Are Maine Coon Cats Good Pets?

If you have recently fallen in love with this majestic cat breed, you are probably wondering, are Maine Coon cats good pets?

We advise you to read on, since as beautiful as these cats are, they may not be for everyone!

Maine Coons make great pets because they are friendly, easy to train, and get along well with children and other pets. However, their high intelligence can lead to boredom and destructive behaviors if they are not given enough playtime and enrichment. These cats also shed a lot and require lots of grooming.

Maine Coons are widely regarded as one of the most friendly, gentle cat breeds in the world, but do you have what it takes to care for one?

Read on to find out if this cat breed is a good fit for you, your lifestyle, and your family.

Are Maine Coon Cats Good Pets?

The Maine Coon breed has become incredibly popular over the last few decades, but are they good household pets?

In general, Maine Coons are considered great pets due to their amiable temperament.

If you want to know what is so special about Maine Coon cats, the list below shows you some key reasons why these large cats make such good pets:

  • Friendly
  • Patient
  • Good With Kids And Other Pets
  • Easy To Train
  • Loving Yet Independent
  • Quiet

Learn more about these various Maine Coon cat traits, by reading the information below:


Maine Coons are social, friendly cats that are open to family members and strangers alike.

While they tend to form closer bonds with their owners, they are not likely to be skittish or aggressive to strangers.

Their friendly nature means they quickly fit into new households, and make friends with just about anyone!


Maine Coons are patient creatures. They tolerate being held and picked up, and are not demanding or clingy.

These easy-going cats are not known for being picky or high-strung.

While some cat breeds can be prissy or divas, the Maine Coon is much more doglike, and they do not need things to go their way all the time.

Good With Kids and Pets

One of the best traits of Maine Coon cats is their openness towards children and other pets.

They are very gentle and patient with kids and do not mind being rolled around in a stroller or playing dress-up!

They also get along famously well with other cats and even dogs!

Maine Coons are friendly creatures that love companionship, so they make fast friends with just about anyone they meet!

Here is a Youtube video of our young daughter playing with our male Maine Coon cat. Our experience of owning a Maine Coon cat, is that these large cats are very gentle, with children.

Easy to Train

A lot of cats can be difficult to train because they lack intelligence or they are too stubborn.

Maine Coons are the best of both worlds because they are smart and obedient at the same time!

Maine Coons love learning new tricks, and they also pick up on household rules quite quickly.

Loving yet Independent

If you want to know, are Maine Coon good cat for your lifestyle, then that depends on how much time you have to spend with your pets.

Even though Maine Coons love attention and companionship, they are not known for being clingy.

Instead, they prefer to follow their owners around and observe from a distance until they are ready to play or snuggle.


One unique trait among Maine Coon cats is their quiet voice. While most cats meow for attention, Maine Coons make tiny chirps and trills, almost like a bird.

Even though they are quiet, though, this does not mean that they are not chatty!

Instead, Maine Coons love to communicate with their owners and use their adorable little voices to ask for food or attention.

Learn more about the Maine Coon cat temperament, by reading this.

Bad Things About Maine Coon Cats

As wonderful as Maine Coons can be, these cats are not for everybody!

While these cats are not as high maintenance as some cat breeds, they still need a lot of care.

Here are some Maine Coon traits and needs that can be difficult for some owners:

1. Need Lots of Attention

The Maine Coon’s affectionate nature can be a double-edged sword.

These cats crave companionship, and they may become lonely and depressed if they are left alone for too long.

Maine Coons do best in a home where they can spend lots of time with their owners. This means they usually prefer households with big families or owners who work from home.

Since Maine Coons get along well with other pets, some owners opt to get a second cat or a dog to keep their Maine Coon company.

While another pet is not a substitute for spending quality time with your Maine Coon, it is a good way to ensure your Maine Coon does not get too lonely while you are away at work.

2. Need Lots of Enrichment and Exercise

Maine Coons are energetic, athletic cats that are famous for their high intelligence.

Have you ever wondered if Maine Coons are the smartest cats, though? If so, click here to find out the answer.

Maine Coons need lots of space to run around, as well as plenty of furniture and high places to climb.

