Maine Coon vs Siberian Cats

When comparing Maine Coon vs Siberian cats, it was quickly evident that there are many similarities between these two cat breeds.

For starters, both the Maine Coon and the Siberian Cat are natural cat breeds originating from very cold climates.

Maine Coons are the largest domesticated cat in the world, weighing between 3.6 – 11kg (8 – 25 lbs). They are notably bigger than the Siberian Cat, which is medium to large in size, weighing 3.5 – 8 kg (7.71 – 17.6 lb). Both cat breeds behave like dogs, since they are extremely loyal, communicative, and bond closely with owners.

It seems strange that the Maine Coon vs Siberian cat breeds are so similar, despite originating from entirely different parts of the world.

After all, if they come from different places with different wildlife and vegetation, despite sharing a similar climate, it seems logical that these breeds should have more differences.

Maine Coon vs Siberian

Throughout this article, I will go into great depths to explain the key differences and similarities between the Maine Coon vs Siberian cat breeds.

Before I commence though, take a look at the table below which shows a quick comparison of the Maine Coon vs Siberian cat breeds:

FactorMaine CoonSiberian
OriginsMaine, USSiberia
Slightly larger
in length than
width. Angular
Larger at the
top. Rounded
EarsLynx-like ears
tufts. Larger
Lynx-like ear
tufts. More
rounded ears
body frame
TailLong bushy
Long bushy
PawsLarge furry
Large furry
Weight3.6 – 11.3 kg3.5 – 8 kg
Maine Coon Vs Siberian

Maine Coon vs Siberian Cat Origins

The origins of the Maine Coon vs Siberian cat breed are not as different as you might first assume. Keep reading to discover why: 

Maine Coon

Maine Coons originated from America (specifically the State of Maine). They are massively loved in Maine, so much so that this cat breed was honored with the title ‘State of Maine’.

Despite being famous for winning first prize in the first cat show of the United States, the origin of the breed is unknown. The breed has however been identified at least since colonial times.

Part Raccoon

There are a lot of fantastic (and sometimes unbelievable) stories about the origin of this breed.

The first story claims that the Maine Coon is the result of crossbreeding a raccoon with a domesticated short-haired cat.

Advocates of this myth claim that the word ‘coon’ within the Maine Coons name, comes from ‘raccoon’.

Mary Antoinette

The second story says that Marie Antoinette wanted to escape from her death with her six Turkish Angora Cats, by sailing to America.

She didn’t make it to the US, but her cats did, and once they reached New England they were released and crossbred with local domestic cats.

The Maine Coon cat breed was thus produced as a result.

Captain Charles

The third, and more believable story states that a cat could have crossbred with the European cats that the ships of Captain Charles Coon brought to Maine in the 1700s when he traveled from Europe to New England.


The final story argues that the Maine Coon is so similar to the Norwegian Forest Cat, that the Vikings must have brought this particular cat breed to America, on their ships.

These cats then crossbred with local short-haired cats resident in Maine, thus producing the Maine Coon cat breed.

This last story would imply that the Maine Coon is a much older breed than we initially assumed. Without any scientific proof, we will never know which story is true.

For the definitive guide detailing where Maine Coon cats originate from, click here to read my article “Where Do Maine Coon Cats Originate From?“.

Siberian Cats

Siberian Cats originated in Siberia and can be found living in Russia and Ukraine.

This breed has existed for at least a thousand years.

It has been honored with a title, in this case, the Siberian cat is Russia’s national cat.

  • The origin of this breed is unknown, but the theories that try to explain it are not as fantastic as the ones of the Maine Coon.
  • Some scientists believe that the Siberian Cat could have evolved from a local breed naturally.
  • Others think it was crossbred between local cats, and cat breeds from Eastern Asia.
  • Some people think that the Siberian Cat could be related genetically to the Caucasian Wild Cat.
  • Most people however, believe that the Siberian Cat were crossbred between domestic cats and wild forest cats from Siberia.

The Siberian Cat became popular in Europe in the 19th century because long-haired cats were not common in Europe. This breed was not introduced to the United States, until 1990.

Siberian Cat Breed
Siberian Cat Breed

Maine Coon vs Siberian Physical Attributes

The Maine Coon Vs Siberian cat has a very similar appearance since both breeds have thick, long-haired coats that can be found in a great variety of colors.

These breeds are also well known for being large, friendly-natured cat breeds.

Whilst the similarities might initially seem countless, there are a few differences that potential owners should consider when selecting between these two regal-looking cat breeds.

When we compare the Maine Coon vs Siberian cat breeds, there are many different physical attributes to take into consideration, including:

The head of the Maine Coon is slightly larger in length than in width and has more angular and rectilinear contours. The head of the Siberian Cat is slightly larger at the top and has a more rounded contour.

The Maine Coon has a short square-shaped muzzle with a dull end, while the Siberian Cat has a short, rounded muzzle.

b. Eyes

Maine Coons have slightly oblique, oval-shaped eyes, while Siberian Cat eyes are almost round. Both breeds tend to have green or golden eyes, regardless of the color of their coat.

