Why Do Maine Coons Chirp?

Have you ever wondered why do Maine Coons chirp? Is it because they are just happy to see you, or are they trying to tell you they’re feeling hungry?

Maine Coon cats are extremely vocal, using chirps and trills to communicate their needs. Chirps or trills are often a sign of happiness and excitement, though can be heard if your Maine Coon is hungry, thirsty, or distressed. Maine Coons are sociable, so chirp when they want attention. Maine Coons suffering from laryngeal paralysis are not vocal.

Before you start desperately scanning your feline’s facial expressions for an answer, keep in mind that Maine Coon talking really is a normal occurrence, and not usually something to worry about.

This is because Maine Coon cats are well known for being a talkative cat breed, often making an array of varying vocal sounds, such as trills and chirps at their owners.

Maine Coon Talking

Maine Coon cats are well known for being a very vocal cat breed that enjoys conversing with their owners on a regular basis. They are often considered somewhat unique, since they do not meow like other cats, but instead chirp and trill.

Why Do Maine Coons Talk?

So why do Maine Coons chirp?

There are a variety of reasons why Maine Coons talk to their owners, whether it be because they are excited, happy, hungry, or just fancy being sociable.

Whatever the reason, a Maine Coon talking is a beautiful sound, and it’s hard not to love sharing a conversation with your favorite feline friend at the end of a long day at work.

The table below identifies 12 reasons why Maine Coons talk:

HungryCheck your cat’s feeding station, to ensure
they have enough food
ThirstyMake sure your cat has plenty of water, to
prevent them from becoming dehydrated
ExcitedWhen a Maine Coon is excited, they often
make chirp and trill sounds to show their
HappyA contented Maine Coon will make a
a varying selection of sounds. They particularly
love purring when their owner is cuddling them
AttentionThese sociable creatures have highly intelligent
minds. They have learned that chirps and trills
will quickly get their owners attention
PlayMaine Coons enjoy playing games, like ‘catch
the string’, with their family. They are also
known for staying ‘kitten-like long into their
adult lives so might just want someone to play
with them
TreatsYour cat might be after treats!
PainIf your Maine Coon has injured themselves, they
will likely be more vocal than normal, so owners
are aware there is a problem
SickCats in pain are often more vocal since they are
trying to make an owner aware they are sick
or Annoyed
Maine Coons rarely hiss or spit at humans,
though will do so if they are under threat, or
not happy with what you are doing
TerritorialMaine Coon cats are far less territorial than
other cat breeds, instead preferring to make
friends with other animals, then fight. You
may however hear hissing and spitting from
them if they feel threatened by an unknown
animal nearby
FightingIf your cat gets into a fight with another cat,
you will likely hear your Maine Coon howling,
hissing and spitting
Why Do Maine Coons Chirp?

In cases where your Maine Coon cat just won’t stop communicating with you, it is likely that they are trying to tell you something. In scenarios like this, make sure you have catered to all their unique physical, social and mental needs:

  • Food and Water: Check they have enough food and water.
  • Love and Affection: Ensure your cat’s emotional wellbeing is catered to, by showing them love, affection, and 1-2-1 attention.
  • Play with your Maine Coon: Playtime is beneficial for both owner and cat since cats are known to reduce a human’s feelings of stress.
  • Groom your cat: Make sure that your cat’s fur has not become matted. If a cat is unable to detangle its knotted fur, it will become very stressed.
  • Injury: Check your Maine Coon isn’t injured. Look for signs of limping, scratches, or pain when they move.

If none of the issues above seem relevant, it may simply be that you have forgotten one of the usual daily rituals that you share with your cat, such as feeding them cat treats before you retire to bed!

Learning A Maine Coons Language

Over time, owners will learn to translate the varying Maine Coon sounds that their pet makes. This is possible because Maine Coons are extremely intelligent cats, often finding different ways of showing their owners what they want.

If you don’t believe me, take a look at my own personal experience below:

My Maine Coon will walk up to me, make a selection of chirps, and then turn around and walk towards his food bowl.

He always stops on the route, turning around to check that I am following him. If I’m not doing his bidding, he looks at me and repeats the same Maine Coon talking sounds that he did previously. It literally feels like he is telling me off if I haven’t done as he has requested!

I’ve always translated his chirps as “come on them mum, follow me!”

Ultimately, Maine Coons are creatures of habit. Thus, if you spend plenty of time with them it won’t take long before you spot their individual behavioral patterns.

For instance, most cats tend to eat at certain times, and quickly learn when their owners are more willing to feed them treats! Learning their behavior helps you interpret their language far more easily.

Maine Coon Talking Video

Are you interested in buying a Maine Coon kitten, but have heard that Maine Coon cats never stop talking?

