The Silver Maine Coon Cat

The striking looks, sheer size, and thick shaggy coat of the silver Maine Coon cat make them all the more alluring. Keep reading to discover more about this fascinating cat breed.

Silver Maine Coon cats are large and sociable, with a ruff of fur across their chest and a thick uneven two-layered coat with a silver or “smoke” undercoat. Maine Coons are one of the oldest natural cat breeds in North America. Silver Maine Coons have a strong bone structure and come in a variety of color patterns or variations, including silver, white, brown, blue, black, tabby, and red.

Below is a further look at everything you need to know about the highly popular Silver Maine Coon cat breed.

The Silver Maine Coon Cat

Silver Maine Coons have a reputation for being affectionate family pets.

They are also highly intelligent, friendly cats who enjoy spending time and playing with their owners.

Hunting is one of their strengths, which has earned them a reputation for having excellent mousing skills.

Cats of this breed come in a range of fur patterns and are very striking to look at.

Here is a full list of the 74 different Maine Coon colorings if you are interested.

Generally, a silver Maine Coon cat comes from at least one of the following parent colorings:

  • Silver Smoked
  • Tabby
  • Shaded

The silver color of Maine Coons is also referred to as “smoke” coloration. It is characterized by a silver undercoat and is only found on solid-colored Maine Coons.

You may find it difficult to notice the silver undercoat in a kitten since it becomes more visible as the cat develops.

Some silver Maine Coon cats have a faded section along their chest. You may notice this when you ruffle your cat’s fur when it’s lying upside-down.

The silver color will sometimes be combined with other colors, including:

  • Cream
  • White
  • Black

It is easy to verify that a Maine Coon has the smoke color by inspecting their hair shaft roots since true silver Maine Coon cats have silver roots on their hair shafts.

Black and red are the two main coat colors that contribute to the silver coloration.

Male kittens inherit both genes from their mothers and have the same color as their mother or a “dilute” version of it.

Female kittens inherit one gene from both parents and will have a mix of the two colors or a “dilute” version.

There is a chance that if you breed black and red coat domesticated cats, silver will occur in the kittens.

Silver may also occur if the cat carries a rare inhibitor gene. This gene allows the pigment to be laid down at the tip of the hair but not on the shaft.

Thus, the hair shafts of silver Maine Coons are pale compared to the tips, which are dark gray.

Some other genes are involved in achieving the silver Maine Coons tabby patterns (mackerel, classic, or ticked). These are the agouti gene “A” and the non-agouti gene “a.”

You can also use Maine Coon color calculators or read more from the CFA Basic Feline Genetics if you want to be sure about the color of your furry friend (sources 1).

History Of Maine Coon Cats

These cats are native to Maine, but little is known about how they reached there.

The earliest recorded history of the Silver Maine Coon dates back to the early nineteenth century where they are mentioned in the story of Captain Jenks, in 1861.

In the book, there is a black and white cat called Captain Jenks.

Another folklore tale about the Silver Maine Coon is that the Vikings came with these cats to North America many centuries before Christopher Columbus arrived in 1492.

Others tell the story of Marie Antoinette, who is believed to have had tried to escape France.

It is thought that she sent her cats ahead on a ship to America, intending to follow after them, but was captured before she could reach Maine.

The history of the Silver Maine Coon cat is still a mystery except for the fact that they are native to the state of Maine in the US.

Still, one thing is clear; these cats evolved naturally rather than through human interference.

But right now, many of them are produced through selective breeding.

Silver Maine Coon Colors

There are a variety of different silver Maine Coon cat colorings.

The appearance of the silver color can vary from crimson to black, blue to cream, and everything in between.

Some of these groups have white mixed in their fur.

Regardless of which option you choose, a silver Maine Coon cat will always make a wonderful addition to your family.

I shall now take a closer look at the silver Maine Coon colorings that you can buy or adopt:

1. Silver Tabby Maine Coon

The silver tabby is characterized by “ghost markings,” which include white chins and white around the eyes, stripes, cheeks, shoulder, etc.

