Best Maine Coon Fact Sheet

Maine Coon cats are becoming increasingly popular as pets. So today, we are showing you the best Maine Coon fact sheet so you know what makes this breed genuinely remarkable.

Maine Coons are the largest domesticated cats in the world, known for their giant affectionate personalities. They have fluffy, semi-water-repellent fur and grow up to 40 inches long, but were almost extinct in the 19th century. These expert mousers have a delightfully playful temperament, making them ideal for most households and families.

If you are also fascinated by this majestic feline, read on to appreciate everything this amazing cat breed has to offer.

Best Maine Coon Fact Sheet

Maine Coon cats are one the oldest natural feline breeds in North America.

Their grumpy faces and fluffy coats have made them a true internet sensation in recent years, but there is more to their personality than meets the eyes.

For starters, these large cats are also highly intelligent and trainable!

Maine Coons are also well known to have dog-like personalities and are not usually afraid to be handled by kids.

If you are keen to learn some Maine Coon facts and information, take a quick look at our Maine Coon cat breed fact sheet below.

Learn some Maine Coon fun facts, whilst also finding out what distinguishes these large cats from the typical house cat.

Fun Facts About Maine Coon Cats

Are you ready to discover some funny Maine Coon cat facts?

If so, take a look at these 26 fun facts about Maine Coons:

1. Largest Domesticated Cat

The most unique trait distinguishing Maine Coons from other domesticated cat breeds, is their size.

Maine Coons weigh up to 25 lbs and are considered to be well-proportioned felines.

Many of these cats also reach an impressive 40 inches in length!

In contrast to male Maine Coon cats that weigh between 15 to 25 lbs, females only weigh between 8 to 12 lbs.

These sturdy felines have a muscular build and stand out in the crowd with their broad chest and solid legs, which make them distinctly dissimilar from “normal” household cats.

In addition to the Maine Coon cat’s big-boned stature, this breed’s thick dense fur also makes these cats appear bigger.

2. Extremely Loving, Gentle Giants

One of the most unique traits of the Maine Coon cat breed, is their calm and affectionate temperament.

Despite being the largest domesticated cat breed, these felines are often referred to as the gentle giants of the cat world.

They are known for their docile, patient, and loving nature, which makes them ideally suited to living as a family pet.

In addition to their friendly disposition, Maine Coons are known for their loyalty and intelligence. They often form strong bonds with their humans without being too needy. 

Some of these felines have the ability to be service animals and therapy cats since they love human companionship and can provide emotional support when needed.

With such gentle personalities, it is no wonder they have become a beloved breed among cat enthusiasts.

3. State Cat Of Maine

The Maine Coon cat breed has won a special place in the hearts of Maine residents. So much so, that they are now the officially recognized state cat of Maine, United States!

Maine Coons are recognized as one of the oldest natural cat breeds in North America.

Though there are numerous theories and myths surrounding the origin of this breed, it is believed these large cats originated in this state.

4. Movie Stardom

Maine coons are highly adored pets. But they have also made their mark on the big screen as charismatic animal actors!

These adorable felines have won the hearts of millions with their graceful silver-screen performances and charming personalities.

Some notable Maine Coon movie stars include:

  • “Church” (played by Leo) from the new Pet Sematary
  • “Miss Norris” (played by Maximus) from Harry Potter

These Maine Coon cat movie appearances showcase the feline’s playful nature and unique appearance, making them a hit amongst audiences of all age groups.

Take a look at some other famous Maine Coon cats:

5. Almost Went Extinct

Maine Coons are recognized across the globe for their friendly personalities and unique appearance.

However, there was a time when these fluffy felines went almost extinct due to a variety of factors.

The breed’s popularity faced a significant decline in the 19th century as new and more exotic cat breeds from overseas stole the limelight.

Moreover, cross-breeding also resulted in the dilution of the distant characteristics of the breed, further threatening its existence. 

Thankfully the Maine Coon cat breed made a comeback in the 20th century, thanks to animal enthusiasts.

In 2019, the Cat Fanciers Association listed the Maine Coon cat as the fifth most popular cat breed to own.

6. Semi-Water-Repellent Fur

One of the most distinctive features of the Maine Coon cat is its ample and dense fur, which many people do not realize is semi-water-resistant!

