21 Best Products For Maine Coon Cats

Maine Coons may be one of the most popular cat breeds out there, but they are also the hardest to shop for!

So, here are the 21 best products for Maine Coon cats, in my experience of owning three playful and fun-loving Maine Coon cats.

Maine Coons are large cats that require large litter boxes, beds, and other supplies. Since they are highly active and intelligent, they also need lots of durable, interactive toys and climbable furniture. Finally, this breed needs high-quality food with lots of protein and standard cat grooming supplies for their teeth, claws, and fur.

If you are struggling to find supplies for your Maine Coon, you are not alone!

Owners of this breed often have a hard time finding furniture and toys that are big and durable enough for their massive cats.

Do not lose hope though, as I’ve been there and now want to share my hands-on analysis, from my personal experience of living with Maine Coon cats.

Read on to find products that will fit your Maine Coon just right.

Best Products For Maine Coon Cats

The Maine Coon is an active, intelligent, and enormous cat breed that has quite a few special needs when it comes to supplies.

They tend to play hard, so they need lots of durable toys, as well as high-quality cat furniture and scratching posts that can withstand their roughhousing.

In my experience, having owned three male Maine Coon cats (Pippin, Bali, and Mika) I can honestly tell you that the Maine Coon cat product market is packed full of cat products.

We have tried and tested the majority of cat toys and products out there, whilst trying to find out what suits our three male Maine coon cats the best.

To save you the hassle and cost of buying unsuitable products for your Maine Coon cat, we have listed our favorite 21 best products for Maine Coon cats, below:

These 21 items are sure to meet your cat’s needs.

1. Large Scratching Post

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All cats need a scratching post that is taller than their full length, so they can fully stretch whilst they are scratching their claws.

This large scratching post by SmartCat is nearly three feet tall so your Maine Coon can stretch to its heart’s desire!

This cat product is made from high-quality sisal rope, which is durable enough to withstand years of scratching without fraying.

Finally, we also love this cat product because it is easy to assemble but also very sturdy, so even the largest Maine Coon will struggle to tip it over!

Here’s a Youtube video I made about my experience with this particular large cat scratcher:

Why I think this is the best cat scratching post!

2. Large Cat Scratching Lounger

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Most Maine Coons need more than one scratching post, and it is best if these scratchers come in different shapes and sizes.

Cats use scratching posts to stretch and scratch but also mark their scent with their paw pads.

Having lots of scratching posts around your home will make your Maine Coon less likely to destroy furniture, and it will also leave your cat feeling more confident in its environment.

We have four large cat scratching posts dotted around our home. To date, we’ve thankfully not experienced any of our three large Maine Coon cats scratching the furniture, so I would definitely recommend you buy more posts than you think you need it’s worked for us!

I love the CatGuru’s large scratching lounger because it is great for vertical stretching, and its unique shape offers a perfect place to play or lie down.

It is long enough for large Maine Coons, and its sturdy design means it will not slide around like cheap cat scratchers.

3. Pet Toothpaste

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Caring for your cat’s dental hygiene is important if you want your cat to live a long, healthy life.

Regular brushing prevents gum disease and tooth decay (read more here), which can become serious and even deadly over time.

I love the Petsmile’s professional toothpaste because it can be used with a toothbrush, or applied directly to your pet’s tongue.

If your cat is fussy about having its teeth brushed, you can use this toothpaste to remove plaque and tartar without any added stress.

This toothpaste also comes in the following three different flavors, so even the pickiest pets can find a flavor they enjoy:

  • Rotisserie chicken
  • London Broil
  • Say Cheese

4. Pet Dental Kit

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If your cat tolerates having its teeth brushed, then you might want to consider buying the Oxyfresh dental kit.

This kit includes the following:

  • Water Additive
  • Gel Toothpaste
  • Three Finger Brushes

The water additive is a formula that removes plaque and tartar, but can also simply be added to your pet’s water!

Meanwhile, the gel toothpaste can be used with a finger brush to gently clean your pet’s teeth.

Oxyfresh’s dental kit is free of added flavors or sweeteners but removes bad breath odors and greatly reduces the risk of gum disease.

This is a great option if your pet’s teeth need a multi-pronged approach.

5. Premium Cat Water Fountain

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While you can offer your cat fresh water from a bowl or dish, running water fountains are the preferred drinking method for most cats.

Since this drinking fountain is elevated, it also provides a more comfortable and ergonomic way for your cat to stay hydrated.

The shallow, stainless steel bowl is easy to clean and prevents whisker fatigue.

I love that this drinking fountain is wireless and comes with rechargeable batteries. This makes life so much easier!

The pump is also quiet and low energy and automatically turns off if the dish runs out of water, which is ideal if you are trying to save some pennies.

A bonus of this cat water fountain is that it also has two sensor modes for an energy-saving option.

6. Cat Wand

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Maine Coons need lots of interactive toys, as well as at least thirty minutes of playtime each day.

