Why Are Maine Coons So Expensive?

Many potential owners have been excited to bring home a Maine Coon of their very own, but wonder why are Maine Coons so expensive when they see the price of this popular cat.

The main reason Maine Coon Cats are so expensive is that it’s expensive to breed and raise healthy Maine Coon kittens. Breeders need to charge large amounts of money for these cats in order to make money themselves. Furthermore, the Maine Coon is a highly popular cat, and the enormous demand and low supply cause prices to increase.

Unfortunately, Maine Coon cats are not at all cheap, but the owners of this affectionate breed will readily tell you that they’re worth every penny!

While purchasing a Maine Coon Cat from a breeder is an expensive endeavor, there are a few other ways you can find Maine Coons for less money.

Still, obtaining a Maine Coon isn’t necessarily the most expensive part.

Read on to find out why this breed is still expensive even after buying one from a breeder!

Why Are Maine Coons So Expensive?

Many potential Maine Coon owners are excited to purchase their first cat but are then horrified to discover just how expensive they can be.

A lot of people assume that breeders are simply selling Maine Coons for a high profit. However, there are a lot of different reasons why Maine Coon Cats are so expensive.

Supply And Demand

The Maine Coon is rapidly becoming one of the most popular cat breeds in the world!

There is a huge demand for these gentle giants.

Unfortunately, the supply of high-quality Maine Coon kittens is rather low.

After all, breeding cats takes time, and a female can only have so many kittens at once.

This high demand and low supply ultimately drive up prices.

Cost Of Breeding

Perhaps the biggest factor behind the Maine Coon’s high price is the cost of breeding them.

Good breeders spend a lot of money to make sure their kittens are healthy and ready to go to a forever home.

There are many expenses to breeding that we’ll cover later.

Breeders Provide A High Quality Service

Owning a Maine Coon Cat is a luxury.

These are high-quality cats and are very different from your average domestic cat.

Not only do they meet a rigid set of physical standards, but they are also known for their incredibly intelligent and affectionate nature.

Breeders put a lot of time and care into raising healthy, beautiful kittens, and deserve to be paid well for their services.

Maine Coon Breeder Costs

As mentioned earlier, one of the reasons Maine Coons are so expensive is because they’re expensive to breed and raise. So what all goes into breeding and raising Maine Coons?

Here are the costs that breeders must incur throughout the breeding process (source 1):

Genetic Screening

Maine Coons are prone to several different genetic health conditions, including:

This means that breeders have to pay for screenings to determine whether or not their breeding cats can pass any of these diseases to their young.

Each test costs about $50, which adds up when you account for all the potential genetic disorders a Maine Coon can suffer from!

Stud Fee

Some breeders will choose to purchase and keep their own stud cat, which can be expensive enough on its own.

When purchasing a cat for breeding, you must pay an extra breeding fee, which usually costs around $2,000.

Many breeders choose instead to “rent” a high-quality stud, often a show cat, who will then breed with their female. Of course, a stud fee doesn’t come cheap, either!

Purchasing A Breeding Cat

Breeders will also need a queen, which will also cost around $4,000 for a high-quality cat with a strong lineage as well as a breeding fee.

High Quality Food

Maine Coon Cats are voracious eaters, and because of their large size, they require special diets.

These cats cannot thrive on low-quality food, which is often filled with grains and other filler calories.

Instead, Maine Coons require diets that are high in protein.

The breeders need to buy high-quality food for their breeding cats, as well as for weaned kittens.


Breeders also need to vaccinate their breeding cats, as well as all of their kittens.

Kittens require several rounds of shots, which can cost a lot when you’re vaccinating an entire litter several times!

Vet Checkups

A good breeder always puts the health of their cats and kittens first.

This means that all kittens will need several vet checkups to ensure they are growing properly.

Kittens are known for being fragile, as their bodies and immune systems are not fully developed yet.

This means they are prone to developing infections and other illnesses as they grow, which breeders are responsible for taking care of for their first few weeks of life.

Kitten Registration Fees

Good breeders are also registered by the CFA, TICA, or another reputable association.

Furthermore, each kitten requires a registration fee to be considered a proper pedigree.


Microchips are an essential way to ensure your cat can be returned to you safely, and sound.

If your cat should run away or even be stolen, vets and humane societies can take a look at your cat’s microchip to return it to its proper owner.

It typically costs around $50 for a microchip implant per kitten.

Spaying Or Neutering

It is becoming more and more common for breeders to spay or neuter their kittens before giving them to their forever home.

