Maine Coon Vs Turkish Angora

Many potential cat owners want to learn the differences between Maine Coon vs Turkish Angora cats, since these are two highly sought-after cat breeds, with distinctive and lovable personalities.

Maine Coons and Turkish Angoras are both active and affectionate breeds. Maine Coons are more laid back and mellow than Turkish Angoras. Both cats have long, silky fur, but the Turkish Angora is a fine-boned cat, while the Maine Coon is more muscular. Both breeds are family-oriented and need lots of enrichment and attention.

There are a lot of great characteristics in each breed, which can make it difficult to choose which cat to bring home with you.

If you’re having a hard time figuring out whether you would rather adopt a Maine Coon or a Turkish Angora, this article will offer you an insight into each breed.

Maine Coons and Turkish Angoras are both quite active breeds that require a lot of attention. Do you have what it takes to care for either of these cat breeds?

If so, read on to learn more about the differences between Maine Coons and Turkish Angoras!

Maine Coon vs Turkish Angora

The Maine Coon is a rustic and muscular breed that originated in Maine during the 1800s.

They became incredibly popular due to their strong hunting abilities, high intelligence, and gentle disposition.

While they were primarily valued for their hard work, people today adore Maine Coons for their affectionate and gentle nature.

This is certainly a very playful and intelligent cat breed that has endless amounts of energy! I

n fact, you may or may not know that Maine Coons often retain a kitten-like personality even as adults.

If you are interested in discovering more about the mysterious Maine Coon cat lineage, click here to read my article Origins of a Maine Coon cat.

Turkish Angoras are an old breed that originated in Turkey. While much of their history is swathed in mystery, we do know that they were highly prized in their home country.

When European travelers discovered this beautiful cat breed, they were allowed to bring some overseas, where they soon became popular pets.

Like Maine Coons, Turkish Angoras are very playful and energetic cats. They are always on the go and prefer running around to sitting and cuddling with their owners.

Turkish Angoras are often assertive cats that like attention on their own terms.

While they rarely enjoy being picked up and cuddled, they will come to you when they feel like showing affection (sources 1,2,3).

Difference Between Maine Coon And Turkish Angora Cat

Here is an in-depth look at the physical differences between Maine Coon and Turkish Angora cats.

1. Size

Maine Coons are well-known for being the largest domestic cat breed in the world. They typically weigh between 8 and 25 pounds, with females typically weighing less than the males.

They usually measure a length of 19 to 40 inches and measure at a height between 8 and 16 inches.

By comparison, Turkish Angoras are small and typically weigh between 5 and 10 pounds. They stand at a height of 8 to 10 inches (source 1,2).

2. Head Shape

Maine Coons have evenly proportioned, medium-sized heads and high cheekbones.

Turkish Angoras have small to medium, wedge-shaped heads.

3. Ears

Maine Coon ears are filled with thick fur which protects them from the cold and snow, and many have lynx tips on their ears.

Not all Maine Coons have lynx tips though. Find out why in my article do all Maine Coons have lynx tips?

The Turkish Angora has large ears that are wide at the base and tufted with long fur.

4. Tail

Maine Coons have a distinctively long tail with a thick base and bushy fur. Many Maine Coons hold their tails up proudly.

The Maine Coon cat’s tail is so bushy, that many have questioned whether the Maine Coon is related to the Raccoon!

This bizarre theory has always amused me so I decided to write an article about it, to put things straight. Click here to read it!

Turkish Angoras have long, flowing, and tapering tails

5. Eyes

Maine Coons are known for their expressive, sensitive eyes. Their eyes come in a variety of colors, most commonly green, gold, and copper.

By comparison, the Turkish Angoras have almond-shaped eyes that can be blue, green, gold, copper, and odd-eyed.

6. Muzzle/Chin

Maine Coons have powerful and squared muzzles with noses of a medium length.

Turkish Angoras have gently rounded chins and medium-length noses.

