Can Maine Coon Cats Swim?

I bet when you first think of a lake or swimming pool, your first thoughts are not related to the Maine Coon cat, wondering can Maine Coon cats swim?

Yet, here you are reading my article about this very subject!

Maine Coon cats are capable of swimming, though are unlikely to decide to go for a swim! The Maine Coons semi-water-repellent fur helps these large cats swim through water, whilst also keeping them warm during the harsh winter climate in Maine. Maine Coons are fascinated with water and spend copious amounts of time playing with it.

Maybe you are reading this because you have an inquisitive mind, or is it because you have heard unusual stories about Maine Coons loving water.

Keep reading to find out more.

Can Maine Coon Cats Swim?

Everyone’s so used to seeing pet dogs jumping into the water to collect a stick that the owner threw.

Or, more often than not the cheeky dogs just cannot resist an opportunity to go for a quick paddle in the lake!

Whichever way you look at it, dogs swimming in water is an accepted norm in life.

So what happens when someone throws a curveball at you and asks can Maine Coon cats swim?

I bet you didn’t see that question coming, and are probably a little taken aback because most people do not usually associate the idea of swimming with cats.

For starters, doesn’t everyone know that cats hate water?!

The truth of the matter, however, is that although most cat breeds despise water, owners of Maine Coon cats might not be able to respond straight away to this question.

The main reason for this delay is likely because Maine Coon owners know deep down that their large cat isn’t like other cats. Instead, rather than being fearful of water, the Maine Coon breed is well known for loving water.

So owners might logically question whether their cat’s love of water, extends to swimming in the water?!

So, can Maine Coon cats swim? The simple answer to this somewhat bizarre-sounding question is a definite yes!

In fact, Maine Coon cats revel in playing with water because they are far more dog-like in their nature than other cat breeds.

For more fascinating traits of the Maine Coon cat, take a look at my article ‘Maine Coon Characteristics‘.

Do Maine Coon Cats Like To Swim?

Whilst Maine Coon cats might be physically capable of swimming, does this naturally mean that they actually LIKE to swim?

Since none of us speak cat language, we will never know their inner thoughts on this subject (if they even have such a thing?!).

However, since much older Maine Coons protest at the idea of being washed in the bath, it is fair to assume that not all Maine Coon cats are interested in swimming!

Think of it this way, whilst most humans are gifted with the capability of running, does this automatically mean that we all actually enjoy running?

The simple answer is no, and Maine Coon cats appear to be no different to us humans in this respect.

In most cases, the Maine Coon only tends to be open to the concept of swimming or bathing if an owner has introduced such ideas to their cat whilst they were still a kitten.

Owners trying to teach an older Maine Coon to have a bath (let alone go for a swim in the local lake) is far less likely to be successful if the cat did not first experience swimming whilst they were a kitten.

The reason for this is that older cats are far more set in their ways, hence the phrase ‘you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. Whilst this phrase might not refer to cats specifically, it is true of cats too.

Take a look at my Youtube video, shown on the channel ‘Maine Coon Central’.

When we first purchased our Maine Coon cat, I didn’t even realize that cat bathing or cat swimming was even a thing.

Consequently, I never introduced our male Maine Coon to water whilst young, other than to his water bowl.

Out of interest though, I tried to introduce our 7-year-old Maine Coon to bathing in the bath, but as you will see he wasn’t a fan!

This video therefore rather amusingly shows how you cannot assume that all Maine Coon cats will want to swim.

Introducing Maine Coon Swimming

The best time to introduce swimming to a Maine Coon cat is when they are still a kitten.

This is because younger Maine Coon kittens are far more trainable than their older counterparts, and therefore open to different activities.

If you are keen to encourage your Maine Coon to swim, start by introducing them to bathing in the bath first since the bath is far smaller and contained.

Introducing a Maine Coon kitten straight into a large lake might frighten your kitten.

Although some older cats will be accepting of bathing or swimming, your chances of success are far lower since older cats tend to be set in their ways.

Maine Coon Bath

Many owners bathe their Maine Coon kittens and cats in the bath.

The main reason this is done is to keep their feline friends’ fur clean and healthy.

An additional benefit of bathing a Maine Coon, is that it helps to reduce shedding, whilst also loosening fur that has become knotted and difficult to brush out.

If this is a route you plan on taking, make sure you only clean your Maine Coon with shampoo that has been specially designed for cats.

This is very important since human shampoo contains chemicals that would harm your Maine Coons skin and body.

This cat shampoo would be ideal for the job and is available from Amazon.

Once your cat is dry, gently brush their fur to remove knots and loose hair with my favorite grooming brushes.

Cat Breeds That Love To Swim

If you were surprised to hear that Maine Coon cats can swim, you might be even more shocked to learn that they are not the only cat breeds that love water.

In fact, according to ‘The Cat Fancier’s Association’ the Maine Coons obsession with water is shared with the following cat breeds too:

Do Maine Coons Like Water?

Maine Coon cats love water and will spend many minutes each day playing with their water bowl. 

Here are a few reasons why many owners report that their cats have a Maine Coon water obsession:

Can Maine Coon Cats Swim?
Can Maine Coon Cats Swim?


Maine Coon cats are well known for their fascination with water, which might help to explain why some owners report that their Maine Coons like to go for a swim from time to time!

So in conclusion, can Maine Coon cats swim?

The quick answer is yes, but despite this particular cat breed being obsessed with water in general, this does not mean that they enjoy swimming, nor even want to go for a swim.

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