder: Rudycats
Registration: TICA
Name: Jessica Beckwith
Location: 46 Sydney Rd, Crewe, Cheshire, CW1 4HQ
Telephone: +44 07 42 25 55149

The breeders website states that they have mainly European and Russian line Maine Coon cats, which are mainly blue smoke, blue smoke & black/blue silver tabby and black smoke in colour.

Their Maine Coon kittens are both polydactyl and non-polydactyl. Learn more about the polydactyl Maine Coon cat here.

The Rudycat website states they have received the following awards:

  • CFA Breeding Cattery of Excellence
  • TICA Outstanding Breeding Cattery

Rudycats is a member of multiple cat organisations, including TICA, CFA, ICW, CFF and GCCF. 

This breeder checks their cats for the most common Maine Coon genetic conditions. Learn more about this in my article.

If you purchase a Maine Coon from this company, please note that it will be neutered/spayed, microchipped, fully vaccinated, include copies of both parent’s health tests, vet certificate, four generation pedigree and TICA registration, first flea and worm treatments given.

2. Bonniebald

Registration: TICA
Name: Edita Solar
Location: Ipswich, IP1 4QE
Telephone: 07877435589

This breeder does not have a website, only a personal Facebook page.

Their Facebook page states that they studied at Lithuanian Veterinary Academy, however, does not disclose the full address of Bonniebald.

TICA states that this breeders current membership will expire in May 2022.

Please proceed with caution since neither a website, nor full address have been listed.

3. Dollzuki

Registration: TICA
Name: Karen Murray
Location: UNKNOWN
Telephone: +07 872944963

Please be aware that this breeder does not list a website address on their TICA registration.

After researching the breeder on Google, I have been unable to locate a website.

Instead, I have only found a very limited Facebook profile which does not state the breeders address. Proceed with caution.

4. Felinocoons

Registration: TICA
Name: Ewa Adamczyk
Location: Dumbarton, West Dumbartonshire, Glasgow, Scotland
Telephone: +01389763036
Website: AND

The breeder website listed on TICA is very limited, but within it I found a link to their blogspot website where this breeder looks to be more active.

Felinocoons is classed as a closed cattery, so you will not be able to visit the cattery until collection of your kitten. They have not disclosed their location.

Maine Coons sold by this breeder are available for indoor homes only.

A deposit is required to secure a kitten, but will be refunded if the breeder is unable to supply a healthy kitten or alternative kitten.

Felinocoons states that they check their breeding cats for multiple genetic diseases, and health issues.

Since no address is listed and you are unable to see the kittens physically before providing a deposit, please proceed with caution.


Registration: TICA
Name: Amber Davies
Location: Warrington
Telephone: +4407719626577

Koshachiykoon is a registered breeder that has imported their breeding cats from around the world. Their website states that their “breeding cats are all genetically tested for HCM,SMA and PkDef”.

This cattery does not listed its full address, nor permit kitten visits until collection day, therefore, please proceed with caution.

Kittens from this breeder start at £1500 and you will need to provide a £400 deposit.

If you purchase a kitten from this breeder, they will be spayed/neutered, microchipped, flea and worm treated, 4 weeks insurance, and vaccination record.


Breeder: Rydalmaine
Registration: TICA and GCCF
Name: Judy Stratton
Location: UNKNOWN - Only state 'Peterborough'
Telephone: +44 1733571260

Rydalmaine is a small hobby breeder based in Peterborough (Cambridgeshire).

Their cats are TICA and GCCF registered. Kittens will also have veterinary health checks, be vaccinated, microchipped, registered with either TICA of GCCF, and be a 4/5 generation pedigree.

This Maine Coon breeder will have kittens available from time to time.

They openly list where their breeding cats have been purchased, which indicates a higher level of validity since purchasers can double check these details.

Kittens will only be rehomed if purchaser confirms the kittens will be kept indoors, or has a secured garden area installed.

Please note however that the breeder has not provided a full address location, and the link to their Facebook page does not work. Proceed with caution.


