Maine Coon Cat Spiritual Meaning

If you are wondering about the Maine Coon cat spiritual meaning, then you will be pleased to know that this breed is associated with a lot of mythology and folklore. Keep reading to find out more!

The Maine Coon is associated with loyalty. Some believe the Maine Coon descended from the cats of Vikings, who believed that cats were the sacred animal of Freya. Maine Coons were the prized pets of sailors during the 1800s, and since American sailors were known for their superstition, this means Maine Coons are likely associated with good luck.

Cats have long been a source of mythology and spiritual significance, but the symbolism behind these creatures varies from culture to culture.

Since the Maine Coon only originated in the 1800s, they do not have as many associations as more ancient breeds like the Siamese, but they still have a rich cultural impact.

If Maine Coon cats have been showing up in your dreams or day-to-day life, then you will probably want to know if there is any spiritual significance behind these appearances.

Read on to find out just what the spiritual significance of a Maine Coon might mean to you!

Maine Coon Cat Spiritual Meaning

The Maine Coon is an enormous cat breed that originated in the wild state of Maine.

Today, they are known to be devoted companions and intelligent, playful family members, but they were not always associated with domestic life.

Centuries ago, when Maine Coons roamed wild, they were prized for their deft hunting abilities and loyalty to their owners.

Maine Coons were primarily kept by farmers and sailors, who needed strong hunters to keep mice and pets away from cargo or stored food.

Since sailors have long been known for their superstitious beliefs, particularly in the 1800s, it is not much of a stretch to assume the Maine Coon was considered good luck.

So, what is the meaning of a Maine Coon today?

The Maine Coon’s mysterious origins mean there is a lot of different mythology and folklore surrounding them. Read more about their history, here.

Most believe that the Maine Coon’s ancestors arrived in America by boat, and eventually reproduced with feral cats in Maine.

However, there are many wild theories about how these cats arrived by boat in the first place.

One popular theory is that the Maine Coon descended from the cats of Marie Antoinette, though there is no historical or DNA evidence to support this theory.

Some believe that Maine Coons descended from the cats of Vikings, which has yet to be proven.

Still, if Maine Coons are the descendants of Viking cats, then they are likely associated with prosperity and good luck.

To the Vikings, cats were the sacred animals of the goddess Freya, who tends to those in the afterlife but is also associated with fertility and partying, among other things.

Since the Maine Coon is also the official state cat of Maine, this breed can also symbolize endurance and beating all the odds.

Despite their popularity in the 1800s, they fell out of favor when the Persian cat breed became popular in the 1900s.

This, along with two World Wars, nearly eradicated the Maine Coon breed entirely.

Thanks to some dedicated cat fanciers, however, the Maine Coon was brought back from the brink of extinction, and is now one of the most popular cat breeds in the entire world! (source 1)

What Do Cats Symbolize?

Cats have a rich mythological history. But what do cats represent in the spiritual world?

Many different cultures across history have different associations with cats.

Here are some of the ways cats are viewed spiritually:


Perhaps most famously, those in Ancient Egypt revered cats as sacred, and many cat owners mummified their pets so they could join their owners in the afterlife.

In Islamic culture, cats have historically been viewed as sacred, as well.

It is considered very bad to commit harm against a cat, and pious to care for or show kindness to a cat.


Since modern domestic cats come from desert-dwelling wildcats, and since they are also known to dislike water, they are often associated with the weather, as well.

In Thailand, cats are associated with the dry season, and there are even some rain rituals that involve pouring water on cats to bring rain.


Cats have not always had positive connotations, though.

In the Middle Ages, Christians believed cats were related to witches, and would often kill and even torture cats.

They would also punish others seen caring for cats, as they believed they were demons in disguise.

Thankfully, cats are treated much better today and are generally viewed as loyal, loving companions rather than omens of good or bad luck (source 1).

Dreaming About Maine Coon Cats

Our dreams can reveal a lot about our psyche and current stressors.

Dreams may seem random at the time, but they are usually steeped in symbolism.