Occasionally, both breeds can have either blue eyes or odd-eye in a different color. However, the coat of the Maine Coon needs to be totally or partially white for these last colors, while the Siberian Cat has no restrictions.

For loads of great Maine Coon eye facts, click here to read my informative article.

Maine Coon vs Siberian Cat Eyes
Maine Coon vs Siberian Cat Eyes

c. Ears

The pointed ears that look similar to those of a lynx, can be found on both Maine Coons and Siberian Cats. Not all Maine Coons have ‘lynx tips’ though.

Find out more in my article ‘Do all Maine Coons have lynx tips?‘.

The Maine Coon’s ears are larger and higher on the cat’s head, whereas the Siberian cat eyes are considered more rounded.

d. Body

Both breeds have a strong and powerful muscular frame, underneath their thick coats.

The Maine Coon has a more prominent chest though, whilst Siberian cats have elliptical-shaped bodies.

Another difference when comparing the Maine Coon vs Siberian cat bodies is that the Siberian Cat has a slight arch on its back.

This is caused by the fact that its hind legs are a little longer than its front legs.

This makes it an excellent jumper.

The Maine Coon does not have this characteristic but is still thought to be a good jumper, though owners tend to see this cat breed jump far less.

Find out why in my article ‘Can Maine Coons Jump?‘.

e. Tail

Both breeds have thick furry tails.

In general, though, the Maine Coon has a longer tail than the Siberian Cat, if we compare their tail length, versus their body lengths.

f. Paws

Both breeds have big, rounded, and very furry paws.

g. Weight

The Maine Coon weighs from 3.6 to 11.3 kg (8 – 25 lbs), and it is bigger than the Siberian Cat, which weighs from 3.5 to 8 kg.

h. Fur Coats

The Maine Coon has a two-layer coat, with the upper one being silky and the undercoat being thin, soft, and fine.

Their fur is semi-water repellent, which might help to explain their sheer fascination with water!

By comparison, the Siberian Cat has a thick three-layer coat, with the upper one being water-repellent and the bottom one being tight.

Both breeds have shorter hair on their back and upper head, and longer hair on their bellies and the bottom part of their heads.

You can keep the fur of these long-haired gentle giants in great condition, by using a combination of these “Top 5 Cat Brushes For Maine Coons“.

i. Colors

When we compare the Maine Coon vs Siberian cat, we can see that both have thick coats, that come in various colors and patterns.

The Maine Coon is well known for having approximately 75 different colorings. Despite having such a broad range of colors and patterns though, the two breeds’ colorings are very different.

For more information on Maine Coon colors, check out my article “What Colors Do Maine Coon Cats Come In?“.

Maine Coon vs Siberian Personality

If you compare the personality of the Maine Coon vs Siberian Cats, both breeds are very similar.

a) Temperament

Both are big cats with playful, friendly, and affectionate personalities.

They are easygoing and tend to get along with people of all ages. 

These breeds are great at hunting mice and bigger rats, and are bizarrely tolerant of loud noises!

b) Other Pets

The Maine Coon vs Siberian cat breeds are also known for getting on well with other household pets, including other cats and dogs. 

c) Jumping

Maine Coons prefer to be on the ground, while Siberian Cats like the heights. This is due to their great ability to jump huge distances, which will constantly impress their owners.

For example, you could find a Siberian Cat resting on top of a tall bookcase or on the top part of an open door, and watch it get down to the floor effortlessly.

That’s not to say that the Maine Coon cannot jump, in fact, they can. This highly intelligent cat breed just prefers to find the more sensible root up to the top of a wall or bookcase.

d) Fascination With Water

Both Maine Coons and Siberian Cats love water and will go outside regardless of the weather conditions. They can be indoors and outdoors or just indoors all the time.

However, they are so energetic that if they live indoors only they will need a lot of toys and playtime with their owners.

We recommend the following cat trees for these large cats, to give them an extra level to sit and observe their surroundings.

These towers are designed to hold these larger cat breeds and offer additional exercise possibilities.

These fantastic cat toys are also great ways to keep the Maine Coon and Siberian cat breeds busy, entertained, and exercising.

e) Communication

When we compare the Maine Coon vs Siberian cat breeds, we can see that they are both very communicative with their owners, making a great variety of sounds.

Try asking your Maine Coon a question right now, and watch them chirp or trill back at you like they are actually conversing with you!

Maine Coon and Siberian sounds and voices are not too loud, but instead gentle meows, chirps, or trills. With time, you will learn to understand what your cat means with each type of noise that they make.

For example, some cat owners claim that their cats sound usually mean that they are:

  • Hungry
  • Need your help
  • Would like your attention
  • Want to play
  • Greeting you.

Some Maine Coons will chirp and trill after their owners go to bed before they themselves go to sleep.

Their trills usually mean that they are happy, excited, or that they want to show you something. They also tend to chirp when they are excited.

The two videos below are our Maine Coon talking to us. He does love to chatter all day long – listen to his chirps and chattering:

Maine coon Talking

Maine Coon vs Siberian Character Traits

Are you wondering which cat breed is most suitable for you? If so, this comparison between the Maine Coon vs Siberian character traits might be of interest to you.