Depending on the patterns made by the markings; you may have a tabby that is:

  • Classic
  • Ticked
  • Mackerel

If you are not certain what these tabby Maine coon markings are, make sure you read the information below:

a. Classic Silver Tabby

Classic silver tabbies have a characteristic swirl pattern on their:

  • Head
  • Limbs
  • Body
  • Distinctive “M” Tattoo on their forehead

They have additional spots and swirls on their shoulders and cheeks.

The cat’s fur appears to be “marbled” and spiraled in appearance.

Keep in mind that these parameters are used for judging show-cats, therefore you might not be able to recognize different tabby patterns by yourself.

b. Mackerel Tabby

As seen from the side, the silver mackerel tabby gets its name due to the parallel stripes that run down its sides, resembling those of a mackerel fish.

These stripes may be more prominent in kittens, making them look like a Toyger. Of course, this trait may or may not persist into maturity.

The “M” marking can always be found on their forehead. If you love this ‘M’ marking, make sure you read my article ‘Do All Maine Coons Have An ‘M’ Marking On Their Forehead?‘.

c. Ticked Tabby

There are no visible marks, patches, or dots on a ticked tabby.

However, there are markings present on individual hairs on the cat’s body. This is due to the agouti gene.

Some ghost markings can also be seen on their faces, tails, and legs. They may also have a dark line running down their spine.

2. Silver Shaded Maine Coon

A silver shaded Maine Coon has a silvery undercoat, and the outer layer is of a different shade.

Most Maine Coons are Silver shaded red or silver shaded cream.

3. Blue Silver Maine Coon

Maine Coons have black as one of their basic hues, but if a dilute gene is expressed, the black changes to silver and blue.

But, the blue-silver Maine Coons are not exactly royal or sky blue; instead, they have a bluish tint with a hint of silver.

The eyes of these kitties are gold or green, and they usually come in solid colors.

It’s possible to find some white in the fur too.

If you are fascinated to learn more about the magical ‘Blue Maine Coon Cat‘, click to read my article.

4. Silver Gray Maine Coons

The gray silver Maine Coons are beautiful too.

Gray fits in perfectly with the cat’s blue coat.

The blue and gray cat comes in solid colors, but it can also be mixed and matched with vibrant shades.

These cats have black or grayish ears and nose tufts.

For those of you who want to learn about the gray Maine Coon cat, make sure you click this link straight away!

5. Silver Black Maine Coon

Black Maine Coons have thick black fur all over their bodies. In some, you will see a bit of gray on their chest and around their ear tufts.

The undercoat may also be gray in tone, giving it a smoky appearance.

6. Silver White Maine Coons

Some silver Maine Coons come in shades of white.

When the gene for white spots is present, they will develop white spots.

The pattern of the white color can be mitted as in when the feline is white on their:

  • Chin
  • Paws
  • Belly
  • Chest

It can also be a bi-pattern as in white high up on the back of the legs and facial area.

Then there is the white variant silver Maine Coon cat with white patterns on its tail or face. This is called a ‘van pattern’.

7. Cameo Variant Maine Coons

Cameo is a reddish-brown tint with a hint of silver on the base.

The upper half of the cat’s body is red, while the center and lower half are a gleaming silver.

Meanwhile, there is also some red and silver on its tail.

8. Solid Silver Maine Coons

The solid silver Maine Coon is characterized by a lack of patterns, patches, or stripes in its fur.

The absence of markings emphasizes the cat’s size and its smooth color.

9. Smoke Silver Maine Coon

The smoked silver Maine Coon is a tabby variant.

Though it looks silver-gray, it is very light gray beneath the outer coat.

The belly and underside of this variant are almost white.

This dramatic contrast will become more visible as the cat grows.

10. Cream Silver Maine Coons

Cream silver Maine Coons can be cream silver tabbies characterized by:

  • White Underfur
  • An Off-White Outer Layer
  • Cream Tabby Patterns

They can also be silver patched tabbies, as in mainly silver with patches of cream running through their coats.

On the other hand, the blue-silver patched tabby has a silver underfur with mostly blue markings and streaks of cream running throughout their coat.

11. Red Silver Maine Coon

Red silver Maine Coon cats have a polished silver undercoat to reduce the intensity of the red color in their coat.

Silver Maine Coon Size

Silver Maine Coon cats are between 19 – 40 inches in length (including the tail), which makes them some of the longest domestic cats in the world.