Of course, dream symbolism is based on one’s personal context, as well, but there are some general associations you can glean from any dreams about cats.

So, what is the spiritual meaning of dreaming about cats?

Here are some possible interpretations if you have been dreaming of cats lately (source 1):

1. Maine Coon Dream

If you are dreaming about a Maine Coon cat, it could symbolize that you are feeling in touch with your wild side.

It could also indicate that there is some big goal you have yet to attain.

2. Dreaming Of A Sick Cat

If you have stressful dreams about sick cats, you may be feeling uncared for, or worried that you are not properly caring for others in your life.

3. Dream About Stray Cats In A House

If you dream about stray cats entering your house, you may be feeling anxious or that others are taking advantage of you.

On the flip side, it could also indicate loneliness or feeling like you want to help others more.

4. Dreaming About My Dead Cat

If your dead cat appears to you in a dream, it is usually a sign that you are missing your beloved pet.

However, some people believe that their dead pets communicate with them through their dreams. Who knows?

Maybe your cat is missing you, too, and wants to send you messages about how much it loves you!

5. Dreaming About Your Pet Cat

If you are dreaming about your pet cat, it could mean that you have been busy lately, and you are anxious you are not spending enough time with your pet.

6. Random Cat Dreams

If cats keep showing up in your dreams, but you have no idea why, you are probably wondering what do dreams about cats mean.

In general, cats appearing in dreams are often associated with intuition and one’s feminine side. This could be a sign to trust your gut or to appreciate the mysteries of life.

Are Maine Coons Good Luck?

If you have recently been visited by a Maine Coon, do not fret!

While some people believe a cat crossing your path to be bad luck, the sailors of the 1800s thought Maine Coons brought good luck, instead.

Even black Maine Coons are considered lucky!

Back when sailors depended on Maine Coons to keep their ships free of pests, they found this large breed’s capable hunting abilities and extra toes to be signifiers of good luck.

Consequently, they kept as many Maine Coons as they could! (source 1)

Cats As Divine Messengers

If a random cat has suddenly shown up and will not leave you alone, you might wonder to yourself, can cats be guardian angels?

There have been many instances where people lose a beloved pet, only for a cat to show up in their house a few days later.

Some believe their pets have been reincarnated to spend more time with their owners.

In Christianity, some also believe that angels can take the form of other animals in order to provide messages.

If you think there are angels appearing as cats in your life, take a moment to reflect on their appearance and your personal circumstances.

Keep an eye out for any signs these cats may be pointing you towards! (source 1)

What Does It Mean When You Keep Seeing Cats?

Most people might assume that, if they see a lot of cats, it means there are lots of stray cats nearby.

If cats keep mysteriously appearing in your dreams, conversations, and even real life, could it also be an omen?

Cats have historically been viewed as messengers of both good and bad omens. They are associated with mystery, intuition, and all things hidden.

If cats keep showing up around you, it is a sign to pay closer attention to the world around you, because not all is as it seems…

Cats And Mirrors Spiritual Meaning

Both mirrors and cats have strong mythology associated with them.

Cats and mirrors have often been associated with bad luck, but they are also thought to symbolize power, divinity, and even messages from the future!

If you see a cat and a mirror together, it could mean many things.

It may indicate a kind of spiritual message, as cats have historically been viewed as messengers, while mirrors have often been believed to be portals to some “other side” (source 1).

Why Is A Maine Coon Called A Maine Coon?

The first part of the Maine Coon cat’s name comes from the place it originated from.

In the 1800s, the Maine Coon was a famous cat in the American state of Maine.

Farmers and sailors used to keep them for their superior hunting abilities.

The second half of this breed’s name is believed to come from the word raccoon since many Maine Coons have raccoon-like tails.


If you want to know about the Maine Coon cat spiritual meaning, then you will have a lot of mythology and folklore to look through.

Maine Coon cats have traditionally been viewed as a sign of good luck, as well as loyalty.

If Maine Coon cats keep showing up in your dreams, it could indicate a powerful message or that you’ve begun to explore your wild side.

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