These surgeries can cost up to $200 per kitten!

Quality Living Conditions

Breeders also strive to provide clean and humane conditions for their cats and kittens.

Pregnant and nursing queens need a space that feels warm and secure.

Some breeders even need to build separate spaces for stud cats, who are prone to spraying since they are not neutered.

Paperwork And Documentation

Breeders also need to provide new owners with the proper paperwork and documentation citing that their cat is registered with a cat fancier organization.

Sometimes this can even include family trees.

Medical Care For Pregnant Cats

Pregnant and nursing queens are prone to all sorts of problems and require regular checkups.

These cats also require more extensive care while they are pregnant and nursing.

Emergency Care

Breeders must also be prepared to pay for any emergency care.

If kittens become extremely ill or injured, they must incur veterinary costs.

They may even need to pay for emergency C-sections if something goes wrong during the pregnancy!


All kittens need to be dewormed several times when they are young, which not only costs money but takes time and patience.

Toys And Enrichment

Maine Coons are highly playful and intelligent cats that need plenty of stimulation to stay satisfied.

Breeders need to provide sturdy toys and safe places to explore for both their cats and kittens.


Finally, breeders put a lot of time and energy into caring for Maine Coon Cats and kittens.

Breeding Maine Coons isn’t your typical 9-5 job. Sometimes breeders need to be awake at odd hours to properly care for their kittens and queens.

Working as a breeder does not just require a lot of money, but time and emotional investment.

How Much Do Maine Coons Cost?

Before making the choice to bring a Maine Coon home, you’ll have to find out if you can even afford one.

Of course, Maine Coons will vary greatly depending on the breeder, age, and many other factors.

Here is a breakdown of the different possible costs of Maine Coon Cats:

Kittens From A Breeder

Most people prefer to purchase a Maine Coon kitten from a breeder.

Getting to watch your cat grow up from a young age is very important to many new owners.

They also come with the added benefit of choosing a name for your kitten on your own.

However, kittens tend to be more expensive than adult cats, costing between $600 and $1,500.

Adult Cats From A Breeder

Adult cats are typically a bit less expensive than kittens because they have already been named and conditioned.

You can usually purchase an adult Maine Coon for about $400 to $600 from a breeder.

Show Quality Cats

Show quality cats have to meet a rigid set of standards to compete.

As a result, purchasing a cat that is of high enough quality to compete in a show will cost you quite a bit more money.

Cats of this status will usually cost between $1,000 and $2,000.

Cats From A Shelter

Although rare, it is possible to find a Maine Coon Cat at a shelter.

The biggest benefit of adopting a Maine Coon Cat from a shelter is that they are much less expensive.

Most shelters charge between $100 and $250 for a cat or kitten, and the price includes vaccinations, spay/neutering, and a microchip.

Factors Affecting Maine Coon Cost

Many potential Maine Coon owners are surprised to learn just how varied the cost of a Maine Coon Cat can be.

There are a lot of reasons behind these big price differences.

Here are the main factors that can affect the overall cost of a Maine Coon Cat:

  • Pedigree Status: Pedigree status makes a huge difference in a Maine Coon’s price. If the cat’s lineage has a lot (or even a few) ancestors that are not pure-blooded Maine Coon, the price can drop considerably. Price will increase if the Maine Coon’s lineage includes high-quality show cats.
  • Age: A Maine Coon’s price will also be affected by age. Kittens are highly coveted and therefore more expensive. After all, new owners will get to choose a kitten’s name, as well as watch it grow into an adult. Adult cats will cost slightly less, while senior cats might be significantly less expensive, especially if they are suffering from health problems.
  • Health: A Maine Coon’s health is a huge factor in determining cost. A breeder will charge full price for a perfectly healthy Maine Coon Cat, but not every kitten is born in perfect health. Breeders will charge lower prices for cats suffering from genetic diseases, deafness, blindness, or permanent injury or disability.
  • Color And Pattern: A Maine Coon’s coloration and patterns can also affect its price. Standard black or brown tabbies won’t cost nearly as much as a rare silver or gold smoke Maine Coon.

Cheap Maine Coon Kittens

You might have seen advertisements online for Maine Coon kittens selling for cheap, and you may have been tempted to purchase one.

Keep in mind, however, that this is an incredibly risky thing to do.

Backyard breeders are breeders who cut corners and are solely motivated by profit. They often choose not to take their cats to the vet, or provide high-quality food or even living conditions!

These people are only interested in making fast money, and will often sell mixed Maine Coons off as pure-blooded.

