20 Best Maine Coon Gifts

If you are obsessed with Maine Coon cats, then look no further as we’ve compiled a list of the best Maine Coon gits on the market.

Whether you are after the latest Maine Coon cat jumper or simply want to treat your Maine Coon to a cool new cat toy, this article has got you covered!

The best gifts for Maine Coon cats are interactive toys, catnip-infused toys, sturdy cat toys, silent grooming tools; laser pointers, a designer cat washroom, a pet mat remover, and a water fountain. Maine Coon owners will love a Maine Coon themed pillow, Maine Coon wall calendar, and Maine Coon metal poster.

There are tons of incredible gifts that you can buy for your Maine Coon, the family, or perhaps something that is great fun for all of you!

Read our Maine Coon gift guide straight away, to find your ideal Maine Coon cat presents.

20 Best Maine Coon Gifts

Maine Coon cats are extremely affectionate felines that love to spend time with their family.

This increasingly popular cat breed has won the hearts of millions of owners across the world.

One of the nicest ways to show your appreciation for a Maine Coon is by giving them gifts such as toys and treats.

The holiday season is approaching and who knows, your Maine Coon might be expecting a little something!

But, whilst you’re in the Christmas spirit don’t forget to buy your fellow Maine Coon cat lover a great Maine Coon gift too.

Here are 20 amazing Maine Coon cat gifts for you and your cat, all conveniently available from Amazon:

1. Maine Coon Cat Themed Pillowcase

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Every Maine Coon owner ends up fully leaning into the cat fanatic stereotype at one time or another. It is unavoidable!

How can you not when Maine Coon cats are so clearly amazing and match our adoration of them pound for pound with adoration and love right back at us?

This lovely Maine Coon pillow case is a great way of showcasing your, or a loved one’s, love of Maine Coons in a funny way.

2. Designer Cat Washroom

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This incredible designer washroom is an all-in-one luxury Maine Coon cat bathroom.

It has a sturdy wooden frame for privacy and comfort and even comes with a removable divider so that you can increase the space your cat has to do their business.

Alternatively, if you leave the divider in, you have a super useful storage compartment for all your cat’s paraphernalia.

Maine Coons go to the bathroom in your home, there is no getting around it. With this designer cat washroom, you can make the experience more pleasant for you and your Maine Coon.

3. 2024 Maine Coon Cat Wall Calendar

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This adorable Maine Coon wall calendar is a great way to keep on top of all the comings and goings in the family, for you and your Maine Coon.

Being able to keep track of what all the kids are up to, work commitments, vet trips, and a scheduled family fun time is so important to keep a stress-free head.

Your Maine Coon cat calendar will help you stress less about when you are needed and where, and more time spent cuddling your Maine Coon.

4. Cat Water Fountain

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Maine Coons are drawn to water like you would not believe.

It is a far too common occurrence to come home to a Maine Coon that has spent the day turning on the faucet and lapping up the water as it slowly drips out.

With this amazing cat water fountain, you are providing your Maine Coon with a clean, contaminant-free, free-flowing water source for them to scratch their tap drinking itch.

This pet drinking fountain is easy to clean, durable, and pretty darn cheap for the hours upon hours of fun your Maine Coon will have lapping it up.

5. Smart Interactive Cat Toy

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This smart interactive cat toy is a super cool way of entertaining your Maine Coon kitten (or adult) for hours on end by providing them with a simulated target for them to hunt.

The 360-degree self-rotating ball will spin off in all sorts of random directions with no indication, keeping your Maine Coon cat on its toes.

This kind of mental stimulation is great for your Maine Coon and is a good way for you to play “together” while you are relaxing in front of the tv or at the dinner table.

6. Maine Coon Cat Metal Poster

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This Maine Coon gift is another one for the owner more than the cat. But, it is in your cat’s honor so you should feel confident that they will not mind!

Maine Coon cat owners will love this hilarious and adorable retro-vintage metal poster.

It will also go well in almost any home, with almost any aesthetic!

The old-fashioned style branding like these vintage metal posters is becoming more and more trendy again.

7. Silent Pet Grooming Kit

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This silent pet grooming kit is excellent for Maine Coon owners who like to go the extra mile to ensure all their Maine Coons grooming needs are met. Without needing to visit a groomer.

The kit comes with everything you need:

  • Scissors
  • Combs
  • Finger Inserts
  • Comb Organizers
  • Storage bag
  • Grooming guide

8. Pet Mat Remover

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Maine Coons have long, thick, lovely coats which require regular grooming to keep their coats in great healthy condition.

This is because their fur can become matted quite quickly if their dead hairs become caught within their thick undercoats, tufted chests, and bushy tails.

A mat remover like this is perfect for keeping your Maine Coons lovely coat mat free and luxuriously silky.

Maine Coons should be brushed thoroughly about 2-3 times a week and a clever little tool like this can make that tri-weekly process a lot easier.

9. Electric Motion Catch The Tail Toy

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This funny little motion-censored catch-the-tail toy rotates, spins, and does its absolute darndest to confuse your Maine Coon in any way it can!

