10 Ways To Know Your Maine Coon Cat Loves You

Are you wondering how to tell if your Maine Coon loves you?

If so, keep reading as we want to help you understand the Maine Coon quirks, signals, and Maine Coon behavioral traits that signal your cat is showing affection towards you.

Maine Coon cats show they love their owners in numerous ways, including making eye contact, raising their tails when approaching you, or opting to sleep on you. Additionally, if your Maine Coon brings you unwanted gifts, head bumps you, or licks you, these are also signs of Maine Coon affection.

Below are 10 key ways Maine Coon cats show affection.

We look in detail at the Maine Coon cat breed and how you can tell your cat loves you, plus what you can do to let your large cat know you love them back.

So make sure you read on to gain a better understanding of your Maine Coon dog!

10 Ways To Tell Your Cat Loves You

The Maine Coon is a very popular, family-friendly, domesticated large cat breed.

Know as gentle giants, these big muscular felines are considered to be the largest cat breeds in the world, but almost went extinct in the United States!

An adult male Maine Coon can weigh as much as 25 lbs, compared to the female Maine Coon size which tends to be smaller, ranging between 8 – 12 lbs.

The origins of the Maine Coon are unknown, although one legend claims the breed came into being as a result of Marie Antoinette.

As Marie attempted to flee France with her six prized Angolan cats, she was sadly captured and returned to France to be executed.

Legend has it, however, that her much-adored Angola cats remained on the ship, which safely reached the USA (Maine).

They were set free by the Captain and naturally bred with local long-haired domestic cats of the region, thereby producing the Maine Coon cat breed.

Although this folktale is a lovely idea, ultimately it is thought to be more whimsical, than based on fact.

Another famous claim about the Maine Coon cat breed is that the breed is a mixture of wild cats and raccoons, but these fanciful stories are untrue!

Read more about this funny Maine Coon tale, here.

Now we’ve explained a little bit more about this famous cat breed, we want to teach you how you can tell your Maine Coon loves you.

Here are some telltale signs that you should look out for, which signal your cat loves you:

1. Making Eye Contact

One of the most evident signs your cat loves you is his or her willingness to make eye contact.

For felines, direct eye contact is usually taken as a threat.

If your Maine Coon is relaxed and happy to make eye contact with you, it signals they are comfortable with you, and you have their trust.

Look for slowly blinking, which is a sign of exceptional trust.

2. Bringing You Gifts

Maine Coons are excellent hunters. Learn why, here.

As you already likely realize, hunting is an instinctive trait in most breeds of domestic cats.

If your female cat has kittens, she will teach them to hunt. Not only that, but when she catches prey, she may bring it to you.

This signifies that she wants you to feed her kittens, just as she does. She has accepted you as one of hers.

3. Your Maine Coon Cat ‘Head-Butts’ You

Cats mark with glands on their cheeks and head.

This is a method of marking you out as his or hers.

If you notice your Maine Coon bumping its head against yours, this is a sign that your cat trusts you.

4. If Your Cat Grooms You

Watching cats groom themselves is fascinating, but what does it mean if your cat begins to groom you?

Many cats will groom their owners as they would a kitten. This is a good sign that your cat loves you.

The relationship between a cat and its owner differs from that of, for example, a dog.

A cat will groom you when it accepts you as part of its family rather than vice-versa.

Grooming is therefore another sign of established trust.

5. Does Your Maine Coon Bite You?

Biting is a natural response in Maine Coons to feeling threatened, yet it can also signify affection.

A Maine Coon may bite for fun or as part of its play routine.

Some cats simply like to bite and have carried the habit over from their kitten days.

Social biting is common, however, and can signify the cat is not getting enough attention.

Here are 10 other reasons your Maine Coon cat bites you, and how to stop this unwanted Maine Coon behavioral problem.

6. Following You Around

A Maine Coon that loves its human counterpart will follow them from room to room, as you move around the house.

This is a clear sign of loyalty and dedication to the owner.

Learn more about this fascinating Maine Coon behavior, and some other reasons why Maine Coon cats follow their owners around the home.

7. Your Cat ‘Kneads’ You

Kneading is when a cat pushes their paws in and out of something, alternating from paw to paw, in a rhythmic manner.

For example, you might have noticed your Maine Coon cat kneading a blanket, an owner’s tummy, or even their extra-large cat bed.

Cats kneading things is a display of happiness and comfort in their surroundings. It is also a sign that your cat has accepted you as part of its family.

Not all cats perform this habit, but may cats will knead your lap or knee before settling down to rest next to you.

The reason behind cat kneading is widely speculated, but the most popular theory is that this Maine Coon behavior was learned as a kitten, to stimulate the flow of milk from the mother.

8. Backing Up To Your Face

Cats identify each other by scent.

As bizarre as this sounds, if your Maine Coon cat presents its backside to your face it is not being rude!

Your cat sees you as a large family member, and presenting its backside to you is one of the signs your cat imprinted on you.

9. Tail in the Air

The Maine Coon tail is long, bushy, and impressive.

Many people wrongly assume that the Maine Coon is a descendant of the Raccoon since they both share similar tail types and markings.

Learn why Maine Coon cats have such long tails, in this article.

Maine Coon owners can learn a lot about their cat’s moods and feelings simply by analyzing their cat’s tail.

With this in mind, why not watch what your Maine Coon does with its tail when it approaches you.

If it is high in the air with the tip lightly twitching, it tells you it is friendly and likes and trusts you.

10. Your Cat Sleeps on Your Lap

Cats are at their most vulnerable when asleep, and by willingly curling up and sleeping on your lap, your feline friend is confirming it feels safe in your presence.

This is one of the best ways to tell your Maine Coon cat trusts and loves you.


If you’ve been wondering the ways to know your cat loves you, this article should have helped guide you in your learning quest.

These 10 ways show how cats tell you they love you, and each involves one major factor: trust.

If your Maine Coon trusts you, it will love you, so help build that trust from a young age by spending time with it and proving that you are fit to be a part of its family.

To help a Maine Coon bond with its owner, why not show your Maine Coon cat that you love them back, too?

Here are some great Maine Coon cat toys that stimulate the Maine Coons high intelligence levels, keep them mentally stimulated, and build a bond between owner and cat.

Wondering what other ways you can entertain a Maine Coon? If so, read my article about the best ways to entertain a Maine Coon cat.

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How Do I Know My Cat Loves Me?

If your Maine Coon is always by your side, has a habit of grooming you, and likes to sleep on your lap, you know you have a cat that truly loves you.

How to Make Your Maine Coon Love You

Maine Coons are intelligent and highly trainable. As a kitten, your Maine Coon will be a playful pet that needs at least 30 minutes of playtime every day. Give your Maine Coon toys as you would a puppy and engage it in play.

Signs Your Cat Imprinted On You

If your Maine Coon exhibits the following behaviors, they have imprinted on you: rub against you; blink slowly; treat you like a cat; knead you; show their belly to you; follow you around the home.

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