If this sounds familiar, don’t panic because Maine Coon sounds are nothing to worry about, at all. They certainly aren’t really loud creatures as some people claim, and they definitely do stop talking!

Realistically, you can expect a Maine Coon cat to chatter away to you, from time to time. If you opt to engage with your Maine Coon, it is likely that they will respond back.

In some cases, it can feel like you are having a full-blown conversation with your Maine Coon!

For those of you that are keen to understand what a Maine Coon cat sounds like in real life, take a look at this short Youtube video of our Maine Coon talking to his owner (my husband). For reference, our Maine Coon has always been chatty.

We actively encourage Maine Coon talking, because we often talk back to him! 

Maine Coon Talking To Owner

If you are interested in watching more Maine Coon cat videos, click here to be redirected to the Maine Coon Central Youtube channel.

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Maine Coon Lost Voice

Why do some Maine Coons not chirp?

If your Maine Coon has stopped talking or is unable to make its usual sounds then owners should take them to see the vet.

Although there might be no issue, it is important that veterinary professional rules out any underlying illnesses.

One common cause of voice loss occurs when a cat’s voice box or larynx has been affected by laryngitis.

Are Maine Coon Cats Loud?

In most cases, Maine Coon cats are not loud, but their random bursts of constant talking might become irritating for individuals not used to hearing a Maine Coon chattering!

In general, though, this friendly large cat is happy to only engage with you when they need something, or when they want to show affection, or receive affection. The rest of the time, they are more than happy to follow you quietly from room to room and rest at your feet when you sit down.

If your Maine Coon does speak, you will notice that their voice consists of chirps and trills that are very soft and gentle, which corresponds with their laidback, calm and non-aggressive nature.

Maine Coon Howling

It is very rare to hear a Maine Coon howl.

This scenario tends to only occur when they are under threat from another animal e.g. a cat or dog has entered their territory.

Maine Coon Excessive Meowing

Maine Coons are well known for their laid-back, gentle demeanor. They love to talk to their owners, but in general, their level of talking is not considered excessive.

There will always be exceptions to the rule though, and in these situations, it is understandable why owners may become a touch irritated!

The table below identifies the main reasons causing a Maine Coon cat to meow excessively:

Maine Coons adore human company and
love to greet their owners when they arrive
home. It is likely your cat is simply showing
their appreciation for you, and saying ‘hello’!
HungerCheck cat has enough food
their food
Cats can be fussy eaters, so swap their food
and see if your Maine Coons excessive
meowing stops
ThirstyMake sure your cat’s water bowl is full of
freshwater since they do not like drinking
dirty water.

Purchase a water fountain,
like this one off Amazon, to ensure your
cat has a continual supply of fresh water
StressedStress is one of the key reasons a Maine
Coon will excessively meow at its owners.
Consider if any changes within your home
may have caused your cat to become
stressed i.e. house move, death of another
household pet, etc.
PainDoes your Maine Coon look to be in pain?
Seek veterinary advice to rule this issue out
SickA sick Maine Coon will be more vocal than
a healthy cat since they need to get the
the attention of their own.

Ask a vet to check your cat’s overall health,
because medical conditions such as kidney
disease and overactive thyroids are thought
to increase the amount of noise a Maine Coon
AttentionBored cats can become destructive, and the
Maine Coon cat breed is no different. If your
Maine Coon meows excessively, ensure they
have plenty of toys and playtime, to stimulate
their minds and prevent them from becoming
LonelyMaine Coon cats can suffer from symptoms
of separation anxiety, just like humans. Make
sure your cat is getting enough human
interaction, to cater to its social needs
Owners should not respond to every single
noise that their Maine Coon makes, since
they are effectively teaching their cat that
excessive meowing will always get the
BreedingIf you haven’t neutered or spayed your cat
yet, expect them to make considerably more
noise than a cat that has been.

Females are more vocal when on heat, and
males are more vocal when they smell a
female on heat!
Why Do Maine Coons Chirp?

Maine Coon Separation Anxiety

Maine Coon cats are well known for being extremely sociable.

In fact, they are unlike most other cat breeds since they absolutely adore spending as much time with their human family as possible, rather than hiding away in a quiet corner, as normal cats would. 

It is important that an owner spends quality time with their Maine Coon every day since this breed has high social needs. If left on their own for long periods of time, it is possible that your Maine Coon may develop separation anxiety, which could be identifiable by your Maine Coon talking to you more often.


Why do Maine Coons chirp?

Maine Coon talking is extremely common, and not often something for owners to worry about. As your Maine Coon grows, you will notice a pattern as to when they like to talk, and when they don’t.

As an owner, you are best placed to notice when your cat isn’t acting their normal selves. In cases such as this, keep a close eye on your cat and take them to a veterinary professional if the unusual behavior continues.

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