Are Maine Coons Hyper?

One characteristic we often associate with young kittens is hyperactivity, as any cat owner will tell you. But are Maine Coons hyper even as they mature?

This quick-hitting article will cover everything you need to know about the relationship between Maine Coons and hyperactivity. We will also divulge a few lesser-known tips and tricks for dealing with an overly hyperactive kitty.

A Maine Coons temperament is playful, energetic, slightly hyper, but not overly hyperactive when compared to other cat breeds. Training your Maine Coon cat to play fetch or walk on a leash will calm and tire out a hyper Maine Coon. Most Maine Coon kittens will noticeably calm down after 6 months of age, though hyperactive behaviors can still occur.

In this article, you will find everything you could ever want to know about Maine Coon hyperactivity.

Whether you are keen to know how to deal with it, how to avoid it outright, or what to expect with your own Maine Coon as they grow and mature, this article has the information you need.

Are Maine Coons Hyper?

Adult Maine Coon cats are not particularly hyper but do have a reputation for being infantlike and goofy throughout their lives.

By comparison, Maine Coon kittens are very hyper and love to explore and play non-stop.

Owners should therefore make sure they have purchased plenty of mentally stimulating cat toys to keep their intelligent minds engaged.

If a Maine Coon kitten is hyper but does not have any toys to play with, they may become bored and destructive.

It is important to note, however, that Maine Coon kittens are no more hyper as kittens than any other cat breed.

The Maine Coon cat breed generally speaking is not considered hyper, but they do enjoy roughly 30 minutes of Zoomies every day where they run around your house in a manic fashion.

The Zoomies burst of high energy is short-lived though, so will pass once your Maine Coon has worn itself out!

Their activity levels (and of course their hyperactivity), will vary throughout their development from a very young kitten to a fully mature cat (at roughly five years of age).

As Maine Coons grow up and increase in size, their proclivity for hyperactivity begins to dwindle. Note, we didn’t say disappear entirely!

Are Maine Coons High Energy?

Maine Coons may not be known for being hyperactive but that does not mean they are not still bundles of energy just waiting to go off!

Keep in mind that Maine Coons can be high energy especially when their needs are not being met.

To ensure that you are meeting all of their needs and are not creating a hyperactive Maine Coon kitten or cat, here are the most common causes of an overly energetic Maine Coon:

1. Lack Of Stimulation

Lack of stimulation is one of the biggest causes of an overly energetic Maine Coon.

If they cannot work off their stored energy by playing games with you for about 30 minutes a day, your Maine Coon cat will likely display hyperactive behavioral traits.

They are going to end up resorting to spending hours each day catapulting themselves around your home and being potentially quite destructive.

2. Not Enough Space

If Maine Coons do not have enough space to roam around, especially males, they can become quite energetic and hyperactive as overcompensation for lack of room to move.

If you are hoping to leave a Maine Coon alone in a small apartment all day every day, well, that is just not going to work for this cat breed. Your Maine Coon cat will quickly let you know that they are unhappy and on edge.

3. Social Needs Not Met

If your Maine Coons social needs are unmet they will likely become overactive and potentially destructive.

You should not leave a Maine Coon alone for more than 5-6 hours, regularly to ensure your Maine Coon is not becoming stressed and lonely.

If you Maine Coon becomes stressed, this is what you need to do.

4. Lack Of Toys And Equipment

Maine Coons love to play with cat toys and climb.

If your Maine Coon is struggling with a lack of access to toys like balls and feathers as well as cat trees or other climbing equipment they are going to have to expend their energy in other ways.

These are my favorite Maine Coon cat toys, which have been hugely successful at keeping our male Maine Coon cat stimulated throughout the day.

If you haven’t yet invested in an extra-large cat tower, these cat trees have been rated highly by the cat-lover community.

What Age Do Maine Coons Calm Down?

Maine Coons are well known for being active cats and while they are not always necessarily hyperactive adults, they will always enjoy a good game or a quick sprint around the home.

Like all kittens, they tend to be quite energetic which will naturally leave you wondering when will my Maine Coon calm down?

Energetic kittens are cute and entertaining, no doubt, but they can also be pretty darn mentally draining.