7. Neck

Maine Coons have moderately thick necks of a medium length.

Turkish Angoras have long, slim necks.

8. Fur

Maine Coons have shaggy, medium-long coats that are thick to protect them from the cold. The fur around their paws, shoulders, and chest is often longer.

Turkish Angoras have long, silky fur with no undercoat.

9. Body Shape

Maine Coons have muscular, rectangular bodies.

Turkish Angoras have long, delicate bodies. While they are muscular, they have a slim appearance.

10. Legs and Feet

Maine Coons have wide paws with five toes in the front and four in the back. Their legs are muscular and of average length.

While some Maine Coons can be polydactyl, breeders consider this to be an undesirable trait. As a result, it has mostly been bred out.

Discover more about the polydactyl Maine Coon, by reading my article the polydactyl Maine Coon cat.

Turkish Angoras have fine legs that are longer in the back than in the front. Their paws are small, round, and delicate.

11. Growth Rate

Maine Coons grow much more slowly than other cat breeds and do not reach their full size until they are between 3 and 5 years old.

Turkish Angoras usually reach their full size between 10 and 12 months of age (source 1).

12. Color

Maine Coon cats come in virtually every color possible in cats since there are roughly 75 different colorings available.

They also come in a wide array of patterns, including tabby, van, and solid.

While white Turkish Angoras are considered the most popular in Turkey, they also come in a variety of colors and patterns.

Maine Coon Vs Turkish Angora Personality

Here is some information on the Turkish Angora personality, in comparison to a Maine Coon cat.


Maine Coons are energetic, playful cats that are known for their dog-like personality.

They are highly affectionate and loyal and require lots of attention from their owners.

Maine Coons are patient and gentle, making them excellent with children and other pets.

Turkish Angoras are even more energetic than Maine Coons, and while they are affectionate towards their owners, they prefer playing to cuddling.

They tend to be headstrong cats that get into all sorts of trouble, but their charming personality makes up for their mischievous side.

For full details on the Maine Coon cat’s temperament, make sure you read my article ‘Personality of a Maine Coon Cat‘.


Maine Coons and Turkish Angoras are both highly sociable pets that crave attention from their owners.

Maine Coons, however, are more physically affectionate than Turkish Angoras, who do not like to be held very often.

However, if they are comfortable around you, Turkish Angoras will often cuddle up against their owner, so long as it is on their own terms.

Maine Coons and Turkish Angoras are both friendly towards strangers. They both develop close bonds with their owners.

Friendliness Toward Other Pets

Maine Coons are easygoing and will gladly share their space with other pets.

In fact, their need for enrichment means that a fellow cat will be a rewarding experience for a Maine Coon.

Turkish Angoras get along fairly well with other pets, but their assertive personality means they tend to establish themselves as the “alpha” of the household.


Maine Coons and Turkish Angoras are both highly affectionate cats that will develop close bonds with their owners.

Keep in mind, however, that Maine Coons tend to show more physical affection than Turkish Angoras.

Intelligence And Trainability

Maine Coons and Turkish Angoras are both highly intelligent cat breeds that can be trained to do a variety of tricks.

Generally speaking though, the Maine Coon is a bit more trainable than Turkish Angoras, as the latter have rather short attention spans.


Maine Coons and Turkish Angoras are two of the most playful cat breeds. They are both high energy and require lots of toys to keep entertained.

These are my favorite Maine Coon cat toys because they have stood the test of time. All these toys are hardy, fun, and stimulate our cat’s highly intelligent nature.


Both Maine Coons and Turkish Angoras require plenty of exercise to keep up with their active lifestyles and constant energy.


Maine Coons are known to be vocal cats, although they have the unusual characteristic of chirping or trilling rather than meowing.

If you don’t believe me, check out this video of our Maine Coon cat talking to my husband!

Do Maine Coon Cats Talk A Lot?

Turkish Angoras are also quite vocal, and will often meow whenever they want attention from their owners.