If you’re mostly interested in a cat that is affectionate and intelligent, then you might be able to get away with purchasing a mixed Maine Coon.

However, keep in mind that if you buy a kitten from a backyard breeder, it might suffer from a variety of health problems.

Overall, buying a kitten for cheap is a risky move, but if you’re willing to take that risk, then you just might get lucky!

Where Can I Get A Maine Coon Cat From?

At first, you might think that purchasing a Maine Coon from a responsible breeder is the only possible way to bring home a cat of this breed.

In reality, though, there are a lot of different possibilities!

Here are the different ways you can get a Maine Coon cat, as well as the pros and cons of each of them.

Reputable Breeder

Reputable breeders are the most reliable way to get a Maine Coon Cat.

You will have documents providing assurance that your cat is purebred, and you will also know that your Maine Coon was treated well and is unlikely to have health problems.

However, this is also the most expensive option.

Backyard Breeders

Backyard breeders are the riskiest way to get Maine Coon Cats.

Not only do these breeders put less quality time and effort into raising their cats, but they are often dishonest and try to pass off mixed Maine Coons as purebreds.

However, this is a cheaper option, and some owners have found luck this way.

Maine Coon Cat Rescue

As mentioned earlier, there are also a few Maine Coon Cat rescues that specialize in this breed.

If you’re lucky enough to live near one, or you’re willing to drive a long way, then you just might be able to get a Maine Coon through one of these rescues.

Local Shelter

Millions of cats go through shelters every week, and while uncommon, sometimes those cats are Maine Coons.

If you are patient enough to wait, you can simply keep a close eye on your local shelters until you find a Maine Coon Cat!

Unfortunately, it’s difficult to find kittens this way, and there’s no guarantee your Maine Coon will be purebred.

Online And Local Community

You can also scour your Facebook and local community online for anyone looking to rehome Maine Coon kittens.

While uncommon, you just might get lucky and find a young Maine Coon for cheap!

Even though this is one of the cheapest options, it’s also less reliable, as there’s no way to know for sure if your Maine Coon is purebred or not.

How Much Do Maine Coon Kittens Cost?

While many owners prefer to bring home a kitten rather than an adult cat, it’s worth noting that kittens are actually far more expensive.

Not only do breeders and shelters charge more for kittens, but there are simply more expenses to consider.

Young kittens will require more vaccinations and deworming.

They also require a larger amount of toys and enrichment!

Furthermore, kittens are more difficult to care for, and will cost a lot of your time and energy as you teach them not to chew on cords, jump on the table, or steal your food!

Where Can I Find Maine Coon Kittens For Free?

You might think it’s impossible to find a Maine Coon kitten completely free, but it can actually be done if you’re patient and thorough!

Look online, especially on Craigslist and Facebook, for people looking to rehome Maine Coon kittens.

Stay active in your community, as well; you might even want to consider putting an ad in the newspaper.

Some people end up with unwanted litter and are looking to get rid of kittens for free!

However, keep in mind that it’s more common to find Maine Coon mixes this way rather than pure-blooded Maine Coons.

Maine Coon Cat Rescue

Another surprising way you can find Maine Coon cats for cheap is through Maine Coon Cat rescues.

While rare, some people have set up entire organizations around Maine Coons looking for their forever homes!

Do some research online to see if there are any Maine Coon Cat rescues in your area, and you might be able to take one of these lovely cats home for cheap!

Are Maine Coons Worth The Money?

A lot of people begin to wonder if it’s even worth it to buy a Maine Coon. After all, you can get any other cat at a shelter for less than $200.

In the end, though, most Maine Coon owners agree; it’s worth every penny for this breed!

One of the most attractive features of the Maine Coon cat is its temperament.

These cats are known for being highly intelligent, and many will play fetch, learn tricks, and even learn to walk on a leash and harness!

Maine Coons are also famous for their gentle and affectionate nature.

Overall, Maine Coons are a breed that just can’t be beaten, and if you’re looking for a cat that will offer faithful companionship its whole life, then it’s well worth $5,00 to $2,500!