This toy is excellent for young Maine Coon kittens but is enjoyed quite a lot by older cats as well.

The toy is powered by batteries and has 4 unique speed settings to help you tailor their fun for hours upon hours.

Be warned, your Maine Coon may love this Maine Coon cat gift so much that they drain its batteries in just a few weeks!

10. Ultimate Scratching Post

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All cats need to scratch to stimulate their nails and remove the outer layers of their claws that are no longer needed.

If you do not want your Maine Coon to use every piece of furniture in the house as a scratching post, buy them this amazing extra-large cat scratching post as a Maine Coon gift!

Cats like to stretch out as they scratch. Which, when it comes to Maine Coons, means they need a pretty large scratching post.

This scratching post is 32 inches tall making it suitable for Maine Coons and their extra-long stretches.

11. Maine Coon 16oz Tumbler

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This water tumbler is great for keeping your water cool all day long so you can stay hydrated and happy.

The Maine Coon pictures on this stainless steel water bottle will hopefully remind you to drink water regularly since they are such captivating images.

This awesome Maine Coon gift may also help remind you to refill your own Maine Coons water bowl!

12. Catnip Filled Chilli Pepper Toy

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This is a fun little toy for cats of all ages.

If you have ever seen a cat go crazy because they have just found some catnip then you will need no further explanation for why this toy is an excellent Maine Coon gift.

Why is the catnip in a chili pepper? It’s cute, so why not!

13. 36 Inch Pet Bed For Extra Large Cats

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Extra large cats need extra large beds!

Is your Maine Coon currently spending its evenings sleeping on a cat bed that just is not quite the right size?

If so, this 36-inch cat bed would make the perfect gift for them.

This bed is designed for very large cats and dogs so it is robust and large enough for a Maine Coon.

14. Large Cat Harness

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Maine Coons are one of the only cat breeds that enjoys wearing a harness and going for a walk.

There is a lot of back and forth regarding whether Maine Coons should be allowed to roam the outdoors freely.

However, there is no good argument for not giving your Maine Coon the chance to explore the wider world in a safe and controlled manner.

Like when wearing a tactical cat harness!

If you are interested in learning how to walk a Maine Coon cat on a leash, follow this guide.

15. Handcrafted Maine Coon Keychain Pendant

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This gorgeous handcrafted Maine Coon keychain is perfect for any Maine Coon owner that happens to also own a set of keys.

Not surprisingly, the number of cat owners and people who have keys overlaps!

This subtle yet stylish keychain pendant is the perfect gift for Maine Coon owners and cat lovers alike.

16. Catnip Toy Cage Ball

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This classic catnip toy is made up of a natural silvervine sticks cage with a ball of catnip inside, and gall fruit to improve your cat’s appetite and digestion.

We reckon this is one of the best Maine Coon gits on the market!

Not only does this catnip cage combine the mentally stimulating game of getting the catnip out, but it also offers the mentally relaxing game of being near catnip.

Is being near catnip a game? To the cats, no. To us? It can be if you start to award points to the funniest and goofy behaviors of your Maine Coon.

17. Maine Coon Throw Blanket

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Nothing says time to relax more than kicking back in front of the TV with your feet up, your Maine Coon by your side, and a Maine Coon themed throw blanket to snuggle up with!

Will your Maine Coon become jealous of the one-on-one time you are spending with “other” Maine Coons? Maybe!

18. Catnip-Filled Plush Cat Chew Toys

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These plushy bird cats’ chew toys filled with catnip are excellent for Maine Coon kittens who are teething and just beginning to explore the process of stalking and hunting their prey.

Maine Coons have a strong prey drive for birds Maine Coon cat gift will be a surefire hit for Maine Coon kittens and adult Maine Coon cats alike.

19. Maine Coon Leather Luggage Tag

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These subtle leather luggage tags are perfect for Maine Coon owners who want to quickly identify their luggage on the airport conveyor belt.

Or, coincidentally, bump into another Maine Coon fanatic!

If you are someone who likes to travel with your Maine Coon in tow then you may want to use these luggage tags on your Maine Coon bag of belongings.

20. A Spoiled Maine Coon Cat Lives Here Wooden Hanging Sign

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This wooden sign is perfect for any Maine Coon owner who has let their Maine Coon take control of their home.

Which, let’s be honest, is every Maine Coon owner who has ever lived!

Whether you know someone who spoils their Maine Coon a little too much (or maybe you are that someone yourself) this cat gift is perfect for a friend, loved one, or member of the family.


As you can see, there are tons of incredible Maine Coon gifts out there that should suit every kind of Maine Coon.

Even the ones that seem adverse to toys may find themselves having a go with some of these great new gifts.

Remember, every Maine Coon is different so it is up to you to analyze this list and lock down the most personally suitable suggestions.

Good luck on your Maine Coon gift-giving quest and enjoy the holiday season!

If your friend or a family member has recently lost their feline friend, consider buying them a cat memorial, like these ones, to remind them of the happy times they shared with their Maine Coon.

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