Silver Maine Coons are much bigger than your average cat, weighing as follows:

Males: 15 – 25 pounds

Females: 8 – 12 pounds

Whilst the male of the breed is usually bigger, it is possible to encounter a female that weighs more than a male if the female is extra large and the male extra small.

The brighter hue and long hair coat shine brightly on the silver Maine Coon, making their immense size appear to be much more evident for this Maine Coon color.

Silver Maine Coon Price

So how much is a silver Maine Coon, I hear you ask!

The price of a pure silver Maine Coon kitten starts at $1000 but can reach as high as $2500 if you are looking to purchase a silver Maine Coon show-level kitten.

While these prices may seem absurd, keep in mind that breeding Maine Coon cats and raising healthy Maine Coon kittens isn’t easy.

Breeding Maine Coon kittens can also be a highly expensive exercise.

If you buy or adopt a Maine Coon kitten keep in mind the following unseen costs, that must be covered for the entire litter of kittens, not just the kitten you are wishing to purchase:

  • Provision for both parents and their offspring
  • All the healthcare fees involved with the cats pregnancy
  • Cost of spaying / neutering the kittens
  • Jabs
  • Vaccines
  • Boosters

The other reason for the high price is likely to be the level of demand since buyers often outnumber the quantity of Maine Coon kittens available to buy.

In the 1950s, the Maine Coon was thought to have gone extinct when their popularity plummeted. Fortunately, the reports of extinction were unfounded.

The breed has made a return and is all the rage these days.

Although Maine Coon cats are not one of the rarest cat breeds you can buy, they are also not readily available to purchase in every pet shop in town.

Instead, you should purchase one of these impressive cats from a registered Maine Coon breeder, such as these.

Silver Maine Coons are becoming increasingly popular as household pets, and they are frequently seen competing in cat exhibitions across the country.

But still, the chances of running into a silver Maine coon stray are pretty low.

A cattery may participate in show circuits to promote its kitties. Award-winning and competition-winning Maine Coon cats fetch a greater price.

Costs Of Caring For A Silver Maine coon Cat

Here is a breakdown of the costs of adopting a silver Maine Coon cat:

1. Litter Box

You will need an extra-large litter box, like these fab options.

Litter trays can range between $10 to $300, depending on the type and size that you purchase.

Open Pan Litter Boxes are the cheapest, setting you back between $10-$40.

Automatic Litter Boxes are amazing, but also the most expensive at $150-$300 because they come with self-cleaning technology.

A covered litter box will cost you $30-$50.

These extra-large litter trays are ideal for your Maine Coon cat.

2. Litter

You will need to pay for litter for your litter box!

Depending on the material (wood pellets, clay, biodegradable) that you and your Maine Coon cat prefer, expect to pay between $10-$30 per bag.

3. Cat Toys

Maine Coons are highly bright creatures who may become bored if their brains are not stimulated correctly.

Your silver Maine Coon will therefore need mentally stimulating cat toys like these.

Expect to pay between $10-$30 per toy.

While each toy might seem relatively inexpensive, you will most likely purchase a large number of these items to keep your furry friend entertained.

These are my 5 favorite Maine Coon cat toys.

4. Large Cat Tower

Maine Coon cats are prone to obesity so will require regular daily exercise to keep them fit and healthy.

Whilst purchasing a large cat tower might feel pricey, it’s one of the best ways to ensure that your silver Maine Coon is exercising.

When I first purchased a Maine Coon cat I made the mistake of buying a normal-sized cat tower/tree.

This was a silly mistake that I recommend you do not do yourselves since your Maine Coon kitten will quickly grow large … VERY LARGE!!

I recommend you order one of these cat trees, as they have proven themselves to be the best Maine Coon cat tree purchases I have made to date, for our large Maine Coon.

5. Scratching Post

This is a big breed that likes to hunt and scratch so you will need to purchase multiple scratching posts, which could quite easily set you back between $100-$300, depending upon the number you purchase.

I’ve now tried quite a few large cat scratching posts and found this large scratching post from Amazon to be the most cost-effective long-lasting cat scratching post on the market.

It is important not to forget to buy a large cat tower, to help

6. Food Bowl

You will also need a food bowl ($20-$25) and a minimum of $100 per month for cat food.

Always buy the best quality cat food your budget allows. I recommend the following Maine Coon diet.

