Maine Coon Yellow Eyes

Maine Coon cats have large wide-set eyes that can either be gold, green, yellow, blue, or odd-eye in color.

Due to the varying shades of gold in existence, many owners often say that their golden-eyed cat has Maine Coon yellow eyes.

Maine Coon eyes are large, wide-set, slightly oblique in shape, and often yellow in color. Kittens are born with blue eyes, which change into gold, yellow, green, odd-eye, as the pigmentation in their eyes settles in the iris. Maine Coons are not prone to eye problems, but owners should still be alert to signs of strabismus, astigmatism, hyperopia, and myopia.

So are Maine Coon yellow eyes really a thing?

How common are Maine Coon yellow eyes and is there anything that owners of this much-treasured cat breed need to be aware of?

Keep reading to find out now!

Do All Maine Coon Cats Have Yellow Eyes?

Maine Coon cats are loved across the world.

Known for their extra-large physical stature, regal looks, large inquisitive eyes, and gentle docile temperament.

It is no surprise therefore that they have won the hearts of so many individuals across the globe.

Owners in the United States seem to be particularly smitten with these gentle giants, having voted them within the top 3 cats breeds to own in the United States, in 2015!

Whilst not all Maine Coon cats have yellow eyes, some cat specialists reckon yellow Maine Coon eyes are the most common eye color for this particular cat breed.

Despite this being an interesting theory, I am yet to find evidence to support this theory.

Instead, this majestic breed can also have other eye colorings, including:

  • Green
  • Gold
  • Odd Eye
  • Blue Eyes

If you look at a purebred Maine Coon cat’s eyes, you will notice that the colors are very strong. This is the result of a higher level of melanocyte activity within purebred cat breeds.

Maine Coon yellow eye is simply another name used to describe Maine Coons with gold-colored eyes.

Please note that the Maine Coon yellow eye can appear in a variety of different golden-yellow shades.

Maine Coon odd eye is caused by a health condition known as heterochromia, whereby the cat has a single blue eye. Their other eye can be any of the other Maine Coon eye colors.

Cat Iris Melanosis Vs Melanoma

If you have not heard of cat iris melanosis or melanoma before, make sure you read this section of my article as soon as possible.

This will ensure you can spot any potential issues developing in your Maine Coon cat’s eyes.

Let me briefly explain what these two conditions are:

Iris Melanosis

This is a non-cancerous, and therefore benign condition whereby there is a change in the cat’s iris pigment.

You might notice that the Maine Coon’s iris pigment is golden-brown in color.

It is possible for Iris Melanosis to develop into Iris Melanoma, however, this does not occur every time.

Iris Melanoma

Owners should never ignore changes in their Maine Coon cat’s eye coloring, even if it is just a small brown or yellow spot.

Instead, contact your veterinarian as soon as possible, to have your cat’s eyes checked.


Maine Coon yellow eyes is another way of describing Maine Coons with gold eyes.

Their yellow/gold eyes are very common within the breed, and not thought to be more susceptible to certain health issues.

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