Top 8 Maine Coon Memorial Ideas

If you have recently lost your cat, a Maine Coon memorial is a way that you can celebrate your cat’s life and keep its memory close.

Losing a loved one is always painful, but there are many ways we can find joy as we remember all that we shared with them.

You can preserve your Maine Coon’s memory using a personalized tombstone or urn. You can also use jewelry as a memorial that you can keep with you at all times. Some other creative options for a Maine Coon memorial include a garden stone, a keepsake of their pawprints, or even a wind chime.

While there is no way to speed up the grieving process, creating some kind of memorial gives you a bittersweet way to remember loved ones who have passed, and can help you process your feelings.

Read on to explore different ways that you can celebrate the life of your beloved pet.

Maine Coon Memorial Ideas

Maine Coons are gentle, loving animals that form close bonds with their owners.

If you have lost a Maine Coon of your own, then it probably feels as though your sadness will never end.

Using a memorial can help you sit with your grief while also acknowledging how much joy your pet brought to your life before you were parted.

Here are some ways you can celebrate your cat’s life once it is time to say goodbye.

Personalized Tombstone

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A traditional way to memorialize lost loved ones is with a tombstone.

If you choose to bury your cat, placing a tombstone above their grave is a wonderful way for you and others to remember your cat.

Even if you do not bury your cat, you can place a memorial stone anywhere you like, and it will always remain as a gentle reminder of your cat’s life.

This personalized tombstone includes a beautiful sculpture of a sleeping cat, a peaceful image to remind you of your own dearly departed.

This personalized stone memorial is sturdy and flat, which makes it easy to place anywhere in your yard.

It includes several pawprints and you can customize it to include your cat’s name and a message.

Personalized Urn

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Another traditional way to honor and celebrate your cat’s life is through an urn.

It can be a significant comfort to have a piece of your pet remain, even if the rest of them has passed on.

This Maine Coon cat urn is made from birch wood stained a deep brown, with a black interior. It includes brass handles and beautiful carved decorations.

On the front of the urn is a paw print with the message “You left pawprints on our heart,” but this can be changed to whatever message you want.

You can also enter your cat’s birth date and name to be included on the urn.

Finally, the urn also contains a ceramic plaque with a photograph that is applied with a sublimation technique, which prevents it from fading or scratching.

If you want to, you can send in a photo of your pet to be engraved on this plaque.

Memorial Necklace

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Even after our pets pass, there are still ways we can keep them close forever. One way to have your cat nearby at all times is with a memorial necklace.

If you choose to cremate your cat, you can store some of its ashes in a necklace.

You could even fill the tiny urn with some of your cat’s fur or whiskers if you would prefer.

This memorial urn necklace by ONEFINITY contains a beautiful pendant of a cat sitting on a moon, with a small metal tube attached to the bottom that resembles a key.

You can unscrew the pendant to fill this key with your pet’s ashes.

The best part about this necklace is that it comes in many different styles, too. There are five different pendants to choose from, so you can find a style that reminds you most of your cat.

Pawprints and Photograph

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Another beautiful option for a Maine Coon cat memorial is a frame for photographs and pawprints.

This frame includes two spaces for photographs of your choice, as well as one space for your cat’s pawprints.

This frame comes with an impression kit of air-dry clay where you can place the clay in the slot, and place your cat’s paws in after.

Once you remove your cat’s paws, wait 24-48 hours so the clay can fully dry. Then, you will have a permanent impression of your cat’s paws.

The frame is 11” by 9” and made of solid wood that’s been painted white.

While the frame can be easily placed on a shelf, desk, or any other flat surface, it also includes a hanging attachment so you can put it on the wall.


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If you would like a piece of jewelry to remember your cat, but do not wish to keep your cat’s ashes in a miniature urn, then consider getting Liannan’s beautiful memorial bracelet.

This gorgeous bracelet is made from real amethyst beads and includes a stainless steel pawprint charm, as well as a stainless steel tube charm.

The tube comes with a black paw print, but you can also customize it to include any text you would like.

Amethysts are also associated with the purifying and healing of wounds, so this is the perfect choice for those dealing with grief.

This bracelet is a great way to remember your cat, and it also makes a wonderful sympathy gift for any friends or family member that is dealing with the loss of their own pet.

The bracelet comes in a deep purple box and includes a heartfelt message to those struggling with the loss of their pet.

Grow a Garden

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A unique way you can remember your cat is to grow a garden in their honor.

If you choose to bury your cat in your backyard, consider growing flowers like marigolds or forget-me-nots over its grave as a reminder that your cat will always live on in some way.

Other flowers associated with grief include:

  • Hydrangeas
  • Chrysanthemums
  • Roses

You can reserve a corner of your garden just for your cat as a peaceful place to grieve, reflect, and celebrate.

A great way to decorate your cat’s garden is with a beautiful ornament.

This memorial ornament by Lewis&Wayne includes a beautiful resin sculpture of a sleeping cat with angel wings.

It is durable and weatherproof, so you can safely place it anywhere you would like.

This ornament also includes solar-powered lights, so you can surround your cat’s garden in a beautiful golden glow.

Wind Chimes

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Another beautiful way you could honor your cat in a Maine Coon memorial is with a set of wind chimes.

This beautiful set of wind chimes by Iwaiting includes metal bells, tubes, and beads that create a soothing sound when the wind blows through them.

The top of the wind chime has an elegant metal cat, and there is a metal pawprint at the bottom.

You can hang these wind chimes in a part of your garden made just for your cat, as they can be easily attached to trees, bushes, or trellises.

If you would like to keep the wind chimes indoors, you could place the wind chimes near your cat’s favorite sleeping spot.

Whenever the wind blows through them, you will be reminded of your beloved pet in the most soothing way possible.

Personalized Plaque

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Some pet owners choose to dedicate an entire shelf to their departed pet.

You can fill this shelf with artwork and photos of your cat, your cat’s collar, or even some of your cat’s favorite toys.

You can also include a sturdy, personalized plaque like the one pictured above.

This plaque is made of slate and shaped like a heart, and completely weatherproof.

This plaque comes with countless personalization options. Not only can you include your cat’s name and photograph, but you can also include personalized dates.

This plaque is also durable and weatherproof, so it is a great option for either indoors or outdoors!


While there is no way to lessen the pain of losing a loved one, holding a Maine Coon memorial is an important step in the healing process.

Finding ways to keep the memories of your cat alive will help you acknowledge and celebrate the wonderful time you spent together.

Every person’s grieving process is different, which is why every memorial will be unique.

If you are looking to keep your cat close by, consider getting an urn, a necklace for holding your cat’s ashes, or an imprint of your cat’s paws.

Other ways you can memorialize your Maine Coon include wind chimes, growing a garden, or placing a tombstone.

If you wish to ease the pain your child feels over the death of their family cat, maybe one of these Maine Coon plush toys will help to comfort them.

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