Make sure you NEVER feed your treasured silver Maine Coon cat these harmful foods though.

7. Grooming

The silver Maine Coons have large, beautiful double coats that shed frequently and need frequent grooming.

So, if wanting to own a Silver Maine Coon, make sure you keep the following grooming tools handy:

  • Daily Brush ($10-$20)
  • Deshedding Tool ($10-$30)
  • Claw Clippers ($10)
  • Shampoo ($10-$20)

Having tried and tested all the Maine Coon grooming tools on the market, I found these 5 cat grooming tools to work best with our large male Maine Coon cat.

Alternatively, you can hire professional groomers for $50-$150 for every trip to the groomers.

8. Healthcare

Maine Coons are typically healthy and tough, so healthcare costs in most cases are not extremely high.

However, unexpected problems still occur and you will need to take your large feline for annual vaccinations, check-ups, and boosters.

Be prepared for this to cost you between $200 – $300 per year, and more if your cat hurts themselves.

There is also the cost of tick flea and worm treatments, which is around $30 per month.

Finally, if sudden healthcare issues such as these arise, prices can range from just a few hundred dollars to thousands.

It might be a good idea to look into insurance at the beginning of your furry friend’s life.

Here is the definitive guide to Maine Coon pet insurance costs, so that you can swat up on what you might likely be paying for your cat.

Overall, owning the Silver Maine Coon kitten is not cheap.

Breeders ask for more because they put a lot of care into selecting and breeding these types of cats.

Still, it’s worth it because, in the end, you know you are getting a healthy kitten, and you can also look at the high price as a mark of luxury.

This feline breed is:

  • Elegant
  • Sophisticated
  • Glamorous

Are Silver Maine Coons Rare?

Silver Maine Coon cats are unique among cat felines.

These cats are difficult to breed since it requires the experience and skills of professional breeders.

As such, the Silver Maine Coon is a rare color variation amongst Maine Coon cats, with the shaded silver being the rarest.

However, they are not very difficult to find as a number of professional breeders offer the felines if you can afford them.

Famous Silver Maine Coon Cats

Here are some famous silver Maine Coon cats, that you might have heard of:

1. Cygnus Regulus Powers

The longest tail for a cat belonged to a silver Maine Coon with a tail length of 17.58 inches.

Cygnus Regulus Powers was listed in the Guinness World Records book, in the 2018 Edition.

The average length of a male cat’s tail is 11 inches, so Cygnus’ tail is about one-third longer than average!

A shelter fire in late 2017 tragically claimed the life of Cygnus.

In an interview, Lauren and Will Powers (the owners of the shelter where he lived) described owning a long-tailed Maine Coon as challenging.

This was because they had to walk or close doors very carefully, to prevent Cygnus’ tail from getting caught in the door.

Furthermore, Cygnus occasionally dipped his tail in stuff due to the distance between his body and tail.

Until his death, Cygnus and his brother Arcturus lived in Michigan.

At 9.05 inches, Arcturus had the record for being the tallest cat. The two cats had a strong friendship and frequently chased and played with each other.

They used to groom and sleep with each other all the time.

2. Stewie

The longest domestic cat in the world was a silver Maine Coon called Stewie.

Stewie sadly passed away in 2005, but still holds the Guinness World Record for the longest domesticated cat.

Stewie was 48.5 inches.

Silver Colored Maine Coon Names

When it comes to names for silver Maine Coon cats, there is no right or wrong name. Simply give your cat a name that you feel is appropriate, and that you do not mind shouting out in the garden!

Here is a list of some popular silver tabby Maine Coon names:

  • Queen Antoinette – after the queen herself who tried to escape to America with her cats.
  • Captain Cute
  • Signor scratchy
  • Katniss
  • Marty McFly
  • Bernadette
  • Gypsy
  • Captain Cute
  • Tiger Tail
  • Tee-boo

Here are 73 other great Maine Coon cat names that you might like.

Silver Maine Coon Kittens For Sale Near Me

There are a few places where you can buy a silver Maine Coon cat:

  • Start by attending local cat exhibits in your neighborhood. At these shows and exhibitions, you can meet with cattery managers and breeders, obtain a business card, and organize a visit to their facility.
  • Most catteries and breeders have social media accounts, so check the internet for more information.

