Fast Eddie The Maine Coon Cat

Cat lovers have been celebrating one special feline, thanks to a recent cat show win: the Maine Coon Fast Eddie.

Read on to discover what makes him extraordinary!

Fast Eddie is a Maine Coon who gained fame for winning several Cat Fanciers’ Association awards. He was bred at Suncoon cattery in Arizona and is known for his impressive size and striking colors. Fast Eddie’s success has made him a popular figure among Maine Coon enthusiasts and has helped to raise awareness of the breed’s unique qualities.

Get ready to find out where this noteworthy cat came from, what is so striking about his features, and where he stands compared to other Maine Coons.

Understanding this award-winning cat’s greatest traits will help you appreciate the lovable Maine Coon cat breed even more!

Maine Coon Fast Eddie

The beloved Maine Coon cat breed is known for its large size and affectionate personality.

On average, Maine Coons can weigh anywhere from 8-25 lbs, making them the largest domestic cat breed in the world.

Their unusual size is just one of the many reasons why Maine Coons have stolen the hearts of cat lovers worldwide.

Fast Eddie’s growing track record of success in Cat Fanciers’ Association cat shows has granted him a claim to fame.

In his recent cat show win, he was the star of a viral Tik Tok video in which his judge raved about his “balanced” appearance.

Thanks to his ‘Best Cat’ award, he has also been featured in feline news sites.

Fast Eddie’s Owners

Cindy Rogers and Wayne Wiekhorst, owners of the Suncoon Maine Coon breeding organization, are Fast Eddie’s breeders and owners.

A purebred Maine Coon, Fast Eddie was born at Suncoon in sunny Arizona, where he still resides.

Fast Eddie The Maine Coon’s Parents

Fast Eddie’s father was GC (Grand Champion) McKittycreek Dark Matter, a black smoke-white tabby Maine Coon.

Eddie’s mother was GC and RW (Regional Winner) Suncoon Mattie Bell, a majestic silver-patch tabby and white Maine Coon.

His coat is a deep tabby red and bright solid white color combination, with tabby markings running down his long tail.

Not only is his coloration breathtaking but he also has soft, silky fur.

Fast Eddie Tik Tok Video

The popular Tik Tok video featuring Fast Eddie reveals much about this award-winning cat.

On the New Vision Cat Club’s TikTok page, they rightfully dubbed Fast Eddie “The MIGHTY Maine Coon” on his viral Tik Tok video that reveals his poised look and enormous size.

Take a look at the Tik Tok video below:

@newvisioncatclub #catsoftiktok #mainecoon #catsvideo #catviral #cfacatshow #cfacats ♬ original sound – NewVisionCatClub

Credit for the Tik Tok video above goes to New Vision Cat Club, @newvisioncatclub.

Spectators of this video were shocked and entertained by his dignified and mighty yet peaceful look, along with his giant stature.

One commenter, user @tiffaniegonzales49, summed up his appearance by stating, “He looks angry but serene at the same time.”

Viewer @itsmeyourdad_ noted his completely relaxed state, saying, “I love how he just immediately goes to loafing.”

Other viewers of this video were clearly impressed by his magnificent form.

User @ninacarter1992 commented, “Ma’am that is a lion,” and @heatheris0nfire noted, “Looks like a Thundercat.”

Fast Eddie Maine Coon Size

As far as Maine Coon sizes go, Fast Eddie is at the larger end of the spectrum.

It is clear from his stature that he has the typical muscular build and long body of a healthy Maine Coon.

Interestingly, Fast Eddie won his first show in 2018 at the age of one and a half.

Most Maine Coons are not fully grown until they reach between 3 to 5 years old.

Fast Eddie Maine Coon Weight

This mighty Maine Coon weighs an impressive 25 pounds.

As mentioned, this breed ranges in weight from 8-25 pounds, so Fast Eddie is at the highest end of the spectrum.

As a male, he is naturally inclined to weigh in on the heavier end of the Maine Coon weight range. This is because male Maine Coon weight ranges from 15 – 25 lbs.

Suncoon Fast Eddie Of Fuji Cats

Fast Eddie was bred at Suncoon cattery in Tucson, Arizona.

Suncoon is a well-known, reputable breeder of Maine Coon cats.

Cindy Rogers registered Suncoon with the CFA in 2006 and has produced many award-winning Maine Coons besides Fast Eddie.

