Why Do Maine Coons Look Like Ron Perlman?

Maine Coon cats seem to resemble actor Ron Perlman, with a few intriguingly similar traits turning heads.

But why do Maine Coons look like Ron Perlman? Read on to discover the possible reasons!

Maine Coons and Ron Perlman share several physical features, including a strong jawline, bushy eyebrows, and a serious expression. While it is not entirely clear why these similarities exist, some experts suggest that breeder selective breeding may play a role in emphasizing certain physical traits.

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Discover the unique qualities that make Maine Coons and Ron Perlman look alike, below.

Why Do Maine Coons Look Like Ron Perlman?

Their large size, friendly personalities, and unique physical features are just a few of the traits that make Maine Coon cats so recognizable.

This popular large cat breed has also gained recognition in popular culture and even appeared onstage in TV shows and movies like Pet Sematary (2019) and Harry Potter.

What’s more, these large cats are known to break records for their size, and are widely considered to be the largest domesticated cat breed in the world!

Thanks to a boost in popularity in 2020, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Maine Coons are now thought to be the third most popular cat breed today! (source 1).

During their rise to fame though, people started noticing a peculiar phenomenon.

Anyone who takes a glance at the wildly popular Reddit page r/ronperlmancats will see familiar furry faces (source 1).

Indeed, Maine Coons bear a striking resemblance to Ron Perlman, apparently due to anatomical similarities.

Owners and non-owners alike are now asking, why do some cats look like Ron Perlman?

Here are some details highlighting certain features that help explain the similarity.

Heavy Jaw

The heavy-set jaw may be the biggest reason for the resemblance.

Both Maine Coons and Ron Perlman have strong, prominent jawlines that give them a masculine, powerful appearance.

It is thought that Maine Coons that lack the extreme Maine Coon jawline lose much of their resemblance to Ron Perlman.

Take a look at the picture below, to see a direct comparison between Ron Perlman and a red Maine Coon cat.

Credit for the image above goes to the Twitter account ‘Imgur’ @imgur

Straight-Line Brows

Maine Coons are known for their bushy eyebrows, which can create a straight-line effect.

This is eerily similar to Ron Perlman’s well-defined brows.

In both cases, brow shape is a memorable facial feature.

Take a look at this picture on Reddit account R/Mainecoons to see a picture of Ron Perlman, and why people think he looks like a Maine Coon cat.

Facial Hair

Another similarity between Maine Coon cats and Ron Perlman is facial hair.

Ron Perlman is known for his facial hair, which includes a thick mustache and sometimes a goatee or beard.

His facial hair seems to mimic the fuzzy outlines of a Maine Coon’s:

  • Jaw
  • Mouth
  • Profile
  • Forehead

Serious Expression

Maine Coons naturally bear an intense, serious expression that is set deeply into the lines of their faces.

Ron’s look is the same, with his mouth in a near-permanent line and his eyes set into a deep, piercing gaze.

Overall, both have naturally masculine and serene facial expressions.

Take a look at this Facebook post, showing a Tiktok video that compares Ron Perlman to the Maine Coon cat breed.

Credit for the video goes to TikTok user @vicktoriadavis, plus the Meowingtons Facebook page.


Actor Ron Perlman and Maine Coons share some similarities in their eye appearance since both have large, expressive eyes that convey a sense of emotion.

Ron Perlman is known for his sharp gaze, which is intimidating and commanding.

Maine Coons have large, oblique-shaped eyes that can appear almost human-like in their expressiveness.

Also, some Maine Coons have a distinctive “spectacles” pattern around their eyes. This pattern resembles the thick eyebrows and fierce gaze that Ron Perlman is known for.

Selective Breeding

The practice of selective breeding has played a significant role in creating and emphasizing the physical traits that are commonly associated with Maine Coons.

Breeders frequently pick cats with desirable physical characteristics. Such features include:

  • Large Size
  • Bushy Tails
  • Expressive Eyes

Once selected, these Maine Coon cats are then bred together to make offspring with similar physical traits.

Over time, this method can lead to a breed with distinct physical features.

When it comes to the resemblance between Maine Coons and Ron Perlman, it is possible that selective breeding played a role in emphasizing some shared physical characteristics.

For instance, the powerful jawline that is common in Maine Coons may be more noticeable in selectively bred cats. This Maine Coon jawline is a strong resemblance to Ron Perlman’s facial structure.

However, variations in size, expression, and grooming habits can also contribute to the similarity between Maine Coons and Ron Perlman.

Selective breeding plays a part in this phenomenon, but many factors contribute to an individual cat’s appearance.

What Breed Of Cat Looks Like Ron Perlman?

While it has been noted that Ron Perlman looks like a Maine Coon, there is no specific cat breed named after him.