A Maine Coon cat needs at least one extra large cat tree, and it is also a good idea to install shelves on the walls so your cat can climb to its heart’s content!

These cats do not do well in small, cramped apartments or crowded households.

It is important that your Maine Coon has its own private space to retreat to if it feels overwhelmed.

Maine Coons also need lots of durable toys and playtime.

Since these cats are so smart, they can become bored with regular cat toys. They need challenges and puzzles to keep their minds entertained!

These large cats also tend to play rough, so they easily destroy cheap toys.

It is a good idea to give your Maine Coon lots of durable, interactive toys, as well as at least thirty minutes of playtime every day.

Without proper playtime, exercise, and enrichment, Maine Coons can become bored and destructive.

They may tear up furniture, chew on wood, or dig in plants if their needs are not being met.

3. Lots of Shedding

The Maine Coon’s long, triple-coated fur may be one of its most stunning features, but it can also be a hassle.

These cats need to be groomed at least once or twice a week.

Their fur tends to get long around their backside and paws, so they may need extra trimming to prevent tangles or mats.

Maine Coons also shed a lot, particularly during the changing of the seasons.

If you’re allergic to cats or do not like cleaning up lots of hair, then this cat breed may not be the best choice for you.

To resolve some of these issues, make sure you only buy the top cat brushes suited to managing your Maine Coon cat’s fur.

4. Mischievous

This cat breed’s large size can lead some owners to wonder, are Maine Coons dangerous?

Maine Coons are sweet cats that are not known for being dangerous, but they can certainly be irritating!

While many owners find the Maine Coon’s intelligence and curiosity to be part of the breed’s charm, not everyone will appreciate their antics.

Maine Coons are so smart that they often learn how to open cabinets and doors, or even to turn on faucets!

They are also great climbers, so they can end up in hard-to-reach places, or they might knock down decorations if you have not properly cat-proofed your home.

However, the Maine Coon’s mischievous nature can usually be drawn back to their intelligence and playfulness.

Maine Coons that receive plenty of playtimes and lots of challenging toys and puzzles are a lot less likely to get into trouble.

5. Messy

While most Maine Coons are generally well-behaved, they can be messy at times.

The Maine Coon’s unique love of water may be adorable, but it can become annoying if they learn how to turn on the faucet.

They also have a habit of playing in water bowls or fountains, so you may need a large tray or towel to prevent your floor from getting soaked!

Maine Coons are so smart that they tend to use their paws more often than other cats.

This also means they like to use their paws for eating which, while cute, is not usually as clean as eating with their mouths.

Are Maine Coons Good House Cats?

If you want a Maine Coon of your own, but you are not sure if they would fit in with your lifestyle, you may ask, are Maine Coon cats good house pets?

A lot of breeders require new owners to sign a contract stating they will keep their Maine Coon entirely indoors, but is this a good idea?

Here are the reasons why Maine Coons make great house cats:

Easy To Train

Since Maine Coons are easy to train, they are a great option for indoor cats.

It is easy to train them to use the litter box, and they pick up on household rules quickly.

Use lots of treats and positive reinforcement to encourage your cat to stay off the counters or use the scratching post instead of your couch!

Can Go On Walks

A lot of people worry about keeping Maine Coons indoors since they are such energetic cats.

Thanks to the Maine Coon’s trainability, though, these cats can easily learn to walk on a leash and harness.

This is a great way to give your cat enrichment and exercise without exposing them to the dangers of the outdoors.

Get Along Well With Others

Maine Coons are great indoor cats because they are friendly towards just about everybody.

They do not mind being around other people or animals.

Provided your Maine Coon has lots of space (especially climbable, vertical space), it is unlikely to get into any spats with other household members.

Rarely Territorial

Maine Coon cats are not generally considered territorial.

Unless they are forced into a cramped space, Maine Coons do not usually have a problem sharing their home with others.

If your house is too small, or if your Maine Coon does not have enough space of its own, then it may become hissy or aggressive in an attempt to defend its space.

Strong Hunters

Maine Coons rose to fame due to their incredible hunting instincts, which is why they make better indoor pets than outdoor pets.

Cats are the third most dangerous species of animal to other vertebrates.

