20 Reasons To Get A Maine Coon

Are you looking for practical reasons to get a Maine Coon cat?

This pet guide highlights research based on personal experience with a Maine Coon cat, as well as what other pet experts have to say about why you should get a Maine Coon cat.

Maine Coons are stunning cats with high intelligence levels. A Maine Coon cat is twice as large as other cat breeds and is popular for being extremely friendly and laid back. Maine Coon cats are very good with and around kids. They also get along well with other pets, including dogs. These gentle giants are known to love human company and, surprisingly, water.

Are you still looking for reasons to get a Maine Coon cat for a pet?

Read on to discover the secret to why the Maine Coon is a favorite cat breed among cat lovers.

20 Reasons to Get A Maine Coon Cat

The Maine Coon cat is a heavily boned, sweet-tempered muscular cat that was originally kept as an outdoor cat. It has a large head with tall ears and a slight dip under its large eyes.

In addition, the Maine Coon has a broad chest and thick legs, making it twice as large as ordinary cat breeds. It is a longhaired cat breed native to the US.

So what is so special about Maine Coon cats, and are they the right cat for you?

Here are 20 reasons to get a Maine Coon cat:

1.  Mysterious Lineage

Unlike other popular cat breeds, the Maine Coon’s origins and history are still mysterious. Little is known about this particular cat breed, which only seems to increase cat lovers’ curiosity about the breed further!

Most people speculate the Maine Coon cat’s origins to be in Maine, perhaps owing to its identity.

Prior to 1861, people believed this beautiful cat breed was mixed with the Norwegian forest cat or raccoons. However, this was outrageous speculation, let alone biologically impossible.

There is also a theory that the Maine Coon cat is a descendant of the European ship cat. However, until now, this cat breed’s lineage has always been left to legends, tales, and outrageous claims. Wouldn’t it be sincerely mind-stimulating to have a mystery for a pet? (source 1).

2.  Largest Domesticated Cat in the World

Maine Coons are a natural cat breed, and one of the largest domesticated cat breeds in the world!

The Maine Coon’s body is medium to large, with a broad and muscular chest. It also has a perfectly balanced rectangular appearance.

These extra-large cats weigh between 9-25 pounds and measure up to 40 inches in length from head to tail.

With such unusual large proportions which are uncommon in typical domesticated cat breeds, you will likely be keen to learn whether Maine Coon cats are legal, or not. Find the answer to this fascinating question in my article.

Fortunately, Maine Coon cats are very friendly and gentle, which is often a determinant factor for most people looking for domestic pets. In addition, their unusually large size makes it the world’s largest domesticated cat breed.

3.  Friendly Nature

Cats have a reputation for being independent and aloof, seeking attention only on their own terms. This isn’t the case with Maine Coon cats though, who love human company and are commonly referred to as “gentle giants,”.

Most cat breeds tend to have boundaries and often become aggressive in a bid to enforce these boundaries. Such behaviors are uncommon with Maine Coon cats. Instead, they are super friendly to humans and rarely show unwanted cat traits.

Surprisingly, Maine Coon cats are also very friendly with other pets.

Generally, the friendly Maine Coon cat avoids conflict and appears one of the most gentle out of all other cat breeds.

4.  Maine Coon Personality

Despite its mysterious nature, a Maine Coon cat is very gentle and sweet-tempered.

Some of their Maine Coon traits include:

Loving: The cat loves everyone and almost everything.

Gentle: Maine Coon cats appreciate being touched and rarely resist acts of love from humans.

Family Friendly: They are very kid-friendly.

Good Natured: These big cats have a soft-tempered nature.

Energy: Maine Coon cats are playful and not massively destructive.

If these factors alone aren’t reason enough to get a Maine Coon cat, then keep reading!

5.  Highly Intelligent

Maine Coon cats are often called ‘dogs of the cat world’ for a reason.

The Maine Coon cat is a higher intelligence cat species that owners can train to perform simple tricks on command. These cats are known for playing fetch as well as opening doors and cupboards.

These cats can also learn their owner’s routines with minimal to average levels of effort. They do this by keenly observing almost everything you do, whether it is attention-demanding or not.

Moreover, a Maine Coon cat is also distinctly curious, especially of its surroundings.

Maine Coons exude the intelligent traits typical in a well-trained dog, which explains why Maine Coon cats get along well with dogs. Read more about this here.

In addition, having a smart and trainable dog can be exciting for playing games with and how to behave around the house.

6.  Vocality

Have you ever heard of a Maine Coon talking or singing?

Plenty of standard cats often seek your attention or ask for food by meowing. However, Maine Coon cats are different since they make delightful trills, cheeps, and chirp sounds.

However, as much as they are vocal, Maine Coons are not entirely loud.

If your Maine Coon is constantly meowing, chances are they are trying to communicate something to you. Here are the main reasons why Maine Coon cats talk so much.