Silver Maine Coon Breeders

Silver Maine Coons are only rare when occurring naturally. However, you can find them easily from registered Maine Coon breeders in your country.

Still, selecting a good breeder is not easy; a good Maine Coon breeder must adhere to the CFA or TICA standards and produce high-quality kittens in the correct environment.

Here is a full list of registered Maine Coon breeders in the United States.

The following silver Maine Coon breeders are listed on the internet, but may or may not be registered with any cat governing bodies.

Disclaimer: Maine Coon Central does not endorse any of these breeders. These are Maine Coon breeder names sourced in November 2021, from the internet. Please make sure you check each breeder thoroughly, before buying a Maine Coon kitten:

Silver Maine Coon Kittens for Sale in Ohio

Are you looking to adopt a Silver Maine Coon in Ohio?

Here are some Maine Coon breeders listed on Google, in Ohio:

  • Reigning Maine Coons
  • Muse Coons
  • Highlander Maine Coons
  • Maine Livres Cattery
  • Bakri Me
  • Skylar Maine Coon Kittery

Silver Maine Coon Kittens For Sale In PA

If you live in Pennsylvania and are looking to adopt a silver Maine Coon, check out the following breeders:

  • Cold Creek Maine Coons
  • Paleeni Main Coons
  • McKittycreek Maine Coons

Silver Maine Kittens For Sale U.K.

If you live in the United Kingdom, here is a list of popular silver Maine Coon breeders you can check if you want to adopt one of these gentle giants:

  • Eden Maine
  • Rudy Cats
  • Maine Coon Cat Club

As you search the above-mentioned breeders, verify that their operation is registered with the Cat Fanciers Association (CFA).

The CFA is an organization that promotes breeding standards for cats and organizes cat shows in cities, among other duties.

Registration shows the CFA recognizes that the facility breeds pedigreed cats.

Breeders may also register with ‘The International Cat Association’ (TICA).

However, registration does not really imply that a breeder’s business methods or ethics are up to par, so you should still do your homework.

Visit the breeder’s facility to see the conditions the cats live in.

Here’s how to successfully buy a Maine Coon kitten.

Black Silver Maine Coon Kitten

One of the solid Maine Coon cat colors is black.

A Maine Coon kitten can be totally black. This color is known as solid black.

However, a black silver Maine Coon kitten is not a solid black color but a black smoke color.

A black Silver Maine Coon kitten will appear black with a light undercoat. As such, it will appear black and silver when it moves.

A black silver Maine Coon kitten has pale roots upon inspection. Also, the ear tufts and neck ruff of the kitten will often be silver.

Read more about the black Maine Coon here.


There has been a lot of speculation about the origins of the silver Maine Coon cat.

These felines are gorgeous, sophisticated, and family-friendly.

They have been popular in the U.S. since the early 19th century, and to this day, they remain one of the most popular breeds of domestic cat breeds to own.

Their silver coating is naturally occurring and can also be selectively bred.

The silver color is often known as “smoke” and occurs in various patterns and tints. You can find the silver Maine Coon cat at various local catteries, cat shows, etc.

What’s The Lifespan Of Silver Maine Coon Cat?

The lifespan of silver Maine Coons is between 10 to 15 years. They are vulnerable to health difficulties such as hip dysplasia and arthritis due to their big size.

Are Silver Maine Coon Cats Good For Families?

Silver Maine Coons are amazing family pets. They have a gentle and patient demeanor suitable for active children. Their large size enables them to deal with a little rough handling from the younger children.

When Was The Silver Maine Coon Cat Formally Recognized?

This feline breed was officially recognized in 1895 when the breed participated in the first big cat show in the US. The winner was a Maine Coon, although not a Silver Maine Coon. This competition raised awareness of the breed. Maine Coon Breeders and Fanciers Association was founded in 1968.

Do Silver Maine Coons Get Along With Other Pets?

These gentle giants do well with other pets, especially other cats and most dog breeds. They will take them as part of the family, especially if you raise them together. However, you will want to be careful if you also own rodent pets, like mice.

Do Silver Maine Coons Love Water?

Silver Maine Coons love water. These cats won’t hesitate to take occasional laps around your swimming pool.

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