Bao Zi The Maine Coon Cat

Cat parents around the world are inspired by one special Maine Coon, Bao Zi.

Continue reading to learn all about Bao Zi the Maine Coon cat’s adventures, and how his humans helped him branch out.

Bao Zi is a six-year-old Maine Coon who joins his owners on worldwide adventures. He has been to 45 states and five countries so far, and his favorite activities include hiking through national parks, kayaking, and swimming. After he started traveling, he became a happier and healthier cat and harnessed his natural curiosity and energy.

Read on to explore this exciting Maine Coon’s background and where he is today.

Join thousands of cat parents by getting inspiration from Bao Zi, the traveling cat!

Maine Coon Bao Zi

The Maine Coon cat breed is known for being the largest domesticated cat breed in the world, but there is much more to these fascinating cats.

For starters, they are muscular, broad-chested felines weighing between 8 to 25 pounds!

Maine Coons are also highly sociable and love spending time with their humans. They frequently follow their owners around and love participating in their daily activities.

Unlike some cat breeds, Maine Coons are trainable. With a bit of patience and a lot of consistency, they can learn tricks and commands with their owner’s help.

What’s more, many Maine Coons are delighted to travel with their owners if they get used to it early in life.

Overall, their sociable nature and trainability make them a fulfilling choice for families in search of a feline companion.

Here are a few Maine Coon tricks for you to try out at home:

Enter Bao Zi, the traveling Maine Coon.

This fearless feline accompanies her owners, a couple based out of Boston, just about everywhere.

So far, Bao Zi has traveled to 45 of the United States and five countries.

Her parents, Hélène and Alice, aged 34 and 38, respectively, are digital nomads. They enjoy sharing tips on how cat parents can embark on similar journeys.

Bao Zi is six years old and, surprisingly, was a rescue cat.

She is only half Maine Coon, but certainly has the typical Maine Coon traits of:

  • Friendliness
  • Trainability
  • Curiosity
  • Intelligence

It may come as a shock that Bao Zi was originally quite timid and had to be coaxed out of her shell.

After spending some time on the road with her loving humans, Bao Zi opened up.

She is reportedly happier than ever and has even overcome some medical issues since starting to travel.

According to Hélène and Alice, Bao Zi is more dog-like in nature.

This trait is certainly derived from her Maine Coon genetics. However, she has more dog-like habits than most of her kind.

For instance, she does not use a litter box on the road. Instead, she goes out on her harness and leash to do her business.

Her humans explain that after growing accustomed to the leash, she was eager to go on walks.

Over time, Bao Zi graduated from car rides to flights. When flying, she nestles comfortably in a carrier backpack.

Though her humans have an emergency litter box on hand for her, Bao Zi does not prefer to use it! Thankfully, she is great about waiting to use the bathroom outdoors pre and post-travel.

This adventurous Maine Coon is truly well-versed in travel.

Bao Zi The Maine Coon Cat - Image authorized by @bestadventurecat on Instagram
Bao Zi The Maine Coon Cat – Image authorized by @bestadventurecat on Instagram

Bao Zi Social Media Accounts

The adventures of Bao Zi are certainly newsworthy, and they deserve social media coverage!

So, take a look below to see what social media accounts Bao Zi has:


Fortunately, Bao Zi can be found on Instagram with the appropriate username @bestadventurecat.

Take a look at this gorgeous Maine Coon cat on film, in Italy:

Credit for the Instagram reel above, goes to Instagram channel @bestadventurecat.

Bao Zi’s parents started the page to inspire cat parents.

Perhaps, their reason was that if more cat parents tried novel experiences, they would discover that their cats want something different than the stay-at-home lifestyle, too.

Whatever their reason, we are glad they have created an Instagram account about Bao Zi’s life. And, let’s be honest, we are all just a little bit jealous about how much Bao Zi gets to travel!

As Bao Zi has proven, some cats are happier outside their comfort zones.

The Instagram page has over 60k followers (as of March 31st 2023) who love seeing Bao Zi’s adventures.

During an interview with Hélène and Alice, ABC News’ Will Ganss humorously admitted to being jealous of the cat’s adventures, echoing the sentiments of Bao Zi’s fans.

Content on her Instagram shows Bao Zi walking the streets of medieval French towns, posing in front of the Eiffel Tower, perching on a canyon wall, kayaking, and much more.

Best Cat Carrier For A Maine Coon Whilst Hiking

Cat parents with Maine Coons or other large cats may feel inspired by Bao Zi’s journey and wonder how to get started.

A sturdy carrier backpack is essential for traveling with feline friends.

Below are a two examples of the best cat carriers for a Maine Coon:

1. Lekereise Pet Carrier Backpack

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This is a well rated and popular XX-Large size pet carrier backpack that is well suited to carrying Maine Coon cats.

It holds cats up to 25 pounds and has the following dimensions: 14″L x 12.5″W x 16.2″H.

The carrier is well-ventilated, collapsible, and expandable so cats can lie down comfortably.