In the late 1800s, a single cat named Tibbles completely eradicated the Stephens’ Island Wren from a small island near New Zealand.

Since Maine Coons are such prolific hunters, some owners consider it best to keep them indoors, where they cannot harm local endangered species.

Are Maine Coon Cats Good Family Pets?

Maine Coons are known for developing an extra special bond with one owner, which can lead some people to wonder if they are a good fit for families?

Even though they do tend to pick a favorite, Maine Coons are still family pets through and through.

The Maine Coon is so friendly and driven by companionship that they love to make friends with anyone they can.

They are a perfect fit for most families because they can become lonely if they do not get enough time with others.

They are especially gentle and patient towards children, and since they get along so well with other cats and even dogs, you do not have to worry about if your Maine Coon will like your other family members.

Are Maine Coon Cats High Maintenance?

Maine Coon cats are considered medium maintenance due to their diet, grooming needs, and need for exercise, play, and companionship.

When it comes to grooming, you will need to brush your Maine Coon at least twice a week.

They do not usually need baths unless their fur becomes very dirty.

Many Maine Coon owners choose to trim the extra tufts of fur on their paws and backsides if they are prone to matting and tangles.

Otherwise, they have the same grooming needs as other cats; regular teeth brushing, claw clipping, and the occasional ear cleaning.

Maine Coons need a lot more exercise and playtime than most cats.

You should invest in tall cat furniture for your Maine Coon to climb, and you may want to consider installing shelves or tunnels on the wall to maximize your vertical space.

It is important to provide between 30 and 60 minutes of playtime every day to prevent your Maine Coon from becoming bored.

When it comes to diet, you will need to feed your cat high-quality food that contains lots of protein and a moderate amount of fat.

Avoid cheap foods, because these often contain too many filler carbs and grains.

Finally, make sure you are giving your Maine Coon plenty of quality time. These cats are highly social and become lonely and depressed if they don’t get enough attention.

Even though these cats can be independent and patient while you qre busy, they love spending time near their owners.

If you spend a lot of time away from home, then it might not be a good idea to get a Maine Coon.

Are Maine Coons Healthy Cats?

A lot of purebred cats are prone to health problems. This is because most purebred cats come from litters with a unique genetic mutation.

Often, breeders retain these unique features by inbreeding, which is more likely to lead to genetically inherited conditions.

The Maine Coon, however, is a natural breed that developed on its own in the state of Maine.

These cats were discovered in the 1800s by farmers and sailors, and the Maine Coons we know and love today are descended from them.

As a result, Maine Coons are one of the healthiest cat breeds in the world.

It is important to note, however, that there are still some genetic conditions they are prone to, such as hypertrophic cardiomyopathy and spinal muscular atrophy.

Thankfully, responsible breeders always perform genetic testing on their cats before allowing them to breed.

Are Maine Coon Cats Expensive?

As amazing as Maine Coons are, the question most people dread asking is how much do Maine Coon cats cost?

Unfortunately, this is an expensive cat breed that generally costs between $1,000 and $2,500, though they can easily cost much more depending on lineage and coat color.

As far as purebred cats go, Maine Coons are much less expensive than the rarest cat breeds, but their high cost can be a deterrent for many owners.

Keep in mind that the upfront cost from a breeder is only part of the story, though.

These cats can cost between $100 and $450 a month, not including the initial cost of supplies like cat trees, toys, and litter boxes.

Read about the realistic costs of owning a Maine Coon cat, in this article.

Breeders put a lot of time and money into caring for every Maine Coon kitten they raise, and they spend a lot of effort socializing them so they are friendly and confident once they are ready to go to their new homes.

If you cannot afford a Maine Coon, there is nothing wrong with adopting a cat from a shelter, but most owners agree that Maine Coons are worth every penny!


If you are wondering are Maine Coon cats good pets, the answer is undoubtedly yes!

While they do need lots of playtime and attention, they are so friendly, patient, and easy to train that they fit right in with just about any household.

If you want a cat that is loyal, energetic and gets along well with others, then the Maine Coon is the perfect breed for you!

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How Much Does It Cost To Keep A Maine Coon Cat?

The cost of toys, food, and other supplies usually ends up being around $100 to $450 a month for Maine Coon cats.

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