The fluffy coat of these enormous house cats has natural water-resistant capabilities that help prevent water droplets from soaking into their fur, thereby allowing them to swim faster.

This incredible feature also helps them stay warm in cold and frigid temperatures.

7. Eat With Their Paws (Messy Eaters)

Another feature that sets Maine Coons apart from other felines is their tendency to use their paws to eat!

Though all cat breeds have a thing for holding onto their prey or food while eating, this behavior is more prominent in Maine Coon cats and kittens.

As adorable as it sounds, cats that eat with their paws can often leave a bit of mess around your feeding station!

Learn some other interesting Maine Coon paw facts, in this article.

8. Dog-Like Personalities

Maine Coons are often described as having canine-like dispositions.

For example, they bond with their humans in a way that is similar to canines e.g. they follow their owners around the home, and also like to play fetch like a canine!

This is how you teach your Maine Coon cat to play fetch.

Maine Coon cats are also known to demonstrate the same loving and sociable personalities, as dogs do.

Another wow factor of these mini lions is their surprisingly calm and patient temperament.

9. The Social Butterfly

The Maine Coon cat is a surprisingly social cat breed that enjoys spending time with its human family.

This breed is considered very patient and friendly towards young children, and other pets (apart from small rodents).

Maine Coon cats enjoy being a part of a family but may become bored if left alone for long periods.

Whether it is their high trainability or intelligence that encourages them to be so sociable, we do not know. Either way, they seem to thrive on social interactions.

Despite their social nature, however, one US survey suggested that only 1/3 of Maine Coon cats are lap cats.

The rest of the breed prefers sitting beside or near their owners, rather than on top of them. Which, considering their size, can be a blessing!

10. They Are Highly Trainable!

Most cat breeds have an independent streak, making them less trainable. Nonetheless, Maine Coons are pretty intelligent creatures, capable of learning a lot of tricks.

They are famous for responding to commands, just like our canine friends.

Some popular Maine Coon tricks that Maine Coon owners like to teach their furballs, include:

  • Sitting
  • Staying
  • Fetching
  • Handshakes
  • Rolling Over

If you want to train your smart cat to do these tricks, read this Maine Coon training guide.

11. Enjoy Walks On A Leash

Maine Coon cats are active, playful, and curious felines, famous for their love of exploration and adventurous spirit.

Unlike most felines, this cat breed has a more laid-back personality so will love going out on walks with their owners, and it is even possible to harness-train them.

Maine Coons are less phased by unfamiliar experiences, which makes them ideal hiking buddies!

These are the best escape-proof Maine Coon cat harnesses.

12. Maine Coon Cats Play Fetch!

Maine Coon cats are one of the smartest cat breeds in the world, so naturally love learning new things.

They enjoy engaging in activities that challenge their physical and mental capabilities, so playing fetch (like a dog would) is an excellent way to mentally stimulate them.

The Maine Coons love of playing fetch is yet another reason these large cats are known as “dog cats”.

13. Slow Growth Rate

The enormous size of the Maine Coon cat is one of the key things that attracts cat admirers to this breed.

Nevertheless, it is noteworthy that this cat breed is unlike ‘normal cats’ because it has a relatively slow growth rate.

Whereas ‘normal cats’ are fully grown by 2 years old, the Maine Coon does not reach their full-grown size until 3-5 years of age.

14. Many Different Colors And Patterns

Maine Coons can be found in a range of beautiful fur patterns and shades.

According to the Cat Fanciers Association, they have a total of 75 different coat colors and patterns which means it is possible to find a Maine Coon in almost every possible coat color!

Some of the most common Maine Coon fur patterns include:

  • Smoke
  • Shaded
  • Tortoiseshell
  • Tabbies
  • Solid
  • Bicolor
  • Parti-Color

Take a look at our Maine Coon coat color guide, to learn more about the cat colors available.

15. Lynx Tip Ears

Maine Coons are believed to have lynx tips or ear tufts due to evolutionary adaptation.

These wispy hairs protect their ears from environmental factors such as:

  • Cold
  • Snow
  • Debris
  • Dirt

They are also thought to increase the Maine Coon cat’s hearing capabilities by directing sound into the ear channel.

If you are interested in learning more about Maine Coon Lynx Tips, make sure you read my article.

16. Family-Friendly

These gentle giants are well-suited for family life.

They are good-natured and thrive in families with kids, cats, and other pets like dogs.