Cost Of Owning A Maine Coon Cat

Unfortunately, a lot more costs go into Maine Coon Cat ownership than the initial expense of buying one from a breeder.

a. One Time Maine Coon Costs

Here is an extensive list of one-time costs and recurring costs you’ll need to consider before bringing a Maine Coon home:

One Time
Maine Coon Cats require large,
sturdy carriers for travel, so you
should plan on spending
between $40 and $60.
You’ll need at least one litter
tray for your Maine Coon,
which will cost about
$15 to $30.
Maine Coons also require a
scratching post to provide
enrichment and help remove
the the dead sheath of their
nails as they grow. A large
scratching post will likely
cost around $50.
The Maine Coon’s long, thick
fur requires regular brushing.
A good set of brushes
should cost around $30.
Cat TreeMaine Coons require larger
than average cat trees, so
they often end up being pricier.
A properly sized cat tree for
your Maine Coon will likely cost
between $200 and $400.
Maine Coon Accessory Costs

If you are not too sure where to buy the best Maine Coon product, take a look at my recommendations below:

  • Cat Carrier: This extra-large cat carrier (link to Amazon website) is ideal for your Maine Coon cat’s large proportions. Just make sure you buy the extra-large cat carrier though!
  • Scratching Post: I personally love this large scratching post, sold on Amazon. It is so large and sturdy, and quite honestly the best cat scratching post I have ever purchased for our Maine Coon cat.
  • Grooming Brushes: I have tried every grooming brush on the market! These are my top 5 favorite grooming brushes, as they have worked the most successfully on our Maine Coons long thick fur.

b. Recurring Maine Coon Costs

  • Veterinary Checkups and Vaccinations: You’ll likely need to spend about $200 a year on checkups and vaccinations.
  • Insurance: If you want to make sure you can afford emergency care should the unthinkable happen, you’ll have to pay an annual cost of about $180 to $500 for pet insurance.
  • High-Quality Food: Maine Coons require high-quality cat food, which will usually cost around $50 to $70 per month! Click on this link to read more about the five best Maine Coon cat food, for your treasured gentle giant.
  • Toys: Maine Coons play rough, and their large size means they require sturdy, more durable toys, which cost more. It’s also important to provide your Maine Coon with new toys so they don’t become bored or destructive. These are my favorite Maine Coon cat toys, as they have been both sturdy, well made, and great value for money.

What Are The Most Expensive Cat Breeds?

The Maine Coon is known for being one of the more expensive cat breeds out there, but it’s far from the most expensive.

Here’s a list of the most expensive cat breeds in the world (source 1):

  • Ashera: The Ashera is an incredibly rare cat breed that is a hybrid of a domestic cat and an Asian leopard and an African Serval. These cats can cost up to $125,000 and are extremely difficult to care for. There is a lot of controversy surrounding this breed and others like it, however, as they are half-wild and require more enrichment than humans can properly provide.
  • Savannah: The Savannah is another exotic and expensive cat breed, which can cost up to $50,000! These highly coveted cats are a cross between an African Serval and a Persian.
  • Bengal: Another highly exotic cat, the Bengal is a cross between a domestic cat and an Asian leopard. Bengal cats can cost up to $25,000 each!
  • Toyger: The Toyger is a cross between a Bengal and a domestic cat, making it easier to care for, but retaining those attractive, wild-looking rosettes. They usually cost around $5,000. This is a great way to have the beautiful look of a wild cat that is easier and more ethical to care for.
  • Persian: The Persian cat is a luxurious and beautiful breed, costing between $1,500 and $3,000. They’re known for their long, silky fur, docile nature, and distinctively flat faces. Keep in mind, however, that those flat faces can cause breathing problems, as well as other health problems.


It’s easy to wonder why are Maine Coons so expensive when you look at just how much these cats cost.

However, breeders put a lot of time, money, and effort into raising high-quality Maine Coons, and a price between $500 and $2,500 is perfectly reasonable for that amount of money and work.

If you’d rather take home a Maine Coon without breaking your bank, however, you can also look online, in your local community, or even at shelters for a cheaper Maine Coon cat!

Related Questions

How Long Do Maine Coons Live?

Maine Coon Cats are known for being a healthy and long-lived breed. The average lifespan of a Maine Coon is between 12 and 15 years.

How Much Does A Maine Coon Cat Weigh?

Maine Coons are the largest domesticated cat breed in the world, and they can weigh anywhere from 10 to 25 pounds!

Maine Coon Cat Price UK

In the UK, the typical price of a Maine Coon cat ranges between £750 to £1,000.

What Is The Average Price Of A Maine Coon?

The price of a Maine Coon varies greatly depending on age, pedigree, and many other factors. Overall, the price ranges between $500 and $2,500.

How Much Is A Black Maine Coon Cat?

Black Maine Coon cats are not as rare as some other colors and patterns, so the cost can sometimes be lower, between $50 and $1,500.

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