Their peculiar “singing” chirp sounds are unlike the other feline breeds, making them extremely special.

7.  Playful Natures

Regardless of their large bodies, Maine Coon cats are still very active and playful in nature. They often consider playing fetch as a great way to bond and interact with their humans.

It is essential to accommodate their needs for movement and play to avoid them causing unnecessary damages.

In addition, keeping active is a way for them to stay healthy. Therefore, ensure you engage your Maine Coon in a few games, including chasing laster pointers and fetch.

It is also important to understand that Maine Coon cats are natural-born hunters. They need mental stimulation where you allow them to pounce on their interactive toys or mice. Here are some great Maine Coon cat toys, ideal for these clever felines’ minds.

Playtime is a priority for Maine Coons. Prepare yourself for lots of interactions since they love to play.

8.  Family Friendly

One of the major benefits of owning a Maine Coon is how well-behaved they are around babies. In fact, many cat specialists advise that Maine Coon cats thrive well in families with kids.

In addition, Maine Coon cats are known to be highly tolerant and can adapt easily to kids’ needs.

They have a special bond and loyalty to their family and do not need to be constantly supervised.

As a family-friendly gentle giant, this cat can help kids develop better social and communication skills. In the majority of cases, you can trust your kids and other pets around the Maine Coon cat.

Most importantly, they are easy to train on certain family-friendly traits and behaviors.

9.  Good With Other Cats and Dogs

The Maine Coon is characteristically docile and friendly with everyone around, including cats and dogs.

Their highly sociable skills and laid-back temperament make them perfect for living with other cats. This is because they generally enjoy the company of other animals.

Maine Coons are less likely to start a catfight. However, gender-wise, the female is more cat-like and aloof in nature than the male of the species, so the female will take longer to warm up to strangers.

In addition, Maine Coon cats are also friendly with dogs. They may be a little shy at first but will often warm up to a dog living within the same household after a couple of days.

Since they are rarely aggressive, these cats are the best cat breeds to keep around dogs.

10. Great Pets

Do Maine Coon cats make good pets?

Most cat lovers have a strong preference for this cat species. It possesses features and traits unusual in cats, making them adorable and absolutely the best pet to have.

Are Maine Coons difficult? Surprisingly, Maine Coons are extremely gentle, unlike ordinary cats. They are highly intelligent, allowing them to know which and when boundaries not to cross.

Should I get a Maine Coon? You should get a Maine Coon if you don’t prefer the temperamental nature of ordinary feline breeds. They are less difficult and, overall, make good pets.

11. Independent

Maine Coons don’t mind doing their own things independently, though usually prefer to spend the majority of their time around their owners.

However, do not confuse their independence for the need to be left alone.

Maine Coons are prone to loneliness if you don’t meet their social needs. So if you work away from home a lot, a Maine Coon will not fit into your lifestyle as easily.

12. They Love Water and Grooming

Most cats love hygiene and often take the necessary precautions to ensure they are constantly clean, except coming near water. While that might be understandable, the Maine Coon cat has no problem being wet. In fact, they love playing with water!

Their love for water is perhaps since they have semi-water-resistant fur.

In addition, the majority of Maine Coons are strong swimmers, so will not mind extra playtime whilst you bathe them, unlike their feline counterparts.

The Maine Coon cat’s coat requires daily attention, which means regular brushing to keep their fur from tangling. Their coats also need to be combed for a smooth effect. Fortunately, they enjoy this grooming process, especially if you begin doing it when they are young.

These are the best 5 Maine Coon grooming tools, to make the brushing process go smoothly.

13. They Rarely Demand Attention

Maine Coons are very quiet when around you, except for the excited chirping sounds that they make from time to time. They definitely do not meow constantly as other cat breeds can.

Fortunately, Maine Coons will simply curl up next to you, not seeking attention, but rather simply enjoying your company.

Maine Coon cats are not high maintenance and do not always need to be doing something with the people around them. Instead, they respect their owner’s peace and happily sit beside them whilst they watch TV, without bothering you with constant meowing.

14. Comical

Maine Coons have different facial expressions that often appear comical.

I’m not sure why, but when caught in suspect situations, these cats end up looking funnier than your ordinary cats would!

The majority of these facial expressions are caused by the arrangement of their facial hair. Depending on the cat, these facial expressions vary from comical to innocent.

Most funny cat compilations on Youtube feature Maine Coons trained to perform certain tricks.

All in all, expect to crack a few good laughs just from watching these creatures make fools of themselves. They are the perfect pet companions to keep around if you are emotionally drained and want to cheer up or feel extra loved.

15. Adorable

Maine Coons are constantly serving looks and adorable appearances, unlike the average cat.

They have really adorable furry feet. With tufts on their feet and hair, this cat almost resembles a lion. It is because of this that the furry tuft of mane around their neckline is also known as a ‘lion’s mane’.

