Do Maine Coons Need a Companion?

A common question among cat owners is do Maine Coons need a companion?

You’re not alone in wondering whether your cat might be lonely. After all, humans become lonely if they don’t have human companionship.

Maine Coons are happiest when they have another companion to keep them company. Maine Coons are known for their emotional intelligence, and they can become depressed if their owners are constantly away at work. When looking to bring a Maine Coon home, it is usually best to adopt two cats from the same litter, to ensure they are already bonded.

Of course, even just one Maine Coon can be incredibly expensive. If you can’t afford two Maine Coons, don’t worry!

In this article, we’ll look at a variety of ways you can prevent your Maine Coon from becoming lonely.

Let’s find out more about Maine Coon companion needs …

Why Maine Coons Need Companions

One of the key traits of Maine Coons is their independence.

Some cat breeds can be excessively clingy, but a Maine Coon is typically content to simply exist in the same space as its owner.

Unfortunately, this independent streak can lead many owners to believe that their Maine Coon doesn’t crave attention.

Actually, it’s quite the opposite!

Even if your Maine Coon doesn’t display affection by meowing in agony every time you leave the room, cats are still fundamentally social beings, just like humans!

We all have busy lives; kids, spouses, jobs, and chores all require varying amounts of time from our day.

No matter how much you love your cat, it can be hard to give your Maine Coon the attention it deserves.

However, this is not to say that all Maine Coons require another cat for companionship!

If you work from home or have multiple people in your household who can all give your cat attention, then your Maine Coon is unlikely to be lonely.

If you are busy, however, and you notice that your Maine Coon is requesting attention when you are unable to provide it, it’s time to think about bringing in a companion of the animal variety.

A cat would usually be someone’s first choice, but this isn’t always the case!

Maine Coons are typically friendly with all sorts of living creatures, and even dogs or rabbits can become close companions if they are properly introduced to one another.

If your Maine Coon is an indoor cat who has been stuck alone while you go out to work every day, you should give your Maine Coon a companion.

Don’t let that independent streak fool you! Maine Coons are extremely emotionally intelligent, and they are prone to loneliness if their social needs are not met.

Do Maine Coons Need a Companion
Maine Coons Love Companionship

Can Maine Coons Be Left Alone?

If you are looking to buy a Maine Coon, please make sure that an adult Maine Coon (2 years or older) can be left alone for a maximum of 12 hours at a time.

Kittens, on the other hand, should never be left alone for more than 8 hours.

It’s also important to note that while you can leave your Maine Coon alone for 12 hours at a time, that doesn’t mean you should.

Here are three of the negative aspects of leaving your Maine Coon home alone:

1. Loneliness

The most obvious downside to leaving your cat alone is loneliness.

You may not notice the signs of loneliness at first, but if your Maine Coon is consistently left alone, it may become increasingly clingy and anxious.

2. Destruction

When animals become bored, they are almost certainly going to engage in destructive tendencies.

While cats are typically not viewed as being quite as destructive as dogs, you probably don’t want to come home to furniture that has been clawed to bits.

3. Dangers

Cats are wonderful at getting into trouble- especially if they are bored!

If your Maine Coon isn’t getting proper playtime with its owners, it will probably begin climbing and getting into all of the things it shouldn’t.

If your home isn’t properly cat-proofed, this means your cat could accidentally hurt itself while you are away.

Signs Your Maine Coon Needs a Companion

If you suspect your Maine Coon is suffering from loneliness, here are some specific signs to look out for that might indicate you should find your cat a companion.

1. Changes In Appetite

If you notice your Maine Coon is no longer eating as much as it used to, it could be a sign that it is stressed and lonely.

On the flip side, excessive eating can also indicate the same thing.

2. Improper Grooming

Cats are fastidious when it comes to cleaning themselves, and if you notice that your cat has become unkempt from a lack of grooming, this can be a sign that something is amiss.

3. Clinginess

If you notice that, while you are home, your cat spends more and more time following you around the house and meowing at you.

This is probably a sign that your cat is lonely, and would benefit from a companion.

4. Low Energy

According to PetMD, frequent sleeping or a decrease in energy can also be signs of depression from loneliness.

5. Destruction

If your cat begins destroying furniture or other items in the house, it is probably a sign of boredom, which means your cat could be feeling that it is not getting enough attention.

Do Maine Coons Get On With Other Household Pets?