Also, Maine Coons come in so many colors, patterns, and appearances depending on their lineage and geographic origin that one cat breed cannot pinpoint this phenomenon.

This knowledge should put the myth of a “Ron Perlman cat breed” to rest.

That said, some experts have noted that European Maine Coons and Ron Perlman share the closest similarities.

These European cats are larger and have an even more rugged appearance than American Maine Coons.

To further illustrate, American Maine Coons are known for their distinctive tufted ears and playful personalities rather than that rugged look.

Ultimately, the resemblance between Ron Perlman and some Maine Coons may be more coincidental than intentional.

Ron Perlman Cat Meme

There is a popular internet meme known as the Ron Perlman Cat Meme, which features a side-by-side comparison of actor Ron Perlman and a Maine Coon cat with similar facial features.

The meme has gained popularity thanks to the striking resemblance between Perlman and the cat.

As a result, it has gone viral on social media platforms.

Without a doubt, the Ron Perlman Cat Meme has become a hilarious and entertaining aspect of internet culture.

Credit for the Ron Perlman cat meme shown above goes to the Twitter account Bewilderbugs @bewilderbugs

Ron Perlman Cat Tweet

The Ron Perlman Cat Tweet was originally a viral tweet featuring a picture of Ron Perlman alongside a picture of a cat with a similar facial expression.

After the tweet took off, Ron Perlman responded, making use of some colorful language after asserting his love for cats and dogs.

His response clearly showed that while many people find the comparison hilarious, he does not appreciate it!

Several users responded to Ron’s Twitter post by creating their own celebrity and animal comparisons.

The humor and entertainment value of the Ron Perlman Cat Tweet has undeniably made it a popular fixture of internet culture.

Cats That Look Like Celebrities

In recent years, the internet has brought a new level of pizazz and humor to humanity’s love of cats.

There is no shortage of social media posts and memes comparing feline features to those of famous celebrities.

From Taylor Swift to Beyonce, here is a closer look at some celebrities that have been compared to cats.

Taylor Swift

A Scottish Fold cat by the name of Olivia Benson was named after Taylor Swift’s character on “Law & Order: SVU.”

This famous feline has been compared to the pop star due to her big, round eyes and adorable appearance.

Credit for the image above goes to Instagram user taylorswift.

Nicolas Cage

Nic Cage adopted an adorable black cat named Merlin, and artists have gladly shared their artwork of the two.

Internet artists have also portrayed Nicolas Cage as a cat himself, and other cat photos have been posted with claims of resemblance.

With the right facial expression and a bit of imagination, Cage’s cat-like appearance might be plausible.

Nicholas Cage’s Maine Coon came from Oticami Maine Coon Cattery.

Samuel L. Jackson

“Purrmanently Sad Cat” is a black and white cat that has been compared to actor Samuel L. Jackson, thanks to its distinctive facial markings and perpetually sad expression.

Will Ferrell

Will Ferrell is another celebrity that mirrors some Maine Coon features, including its expressive facial features and fuzzy facial outlines.

Will Ferrell does not look as similar to Maine Coons as Ron Perlman, but the resemblance is still noteworthy.

Wilford Brimley

Late film star Wilford Brimley, with his iconic mustache, has been compared to cats with similar ‘staches, especially the Tuxedo cat look.

Daniel Craig

Daniel Craig’s similarity to “grumpy cats” has been widely posted across the internet.

When Craig purses his lips and holds a serious facial expression, it is not hard to see the similarities with a frowning feline, including some Ragdoll variations.

Ed Sheeran

Thanks to his bright orange hair, it’s easy to compare Ed Sheeran to orange or orange-and-white cats.

One side-by-side viral comparison features a young cat with a headful of unruly orange hair that very closely mimics Sheeran’s locks.

Jocelyn Wildenstein

Due to her apparently extensive cosmetic surgeries, socialite Jocelyn Wildenstein has cat-like features.

The internet knows her as “Catwoman,” and she has been placed alongside photos of lions.

Donald Trump

Internet jokesters love presenting pictures of fluffy orange cats next to Trump.

The biggest similarity in these comparisons is usually that signature orange mane.

In the viral #TrumpYourCat trend, participants crowned their cats with wads of hair or fur to mimic Trump’s iconic toupee.


There have been some comparisons between singer Beyonce and the “lion face” cat breed, also known as the exotic shorthair.

The exotic shorthair breed is known for its round face, wide-set eyes, and short, plush coat, which can resemble the appearance of a lion.


In summary, some Maine Coon cats appear similar to famous actor Ron Perlman.

If you have been wondering, why do Maine Coons look like Ron Perlman, you will have seen there are several reasons for this, including selective breeding that emphasizes a heavy jaw, serious expression, straight-line brows, and unique facial hair.

While the resemblance between the two may be more coincidental than intentional, it has become a popular discussion topic and a humorous part of internet culture.

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