If you are wondering, are all Maine Coon cats friendly, then read this cat guide.

17. They Are Vocal!

Compared to some other cat breeds, Maine Coon cats are quite vocal!

Despite not making the standard ‘meow’ sound used by ‘normal’ cat breeds, Maine Coons still have a wide range of vocalizations, including yowls, chirps, and trills.

Maine Coon cats use their wide variety of sounds to communicate with their humans.

Learn about the Weird Maine Coon Sounds these large cats make, by reading this cat guide.

18. The Polydactyl Maine Coon

Polydactyl Maine Coons are born with an extra toe on their paw.

During the early phase of this cat breed’s development, many Maine Coons were considered to be polydactyl.

This physical cat trait is considered undesirable by the Cat Fanciers Association.

Overtime, Maine Coon breeders have gradually selectively bred this extra toe out of the Maine Coon cat breed, though polydactyl Maine Coons do still exist.

Learn more about the polydactyl Maine Coon cat.

19. Longest Maine Coon Cat

According to the Guinness Book of World Records, the largest Maine Coon cat of all time was a male cat named Maymains Stewart Gilligan, also known as Stewie.

Stewie measured an impressive 123 cm or 48.5 inches from nose to tail.

He held the record of being the largest of his breed from August 2010 till his passing in February 2013.

A Maine Coon cat named Barivel is now considered the longest domestic cat, alive.

This male Maine Coon cat lives in Italy and stands at an impressive 47.2 inches in length. Read about him here.

Whilst we all know that Maine Coon cats are the longest domesticated cat breed in the world, what you might not know is whether Maine Coons have long legs, or not?

Read the following guide to find out!

20. Great Climbers

While most cat breeds like to stay near the ground, Maine Coons are the exception.

These kitties have strong claws that enable them to climb up high, with ease.

Maine Coons are extremely capable of jumping on your kitchen counter, and it is thought they can jump up to 7 to 8 feet high.

But how high can a Maine Coon cat jump, in reality? Find out now.

21. Thought To Be Part-Raccoon

Due to their mysterious lineage, there have been many myths about the Maine Coon cat breed.

One such folktale suggested that Maine Coons are part raccoon.

While the Maine Coon’s origin has always been the subject of speculation, scientists have proved that it is biologically impossible for cats to have any genetic relationships with raccoons.

Learn more about why so many people think Maine Coon cats are part-raccoon.

22. Maine Coons Were Wild Cats

Although Maine Coon cats are now completely domesticated felines, this was not always the case.

Maine Coons were originally wild cats that roamed the state of Maine, in the United States.

These felines still possess their survival instincts e.g. hunting, meaning it would be possible for them to survive in the wild!

23. Love Water

Perhaps due to their dense, semi-water-repellent coat, Maine Coons are famous for their love of water.

Unlike ‘normal’ cat breeds, most Maine Coon cats love splashing around in the water. Some of them have even been known to be able to swim!

Can Maine Coons swim? Find out now by reading my article!

24. Best Cat Winner

Cosey, a two-year-old Maine Coon cat superstar won the best of show honors at the first-ever North American cat show in 1895.

Here are some other famous Maine Coon cats.

25. Mysterious Origin

The true origin of these magnificent cats has an element of mystery to it!

There have been numerous colorful theories about how this breed originated. One such theory suggests that Maine Coons are the result of a cross between domestic and wild cats.

Another popular theory suggests that these large cats are the descendants of long hair felines bought by American sailors, from Asia and Europe.

Regardless of these theories, the true origin of these largest cats is still a mystery to be solved.

If you are interested in finding out how many Maine Coon cats live in the world, today, take a look at this!

26. Triple Fur Coat

Maine Coons have a luxurious triple-layer coat. 

They have a thick outer guard coat that is accompanied by two soft and insulating undercoats that enable them to stay warm in freezing atmospheres, and dry in wet conditions.

The Maine Coons thick dense fur is probably one of the key reasons why Maine Coons do not mind splashing in a puddle of water.


Though all cat breeds have some distant capabilities and qualities, Maine Coons are one of a kind.

Whether you are intrigued by their mysterious origins, dog-like personalities, or their variety of fur patterns, you are not alone as these cats have won the hearts of millions worldwide.

There is a lot that makes this large cat breed truly remarkable, as shown in our best Maine Coon fact sheet!

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