8 Best Maine Coon Temperament And Personality Traits

Many people want a Maine Coon for its size, but the famous and amazing Maine Coon temperament and personality are even bigger reasons to own a Maine Coon.

While every cat is different, the Maine Coon breed is well known for having several distinctive Maine Coon personality traits. Keep reading to discover what they are.

Maine Coons are famous for being sweet, gentle, and patient with their family members, including children and other pets. These cats are also fiercely loyal, often following their owners from room to room. Maine Coons are incredibly intelligent and active, so need lots of playtime and space to run and jump.

If you are looking for a pet that is both loving and adventurous, the Maine Coon cat breed might just be a perfect choice.

But beware, this cat breed does come with some challenges!

Read on to find out if this cat breeds big personality is right for you.

Maine Coon Temperament And Personality

The Maine Coon breed has become more popular over the past decade due to its prevalence on social media.

These large cats are both beautiful and adorable, but what has made them so popular recently is their incredible personality.

Maine Coons are expensive to buy but are also one of the most gentle, family-friendly cat breeds in the world.

The Maine Coon breed has a relatively established temperament, with most Maine Coons known for being:

  • Very Gentle
  • Patient
  • Loving

While each Maine Coon’s personality is unique, these cats still tend to have many of the same personality traits.

When it comes to the male Maine Coon personality vs female Maine Coon personality, the different genders are known for having some differences though.

If you are wondering what is the temperament of a Maine Coon, take a look at the common Maine Coon personality and temperament traits, below:

1. Family Oriented

The Maine Coon is incredibly loving and loyal, and they are known to form strong bonds with their family members.

They like to follow their people from room to room and become depressed if they are left alone for too long.

This is why Maine Coon cats follow their owners.

These are the signs that your Maine Coon cat is depressed.

2. Patient

Maine Coons are much more tolerant of being held and cuddled than other cats. Read more about this here.

This makes them an ideal pet for households with children, as they are gentle and sweet-tempered.

Some Maine Coons do not mind playing dress up for a tea party or being rolled around in a stroller!

Is it ok to dress a Maine Coon cat though? Take note of these facts.

3. Loyal

Female Maine Coons tend to follow their owners around from room to room but are likely to show their affection in more subtle ways than their male counterparts.

By comparison, the male Maine Coon is more likely to be up close and personal with their owners throughout the day.

However, anyone with a good amount of Maine Coon breed information knows that all Maine Coons are fiercely loyal, regardless of gender.

Learn more about the Maine Coon cat breed in our Maine Coon 101 facts guide.

4. Pet Friendly

The Maine Coon temperament with other cats is just as gentle and loving as it is towards humans.

While you should always introduce your Maine Coon slowly to a new pet, these cats are known for warming up quickly to other cats and dogs.

Here are 15 other cat breeds that get on with dogs.

5. Playful

All Maine Coons are known for being playful, but female Maine Coon cats tend to be even more playful and adventurous than their male counterparts!

In the wild, females have to catch food for themselves and their babies, so they have a higher prey drive and stronger hunting instincts.

But, do not let this put you off buying a male Maine Coon, as in my experience (of owning three male Maine Coon cats) the boys are all exceptionally playful!

6. Independent

Female Maine Coon cats are often more independent than males and tend to be more particular about who they like.

While this means it can take longer for a female Maine Coon to choose you as her family member, it also means they are much closer to their family members than to strangers.

If you are wondering if Maine Coon cats are independent, generally, take a look at this article.

7. Loving

Both male and female Maine Coon cats are loving towards their family, provided they are treated kindly.

Despite this fact, many cat lovers still assume female Maine Coons are less loving than their male counterparts.

While female Maine Coons may take longer to warm up to their family members rest assured that they can be just as fiercely loyal and loving as any male Maine Coon!

By comparison, male Maine Coon cats form close bonds with their owners more quickly, and they are also more likely to greet and snuggle strangers.

8. Curious

Male Maine Coons may not be quite as accomplished at hunting as females, but they are still incredibly active and playful.

While female cats might be a bit more cautious, male Maine Coons can easily get into all sorts of trouble due to their open and curious nature.

Why Are Maine Coons So Affectionate?

Maine Coons are known to be loving and gentle, but if you are looking for an extra big cat, then you may wonder, are male Maine Coons affectionate?

Let’s put the record straight – both male and female Maine Coons are almost always affectionate!

This can partly be attributed to the breed’s temperament, as well as the way the kitten was raised.

Since Maine Coons have been bred for generations, their shared genetics have an impact on their temperament.

Furthermore, Maine Coons that are raised in a loving home with plenty of socialization at an early age are likely to be well-adjusted around humans and other pets.

If you are wondering are female Maine Coons affectionate, take a look at THIS.

Are Maine Coons Good Family Cats?

Maine Coons are one of the best family cats out there!

They are famous for being patient towards children and other animals, including dogs.

Many Maine Coons do not mind being held or picked up, and even if they are annoyed, they tend to give their owners plenty of warning before hissing or scratching.

Are Maine Coons Good House Pets?