Their mission is to raise happy, healthy cats and ultimately share them with loving owners.

In the 2018-2019 show season, Fast Eddie won a handful of CFA awards.

These include:

  • 2nd Best Cat award for Regions 1-9
  • Maine Coon Cat Breed winner for Regions 1-9
  • Southwest Regions Best Cat winner

In the most recent CFA show in March 2023, Fast Eddie won Best Cat.

Fast Eddie Maine Coon Pictures

Cat show judges and spectators alike cannot get enough of Fast Eddie’s classic Maine Coon look.

Bold tabby patterns add beauty to his coat all the way down his long, silky tail.

On top of his large, square head are perfectly tufted ears, which is another classic feature of this breed. Read more about Maine Coon lynx tips, in this article I wrote.

If you are wondering if all Maine Coons have lynx tips, click on the link below to find out!

The best, most recent visual of the magnificent Fast Eddie cat can be seen in New Vision Cat Club’s video that went viral on TikTok (source 1).

During the March 2023 cat show, they also posted adorable pictures on Instagram of Eddie lounging on a desk, displaying his calm personality, pure white belly and chest, and intense yellow eyes (source 1).

Fast Eddie’s fluffy tail is beautifully captured in a picture posted by Chapan Photography on Facebook, on the 21st of March 2018, from his 2018 CFA show appearance.

This photo also shows off his large paws, broad chest, and pointed ears.

His tabby patterns flow gracefully down the curves of his back and sides, contrasting his pure white fur.

More photos of Fast Eddie can be found on the Suncoon Maine Coon Cats Facebook page, here.

How Big Can Maine Coon Cats Get?

Maine Coons are the largest domesticated cat breed in the world.

Males weigh 15-25 pounds and grow from 10-16 inches tall, while females weigh 8-12 pounds and are 8-14 inches tall.

As far as length goes, they are very long felines.

Male and female Maine Coon cats may grow up to 40 inches in length!

To put it in perspective, average house cats are about 10 inches tall and weigh 9-11 pounds.

Considering the Maine Coon breed’s size, it is no wonder they are lovingly called gentle giants.

Heaviest Maine Coon Cat On Record

Ludo the Maine Coon is the heaviest cat of this beautiful breed at an astonishing weight of 34 pounds.

For a time, he held the World Record as the longest domestic cat, too.

Ludo lives in Wakefield in the United Kingdom under the care of his owner, Kelsey Gill.

After getting him as a kitten, she quickly noticed that his size was quite large for his age.

Once he was fully mature, she actually had to use dog carriers for his travel due to his large size.

Ludo’s just a couple of inches shorter in length than the longest cat on record, Stewie, whom we have discussed below.

Read more about the famous Maine Coon cats of our time, in this article about the Biggest Maine Coon Cats In The World!

Largest Maine Coon Cat On Record

The largest Maine Coon was Mymains Stewart Gilligan, known as Stewie.

This Reno, Nevada native was an astounding 48.5 inches long!

A photo of him standing on his back paws, stretching his front paws all the way over a kitchen counter, puts his length in perspective!

The photo can be found on the Mymains Stewart Gilligan – Stewie Facebook page.

Sadly, Stewie passed away at the age of eight in 2013, but he still holds the Guinness World Record for the World’s Longest Domestic Cat.

The award was issued in 2010, and he has a triumphant photo of him sprawling out next to his Guinness certificate.

His Facebook page has received loving messages from fans as recently as 2022.

How Fast Is A Maine Coon Cat?

Maine Coons are natural athletes, and their muscular builds allow them to run at fast speeds.

These felines can sprint up to 25 miles per hour!

Of course, an individual Maine Coon’s top speed depends on their age, weight, and health, among other factors.

While Maine Coons are near the top of the list of fastest domestic cats, the Egyptian Mau is the fastest, running at 30 mph or faster.


In summary, Fast Eddie the Maine Coon cat is an accomplished, stellar example of a Maine Coon that will go down in feline history.

As a competitor in CFA cat shows, the beloved Maine Coon Fast Eddie has won notable awards.

After his recent Best Cat award, fans of this marvelous feline are on the edges of their seats to see which award will come next.

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Maine Coon cats are generally high-energy cats that enjoy playtime and activity. They are known for their love of play and their desire to be around their owners.

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