10 Things Maine Coons Like

The Maine Coon cat breed has taken the world by storm with its beauty, loving personality, and mysterious lineage. But, how can we keep our Maine Coons happy and content?

Let’s delve into the things Maine Coons like the most to find out.

Maine Coons love to play with their owners in short bursts. They enjoy splashing water from their bowl and climbing up high. These curious felines love investigating open cupboards and will follow their owners around the house, watching them. They are highly sociable felines that seek companionship and enjoy being taken for a walk outside.

This article will cover yet more things Maine Coons like, so keep reading to discover what your Maine Coon loves to do.

Things Maine Coons Like

As the biggest domesticated cat breed in the world, this famous cat breed is loved not only for its huge dimensions but also for its winning personality.

These gentle giants originated in Maine, US but can now be found across the world as their popularity has soared in recent decades.

Maine Coon cats aren’t like other cats, therefore before adopting or purchasing one it is important that potential owners swat up on the Maine Coon cat’s unique needs.

Let’s investigate the top 10 things Maine Coons like, to give you a better understanding of what this pedigree cat breed is about.

1. What Do Maine Coons Like To Play With?

What do Maine Coon cats like to play with is a popular question, since owners of this much-loved cat breed are always keen to do the very best for their favorite feline.

These intelligent felines need an extra level of play and mental stimulation to keep them entertained.

So, consider purchasing these fun cat toys to keep their minds active.

Some other great Maine Coon cat toys include:

  • Toy Fish
  • Jumping Fish
  • Motorized Cat Toys
  • Feathers on a stick
  • Catnip Infused Products
  • Cat Tunnels

Failure to provide your Maine Coon cat with a variety of cat toys may cause your Maine Coon to become destructive.

2. What Do Maine Coons Like To Eat?

Whilst Maine Coon cats do not need a special diet, owners still need to pay close attention to their Maine Coons diet.

These obligate carnivores originate from the wilderness in Maine, US where they lived for many years on a diet high in protein.

Before becoming domesticated, their diet included:

  • Small Rodents
  • Small Birds
  • Small Mammals
  • Insects
  • Small Reptiles

Therefore, if you want to keep your Maine Coon happy and healthy, it is important you provide them with a diet high in protein, and low in carbohydrates.

Here are 5 great dry cat food suggestions for you to consider.

If, like many owners, you prefer to feed your Maine Coon a raw food diet though, read this.

3. Do Maine Coons Like To Go On Walks?

One of the most unusual traits of the Maine Coon cat breed is that they enjoy going for walks!

These majestic felines are highly trainable and very receptive to wearing a cat harness, provided the owner introduced the cat leash to them whilst they were still kittens.

Many owners keep their Maine Coon cats indoors, so taking your cat for a walk is a great experience for your cat to explore the outside world safely.

You might be surprised to see how much fun a Maine Coon can have when they find a leaf blowing in the wind!

Whilst taking cats for a walk is not yet a very common sight in the UK, many US owners love taking their big cats for a walk.

Not only is this a great bonding experience between owner and cat, but it also offers the cat the extra mental stimulation that this large cat breed needs to stay happy and content.

4. Do Maine Coons Like To Be Petted?

Maine Coons love to cuddle and be petted by their owners, however, you should always be alert to their body language so that you know when to stop.

Too much stroking can cause your Maine Coon to become overstimulated.

Whilst an overstimulated Maine Coon will not attack their human owner, they may bite or scratch you by mistake, thinking that you are playing.

If this happens, immediately stop petting your Maine Coon and give them space to calm down.

5. Do Maine Coons Like To Be Picked Up?

The majority of Maine Coon cats like to be picked up and cuddled, for short periods of time.

However, keep in mind that not all cats will be receptive to cuddles or being held. This might be due to lack of socialization whilst they were kittens, or simply because they do not like the feeling.

Never force your Maine Coon to cuddle you if they do not want to.

6. Do Maine Coons Like Water?

If you’ve ever owned a Maine Coon cat before, then you already know that Maine Coon cats do not simply ‘like’ water.

Instead, Maine Coon cats LOVE water, and can often be found playing with their water bowl or fountain, splashing their water across the floor just for fun.

Unlike most cat breeds, the Maine Coon has semi-water-repellent fur and will actively seek out water to play with. So do not be surprised to find your cat sitting in the rain!

These highly intelligent cats also have a reputation for playing with the faucet, so make sure you cat-proof it!

7. Do Maine Coons Have A Favorite Person?

Maine Coon cats are extremely sociable felines with a great deal of love and affection to share.

A Maine Coon will bond well with all family members, even children, provided they are being treated with the love and respect they deserve.

They bond closest to their ‘favorite human’. This tends to be the human that feeds them or gives them the most attention.

The male of the species is generally considered to be more sociable than the female, who is often regarded as more ‘cat-like’ and aloof.

However, do not let this put you off from owning a female Maine Coon cat, as many owners report that their female Maine Coon is also super affectionate.

Just maybe more on her terms!

8. Weird Things Maine Coons Do

These gentle giants can definitely do weird things at times, but this only makes the Maine Coon cat breed even more adorable.

Some quirky Maine Coon antics include:

  • Crossing their paws
  • Talking to birds through the window
  • Talking to their owners
  • Teaching their humans to do as they bid
  • Sleeping on top of your head
  • Eating with their paws
  • Enjoying having a bath
  • Swimming
  • Going for walks on a leash

There are many other amusing things to learn about this dog-like cat breed, but I will leave you to experience them firsthand.

9. Do Maine Coons Like Dogs?

If you already own a dog but are desperate to own a Maine Coon cat too, then you are in luck.

Maine Coon cats are extremely sociable and dog-like in their nature. They are not hugely territorial so tend to be happy to share their space with other household pets.

In the majority of cases, they get on well with other household cats and dogs, provided they have their own space to retreat to when they want quiet time.

These gentle giants love companionship, so will bond closely with other pets within the house. Just don’t let them near small pet rodents as their natural hunting instinct will kick in!

10. Are Maine Coons Ok On Their Own?

Maine Coon cats love companionship but are not considered to be needy. Instead, they prefer to sit nearby their owners, watching what they are doing, rather than on top of them.

Whilst this cat breed is considered independent, they should not be left on their own for long periods of time since they can suffer from loneliness and separation anxiety.

Therefore, if you work away from home it is advised that you purchase a second cat or dog to keep your Maine Coon company.


Many owners across the world understand just how special the Maine Coon cat breed is.

This pedigree cat breed is like no other, so owners spend copious amounts of time trying to determine the things Maine Coons like to ensure they are meeting their social, mental, and physical needs.

Things to know about Maine Coons include that they are very loyal and sociable. They love companionship but are rarely considered to be needy. Instead, they would rather watch their owners from afar, rather than sit on an owner’s lap whilst they work.

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