Maine Coons are known for their patience when it comes to children and other household pets, such as dogs and rabbits.

So long as the animals are properly introduced, you can expect your Maine Coon to get along well with another pet.

Make sure, however, that your Maine Coon has its own space away from other pets. A safe space to retreat to is a must for any Maine Coon.

Are Dogs Good Companions For Maine Coons?

Maine Coons have surprisingly doglike qualities; they are often referred to as “the dog of the cat world” by many enthusiasts.

Many of these behaviors, such as playing fetch and learning commands, are due to their incredible intelligence.

Because of this, Maine Coons share many personality traits with dogs and can be expected to get along well with a dog.

Should I Buy Two Maine Coon Kittens?

Even if your Maine Coon is lonely, it can be difficult to introduce a new companion in adulthood.

As a result, if you have the money, it is usually best to purchase two Maine Coon kittens at the same time.

While we understand that most people can’t afford two Maine Coon kittens, the benefits are staggering.

  • Entertainment: It’s no secret that kittens are busy! If you think the idea of playing with a kitten for multiple hours every day is overwhelming, buying two kittens will easily solve that problem. Two kittens will entertain each other perfectly.
  • Bonding: Maine Coons from the same litter already share a close bond, and you won’t have to worry about introducing them to each other.
  • An Easier Transition: Many kittens can be frightened and wary of their new surroundings. Having a littermate to keep them company will make the transition to a new home much easier.

Does My Adult Maine Coon Need A Companion?

Making the choice to purchase a companion for your Maine Coon can have both positive and negative aspects.

Here are some of the pros and cons.


a) Companionship

As you can probably imagine, the main pro of finding a companion for your adult Maine Coon is that it can assuage its loneliness.

b) Entertainment

If there are times during the day that you are unavailable or too tired to play, your Maine Coon will still have a source of entertainment.

c) Fulfillment

Imagine living with people who didn’t speak your language, and you’ll realize why another cat can be so fulfilling for your Maine Coon.

Your Maine Coon will greatly appreciate having a companion who shares the same method of communication.


a) Introduction

It can be difficult to get your Maine Coon used to sharing territory with a new companion, and it can take some time for the two to get along.

b) Aggression

You will have to accept that, if you get a second cat for your Maine Coon, the two could display aggression toward one another.

c) Jealousy

Your Maine Coon may feel betrayed and jealous by the introduction of a new animal, and could become reclusive and upset.

Rehoming Adult Maine Coons

Even rehomed adult Maine Coons can greatly benefit from having a companion.

However, you have to be aware that, when adopting an adult Maine Coon, you won’t know its entire history.

The shelter may be able to tell you if your new cat gets along well with other cats or animals, but this isn’t a guarantee.

Every adult cat has its own history to consider, and you might consider letting your cat interact with the cat or dog of a friend first to see if it gets along.

Giving a new home to a Maine Coon cat is a really worthwhile thing to do.

Check out this article of mine for more details on how the process works: ‘How To Adopt A Maine Coon Cat‘.

What To Do If You Work Away From Home

If you work away from home, there are a few different ways you can help keep your cat entertained while you are away.

a) Plenty Of Toys

Make sure you have plenty of toys scattered around the house to keep your cat entertained throughout the day.

With so many Maine Coon cat toys to choose from, it can be difficult to decide which are the best.

Therefore, to help you out I have created this handy article on the ‘Best Maine Coon Cat Toys in 2020‘.

b) Cat Tree

You might consider investing in a cat tree to give your Maine Coon a fun place to climb and explore while you’re away.

I love this extra-large cat tower on Amazon, as it’s so sturdy and suitably sized for our Maine Coon cat.

c) Windows

Indoor cats still love to look out windows for entertainment!

Place a comfortable piece of furniture against a window so your cat has a nice view while you’re gone.


If you have been wondering do Maine Coons need a companion, you’ve probably been worried that your cat is lonely.

If you have noticed that your Maine Coon is clingy or showing symptoms of depression, it could be time to find a companion, feline or otherwise, for your cat.

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Male Maine Coons are more likely to bond with just one person, while females are more likely to form a bond with several people.

Having at least one person to bond to is crucial for a Maine Coon’s wellbeing. If you’re away from home often, however, you should get another cat so your Maine Coon has a companion.

Before I go, I wanted to show you this amazing video of our Maine Coon cat bonding with my husband. As you will see, Pippin (our cat) loves to groom his owner:

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