In short, both the Maine Coon and Siberian Cat have similar character traits. They are both:

  • Very intelligent
  • Bond closely with owners
  • Energetic
  • Loyal

To help you decide which cat breed best suits your personal circumstances, I have described these character traits in great detail below: 

a) Intelligence

In general, both the Maine Coon and Siberian cat breeds are considered to be very intelligent. For example, many Maine Coon cats learn how to turn the faucet on!

The Siberian Cat also loves problem-solving and has been known to work out the door opening mechanism, in order to access their cat food, or simply be with someone they like.

Other owners also report that their Siberian cat has a tendency to open their cat food containers so that they can eat a snack between meals!

And if you think you can hide your Siberian cat’s favorite toy in an inaccessible place, you will quickly fail as they find a way to get it!

Both the Maine Coon and Siberian cat breeds will respond well to training and can learn all sorts of tricks, like jumping through a ring.

b) Bonding

When choosing between the Maine Coon vs Siberian cat breeds, it is worth noting that both breeds like to create close bonds with their owners. They also enjoy getting a lot of attention.

These breeds tend to spend large amounts of time around their owners, looking at what they are doing, and even helping them, if they can.

They love to greet you at the door when you get home and even enjoy playing fetch as dogs do.

One crucial difference between the breeds though, is that Maine Coons are not usually lap cats, whereas Siberian Cats enjoy being lap cats.

c) Energy

Both breeds are energetic and need to spend time every day playing with their owners.

d) Loyalty

These two cat breeds are considered loyal and affectionate with their owners, which is one of the reasons that they are usually compared with dogs.

Maine Coon vs Siberian Price

The price of a Maine Coon in the United States can range from $400 to $1500 US dollars.

Find a US breeder you can trust, using my article.

The Siberian Cat is less common, and therefore more expensive than the average Maine Coon cat. A purebred Siberian Cat in the United States can range from $1,000 to $2,000 US dollars.

For more information on the price of Maine Coon kittens and cats, read my article: “How Much Do Maine Coons Cost?“.

Maine Coon vs Siberian Health

Before opting to purchase either a Maine Coon or a Siberian cat, make sure you know about their potential health conditions in detail. Vet bills do not come cheap, always insure your cat.

a) Hardy

Both cat breeds are considered very hardy, strong, and agile cats.

Some specialists claim that the Siberian cat is generally a healthier breed than the Maine Coon.

I am not convinced that this is true though since the Maine Coon is not predisposed to a large number of health issues.

Supporters of this theory, however, purport that breeders experimented with the Maine Coon cat breed in an attempt to improve the breed, thus leading to more potential health conditions.

It is not thought that the Siberian breed was experimented with.

b) Health Issues

The Maine Coon breed is prone to several illnesses, including:

  • Hip dysplasia
  • Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy

However, this does not mean that every cat from this breed will get sick. There are a lot of cases of Maine Coons that live very healthy lives. The Maine Coon has a life expectancy of 10 to 15 years.

By comparison, the Siberian Cat has a longer life expectancy, of 18 to 20 years.

For more details on this, please read my article “Top 7 Maine Coon Health Issues“.

c) Hypoallergenic

The Siberian cat is thought to produce less Fel d1 protein in its saliva and dander, than regular cats.

Although no cat is truly hypoallergenic, the Siberian cat’s reduced dander makes it less prone to produce allergies in its owners.

Some people who are allergic to cats show fewer allergic reactions to Siberian cats than to other cat breeds, and some show no allergic reaction to it at all.

Maine Coon vs Siberian Grooming

If grooming your long-haired cat is important to you, make sure you read my article: Maine Coon Grooming Tips You Need To Know.

a) Brushing

When you buy a long-haired cat, you inevitably expect to groom it on a regular basis.

That’s not the case with the Maine Coon vs Siberian cat breeds though, who require less grooming than you might expect a long-haired cat to need.

Owners should brush their cat’s thick long fur coats 2 – 3 times a week in order to avoid mats, knots, and hairballs. These grooming tools will literally be your lifesavers!

b) Shedding

Both cat breeds will shed their winter hair.

During the lead-up to Spring, therefore, you should expect to vacuum your home to collect shredded hair more often. It will also help to brush your cat’s hair daily during this season.

Bathing both breeds occasionally will keep their coats clean. It is important to remember to trim their nails and care for their ears and teeth.

Owners of Maine Coons should consider these Maine Coons teeth requirements.


If you compare the Maine Coon vs Siberian Cat breeds, you will find that they are extremely similar-looking, though the Maine Coons remain physically bigger.

If you want to consider which breed of cat to buy, there is no right or wrong answer.

They are both great felines to own, and you can find a lot of stories on the internet about how much their owners enjoy owning both of these cat breeds.

Maybe your decision will be based on the specific cat you find or a certain factor that is more important for you.

The important thing at the end of the day though, is that you will almost inevitably adore whichever cat breed you choose to buy.

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