Do Maine Coons Have Big Paws?

One of my readers once asked me, do Maine Coons have big paws? This is what I told them.

If you are considering getting a new cat breed, there are lots of things to learn about the breed before making your purchase. While paw size might not be the most common question to ask when researching big cat breeds like the Maine Coon, the question is still bound to come up!

Maine Coons do have large paws. They are flatter and wider than most cat paws which allows them to be especially good at things like walking on snow. However, their paws can be so large that they look like they do not fit with the rest of their body. This is especially true with Maine Coon kittens.

In this article, we are going to go over everything that you could want to know about your Maine Coon’s paws.

Not only will we talk about the size of their paws, but we will also talk about other interesting cat-paw features and paw-related behaviors.

Do Maine Coons Have Big Paws?

Maine Coons are one of the largest domesticated cat breeds in the world, if not the largest.

They tend to be between 10 and 16 inches tall and up to 40 inches long!

If you have ever seen a picture of someone holding a fully grown Maine Coon cat, you will realize just how large these animals are.

Considering these gentle giants’ size, you might safely assume that Maine Coons have big paws, but do they?

The simple answer is that Maine Coons do have paws significantly larger than most cats.

Not only are they bigger size-wise, but they are also bigger in proportion when you compare paw size to body size.

Their paws are also very unique in shape since Maine Coon’s have wide, flat paws.

This is useful for the Maine Coon cat since the size and shape of their paws help them walk on snow, climb, and grip exceedingly well (source 1).

Learn more about Maine Coon paws in my complete guide to Maine Coon paws.

Do Maine Coon Kittens Have Big Paws?

Just like adult Maine Coon cats, Maine Coon kittens are also larger than the average domesticated kitten.

Similarly, Maine Coon kittens have large paws.

Their paws are not as large as their adult counterparts, but they are big enough that they look a little silly on tiny kitten paws!

It can be quite entertaining to watch a Maine Coon kitten walk and tumble around as they try to adjust to their abnormally large paws.

As they grow up, they do get used to their large paws though and become quite graceful creatures.

Maine Coon Paw Vs Normal Cat

First, let’s talk about the similarities between Maine Coon paws and normal cat paws.

1. Whiskers On Paws

Firstly, almost all cat breeds have whiskers on their front paws (in addition to on their face).

This hair helps them detect things like movement and airflow changes when hunting prey.

2. Webbed Feet

Cats (Maine Coons and normal cats) also have webbed feet that allow them to do all sorts of things like:

  • Grip
  • Climb
  • Swim

3. Paw Pads

Finally, all cats have paw pads that allow them to quietly sneak up on prey and maintain good traction while running around.

However, there are also a lot of differences between Maine Coon paws and normal cat paws.

Size And Shape

The biggest difference is probably the size and the shape.

Maine Coon paws are large, flat, and wide.

Furry Paws

Another difference is the amount of fur on their paws.

Maine Coon’s have lots of fur around their paws to protect the bottom of their feet from the cold.

However, the fur around their feet tends to get matted and dirty, so it can take a lot of extra care and maintenance (source 1).

Do Maine Coon Cats Have Fur Between Their Toes?

Yes, Maine Coon cats have fur between their toes.

This is not entirely uncommon for long-haired cats; since many long-haired cats have fur around their paws.

However, Maine Coons still stand out from other long-haired cats due to the quantity of fur they have and where their fur is.

First, the fur around a Maine Coon’s paw is substantially longer than what is typical of other cat breeds.

Additionally, Maine Coon cats have adorable tufts of fur in between their toes. The purpose of these tufts is to protect the pads of their feet.

The problem with the tufts between their toes is that it can prevent your Maine Coon from getting grip on slippery floors like tile or hardwood.

If this seems to be a problem for your cat, you may want to consider trimming the tufts a little. Read this guide for more information on this.

Cats tend to be sensitive about their feet, so this may be a challenge, but it will not hurt your cat (source 1).

There are other cat breeds that have tufts between their toes, though, such as (source 1):

  • Norwegian Forest Cat
  • Ragdoll cats
  • Persian Cats
  • Cymric Cats
  • Somali Cats

Why Do Maine Coons Cross Their Paws?

You may notice that whenever your cat lays down, they often cross one paw over the other.

This is positively adorable but may leave you wondering just why your Maine Coon is crossing their paws!

While we cannot ask them to know for sure, most experts seem to believe that cats cross their paws when they lay down for the same reason that humans cross their legs when they sit down: for comfort.

Maine Coons are more likely than other cat breeds to cross their paws when trying to get comfortable.

This is likely just because it is easier for them to cross their paws because they have long legs and large paws (source 1).

Do Maine Coons Have Double Paws?

When you hear the term ‘double paw’, you might be picturing a cat with eight paws, two attached to each leg!!

However, the term ‘double paw’ is actually referring to something that, while strange, is much more normal than eight paws on a cat.

Maine Coons are more likely than any other cat breed to be born with extra toes.

Maine Coon cats that are born with extra toes are called polydactyl cats.

Because of the extra toe, polydactyl cats have extra-wide paws, and that is what people are talking about when they say a Maine Coon has double paws (source 1).

Do Maine Coons Have White Paws?

Cats can have pads that are various colors, so what color are a Maine Coon’s pads?

Well, for the most part, a cat’s pads match their fur color.

Maine Coons can be a variety of different colors, such as:

  • White
  • Black
  • Orange
  • Gray

They can also have a variety of different fur patterns.

All this fur variety means that Maine Coon cats also have a lot of variety when it comes to their paw pads.

Black Maine Coons have black paw pads, white Maine Coons tend to have a light pink paw pad, and bicolor Maine Coons tend to have multi-colored paw pads (source 1).

Why Do Cat Tuck Their Paws?

Have you ever seen a cat with its paws tucked up underneath them?

It looks really cute, but it might leave you wondering why your cat is sleeping like that.

Is it because your cat is nervous? Can it really be comfortable?

Well, for the most part, Maine Coon cats tuck their paws for warmth and comfort. However, there is something even more important that you need to know about your cat when he tucks his paws, and that is that cats only tuck their paws when they are feeling safe and secure.

Remember that a cat being able to quickly jump to his feet or swipe with his paws is what keeps him safe from predators and all sorts of danger?

When your cat tucks his paws underneath him, he is putting a few more seconds between himself and safety.

A cat tucking his paws always says something good about your care for him (source 1).


Maine Coon cats have so many unique and fascinating features, and their paws are no different.

Of course, the sheer size of their paws are enough to make them interesting, but their unique fur pattern and the fact that many Maine Coon cats actually have extra toes is also intriguing!

They also tend to do some pretty cute things to get comfortable when resting with their large paws, whether it be crossing their paws or tucking them underneath their body.

In the end, Maine Coon cats have tons of absolutely adorable features that make them so many people’s favorite cat breed, and their paws are just one more amazing feature to add to the endless list.

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