This trait is annoying to some owners, so if you are irritable to noise, consider adopting a different cat breed.

Hunting Skills

The energetic and intelligent Maine Coon is revered for its hunting prowess. They are experts at catching mice and rats.

Turkish Angoras are self-sufficient cats that are adequate hunters, as well.

Family Friendly

Maine Coons and Turkish Angoras are both family-friendly pets. Maine Coons are very patient cats who work well with children.

Turkish Angoras do not like to be restrained or held, so they don’t make cuddly companions for children.

However, they still enjoy being around family members and develop a close bond in their own way.

Here’s an adorable video of our daughter sitting with Pippin, our male Maine Coon cat. These two have a great close bond and always have.

Pippin is a few years older than Aimee and incredibly patient with her.

Maine Coon Cats Are Great With Kids


Maine Coons and Turkish Angoras are both notorious climbers who can get into all sorts of trouble in high places.

If you plan on bringing home either of these breeds, you may want to consider investing in a cat tree.

When purchasing a cat tower/tree, make sure that you buy an extra-large once since your Maine Coon cat will likely grow into a really big cat!

I have been researching the market, trying to find the next cat tree for my 20 lb Maine Coon cat. These are my favorite cat trees, and I’m sure you will love them too!


Maine Coons are even-tempered and are not generally considered territorial cats.

While Turkish Angoras are rarely aggressive over their territory, they do tend to “rule the roost,” especially if there are other animals in the house.

They are assertive cats that are not afraid to defend their space if they feel threatened.


Maine Coons and Turkish Angoras are both known for being particularly expensive cat breeds.

The Turkish Angora is a bit more costly though because they make excellent show cats, and are considered a prestigious breed to own.

The table below shows you a price comparison between the Maine Coon vs Turkish Angora cat breeds (sources 1,2):

Kitten400 – 2000600 – 2,500
Cat6001,000 – 2,000
60050 – 400
Maine Coon vs Turkish Angora Price


Maine Coons live between 12 and 15 years on average.

The Turkish Angora has an expected lifespan of 15 to 18 years.

If you cannot handle the idea of losing your beloved Maine Coon cat, make sure to check out this article I wrote on ‘Increasing A Maine Coon Cats Lifespan’.


It’s important to be aware of any potential health problems in your cat.

Here are the most common ailments that affect Maine Coons and Turkish Angoras.

Maine Coon Health Problems

  • Feline Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy: This is a genetic heart condition that thickens the heart walls over time, eventually leading to death. It is most common in older cats. This condition affects both Maine Coons and Turkish Angoras. For more information on FHC, click here.
  • Spinal Muscular Atrophy: This is an inherited disorder that leads to muscular atrophy around the spine, causing a limping or abnormal gait. It usually affects young cats but does not lead to death. Learn more.
  • Hip Dysplasia: This genetic disorder causes abnormal hip development. While not fatal or painful, it can cause limping and is relatively common in Maine Coons. Learn more.
  • Polycystic Kidney Disease: This inherited disorder causes cysts in the cat’s kidneys, sometimes causing kidney failure. For more information on PKD, click here.

Turkish Angora Health Problems

  • Feline Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy: This is a genetic heart condition which thickens the heart walls over time, eventually leading to death. It is most common in older cats. This condition affects both Maine Coons and Turkish Angoras.
  • Deafness: Turkish Angoras are more prone to deafness than other cat breeds. This occurs most commonly in cats with one or two blue eyes.
  • Ataraxia: This is a neuromuscular condition that usually only affects kittens between 2 and 4 weeks old, and always results in death (source 1).

Caring For A Maine Coon Vs Angora

Here are the different care and maintenance requirements for both Maine Coons and Turkish Angoras.

1. Grooming

Maine Coons require brushing 2-3 times a week to keep their medium-long coat healthy and sleek. These are my favorite grooming brushes for our Maine Coon cat.

