12 Bizarre Facts About Maine Coons

Limiting this article to only 12 facts about Maine Coons was a real struggle!

There are tons of interesting, funny, and unique facts about the Maine Coon that all contribute to them being amazingly unique cats.

There are many bizarre Maine Coon cat facts, including their love of water, and even swimming, obsession with human companionship, and film star role in the movie ‘Harry Potter’. Famous for being the State cat of Maine, and the biggest cat breed in the world. Their mysterious origins have left owners, vets, and historical scholars alike intrigued.

If you love Maine Coons and want to know a little bit more about them, then you have come to the right place.

Maine Coons are a unique and interesting domestic cat breed that has a very different history from the majority of other cats.

While this article aims to share some of the Maine Coon cat breeds’ most interesting facts, it may also leave you even more in awe of the mysterious lives of these large cats.

Stick with us to uncover some of the coolest Maine Coon facts that you may not be able to find anywhere else!

12 Bizarre Facts About Maine Coons

The Maine Coon is one of the most famously misunderstood domestic cat breeds in the world. As well as one of the largest!

While we have some general ideas about the Maine Coon cat origins, we are not 100% certain where the Maine Coon may have come from.

But, there are some things we do know. Like these 12 bizarre facts about Maine Coons:

1. They Produce Less Fel d1 Protein

Did you know, one of the biggest contributors to the allergic reactions people experience from cats does not come from their hair at all?

It is the protein in their saliva that causes most people to flare up rather than hair and dander.

This protein is called “Fel d1” and is far less present in big, long-haired, cats like the Maine Coon.

Maine Coons are not hypoallergenic but they are certainly better than most cat breeds for people with sensitive noses!

Learn more about how hypoallergenic Maine Coon cats are, in this article.

2. They Have A Very Mysterious Origin In Folklore

The Maine Coon is one of the most mysterious cat breeds. Simply because we don’t know very much about them.

How were Maine Coons created? Where did they come from?

Have you heard the bizarre Maine Coon folktale that Maine Coon cats originate from a pairing of wild cats and raccoons? If not, read this guide.

You might wonder where this myth came from…

The truth is that Maine Coons and Raccoons share these physical features.

Thus, people assumed such similar physical traits resulted from mating between raccoons and a long-haired domestic cat.

Let’s put the record straight, this myth is nonsense, and has been scientifically disproved.

3. The State Cat Of Maine

It should come as little surprise that the Maine Coon was, and still is, the state cat of Maine!

These iconic kitties cemented themselves in the local community and have helped put Maine on the map for people the world over.

While Maine might be well known in the United States, outside of the United States is a different story. This is because not many people are even aware it exists.

However, given how wildly popular the Maine Coon cat is, there is a good chance that people have started to take notice.

4. A Maine Coon Cat Has Been Cloned!

When we think about Maine Coon genetics we normally think about the physical features that are iconic of the breed.

What we do not often think about is their genetic makeup in a more scientific sense.

Someone who was thinking a little more about their genetic makeup was Julie from Texas.

She had a 17-year-old Maine Coon called Nicky who she loved ever so dearly. Unfortunately, Nicky passed away. But not before she managed to make a genetic clone of Nicky.

The clone was named Little Nicky and cost $50,000 to create. Little Nicky is the first commercially cloned cat (source 1).

5. Some Maine Coons Have Human-like Faces!

Maine Coons have quite unique faces, as cats go, which is part of the reason people love the breed so much.

However, someone who has taken this a step further is a lady by the name of Tatyana Rastorgueva.

Tatyana has been selectively breeding Maine Coons for over 20 years in an attempt to make them look as human-like in the face as possible.

And, to be quite honest, she has done a surprisingly good job of it!

Her Maine Coons have such unique faces that they almost look like their own species.

Some people find it cool! Others find it unsettling!

It’s up to you whether or not you’d have one of Tatyana’s cats for yourself (source 1).

6. Maine Coons Are The Largest Domestic Cat Breed

Maine Coons are not just one of the largest domestic cat breeds in the world. They are the largest.

Maine Coon size is just about the most iconic thing about these cats.

Sure, their tufted feet and pointed ears might make them stand out amongst other cats. But, it is their bulky size and impressive length that truly make them special to behold.

There is some debate about whether the Maine Coon is technically the largest domestic cat breed in the world. However, there is no arguing the fact that they are the longest.

It all depends on how you define large!

7. Maine Coons May Have Come From Royalty

There is a rumor that Maine Coons may have originated from the last queen of France, Marie Antoinette.

Marie attempted to flee France after they abolished the monarchy, intending to head to America for sanctuary. However, she was captured before they could set sail.

The ship she intended to flee on reportedly fled without her, and on it, carrying her prized Angora cats.

It is these cats that some people claim are the forefathers of the Maine Coon.

It is probably nonsense, but it’s a fun origin story nonetheless!

8. The Oldest Ever Maine Coon Was 26

The oldest pet Maine Coon (at least that we have a record of) was a 26-year-old cat who lived in Portland, Oregon.

Given that Maine Coons are only expected to live to an average of 12-15 years old, this is quite an impressive feat.

It is also proof that Maine Coons, despite their size, can live to be far older than even ordinary house cats!

To put this into perspective, a 26-year-old Maine Coon is double its life expectancy. It’s like a person living to be over 160!

9. Maine Coons Are Water Addicts

Maine Coons can absolutely, inarguably, be considered true water addicts!

To say Maine Coons love water is an understatement. They simply adore it, and cannot get enough of the stuff!

Maine Coons are huge water lovers and are unique in their desire to play in the water and have a bath.

The stereotype of a cat that is terrified to touch water does NOT apply to Maine Coons.

Some Maine Coon cats can even swim!

10. Mrs. Norris From Harry Potter Was A Maine Coon

Did you know that Mrs. Norris from Harry Potter was actually played by three different cats over the years?

All of them Maine Coons!

It is pretty hard to get a cat to do what you want when you are filming. Especially when there is a tight schedule.

Even something as simple as walking down a corridor can be a troublesome task. With Maine Coons, their trainability makes the task a lot easier!

Most of the scenes with Mrs. Norris are played by a Maine Coon called Pebbles.

11. Maine Coons Are One Of The Easiest Cat Breeds To Train

Maine Coon cats are one of the easiest cat breeds to train.

The reason for this is that their well above-average intelligence makes them quicker at picking up what it is we are trying to convey to them. And, allows them to have better mental recall when trying to replicate the trick down the line.

Combined with their strong affection for us, Maine Coons can be considered people pleasers and genuinely want to make you happy.

Even if that means performing silly little tricks time and time again for our entertainment.

Here’s how to train a Maine Coon cat to play fetch.

12. There Are Over 75 Color Combinations And Coat Shades Of Maine Coons

Maine Coons, while sharing many similarities, do come in all shapes and sizes.

They vary in height and length greatly and you will even find that siblings may have vastly different looks from each other. After all, some Maine Coons even have human-like faces.

When it comes to coloring, Maine Coons come in as many as 75 different color combinations from tabbie to blue.

You can bet that their proclivity for coming in such different colors has added to their mystique and intrigue over the years. After all, no two Maine Coon are exactly alike!


Hopefully, you found these 12 interesting facts about Maine Coons as interesting as we did here at Maine Coon Central.

The Maine Coon is such an interesting cat breed that while many of these facts may give you a little bit more to go on about the Maine Coon; it likely has also just led to even more questions!

Such as, where did the Maine Coon actually come from? Why have they remained so true to their physical nature when other domestic breeds have not?

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