5 Fun Facts About Maine Coons

Whilst we all know that the Maine Coon cat is the largest domesticated cat breed in the world, what other fun facts about Maine Coons are there?

Keep reading to discover some unexpected Maine Coon cat facts and information!

Maine Coon cats are famously known as the ‘dog of the cat world’. They are the largest domesticated cat breed in the world, yet their true lineage remains a mystery. Maine Coons are one of the smarter cat breeds and can be taught simple Maine Coon tricks.

In this article, we will explore these large muscular cats in greater detail, shining a spotlight on some fun facts about the mysterious Maine Coon cat.

5 Fun Facts About Maine Coon Cats

Maine Coon cats are well known for having a mysterious origin, a real love of life, and overly affectionate natures, but what other fun facts about Maine Coon cats are there?

Let’s delve into some interesting Maine Coon cat facts to give you a true appreciation of this giant cat breed.

The following 5 fun Maine Coon cat facts will give you a glimpse into why the Maine Coon cat is so special, and how this wild-looking cat breed has won the hearts of millions of owners across the world.

1. Dog Of The Cat World

One of the best things about Maine Coons is that they are the ideal pet for both cat and dog lovers.

This is because the Maine Coon cat bonds closely with its owners, can perform simple tricks, and has a reputation for following its owners around.

Maine Coons are also less ‘cat-like’ since they are massively sociable, and rarely aloof.

They also love to chirp and trill, to communicate to their owners when they want something.

Therefore, if you love dogs but simply do not have the time to dedicate to taking a dog for two walks a day, the Maine Coon makes a great alternative pet choice.

2. Related To The Raccoon

The Maine Coon cat breed originates in Maine, US, but how they got there in the first place will remain a mystery forevermore.

Many folklore tales have formed over the years, trying to explain the appearance of this extra-large cat breed.

The most amusing of all has to be the myth that the Maine Coon cat is a part raccoon!

If you have never heard of this legend before then make sure you read my full article on this very subject.

You might be somewhat surprised by what you discover!

Put simply though, this tale just is not true. Scientists have even debunked this Maine Coon cat myth, stating that it is genetically impossible.

So, why has this cat myth gained so much momentum in recent decades?

The most likely reasons that this Maine Coon cat myth has stood the test of time is because these animals share the following undeniable similarities:

  • Visually Similar: These two animals look similar, in many aspects.
  • Brown Tabby Coloring: Maine Coons can be found in 75 different colorings, however, their tabby coloring is considered very similar to the raccoons.
  • Long Bushy Tail: Both animals have long bushy tails.
  • Black Ring On Tail: Some Maine Coons have a black ring coloring on their tail, like the raccoon.
  • Semi-Prehensile Paws: The raccoon’s paws are considered more versatile, however, both animals are still considered to have semi-prehensile paws.
  • Large Size: Weighing up to 25 lbs in weight, the Maine Coon is definitely not a small cat breed. Raccoons are also large, weighing between 14-23lbs (source 1).
  • Love Of Water: Unlike other cat breeds, the Maine Coon LOVES water. They will happily play or sit in water, which is a behavior also found in raccoons.
  • Superb Climbers: If you have ever watched these two animals climb, you already know they are both great climbers.

As you can see, there are many reasons why people continue to speculate about there being a genetic link between the raccoon and the Maine Coon.

Who knows, maybe one-day scientists may change their minds and discover a genetic link between the raccoon and Maine Coon.

3. Maine Coons Are Famous

This cat breed was initially springboarded to fame when Maine Coon cats like Stewie, Ludo, and Barivel set records for their enormous size and weight in the Guinness World Records.


Since then, the rise in social media has led to millions of proud owners flooding the internet with amazing photos and videos of their super huge and loving Maine Coon cats.

Social media platforms such as Tik Tok and Instagram are now crammed full of pictures of every Maine Coon color and pattern imaginable.

Below are some of the Maine Coon stars you might have seen on Tik Tok and Instagram:

  • Princess (@aym3igh)
  • Luna, Lizzy, and Tiara
  • Lotus (@lotus_the_mainecoon)
  • Iivana (@iivana_theshipcat)
  • Cygnus
  • Barivel (@barivel_maine_coon)
  • Samson (@catstradamus)


In 2022 a Russian Maine Coon named Kefir became famous almost overnight after his owner posted a picture online of her enormous 26.5lb Maine Coon companion sitting on her shoulder.

At just 2 years old, this cat is set to grow even bigger yet because Maine Coon cats do not reach full size until between 3 and 5 years old.


Harry Potter fans across the world were left awestruck when Pebbles was cast in the role of Mrs. Norris, a cat character in the famous Harry Potter movies.

With the audience age of these family films spanning almost every generation, this movie played a key role in boosting the world’s awareness and love of the Maine Coon cat breed.

4. Rough Tongues

Whilst all cats have rough tongues, the Maine Coon cats tongue takes this concept to an entirely new level.

When a Maine Coon licks their owner, the sensation feels like sandpaper gently rubbing over your skin. Their tongues are very rough!

Whilst this is not an issue when they lick your palms or outer arm, it is no exaggeration to say that a Maine Coon licking more sensitive areas of your body, like your neck, or inner arm can actually be physically discomforting.

As one of the most loving and affectionate cat breeds in the world though, it is safe to say that the Maine Coon is never trying to cause you harm.

Instead, they are licking their owners to show their immense love for them.

They also love to mutually groom, therefore if you are stroking your cat then expect them to want to return the favor almost instantly. It’s an instinctive trait and shows just how much these cats care.

When a Maine Coon cat licks you, they are telling you that you are part of their ‘pack’. Effectively, they are accepting you into their family, and therefore mutual grooming is a way they show you this.

5. The Talking Cat

The Maine Coon is an exceptionally vocal cat breed.

They love to trill and chirp at their owners when they are feeling happy, excited, or hungry.

Sometimes it can even feel like you are having a two-way conversation with your cat since they love to share their views and opinions with their family!

Unlike other cat breeds, the Maine Coon cat does not meow.

Instead, they use a selection of adorable and interesting noises with their owners, to communicate their needs and wants.

If you have never heard a Maine Coon cat talking, make sure you check out our male Maine Coon’s Youtube channel (click here)

Pippin is an internet star in his own right, with almost a 10k subscriber fan base (figure correct as of April 2022).

We think he is the most loving and adorable Maine Coon cat in the world!

Maine Coon Central’s Youtube Channel


With so many fun facts about Maine Coons to choose from it was really hard to select just five!

Whether you love this cat breed for its vocal nature and giant proportions, or simply cannot get enough of its thick long shiny coat of fur, the Maine Coon is an amazing cat breed to own.

Since rising in popularity over the past few decades, the Maine Coon has known fame and love like no other cat breed out there. There are not many cat breeds that have won Guinness World Records, starred in award-winning movies, and become social media internet stars overnight!

Related Questions

Are Maine Coons Smart?

Although they are not considered to be the smartest cat breed in the world, the Maine Coon is definitely smarter than the average cat. You can teach Maine Coon kittens various tricks.

Are Maine Coons Worth The Money?

Maine Coons cost an eye-watering $1,000, however, can reach as much as $2,500. They are definitely worth it, though their expensive price tag puts them financially out of reach for most people.

How Long Do Maine Coons Live?

Maine Coons are considered to be a hardy, healthy cat breed. Their average lifespan ranges from 12 to 15 years, though many cats of this breed have been known to live far longer.

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