In addition, they have really adorable eyes that vary in color. See more about the Maine Coon Eye’s in this fact-filled article I wrote.

Some of the common eye colors include:

  • Copper
  • Green
  • Gold

Maine Coon cats come in roughly 75 colorings that are sincerely eye-catchy and adorable.

16. They Don’t Mind Leashes

Regular cat breeds hate being leashed for different reasons.

Unlike these typical feline species, the Maine Coon can be trained to be walked on a leash provided that owners introduce this idea whilst the Maine Coon is still a kitten. If trained young enough, the Maine Coon offers little to no resistance when you leash them for a walk.

In addition, they enjoy touring the outdoors with their owners, whether on a leash or not. With diligent training and patience, you can walk down the streets comfortably with your Maine Coon.

17. They Can Brace Winters Effortlessly

In the past, these cat species adapted and developed certain traits to help them tackle the New England cold, such as:

  • Tufted Paws: Maine Coons have snowshoe-like paws.
  • Semi-Water Resistant Fur: These cats have semi-water-resistant fur. and snowshoe-like paws.
  • Long Fur: Maine Coons have long fur that covers their body, helping to keep them warm during winters.

18. They Love to Cuddle

Part of the reason pet owners get pets is to have a snuggle buddy. However, regular feline breeds are known for mostly resisting close human contact.

By comparison, many Maine Coon cats love to cuddle their owners.

Their friendliness, coupled with their huge body size uncommon in a cat, makes this cat breed the perfect snuggle partner on those cold and lazy days.

In addition, Maine Coons are fiercely loyal and almost always want to be around you. Therefore, expect your efforts to snuggle up to be mutual and reciprocated once in a while.

19.  Polydactyl Maine Coons

Historically, some Maine Coons had a dominant extra toe gene. These cats were known as polydactyl Maine Coons.

Read more about Polydactyl Maine Coons here.

This genetic predisposition was considered undesirable though, so has since been almost completely bred out of the Maine Coon cat breed.

20. Healthy Breed

Maine Coon cats are known for being a very hardy, healthy cat breed.

They rarely need any special care. However, to ensure they remain healthy and live longer, you will need to give them a properly balanced diet. These dry foods are best for your cat.

In addition, Maine Coons are perceived as among the healthiest cat species. This is unlike regular feline breeds that often inherit health problems.

Owners should still watch out for these ‘Top 7 Maine Coon Health Problems‘.

5 Reasons Not to Get A Maine Coon

As much as we love Maine Coons, it would be incorrect to say that they are perfect. Which cat is?!

While they are unusually gentle, unlike regular cat breeds, they also have their downsides.

Here are a few Maine Coon pros and cons to consider:

1. Expensive

One of the downsides of these cats is that they tend to be a little costlier than the regular cat breeds. This is often a result of their unusual traits, which are not common in regular cat breeds.

2. Some Health Complications

Whilst known for being a generally strong and healthy breed, Maine Coon are susceptible to some possible genetic or hereditary health issues like these.

Having such knowledge is important to help you decide before buying or adopting one.

However, with proper care, these cats live long and healthy lives.

3. Regular Grooming

You may find it hard to keep up with this cat’s regular grooming needs if you have a busy schedule.

Maine Coon requires regular grooming (minimum 2-3 good brushes a week) to maintain a clean and healthy coat. Failure to keep to this routine will expose your Maine Coon to health complications i.e. matted tangled fur and fur balls.

4. Space Needs

The Maine Coon is obviously larger than ordinary cat breeds. Therefore, they tend to need bigger spaces.

However, if you have a sizable home and backyard, that should provide the cat with sufficient space to play and rest comfortably.

These extra-large cat towers are also a great way to increase the space within your home since they utilize height rather than floor space.

5. Greater Risk Of Theft

A Maine Coon is a costly and coveted cat. As such, it stands a much higher risk of being stolen than ordinary cat breeds.


Is a Maine Coon right for me?

A Maine Coon is one of the most unique cats that portray behaviors unlikely to be found in ordinary cat breeds.

Generally, a Maine Coon is very gentle and friendly to humans and other pets alike.

There are different reasons to get a Maine Coon, including the fact that it is entirely family-friendly and reliable around babies.

If these reasons are sufficient enough for you to get a Maine Coon, take your time to find a healthy and more favorable furry friend.

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Should I Get A Maine Coon?

You should get a Maine Coon for the right reasons. It is a gentle cat, family-friendly, and makes for the perfect companion. It is the perfect cat breed to keep, especially if you also have a dog. Additionally, it is also less annoying.

Why Don’t Main Coon Like to Be Held?

Such instances are rare. However, if your Maine Coon doesn’t want to be held, chances are you are not respecting their personal space at the moment. You might also be misreading their body language or behavior.

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