The enormous Maine Coon size may leave some owners wondering, are Maine Coons good house cats?

The truth is that while Maine Coons need more exercise and enrichment, they make great house pets so long as they have plenty of space.

Can Maine Coon Cats Be Indoor Cats?

Maine Coons can be kept as either indoor or outdoor pets.

Each owner’s decision on this subject will ultimately depend on their personal preferences, where they live, the breeder contract they signed, plus their lifestyle.

Many Maine Coon owners in the United States prefer to keep their Maine Coons as indoor pets though, due to the dangers present outside their home i.e. predators, criminals, and traffic.

Whilst some cat lovers may express strong viewpoints on this subject, it is important to understand that both options come with advantages and disadvantages.

For example, since Maine Coons are so large and active it may be difficult to provide all the space, enrichment, and activity they need inside.

Since Maine Coons are natural hunters and climbers, wandering around outside is a great way for them to stay fit and happy.

However, there are also lots of reasons why you would want to keep your cat indoors.

The following are all serious threats to an outdoor Maine Coon:

  • Predators
  • Cars
  • Poison
  • Illness

One of the biggest dangers of outdoor cats, though, is their impact on the environment.

Outdoor cats have already contributed to the extinction of 63 different types of birds throughout the world.

Cats, as we know them today, evolved from hardy, desert-dwelling ancestors.

As a result, even though many domestic cats live in lush, prey-rich environments, their desert instincts mean they often kill any prey animal in sight, even if they are not hungry!

It is estimated that cats in the United Kingdom alone kill between 160 to 270 million birds every year.

Even if you think your sweet Maine Coon would not hunt so many animals every day, you might be wrong!

Why not attach a GoPro or similar camera device to your pet’s collar?

Many owners that have done this have been shocked to discover the sheer amount of birds their cats kill.

These camera devices can also show you just how far your cat is able to travel, and all of the potential hazards they pass.

If your indoor Maine Coon seems restless or dissatisfied, you may want to consider the following:

  • Installing shelves along the walls
  • Getting a cat tree or two
  • Training your cat to walk on a harness outdoors

Of course, this is not possible for some owners, so it makes sense why so many people allow their cats outdoors.

If your cat is unhappy inside, then allowing them time outdoors may be the best option for you and your family (source ​1).

Are Maine Coons Hard To Look After?

Before getting a Maine Coon, many owners want to know, are Maine Coons high maintenance?

Maine Coons require a moderate amount of maintenance due to their:

  • High Energy
  • Playfulness
  • Long Fur

While they are generally easygoing, they do need at least thirty minutes of playtime every day.

Their long fur may need to be trimmed, especially around the paws or back legs to prevent tangles and mats, and they should also be brushed at least once or twice a week.

3 Maine Coon Behavior Problems

While most Maine Coons are relatively easy to care for, some potential behavior problems may arise.

Here are some things to look out for (source 1):

1. Spraying

Spraying is a behavior most commonly found in unneutered males.

It is best to get your Maine Coon neutered before this happens. This is the ideal age to neuter a Maine Coon.

If your Maine Coon has already started spraying, then it may be feeling threatened by another pet, or a lack of personal space.

2. Destruction

Maine Coons are a highly active and intelligent cat breed.

They need to be challenged, or else they become bored and depressed.

If your Maine Coon has started destroying furniture or ripping up papers, toys, or clothes, then this is a sign that your Maine Coon is not getting enough exercise or playtime.

For those of you wondering if Maine Coon cats are normally destructive, take a look at this.

3. Aggression

If your Maine Coon is behaving aggressively, then this is a sign your cat feels unsafe or threatened.

Teasing, pushing boundaries, or the introduction of a new family member could all leave your cat feeling insecure and more likely to lash out.

Here are 14 reasons why your Maine Coon cat is acting aggressively toward you.

Why Is My Maine Coon So Aggressive?

If your Maine Coon is biting, hissing, scratching, or growling, then it means something serious is going on.

Here are some potential causes for aggression in Maine Coons (source 1):

1. Pushing Boundaries

Cats like to have personal space sometimes, too!

If you ignore Maine Coon body language e.g. flattened ears, hiding, or a lashing tail, then your Maine Coon will become less subtle about warning you when it is upset.

Cat owners should pay attention to their cat’s body language, and not push their boundaries if it a Maine Coon does not want to be held or touched.

2. Feeling Unsafe

Cats do not become aggressive because they want to cause harm. Instead, it is a natural reaction to feeling fear and insecurity.

If your Maine Coon is being bullied by other pets in the home or does not have a secure space to retreat to, it may become aggressive.

3. Pain

If your cat has suddenly started hissing or growling when you touch it, this could be due to pain.

Chronic pain conditions like arthritis could leave your cat feeling tender, so it may lash out if touched in a sensitive area.


The Maine Coon temperament and personality are famously loving, loyal, and patient.

These cats make great family pets because they are gentle towards children and other pets.

Since Maine Coons are highly playful and active, however, they do best in a home where they have lots of space to run and jump.

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