If you are looking for ideas here’s a short Youtube video showing you how to use a cat toy to entertain your Maine Coon cat! Our Maine Coon loves to jump and catch this cat toy!

Having watched our video, you can probably see why we love the Retro Shaw’s cat toy kit so much – it comes with a wand, a spring, and a ball. That’s a lot of fun cat toys for your fluffy Maine Coon cat to enjoy!

The wand and spring are both made from long, rainbow cords that can provide hours of fun, especially if you attach them to a doorknob or windowsill.

The interactive ball is made with soft material but also includes a bell inside to stimulate your cat’s senses.

All of the toys in this kit are also very durable, which is perfect for the Maine Coon’s high-energy playstyle.

7. Large Cat Tree

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The Maine Coon cat is known for having lots of energy, and their strong climbing instincts mean that a cat tree is an absolute must for every Maine Coon cat owner.

However, most cat trees are too short and flimsy or do not have large enough sleeping baskets to comfortably fit your ever-growing Maine Coon cat.

Thankfully, the MAU’s large cat tree is both stylish and functional since this cat tree comes with two large baskets, as well as a cozy sleeping hut.

The sleeping basket cushions are also removable and machine washable – If you are practically minded like me, you’ll see this as a big bonus too!

The unique, real wooden beams are wrapped with premium sisal rope, and look much more natural than the majority of cat trees that sit within the home.

8. Self-Cleaning Litter Box

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The PETKIT’s PURAMAX litter box is a dream come true for Maine Coon owners.

This is a spacious litter box made from TPE rubber, which is easy to clean and keeps your cat’s litter box fresh with very little maintenance required.

The best part about this litter box, though, is the fact that it’s self-cleaning!

This machine uses a variety of sensors, so any cleaning will immediately stop when it senses your cat is nearby.

I love that this litter box connects to Wi-Fi and can tell you how often your cat frequents the litter box, as it enables me to monitor their health more easily.

9. Large Hooded Litter Tray

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If you are looking for a more classic litter box that will fit your enormous Maine Coon, then look no further than the Catit’s jumbo litter box!

This is a must-buy cat product for all Maine Coon cat owners since this huge litter pan comes with a removable hood and a two-way plastic door that helps keep in all the smelly odors!

The hood on top lifts off, so you can clean it without the hassle of deconstructing the entire litter box. In my experience, this makes the litter tray cleaning process far easier.

Another reason why this cat litter tray is fantastic is because it comes with a replaceable carbon filter so you can keep smells to a minimum.

It even has a built-in anchor at the front, so you can simply clip a bag to the litter box while you are cleaning – very handy!

10. Cat Litter Trapping Mat

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This litter mat is hands-down the best cat litter trapping mat around, and it’s been a game changer in my utility room where the cat litter box resides.

Before finding this awesome Maine Coon cat product I cringed at walking over cat litter that the three Maine Coons walked through my house.

Since having this mat, zero cat litter makes it out of the utility room anymore. This mat is worth its weight in gold, in my experience so I’ve now purchased two!

Even the best-designed litter boxes cannot prevent the spray of litter that occurs whenever your cat finishes up its business. This is why you should get the Pieviev litter mat!

This litter mat comes in two layers; one solid layer below, and a honeycomb pattern on top.

Litter falls in through the holes at the top and gets trapped beneath. That way, you can simply tilt the mat over your garbage can instead of constantly sweeping around the litter box every day.

11. High Protein Cat Food

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All cats need high-quality food that is high in protein, but this is even more true for the large and active Maine Coon.

Without enough protein, your cat can become malnourished, and may not even grow to its full size!

Thankfully, Natural Balance has a dry food that is high in protein and low in filler carbs.

Natural Balance strives to provide pet food with simple, limited ingredients, which is important for pets with allergies.

If you are looking for a high-quality dry food that is free of grains and artificial colors and flavors, then Natural Balance’s high-protein cat food is the perfect choice for you and your Maine Coon.

12. Large Cat Travel Case

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All cats need a sturdy carrier for vacations or vet visits, but this can be tricky to find for Maine Coon owners.

A lot of cat carriers simply are not designed with the Maine Coon’s enormous size in mind. That is why Prutapet’s large, soft-sided carrier is an essential purchase for all Maine Coon owners.

This enormous carrier can hold up to 55 pounds, and can even house multiple cats!

It is also ideal for longer trips because it comes with a collapsible litter box and water dish.

13. Petstages Tower Tracks

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Maine Coon cats are known for becoming bored if they do not have enough toys that will keep their paws and minds busy.

The Petstages’ tower tracks toy is a three-tiered tower with two balls on each tier.

This is the perfect toy to set out while you are away at work because most cats could spend hours swatting at the balls and watching them spin around.

I love that this cat toy satisfies the Maine Coon’s natural hunting instincts and provides a fun challenge for cats that might be feeling bored.

In this Youtube video, you see some of the Maine Coon cat toys we have, including our blue ball tower, at the end of the video.