Registration: TICA
Name: Bernardeta Zaczek
Location: Mandale Road, Bournemouth,BH11 8HZ
Telephone: +447540083388

Sapphirecoons is a small family run cat breeder located in Dorset. They openly displays their TICA, GCCF certifications.

This Maine Coon breeder does not state that they check their breeding cats for specific genetic diseases.

However, if you look at the pictures of their breeding cats you will notice that they state “negative for HCM, SMA, PKD, PKDef, FeLV & FIV” under the pictures.

On their website Sapphirecoons requests pictures of your home and location, so that they can vet if you are a suitable purchaser.

Kittens will be neutered/spayed, microchipped, vaccinated, include copies of both parent’s health tests, first flea and worm treatments, 5 weeks free pet insurance and be fourth generation pedigree and TICA or GCCF registered.

8. Wildblue

Breeder: Wildblue
Registration: TICA
Name: Stacey Natar
Location: UNKNOWN - Knutsford, Chesire
Telephone: UNKNOWN

This breeder raises Maine Coon kittens in their home around their family, so the kittens should be well-socialised.

Wildblue also state that they specialise in “raising and providing therapy kittens for children/adults with ADHD, ASD and other additional needs”.

Furthermore, Wildblue states their kittens are all free of the defective genes for HCM, SMA and PKD. 

Maine Coon Breeders In United Kingdom | County Level

The following Maine Coon cat breeders have been sourced from Maine Cat Club who is affiliated with the Governing Body Of The Cat Fancy (GCCF).

All the breeders listed below have agreed to abide by the GCCF Code of Ethics for Breeders & Owners. 

South | South East | Isle Of Wight

Name: Mrs M Holden-Ritchie
Location: Mullion, Helston, Cornwall
Telephone: 01326 240907

Please note that the website does not disclose full address details, therefore proceed with caution.

This breeder works in partnership with a company called Shamanta Cats. Their website is: whose address details are stated as PL6, Plymouth.

Breeder: Golitha
Name: Mrs J Johnson
Location: UNKNOWN - Cornwall
Telephone: 01579 321356
Website: UNKNOWN

This breeder does not state a full postal address, nor have a website address. Proceed with caution.

Name: Mr S and Mrs V Wright
Location: UNKNOWN - Devon
Telephone: 07540 091220
Website: UNKNOWN. Facebook page:

To review the complete guide to Maine Coon Breeders In United Kingdom, click this link to view my FULL article. ( ** ARTICLE COMING SOON ** ).

Maine Coon Breeders In Europe

The Maine Coon cat breed has risen to fame over the last few decades, with many owners across the world having fallen in love with this cat breeds sheer beauty, immense size, and friendly personality.

So, if you are keen to own a Maine Coon, and also live in Europe, you might be wondering how to find reputable Maine Coon breeders in Europe.

If this sounds familiar, make sure you keep reading to gain an understanding of the questions you need to ask each breeder, and what certifications the seller should ideally be able to show you.

The best place to begin your search for a Maine Coon kitten, is by looking for breeders with the following credentials:

  • Registered Maine Coon Breeders: Check to see if the breeder is registered with any professional cat governing bodies.
  • Breeder Listed On Cat Breeding Club Lists: Check cat governing bodies like TICA, CFA, MCBFA to see if the breeder is listed on their website.
  • Recommendations: Was the breeder recommended? Review breeders online presence to determine whether they have positive / negative customer reviews.
  • Social Media Platforms: Is the seller active on their own page, or other social media platforms? Are they willing to offer regular advice to their readers for free, without trying to sell kittens off the back of it?
  • Gut Instinct: Never underestimate your gut instincts. If something seems to be too good to be true, it likely is. Trust in your instincts, an ability to judge peoples characters.

With so many Maine Coon kittens for sale across Europe, along with the premium price tag that this pedigree cat breed commands, potential buyers need to ensure they research potential breeders thoroughly.