You will be relieved to hear that Maine Coon growth stages are often well ahead of other cat breeds (mentally, not physically).

So luckily, by 6 months old Maine Coon kittens tend to have outgrown the manic kitten phase and are well on their way to becoming lovely, slightly calmer, and collected adult cats.

Keep in mind, however, that Maine Coons often start to become a little more energetic and territorial when they are about 9-12 months old.

This is only for a few weeks/months though, as they adapt to adulthood.

This is nothing to worry about and is perfectly normal for male and female Maine Coon cats, though it is more prevalent in males.

Best Toys For Maine Coons

Maine Coons need to play for about roughly 30 minutes a day, or they will quickly become stressed and anxious.

Here are four great toys available on Amazon, that are perfectly suited to your Maine Coons needs:

1. Interactive Butterfly Catching Toy

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This interactive 360-degree spinning cat toy is great for Maine Coon cats because it encourages these large cats to play. It also stimulates their hunting instincts in a safe and controlled way.

This toy comes with two butterfly refills, that can be easily replaced if your large cat is a successful butterfly hunter!

2. Interactive Ball

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This interactive ball is battery-powered and designed to roll around on its own emulating live prey for your Maine Coon to chase after.

It’s a great device that enables an owner to play with their Maine Coon whilst also doing something else, like cooking dinner or doing laundry.

3. Laser Pointer

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A laser pointer is a perfect toy for your Maine Coon cat because you can play the game without ever getting up off the couch!

This laser pointer is exceptionally good for kittens as they are naturally more inquisitive.

Warning: You must NEVER shine the laser pointer directly at your cat, or their eyes.

4. Cat Tracks

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Cat track toys are brilliant for Maine Coon cats especially since they stimulate this cat breed’s highly intelligent brain.

This toy is great fun for your cat and also ideal for households with just one pet since the cat can play with this toy for as long as they want, on their own. Owners are not required to join in!

When To Neuter A Maine Coon

If you are planning on neutering your Maine Coon (and the consensus is that unless you are a breeder you probably should) the best time to do so is between four and six months old.

Anything younger than this will leave your Maine Coon kitten at risk of anesthesia-related complications and no vet worth their salt would perform the procedure.

Whilst it is possible to wait until your Maine Coon is older than six months, you need to factor in that your Maine Coon will start to begin puberty not long after the 6-month mark.

It is generally considered best to perform the procedure ahead of puberty.

If you are unsure when to neuter your Maine Coon kitten, read this article. Alternatively, speak to your vet about what is best for you and your cat.

Are Maine Coons High Maintenance?

The Maine Coon is not generally considered by most cat lovers to be high maintenance. Especially when compared to some other domestic cat breeds.

Owners will, however, find that Maine Coons require consistent grooming and a decent amount of your love and attention though.

In terms of actual effort per day, a Maine Coon cat probably only requires about 30 minutes to an hour of your undivided attention each day.

They are happiest when you spend a lot of time with them, but to a Maine Coon cat, quality time with you is simply existing in the same space as you are working!

These large cats love sitting on your lap while you are on the couch or hanging out while you do chores.

So long as you do not mind a Maine Coon following you around the house, you should be completely fine in the maintenance department with minimal effort.


So, are Maine Coons hyper?

While they have the potential to be hyperactive on an individual basis they are far less hyperactive than most other cats as a breed, as their owners will attest to.

Maine Coons are fond of lounging around and are quite happy to spend almost the entire day doing a whole lot of nothing, as long as they are by your side.

Sure, they can occasionally display a burst of enthusiasm or develop an acute case of the zoomies. But overall, you are not likely to encounter many hyperactive Maine Coons.

If your Maine coon is hyperactive that can often be the result of a lack of living space or poorly met social needs such as one-on-one time with you, their owner.

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Are Maine Coons Hypoallergenic?

Hypoallergenic refers to a lack of allergens or massively reduced allergens produced by an animal. Maine Coons are not hypoallergenic but do produce less Fel d1 protein than other cat breeds, which makes them more hypoallergenic than most cats.

Why Are Maine Coons So Soft?

Maine Coons secrete slightly more oil from their skin into their fur than most other domestic cat breeds. This has ultimately led to them having soft and luxurious coats when properly cared for.

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