14. Cat Grooming Arch

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The Happi N Pets’ grooming arch is the perfect purchase for a Maine Coon owner because these cats have long, triple-coated fur that gets everywhere!

The grooming arch comes with a sturdy base and a long, wire brush that your cat can use to scratch all of those hard-to-reach places.

Now, instead of your cat shedding everywhere, the grooming arch can pick up a large portion of your cat’s shed fur.

This grooming arch also comes with a packet of catnip to encourage your cat to use the brush, as well as a spring mouse toy for extra fun!

15. Premium Catnip

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Catnip and silvervine are two herbs known to make cats go crazy!

The Kitty City premium catnip comes in a huge bag so you can sprinkle some all over the floor or your cat’s favorite toys.

While cats can react very differently to catnip, they tend to become extra playful and excited.

Since Maine Coons can become bored easily, freshening up their toys with a sprinkle of catnip can breathe some life into toys they used to be bored of.

Kitty City’s catnip only uses safe, all-natural ingredients so your cat can enjoy catnip without any danger.

Here is a great Youtube video of our male Maine Coon cat playing with a premium catnip-infused cat toy!

16. Cat Nip Toys

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If you are looking for some toys that will keep your cat’s attention, then try YWAOOH’s silvervine toys.

Similarly to catnip, silvervine is a herb that stimulates cats’ senses and fills them with playful energy.

These cat toys are made with silvervine sticks wrapped in hemp with some raffia grass for extra fun.

Not only do these toys cause the common euphoric feeling associated with silvervine, but they also encourage chewing which is great for cats who are teething or suffering from dental problems.

17. Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush

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Maine Coons are known for shedding a lot, but with Hertzko’s self-cleaning slicker brush, you can make the grooming experience more soothing for everyone involved.

This brush uses round bristles, which are safer for your pet’s skin than stiff wire brushes.

As you brush, the Hertzko brush collects fur in its bristles.

When you push the button at the top of the brush, though, the bristles retract, allowing all of the hair to come out in one smooth piece, so you can dispose of it without the hassle of picking through the bristles yourself.

18. Large Cat Harness

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If your Maine Coon seems restless indoors, then you should purchase this large harness and leash set by Travel Cat.

Maine Coons are easy to train (here’s how), so it will be relatively simple for you to introduce going on a walk in a harness and leash, provided you start whilst your Maine Coon is still a kitten.

This is a great way to provide your cat with some extra exercise and enrichment!

Since cats are so flexible, you need to ensure you buy your cat the most secure harness available.

Be aware that there are lots of cheap harnesses that cats can easily wriggle out of, but the Travel Cat’s harness is unlikely to be one of them and has also been designed to be comfy and secure for your cat.

Made with soft, breathable mesh and adjustable straps, this harness is sturdy and safe without being tight or uncomfortable.

19. Memory Foam Pet Bed

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Finding a cat bed that fits a Maine Coon is no easy task, which is why we recommend using PetFusion’s memory foam dog bed, instead.

This bed is big enough for any Maine Coon cat, and it is also extra comfy!

Memory foam beds are especially perfect for older cats suffering from arthritis or joint problems, which is how we discovered it in the first place, as our senior Maine Coon suffered from arthritis and hip dysplasia.

The raised sides of the bed also make comfy pillows so your cat can sleep in about any position it wants to.

Since the cover is removable and machine washable, you will not have to worry about cat fur shedding or accidents, either!

20. Cat Doughnut Bed

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If you are looking for a comfy, unobtrusive cat bed, then look no further than the Best Friends by Sheri’s original doughnut bed.

I love this bed because it is designed for both cats and dogs, so it comes in any size you could possibly need!

The raised sides also provide a comfy, secure-feeling place for your pet to sleep, and it even comes with a blanket!

The doughnut bed is made with soft, shaggy material that comes in fifteen different colors so you are sure to find a color that matches your decor.

The outside of the bed unzips so you can throw it in the wash whenever you need to.

21. Cat Wall Steps

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Maine Coons are athletic cats that need plenty of space to climb, run, and jump.

If you are worried that your Maine Coon might be feeling crowded or pent-up, then you should get BEBOBLY’s reversible wall-mounted shelves.

These shelves allow you to make the most of your vertical space, so even the tiniest apartment can be transformed into a cat’s paradise!

These stairs are wrapped in sisal rope to encourage climbing and scratching.

You can buy multiple steps to place around your walls, or you could even add one of BEBOBLY’s wall-mounted hammocks, as well!

Overall, BEBOBLY’s sturdy wall-mounted designs are ideal for Maine Coon owners who are looking to add more climbing opportunities for their cats, to their homes.


The best products for Maine Coon cats are large, durable, and interactive.

These enormous, high-energy cats play hard and need lots of furniture and toys to prevent boredom.

Since Maine Coon cats are so big, it can be difficult to find beds, litter boxes, and cat trees that fit, so if you are struggling to find things in your cats’ size, check out these products!

You are sure to find at least one thing that will satisfy your Maine Coon’s needs.

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