2. Top Tasta Cat Backpack Carrier

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The key feature of this backpack is a bubble window, which can also be replaced by a flat mesh piece.

The dimensions of this cat backpack carrier are as follows: 15″L x 11″W x 15″H.

Cats up to 25 pounds will safely enjoy this breezy, cozy pack.

There are zippers on the front and sides, and the material is designed for long-lasting use.

Adventure Cat Goes Swimming

While many cats are known for their aversion to water, Maine Coons are a breed that often has different sentiments.

These large cats have thick, sem-water-resistant coats that may contribute to neutral or positive attitudes toward swimming.

Maine Coons have even been known to enjoy playing in the water and even fishing!

Some Maine Coons have been trained to:

  • Swim
  • Dive
  • Paddleboard

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Bao is one Maine Coon who enjoys swimming!

She has been caught on camera swimming through tranquil, crystal-clear water with her human, jumping off-board a kayak, and getting her paws wet in the bathtub.

After her parents sprinkled water on her to cool her down in the summer heat, she found her love of the water and has never looked back!

Here is a video from @bestadventurecat Bao Zi’s Instagram account, and theDodo instagram account, to show you just how much this Maine Coon cat loves water, and swimming:

Credit for the video above goes to @thedodo and @bestadventurecat Instagram accounts.

Other Adventure Cats

Bao Zi is by no means the only adventure cat out there.

Check out these other internet-famous feline explorers:


Mountaineering is not for everyone, but a Maine Coon cat named Kitsune loves it!

She always heads for the steepest parts of the trail, which is a big change from her originally shy personality.

Kitsune loves to hike, swim, chase wildlife, and tag along with her humans wherever they go.

Here is a Youtube video showing Kitsune living her best life:

Credit for the video above goes to Youtube account ‘The Dodo‘.

Gary The Cat

Gary and his owner love adventuring.

He accompanies his human on ski trips, hiking treks, and other outdoor adventures.

As his owner explains, Gary was always naturally curious about the outdoors before he finally went out on the leash.

Here is a Youtube video of Gary’s adventures in the outside world:

Credit for the video goes to Youtube account @shawspotlight

Buster and Freya

This Maine Coon pair loves outdoor adventures. Buster is fully grown, and he adores spending time with the little kitten, Freya. When they’re not exploring in the forest or hiking in the snow, they groom and play with each other.

Below is a Youtube video of Buster and Freya taking a walk in the forest:

Credit for the video above goes to Youtube account @adventureswithMaineCoons.

What Is The Best Harness For A Maine Coon Cat?

Many cat parents seeking to take their cats outdoors wonder what harness is best for my cat?

Below are a few things to consider before purchasing a cat harness for your extra-large Maine Coon cat:

  • Adjustability
  • Comfort
  • Security
  • Ease Of Use
  • Good Fit

Let’s take a closer look at why these factors are so important to consider, when selecting a Maine Coon cat harness.


An adjustable cat harness is essential, especially for a large breed like the Maine Coon.

Look for a harness that can be easily adjusted to fit your cat’s unique size and shape.


Choose a harness made from soft, lightweight materials to ensure your cat’s comfort while wearing it.


A secure harness helps keep a cat safe and prevents escape.

Look for a harness with a sturdy buckle and strong, durable straps.

Ideally, you should look for escape proof cat harnesses only.

Easy To Use

The harness should be easy to put on and take off without causing any stress or discomfort to your Maine Coon cat.

Note that some cats may prefer a step-in harness over an overhead harness, and pet parents may have to try both methods.

Good Fit

To find the best fit, look for a harness that is designed for large cat breeds or small dogs, or has a size chart that includes their measurements.

Here are three awesome large cat harness, ideal for a Maine Coon cat:

1. Balaynor Cat Harness

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The Balaynor harness is escape-proof, and comes in the following sizes:

  • Large (Chest: 15.5 – 17.5″)
  • Extra Large (Chest: 17.5 – 19.5″)

This is a step-in style harness with a back buckle for complete security.

Furthermore, it is made of breathable, air-mesh fabric that will be comfortable for cats.

2. Super Cat Harness

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The Super cat harness has a medium size (Chest: 17.5″ – 19.5″) to suit large cats, and the design is breathable and comfortable yet secure.

It is also customizable on the back and chest to ensure a snug fit.

3. Rabbitgoo Cat Harness

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The small size of this pet harness measures a chest girth of 18″ – 20”, which is appropriate for a Maine Coon.

Four adjustable straps ensure that the harness is escape-proof.

This is an overhead-style harness for ease of use, with two simple side buckles.


In summary, Bao Zi is a noteworthy Maine Coon who inspires cat parents with his brave and exciting adventures.

His owners advocate for healthy, happy cats by encouraging cat parents to explore with their feline companions.

With some helpful tips from Bao Zi Maine Coon’s parents, you can train your cat, too!

Finally, please note that the featured article image, IS NOT Bao Zi. This is simply a stock photo of a similar looking cat, inserted whilst I wait for authorisation to use an official Bao Zi photo.

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