This is particularly more important as the world faces increasing financial strains after Covid-19 swept across Europe with great force, causing many businesses and individuals personal hardship.

If history is anything to go by, it is likely that we will see a significant rise in backyard breeders (BYB) during the next few years as those made unemployed during the pandemic desperately try to make quick cash out of unsuspecting buyers.

With these factors in mind, how exactly can an individual know which Maine coon breeders are trustworthy, or not?

Whilst I have not visited, nor inspected every European Maine Coon breeder listed below, I can arm novice purchasers with some additional questions that they should ensure the seller successfully answers.

Here are the additional breeder checks to make, before buying your Maine Coon kitten:

  • Does the breeder have a fully functioning website? If not, why not?
  • Do they have a social platform presence i.e. Facebook?
  • Will the breeder allow you to meet the Maine Coon kitten, in their home environment?
  • Review the online reviews of this breeder, on Google.
  • Does the breeder have a good knowledge of the Maine Coon cat breed?
  • Will the breeder let you meet the kitten’s parents?
  • Does the kitten have a full vaccination history and health check? 
  • Can the breeder supply you with the official pedigree paperwork?
  • Do they have a social platform presence i.e. Facebook?
  • Will the breeder allow you to meet the Maine Coon kitten, in their home environment?
  • Review the online reviews of this breeder, on Google.
  • Does the breeder have a good knowledge of the Maine Coon cat breed?
  • Will the breeder let you meet the kitten’s parents?
  • Does the kitten have a full vaccination history and health check?
  • Can the breeder supply you with the official pedigree paperwork?

There are many other questions to ask, to ensure you are dealing with an ethical, responsible and trustworthy Maine Coon cat breeder.

Why not print off my guide 20+ Questions To Ask Breeder When Buying A Maine Coon Kitten to guide you through the process.

My article Buying A Maine Coon Cat: Complete Guide would also be a valuable read for you.

As much as you need to know the key questions to ask breeders, it is also extremely valuable to be alert to possible red flags.

Therefore, it is wise to avoid breeders that do or say the following:

  • Asks for a deposit before you even see the Maine Coon kitten/cat.
  • Seller cannot provide multiple photographs of the advertised Maine Coon.
  • Has the breeder used stock photos of Maine Coons kittens, rather than photos they have taken?
  • Request money is transferred outside your country of residence.
  • For sale advertisements that use poor quality English (or countries first language).
  • Cannot provide certification that the kitten is a purebred Maine Coon (pedigree). 
  • Does not act naturally around the Maine Coon kittens, or shows no knowledge of the breed.

Maine Coon Breeder Organisations

Maine Coon cats are well known for being the largest domesticated cat breed in the world.

With their long dense fur, regal looks and family friendly personality, it’s no surprise that the Maine Coon breed is loved by millions of people.

This is particularly true of our American friends who voted the Maine Coon cat as their 3rd favorite cat breed to own, in 2015.

If the mystical powers of the Maine Coon cat breed have you in awe, then make sure you do not rush into any decisions. Instead, you should vet potential European Maine Coon breeders.

Below are a number of cat organizations that have been set up to protect this magnificent cat breed’s purebred status:

  • TICA
  • CFA
  • FIFe

It is not a mandatory requirement that Maine Coon breeders register with any of these cat organizations, however, registration does signal the breeders level of authenticity and trustworthiness, in such a crowded marketplace.

Please keep in mind though, that whilst a breeder can register with any of the cat regulatory bodies listed above, this does not automatically guarantee they are trustworthy.

Instead, it simply highlights that the breeders has agreed to follow a defined set of breeder rules and ethics.


This is a pretty definitive list of registered Maine Coon cat breeders in the United States, but it definitely isn’t the complete and definitive guide since new breeders are popping up across the different states on a regular basis.

Breeders wishing to be added to this registered Maine Coon breeder article will be considered, by sending their full company details, website address, and contact details to

For more information on this fascinating cat breed, check out my other informative articles:

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