The majority of Maine Coons enjoy the water, therefore a monthly bath can therefore be an enjoyable experience that also removes dirt and oily buildup from your cat’s fur.

Make sure you are using one of these cat shampoos though since they are ideal for your Maine Coons thick dense fur.

Maine Coons often have longer fur around their paws, which can become an inconvenience. It is often a good idea to trim this longer fur to prevent it from becoming matted or dirty.

If we take a look at the Turkish Angora cat breed though, we can see that they have long, silky fur which should be brushed weekly. The brushes I’ve recommended above will also be ideal for this cat breed.

You should check your Turkish Angora’s ears once a week, as they are prone to infection and dirtiness.

Gently clean their ears with a cotton ball if they appear dirty, using a mixture of cider vinegar and warm water.

Turkish Angora’s eyes can be prone to discharge. If you notice any discharge, be sure to gently wipe it away with a damp cloth.

Like all cats, you should keep the nails of your Maine Coon or Turkish Angora neatly trimmed. Brush their teeth daily to weekly to avoid dental diseases.

Before you try brushing your cat’s teeth, make sure you read my article on ‘How To Brush A Maine Coon Cats Teeth‘.

2. Diet

Just like any other cat breed, you should feed both Turkish Angoras and Maine Coons a diet that is high in protein and fiber, and low in fat.

Maine Coons and Turkish Angoras are both highly active cats, so they may require a bit more food. This is particularly true of Maine Coons, who are very large.

Turkish Angoras have rather fine bones, and obesity can cause an extra amount of strain and damage as a result, making it vital to keep your Turkish Angora at a healthy weight.

3. Toys

Maine Coons and Turkish Angoras are both highly energetic cats that require lots of stimulation.

If they do not get the enrichment they need, they can become:

  • Bored
  • Lonely
  • Even Aggressive

Invest in plenty of floor toys to keep your cat happy throughout the day.

These are my 5 favorite Maine Coon cat toys, as they stimulate our Maine Coons minds, whilst also lasting the test of time.

Both cat breeds also love to climb. If you’re afraid of your cat knocking things off shelves and counters, consider investing in a cat tree to keep them stimulated.

I personally like these extra-large cat trees.

Cost of Owning a Maine Coon vs Turkish Angora Cat

Maine Coons and Turkish Angoras both have similar needs, and as such, you can expect the extra expenses to cost about the same for either breed.

The table below shows the most common expenses you can expect to pay while owning either cat (sources 1,2,3,4):

ItemCost ($)
120 – 480
Neutering200 – 500
75 – 500
Cat Carrier40 – 60
Litter Tray10 – 50
20 – 300
10 – 30
Maine Coon Vs Turkish Angora Costs

Turkish Angora Maine Coon Mix

A Turkish Angora Maine Coon mix is the result of mixed Maine Coon and Turkish Angora ancestry.

This could mean that the resulting kitten had one Maine Coon parent and one Turkish Angora parent, but other combinations are also possible.


If you are choosing between a Maine Coon vs Turkish Angora cat, learning the differences and similarities between each breed is the perfect way to make a decision.

As you will have read, both are energetic and playful cats, but the Maine Coon is cuddlier and more patient, while the Turkish Angora is more independent and assertive.

Turkish Angoras are more prone to trouble and mischief and work best with an owner who is good-humored and patient.

Maine Coon vs Turkish Van

Turkish Vans have shorter fur than Maine Coons. While they have playful and energetic personalities like the Maine Coon, Turkish Vans are less independent and require more attention.

Maine Coon Vs Norwegian Forest Cat

Maine Coons look quite similar to Norwegian Forest Cats, but Maine Coons are still larger on average. They are also more energetic than the Norwegian Forest Cat.

Turkish Angora Meow

The Turkish Angora is a very vocal cat that will let out many meows and other vocalizations when it wants attention or food.

Orange Angora Cat

Turkish Angoras can be orange in color, although this particular coat color is more commonly referred to as “red.”

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